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5 Turn Offs That Make A Good Virgo Man Leave A Great Woman

Virgo men are amongst some of the greatest when it comes to love and romance. They’re kind hearted, sweet, timid and sensual, and they’re looking for commitment. So, what would make these lovely fellas leave a lovely lady like yourself? These are just a few reasons things may not work out: 

Sometimes, you just can’t blame anyone for a relationship not working out. Sometimes, it’s no one’s fault. Incompatibility, trauma, external stress and bad timing can all contribute to a relationship not working out, regardless of how wonderful you both are. 

But, for each Star sign (also known as Sun signs), there are particular turn offs that can push them towards the exit. Each sign is different, and each sign has preferences when it comes to love. 

So, what pushes the Virgo guy away? He’s a good man, after all, and he’s committed once he settles down. But he is also extremely fussy, and to be honest, not many women can live up to his very high standards. He’s often looking for flaws and problems, and so, he always finds them! 

However, there are certain things that will also have him running for the hills, no matter how wonderful you are! These are just five of his pet peeves: 

5 Turn Offs That Make a Good Virgo Man Leave A Great Woman

1. A Lack of Appreciation

A Virgo man’s love language is service. This means that he just loves to do things for you. Whether it’s taking your car for a clean, cooking you a delicious meal or helping you with your finances, he’s all over it! 

He doesn’t mind doing these things at all, but it’s possible that you could take him for granted, or not show him enough appreciation. You might also be the loveliest person in the world, but if you forget to let him know that his efforts are seen and acknowledged, he just won’t be a fan of you. 

So, to make sure he sticks around and keeps doing these nice things for you, just say thank you as often as you can, buy him a little gift here and there or leave him a note to show you see all of his hard work! 

2. No Intellectual Connection

Lack Of Intelectual Connection With A Virgo Man

What most people don’t know about Virgos is that they are ruled by the planet of intellect, Mercury. This makes them very “heady,” analytical and thinkers, more so than any other earth sign

In fact, these are the eternal scholars. They are always trying to learn something new and wonderful. They love to teach and talk, to communicate their ideas. If they don’t feel like they are on the same mental wavelength as you, this may push them away or be a turn off for them. 

It’s not your fault, nor are you “stupid” if you find a lack of intellectual connection between you. In all honesty, these men can be hard to keep up with mentally, and not everyone has the patience for so much analyzing. 

Maybe you’re more of a touch sort of person, or perhaps intuition is your preferred method of communicating. You can try and get along, but don’t be hard on yourself if he looks like he’s no having the best time. 

3. A Lack of Physical Passion

As important as intellectual connection is, so is physical passion. And there’s one very true thing about all Virgos – they are said to be shy in the streets, and wild in the sheets! It’s perfectly true – these are very sensual, sexual men, and you’ll be surprised at his level of passion! 

If there’s no physical chemistry between you this can be a big deal for your typical Virgo guy. He needs that sensuality with his partner, more so than many other types. He wants to feel that profound physical harmony, which allows him to get out of his busy mind! 

Just remember, is the chemistry isn’t there, it’s not always easy to create. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying either! 

4. If She’s Messy, Chaotic or Unhealthy

Messy, Chaotic and Unhealthy Woman

Ladies, you better listen up – if you are a messy person, your Virgo guy may not stick around for too long. These are well-known neat freaks, although they may have one area where they feel is their “zone” of chaos. 

He actually becomes rather anxious when things are out of place, so try and be sure to keep this in mind. If your life is chaotic, that can be even worse, but he may also try and “fix” things for you, as well. That’s the best outcome, as he loves to solve problems (but he hates drama). 

Unhealthiness is also a turn off for the Virgil guy. If you are the type of girl to eat a burger for dinner and a donut for breakfast, you’ll see him leaving the scene quickly! 

He isn’t perfect himself, but he does often try and live a life that is quite healthy and fit. He would like his girl to be the same way, and may get complete turned off by a junk-food junkie. 

5. If You’re Dramatic or Loud

Did you now that Virgo is a sign that can get very easily stressed doubt, tense and nervous? Generally, this is not the kind of guy who enjoys large crowds or loud people. It makes him feel overwhelmed, and he’s just not the sort of person that relishes chaos. 

If you are the type of woman who is loud, proud and dramatic in her self-expression, he may find it a turn-off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, but it might just not be his cup of tea. 

He may even criticize you for having a “big ego” or a penchant for being “extra” even if you don’t feel like you’re being that much out of the ordinary. 

It can happen however, that he enjoys your confidence and booming voice, if there are enough other things that really attracts him, such as a sharp mind or a strong physical connection. This isn’t a deal-breaker – most of the time – but it can be for some Virgo men out there. 

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are some of the biggest turn-offs for a Virgo guy. Sometimes, it works out anyway, so never change who you are to be who he wants you to be. The right guy will accept you in all your flaws, and even love you for them. 

So – have you fallen in love with a kind-hearted and organized Virgo man? What do you love about him the most? Have you noticed what flicks his switch on– and what rubs him up the wrong way? Have you been able to work through your incompatibilities and turn offs? 

I’d really love to know your stories – feel free to drop a comment in the comments box below. Don’t worry, you’ll stay totally anonymous! 

If you want to know more about the Virgo men, check out my Virgo Man Secrets Book right here to learn all you can about these complex and interesting earth signs and how to win their hearts –  

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

10 thoughts on “5 Turn Offs That Make A Good Virgo Man Leave A Great Woman

  1. Hey Anna,
    I started talking to my Virgo man last year November. We vibe a lot and he gave me so much attention. I started liking him then he asked me out which I agreed to date him. I told him I wanted a committed long term relationship which he agreed. We got to see late Feb and had a good time together, then I noticed things started changing, he started pulling away little by little and I kept asking him everytime. He told me he hasn’t changed, at a point he said I was pressurizing him and complaining too much. We had a heated conversation recently, he told me he feels like he’s in a contract with me and there’s no way out, I was really hurt and frustrated and it made me call off the relationship but I apologized immediately, told him I didn’t mean it but he held on to it. Now he’s ignoring my calls and texts, when he finally picked my call, he told me he isn’t ready to talk about it.. he sounded mean and cold. I called him back and he isn’t picking any of my calls. Now I don’t know what to do, maybe I should give him space and time. But is he ever going to call me so we can talk things over? I don’t even know if I’m in a relationship or not. It’s been 3 days with no contact

    1. Hi Derah!

      Yes they are good at holding on to it when someone hurts them or makes them angry. If he isn’t ready to talk about it, you need to go quiet on him for a bit. Give him some time to breathe and clear his mind out. Virgo men like to brood a lot which means they have to work off the steam. So stop reaching out for a week or two before you try again. When you do try again, be very light with it. Don’t make it heavy and try to approach the topic yet. Just tell him hi and ask him how he is doing. If you would like to learn more, try reading my books on Virgo Man Secrets.

  2. I know you all ways say everything good about virgo men it is not true,or maybe i am with a nogood one this virgo he. Don’t give any money you have to pay him back, he is loud,he has a bad temper, he will ghost me sometime. Selfish.i know him 5years.last relationship15yearwas no good.

    1. Hi Norma!

      Oh wow, yes you definitely experienced a darker side that isn’t common with most normal Virgo men. Typically Virgo men have way too much pride than to ask for money and bad temper you say? Wow… Virgo men from what I’ve come to learn is that it usually takes a lot to set them off then they can get nasty but they don’t just fly off the handle all the time. Selfish… they can be, yes. This seems to be an Earth sign negative trait. I’m sorry you had this experience but it doesn’t make what I’ve shared untrue for Virgo men. In fact, you should read my books to help you understand a NORMAL Virgo man. Check out Virgo Man Secrets! I wish you well.

  3. hi i have a question in fact my girlfreind is a virgo and those dyas she ignoring me because of some exams but i think that she can talk with me even that she should prepare for the exam. i mean 1 minute is not a big deal. im confused right now i know she loves so that im here but she act cold and it seams like she is runing awayw for all her friends and me too. what i should do? should i talk to her or give her time? plus im afraid that if she talked with me i will need her to explain and i know that she won’t cuz for it’s normal to ignore ur friends and u lover for a exam. but for me no.

    1. Hi taekoo!

      Her focus is where her priorities are and if exams are the priority then that’s where her mind is at and unfortunately that means putting relationships on the back burner. It’s not meant to hurt anyone. I told tell her that you feel as though she’s being cold toward you and you’d like to be part of her world. Be understanding and patient when it comes to her exams though. Those are very important. I wish you the best!

  4. Virgo men … hmmm!! I have decided to let mine go. Over the past 5 years he’s treated me like a toy that he can pick up and put down. He says he does not want a relationship because he doesn’t want to be hurt again. He’s 48 years old.. I’m 55, and acts like he’s 18. I’ve tried showing this man respect, dignity, and compassion. Yet when I ask him for help, he just says he can’t help me. I’ve supported and been understanding when he’s needed time to himself. I’ve never pressured him for anything. Lately he’s started sleeping with other women.. but before he told me he hid it from me for 9 months. One of them is his ex girlfriend!!! I told him I was done and we couldn’t be friends yet he still tries to have contact. Tells me I’m ‘irreplaceable’ .. like WTH!! I can’t be around someone that simply cannot respect me. I’ve always treated him fairly. I’ve done everything I can. He’s still hurting people after all these years, even though he says he’s grown and changed. Five years of him doing this, I’ve had enough!!

    1. Hi Di!

      Alright your first statement leads me to tell you that not all Virgo men are the same. Try not to lump them all together. You might miss out doing that. I’m sorry you got a bad egg honey. Let him go for good. He doesn’t appear to want commitment. You deserve someone that does. He will meet his karma. You do you and make yourself happy. The right one will sweep you off your feet!

  5. I have been seeing this virgo man since January I’m nuts about him and I have told him so and that I don’t want to lose him! He’s gone back home to see his daughter for a month and he’s asked me for space during that time! I think his ex will stop him seeing his little girl if she knows about me! He blocked me when he arrived and I didn’t know why at first then that’s when he asked for space and promised he would send me pictures and stuff! He also stated that he will definitely miss me!! I haven’t heard anything for a week? What do I do? I’m no longer blocked!

    1. Hi Mags!

      Whatever he has going on with his ex and daughter is something he isn’t willing to talk about. He doesn’t want her to know about you either. You’re right, there may be a sort of black mail type of thing going on between them. She doesn’t want him to move on and so he has to act like he’s single while he’s there thus why he asked you for that space. Asking for space means he will reach out when he thinks it’s alright to do so. Give him more time and be patient. He’s dealing with a rough situation on his side. I wish you all the best!

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