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6 Signs That A Virgo Man Wants To Commit To You

Are you dating a Virgo man that you really like, but you’re not sure if they feel the same way? 

Are you dating a Virgo man and you want to make things official, but you aren’t sure if he’s ready to commit? 

If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right blog. 

In this article, I will share with you five signs that a Virgo man wants to commit to you. 

As mutable earth signs, the Virgo man is focused, practical, and laid-back, he isn’t in a rush to find love or to commit. 

Being the sign that rules routine labor and organization, the Virgo man believes in setting up a strong foundation for himself before he settles down. 

He feels inadequate if he cannot provide financially and emotionally for those he loves. 

As a grounded earth sign, this Mercury-ruled man approaches love with a practical outlook. He wants to build a friendship and get to know who you are as a person if he’s going to trust you with his heart. 

But dating this logical earth sign is well worth the patience and calmness it requires. If you treat him with care and respect, and give just as much as you receive (he loves to give), then you should have no issues getting a commitment from the Virgo man. 

When he’s ready and willing to give his heart to you, you will know. 

But here are a few signs to help you along the way, just in case. 

6 Signs That A Virgo Man Wants To Commit To You

1. He Tells You He Wants To Commit

If you’ve spent enough time with the Virgo man, you know that he’s intentionally quiet sometimes, but he is never shy. 

Ruled by the planet of thought and communication (Mercury), this eloquent man is gifted at the art of writing and language. He knows how to write and deliver a speech.

Therefore, if you’re ever wondering what’s on this man’s mind, you won’t have to wait for long. 

If he is truly ready to commit to you, a mature and emotionally intelligent Virgo man will tell you exactly what he wants. 

If he wants to be monogamous and enter a committed relationship, he will tell you that. 

If he wants to take things slow and focus on building a mental and emotional connection first, he will tell you that. 

Listen to him when he speaks. 

2. He Wants To Spend All His Free Time With You

Virgo Man Wants To Commit

Being the sign of service and routine, the Virgo man can easily become a workaholic, especially if he chooses a career that helps him fulfill his long-term dreams. 

Even still, a Virgo man that wants to commit will make time in his productive schedule to connect with the woman he loves, no matter where she is. 

Whether it’s a daily FaceTime call or quick coffee before work, if you notice that the Virgo man is making an effort to be consistent and spend time with you, he may be ready to take things more seriously and commit. 

3. He Calls You His Best Friend

Although the Virgo man is friendly, he doesn’t have very many close friends. 

If I could describe the Virgo man in simple terms, he is very selective about who he shares his intimate space with. 

Maintaining a level of mental clarity and inner peace is important for this health-driven man. 

Therefore, if the Virgo man has told you he likes you and he starts calling you his best friend, this man is serious about you. 

From his perspective, marriage and commitment are lifelong responsibilities, and as a practical earth sign, he takes his responsibilities seriously. 

So, if he feels comfortable enough to be himself around you and call you his best friend, this is a sign that he sees long-term potential in you and wants to take things further. 

4. He Tells You He Loves You

Signs That A Virgo Man Wants To Commit

Love for the Virgo man is not a common word, so do not take it lightly if he tells you he loves you. 

When the Virgo man introduces those three magical words, be prepared to take your love to a deeper level. 

When the Virgo man is in love, it means his eyes are only for you. You will be the recipient of his unprecedented loyalty and devotion. 

Even if the Virgo man doesn’t tell you he loves you directly, he will show you with his actions and dedication to pleasing you, fulfilling your every want. 

If you happen to be loved by the Virgo man, consider yourself lucky, this grounded man doesn’t like to put his heart out there twice. 

5. He Introduces You To His Close Friends And Family

Privacy is important to the Virgo man. 

When it comes to his loved ones and family, he is selfless. There is nothing he won’t do or give to make sure their needs and wants are met.

Therefore, he is very protective about sharing his family with just anyone. 

If you asked his parents, he was probably the child who rarely brought a girl home or never introduced his girlfriend as someone serious, although he was always being asked out on dates. 

In contrast to their quiet personalities, Virgo men are very social and tend to be popular due to their cool and mysterious nature. 

So, if you get an invitation to thanksgiving or family dinner, know that meeting his loved ones is a telltale sign that he’s ready to commit. 

Be dressed to impress and get ready to be introduced as his girlfriend. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know six signs that tell you the Virgo man is ready to commit to you, what will you do? 

If you’re wondering if the Virgo man is a good march for you before you commit, you can take my free love compatibility quiz here

Also, my digital guide Virgo Man Secrets has everything you need to know about dating and building a lasting relationship with the Virgo man. 

You can download it here now. 

Sending you love on your journey. 

Your relationship astrologer and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

One thought on “6 Signs That A Virgo Man Wants To Commit To You

  1. You know what I find so frustrating, that there are so many books and rules on love, you have to do this and that to be the perfect women or man for a certain someone. I understand that a relationship needs many things, communication, respect, understanding, comprise, love, loyalty, calm arguments etc
    But why is there more to it than that?? Why do you have to play ‘hard to get’ why do you have to unlock all those secret instincts in his brain? Why can’t a relationship just live on, love, respect, loyalty and things like that?? Books, astrology and everything makes it seem more complicated and complex, you can’t be clingy, you can’t be needy ( Which I am as a Scorpio) you can’t text constantly no matter how much you like them, it’s just too much, which I just find so fucking messed up, life isn’t fair we know that, but when it comes to love, it definitely isn’t fair

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