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7 Ways to Get a Virgo Man to Ask You Out on a Date

Got your eye on a sexy Virgo man? Wondering how to get him to ask you out on a date? It can seem like a daunting task, but it’s definitely possible if you know a little bit of astrology! Here are some tips to help get his eye on you — and a date in your planner!

Virgo men are notorious for seeming shy and timid, at least until you get to know them. Some of them may seem a little detached, making you wonder if they are even interested in dating at all! 

So how on earth do you even get him to notice you, let alone ask you out on a date? 

Well, Virgo men, if they really are interested in you, will make a move. In my experience as a relationship astrologer, what helps is appealing to their mind — showing them how intelligent you are. 

Also, they are earth signs, so they also like a good visual and respond well to women who dress and hold themselves gracefully. 

This is not usually the type to want a girl who’s too dramatic, although it’s not a certainty. Be yourself and see where that takes you! 

Here are my top tips to help you get that date underway!

7 Ways to Get a Virgo Man to Ask You Out on a Date

1. Engage His Mind First

Tip number one, and the most important one of all, is to engage his mind first! Although Virgo is an earth sign, they are ruled by intellectual Mercury, planet of communication. 

This means that his mind is most powerful erogenous zone. He wants a woman to tantalize him mentally and engage his whole brain. 

So, talk to him. Open up to him about intelligent and engaging topics. Talk about a book you’ve read or a course you’ve taken. 

If you’re close enough, you can also chat via text or email. Drop hints here and there to show him that you’d like to continue the conversation over a drink or dinner, or hint about a book launch you heard about. It won’t take long for him to drop the magic question!

2. Don’t Be Too Overt

Virgo men like a lot of subtlety. They aren’t the “public displays of affection” type, so don’t expect then to be overt in their attraction to you. 

Parading around in front of him, being too obvious, or flirting too hard will only put him off! 

Instead, be subtle and seductive. Be feminine, and allow him to be masculine. Dress well, smell good, and show him that you’re intelligent and can take care of yourself. 

You don’t need to resort to being over the top with this guy. 

3. Find Out What His Interests Are — and Join Him

What is your Virgo guy interested in? Is it sports? Studying? Work? Seeing live music? Perhaps it’s visiting old bookshops or doing yoga. 

Make an effort to find out what he’s into and see if you have interests in common. 

Many Virgo men really enjoy being in nature, so letting him know you hike can plant a seed in his mind about taking you along with him the next time he goes. This way, it’s subtle yet clear that you’d like to get to know him better.

Best of all, you can simply keep it friendly at first if you want to, which will also help him to relax. Keeping things low-key is a great way to help the Virgo man get over his shyness and get him to ask you out.

4. Suggest the Newest Organic Restaurant

Did you know that Virgo is the sign of health and wellness? Most often, he really cares about the planet and what he puts inside of his body. 

Many Virgo men subscribe to clean diets and lifestyles or are at least interested in living clean. 

Ask him if he knows about the latest organic place that’s just opened around the corner. Better yet, bring him a smoothie or sample to try when you next see him! 

He likely has a weakness for organic produce and is always keen to try something new, so this should have him asking you out in no time at all. 

5. Join His Gym or Yoga Studio

Speaking of that healthy lifestyle, Virgo men often have an exercise regimen that they stick to. Whether it’s the gym, hiking, yoga, or something else, they love getting their bodies into shape! 

A sneaky and clever way to get him to notice you is simply to turn up at his local gym or yoga studio if he’s mentioned where he goes. 

Once he sees you getting hot and sweaty, it won’t be long before he asks you out. Easy as pie! 

6. Look Amazing and Smell Good

Virgo is an earth sign, and as with all earth signs, they really are quite primal and sensual! He’s extremely responsive to how you look and how you smell. 

A natural, not-overpowering scent will simply drive him wild! There’s no need to go out and buy an extravagant perfume — an essential oil will do just fine.

Go hang out near him or post pictures of yourself in your best outfits. Just nothing too sexy or over the top. 

This man loves class. Leave something up to the imagination so that he just has to ask you out on that hot date! 

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7. Figure His Routines Out

One of the easiest ways to get a Virgo guy to ask you on a date is to simply figure out his routines and slot into one or two of them. Does he go running around the same neighborhood every day? Does he like to pick up his coffee at the same coffee shop? 

Virgo men do love a routine, so there will definitely be something you can join him in. Is this creepy? Not at all! You’re not lurking in the shadows, after all — you’re simply taking the initiative to see more of him. 

And the more he sees you, the more the idea will form in his mind to ask you out! 

Are you crazy about a Virgo? Have you tried to get his attention? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Get a Virgo Man to Ask You Out on a Date

  1. I’m a Pisces Feb 19 I met this virgo man January 2020 and I’m trying to understand if he wants to get to know me more because when he ask me to take a nice walk with him and when I was talking to him he stopped me by kissing me passionately to see what my expressions I was shocked myself then he started holding my hand while we started walking again. can someone tell me what that means if a virgo man do that

    1. HI Kashana!

      That sounds like he likes you. If you like him then you need to tell him flat out that you do. He wants to hear it and if he doesn’t, he won’t know for sure which will make him shy or pull back from you. Let him know you dig him and go for it! He’ll appreciate you being candid with him. Check out my book for more info “Virgo Man Secrets”.

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