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How to Ask a Virgo Man Out: 5 Effective Ways

If you’ve been wondering how to ask a Virgo man out, you’re in the right place. Have you found yourself a Virgo man who is incredibly delicious yet seems hard to reach?

You think he may like you but he hasn’t made a move yet? How to ask a Virgo man out?

Here are some tactics you can use to try to get him to go out with you.

1. How to Ask a Virgo Man Out: Understand Him

If you haven’t known your Virgo guy long then you’re going to need to go through the process of getting to know him. He won’t even bother if you two don’t have common ground.

It would be helpful for you to either have a common ground or create some. A good way to break the ice would be to ask him what he likes to do. If he says “I really like cycling” you can say “I’ve never been but I’d love to try, can you take me with you sometime?”. He’ll likely say “sure”.

If he doesn’t agree to it then he either isn’t sure that he wants to do that or that he wants to take you with him. Again, this is a process and it’s not going to be a quick one.

Getting to know him gives you ideas on what you can use to get him to bring you into his world somehow. So talk to him as much as you can and get knowledge that will help you figure out which way to go.

2. Show Confidence and Calmness


The Virgo man wants to see a woman who has her life in order or is at least someone who’s working on it. He wants to see a woman who has goals and while she’s working on it, has patience as well as optimism.

Usually, he is hard on himself and to have a woman around who can inspire him with her positive mind will make him feel very good about himself. Or at least get him to see a more optimistic view.

A Virgo man doesn’t like women who bring drama into his life. He’ll appreciate a woman who has a calm demeanor as he often displays. He’s an emotional storm on the inside but you’d never know it by how he carries himself.

Basically, he’d like the same thing from a partner. Being with a woman who can hold herself together and appear as though everything is alright or at least will be. This will give him more hope for the future.

3. Show Him Your Good Manners

A Virgo man wants a woman who respects her elders and speaks politely to those around her. Someone who generally knows how to act when she’s around other people – especially him.

Ask him nicely, thank him for the things that he does, and show him some appreciation for the help he gives you with anything. It’s polite and it will make him feel as though you do respect him.

The Virgo man will respect you as long as he feels that you are respecting him. If you aren’t respectful to him, he will either punish you with harsh words or he’ll break it off.

Be very careful and be ladylike around your Virgo guy if you intend on asking him out or having any type of future endeavor with him. He needs to see that you’re the type of woman he wants.

4. Avoid Criticizing Him


The Virgo man is known for being a critical person. Ironically he doesn’t appreciate being criticized. This is one of those things where the goose isn’t good for the gander.

He has a double standard but as long as you can talk to him without pointing out his flaws, you’ll have a much more pleasant journey ahead with your Virgo guy. Even something as small as “you have something on your face” may make him feel you’re judging him.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but a Virgo man beats himself up all the time. He has his own inner dialogue going at all times that makes him question his own worth. Because of this, he cannot handle anyone else making what he perceives as judgment.

Be very careful what you say to him. Try to be sweet, be loyal, show interest in him and what he likes, and always be polite. This behavior will go a very long way when you’re looking for ways on how to ask a Virgo man out.

5. Ask Him Out

I know that it may seem intimidating to ask a Virgo man out. Trust me when I tell you, that a Virgo man is rather oblivious when a woman likes him. He needs to know you’re interested.

This man is often in his own head and therefore not paying attention to a woman’s flirts. He can’t tell if a woman is just being nice or if she actually likes him. So, he’ll sit on the back burner and just wait to see what she does next.

On that note, go for it! Once you let him know you’re interested or you ask him out once, that should be enough to get the ball rolling.

I do caution you though: don’t expect him to hop into bed with you right away. You’re going to have to court him a bit. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but most Virgo men want to secure a relationship before they sleep with someone.


A Virgo wants to get to know you and find out what you’re about in your own life before he includes you in his. He knows that there are emotions tied to sex and, therefore, he often likes to wait.

That being said, you can still flirt and still let him know how desirable and how his intelligence really does something to you. This way he knows what he’s working with and can take it from there.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance, ladies! If you know a Virgo, use these tips on how to ask a Virgo man out!

If you’re ready to understand more about Virgo man click here to learn more about Virgo Man Secrets.

He is a once in a lifetime type of guy and if you let him slip through your hands another woman will snag him up. He’s a keeper!

Are you looking for tips on how to ask a Virgo man out?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

3 thoughts on “How to Ask a Virgo Man Out: 5 Effective Ways

  1. I don’t know if he really likes me. He is the one who approached me at the start.
    I don’t even find him to be my future partner 1 years back. Now he made me feel crazy about him. I tend to ask him out twice, but it doesn’t work. He started sticky with me 2 weeks back by having lunch together everyday. Not sure if something wrong. we aren’t couple, and he just doesn’t make a move. he’s Virgo, I am Gemini

    1. Hi Many Chai! The only way to effectively get through to a Virgo man is by being upfront and honest with him. If you want more with him, you’ve got to tell him how you feel and what you want. He may be dancing around the topic because he’s unsure of what you want. They aren’t the sharpest when it comes to innuendo or hints. Tell him flat out you like him and want to see if the two of you can form something special. If you need more tips, hints, or tricks perhaps you should check out my book.

      1. I’ve been seeing a Virgo guy for around 2 weeks now , I am myself a Virgo also and everything was going great the first week. I’ve known him many years but never really thought of him in the romance way, he came forward and expressed how he felt towards me and I was flattered but didn’t give him an easy time due to previous events with my past relationships and having major trust issues. He spoke a lot about what he wanted in a woman and he couldn’t wait to share all these experiences he dreams of with me, after a matter of days I was shocked at how forward he was but it was nice and I just thought he may have been one to fall very quick. But it all changed very quick he started to seem a little bit distant and I called him out on it , id rather be told your not interested in me and I can happily move on rather than sticking around looking like a fool. Straight away this got his back up and he ignored me for a few days until I seen him out and I approached him. It was like the beginning again he was telling me he’d missed me and and he just wants me to believe him about his feelings and I agree I do I can’t let my past relationship ruin something good I might have going on with someone new. We ended up going back to his place and his sister was there and very awkwardly he didn’t introduce me which I thought was pretty odd considering we had to walk past each other in the same room , at that point I was having second thoughts like I was just a random girl he was bringing back and does he usually do this sort of thing. But I just ignored it and enjoyed his company, we didn’t sleep together I thought it was too soon but I feel like it could have made him go off me a little. Since that night he’s barely spoke to me and everytime we have spoke it hasn’t been the best of conversations. He is under a lot of stress right now with family issues so that may be it but I just don’t know what to do, I do think he may be playing me but I don’t really want to bring it up because the last time I did so we stopped speaking for days and I really don’t want to scare him off. What should I do?

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