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How to Get a Virgo Coworker to Ask You Out

Is there a hot Virgo coworker at your job that you’ve been eyeing? One that you’ve been flirting with for weeks and you’re craving something more? 

If you answered yes to either question, this article is for you. 

In this article, I will share with you four simple ways to break the silence with your sexy Virgo coworker and get him to ask you out. 

As a relationship astrologer, I’ve found that astrology can help you understand a person and their fundamental (and romantic) needs. 

By applying the basic astrology of a Virgo man, you can dodge any pitfalls or misunderstandings that may occur if you were unaware of the power of his zodiac sign. 

Being a mutable earth sign, your Virgo coworker may be unaware of your interest in him or may not understand an easy way to approach you without feeling embarrassed or out of line. 

To move past this and get a date with your Virgo coworker, keep reading to find out just what you should do. 

1. Mention That You’re Single 

Getting Virgo Coworker To Ask You Out

Does your Virgo coworker actually know that you’re single and interested in him? 

Or are you taking a leap of faith and hoping for the best? 

If he doesn’t know that you are interested in him or that you are single, you should start your coworker dating journey there. 

Rather than trying to get him to ask you out, let him know that you are single and ready to mingle. Make it clear that you are available.

If being direct is not your thing, you can keep it cool and mention it casually during conversation. 

For example, mention what you’re looking for in your future partner or make a statement about how long you have been single, and how your friends keep telling you it is time to get out there and get a date. 

Although this may feel a little desperate, that’s not how the Virgo man will take it. 

To the caring and selfless Virgo man, humility is a super-trait. It shows him that you are someone who is kind and genuine. You aren’t narcissistic or worried only about yourself. 

2. Suggest a Group Hangout First 

Dating someone from work can be awkward, but an easy (and fun) way to break the ice is to suggest a group hangout with coworkers or mutual friends first. 

Whether it’s going to get lunch together or hanging out after hours, find some time to get to know each other casually outside of work. 

Although your Virgo coworker may be attracted to you, he may not feel comfortable approaching you in a professional environment. So, let him get used to the waters first, to put him at easy.

Getting outside the office or spending time in a group setting also takes the pressure off of you and him. 

Instead of ruining a potential connection due to nervousness, being around familiar faces allows you to get to know each other when you both feel relaxed and can make an authentic first impression. 

Remember, don’t force it!

3. Give Him Your Number 

Giving Phone Number To Virgo Coworker

If you know your Virgo coworker is into you, but he’s shy and reserved, and he’s having a hard time asking you out, give him your number and let him contact you that way instead. 

Although this can feel a little like you are asking him out yourself, it’s not the same. 

By giving the Virgo man your number, you are dropping the hint that he needs to know that you want to take things further than casual conversations at the office or group hangouts after work. 

By giving the Virgo man your number, you are communicating to him that you want to build a personal connection that leads to you spending quality time together, one-on-one. 

If you are seductive, someone who likes to flirt (Scorpio, Leo, Libra, or Gemini), you could add a little something suggestive next to your name and number like, “call me” or “ask me out.” 

The quiet but sensual Virgo man won’t pass up the chance to get closer to you. 

4. Follow Him On Social Media 

Another alternative to the group outing and giving him your number is to follow him on social media. 

Again, the Virgo man is typically a private person, so it may be hard to get a feel for who he is and what his personal interests are through his performance or communications at work. 

If you want to get to know the Virgo man, you have to step into his life. He is a man of many great domesticities; he wears many hats. 

Following your Virgo coworker on social media also gives him a glimpse into who you are outside of work. 

For those who are concerned about giving off stalker-vibes or overstepping boundaries, only follow this suggestion if you are confident that he likes you. 

If he likes you, he will grin at the friend request, not deny it. 

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Final Thoughts 

Dating at work can be tricky, but now that you have my suggestions on how to get your Virgo coworker to ask you out, what will you do to seal the deal? 

Will you reach out to him and let him know that you are single (and interested)? 

Will you play it cool and suggest a group hang? 

Or will you be bold and forward and suggest he ask you out yourself? 

Remember, these are just suggestions! There is no right or wrong way to pursue love. And if you’re wanting more insight on the quiet Virgo man, check out Virgo Man Secrets for more interesting tips and pointers

Have you ever dated a coworker? Was he a Virgo? How did it work out? 

Share your stories in the comments! Looking forward to hearing from you so we can chat! 

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

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