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How To Get a Virgo Man To Like You

Virgo men can be particular in who they hang around with, they like to stick to their guns and do things their way, so try to be cooperative and supportive and your relationship will take its course.

Good luck in your endeavors!


Virgo men are independent people to such an extent that they can stay held up alone with just themselves as a company for days on end.

This isn’t to say that their complete hermits, Virgo men love to get out and have fun with other people, but it usually has to be an organized event to get him to go.

There is a vast amount of things that separate people from each other, but for Virgo’s, it’s if they have someone around them that they trust.

If they don’t have anyone close to them, they might spend all their time at home, surrounded only by the thoughts whizzing around his head.

But, if he does happen to have someone near and dear to him, they should motivate him and get him hyped to go out and have fun.

To break their routine is a one-time opportunity, if it goes well, he will probably let you take him out again, but if it goes poorly, things may not turn out well for you two and your outings.

Virgo men dwell on the past and they harbor those emotions for what could be years and years.

It’s difficult for Virgo’s to trust people, it’s not an easy task for them, but if you can gain their trust, try not to let them down the first couple weeks you’re with him.

The way to his heart is through his mind, and if you can conquer that, you can do anything with him.



If you’re a generally excitable person, you’ll be great paired with a Virgo man! They need someone to break them free of their own confinements and let them explore the world outside of their mind.

They love having fun when the time is right, so when that time comes, you absolutely must show him a good time.

Virgo men keep things with them, the good memories and the not-so-good ones. If you’re filling his mind with fun times and good memories, it’ll get him coming back to you for more. When he’s happy, he’s really happy and if you just happen to be the person who makes him feel like that, he’ll stick to you.


Everyone should know that Virgo men are in their own head most of the time. If they find something that piques their interest, they’ll study it and take a liking to it. Whether this interest is in music, media, or even the person they have growing feelings for, it’ll make them feel good about it.

Virgo men are in no way ashamed of themselves, they are loud and proud people who don’t really care about what other people think of them.

When an interesting person comes into their life, he will be guarded for a while, until they can figure out your motive and what you’re really doing there.

Virgo men love to think, plan, and explore, so let him do all those things with you. Tell him your thoughts and share memories with each other. The more he knows about you, the more he’ll feel comfortable reciprocating.

Growing with each other is a giant risk for Virgo men because they just simply don’t want to get hurt by someone who they deemed close.

If you both can pick up a new hobby, you can spend time together learning and expanding and that’s all a Virgo man really wants from a relationship.

State the Facts


The first rule of getting to know a Virgo man is to be open and honest with them. If they catch you telling a lie, they might think that your entire relationship is built on them and they have no true way of knowing.

They are honest people and they will be upfront with you whether you ask them to or not. The least a person can do is be honest in return.

Honesty is the best policy in accordance to a Virgo man, if he feels like he’s being lied to, he’ll approach you and ask you bluntly.

A way to earn his trust is to tell him your secrets when you’re comfortable enough to tell him.

Emphasize that these are sacred tellings and he’ll feel like he’s in your loop, finally. The best possible outcome of doing this is that he will then tell you things about himself. This will let you two bond and grow together.


Virgo men can come off as stuck up or boring, but they’re just waiting for the right person to break their shell and show them the world. If you’re lucky, this could be you.

Anna Kovach has written amazing pieces on Virgo men and what they’re really all about. Check out this astrologer’s personal stories on Virgo men and all their secrets on her web page.

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