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How To Know If A Virgo Man Is Playing You – And Not Interested In A Serious Relationship

Are you unsure if your Virgo man is truly into the relationship with you? Are beginning to suspect that something with your Virgo guy is just a bit off? How can you tell if he’s dedicated to your relationship or if he’s just playing you?

I have learned from experience as a Relationship Astrologer that it can be very hard to tell if a Virgo is losing steam for the relationship, since they have a great ability to look like all is well – even when it’s not! So, how can you investigate to better understand his intentions?

Luckily, I know some of the signs to look for in the Virgo to see if they are being less than honest with you. Some tried and true techniques follow here, and I can’t wait to share them with you! 

He Doesn’t Offer Advice

Signs A Virgo Man Is Playing You

Virgos are famously smart and helpful, and this makes for someone who is typically ready to offer advice about anything they can! They know that they are more grounded than just about anyone in the room and in their eyes, this makes them the best one to go to for assistance. 

If your Virgo, who typically revels in giving great advice, is silent when it comes to giving you a helping hand, then there is a reason. He’s just not feeling like investing his time and energy into you. Yes, he likely knows what you should be doing. The thing is, he doesn’t care to improve upon you since in his mind he may not be around for long. This is a sign that you’re being played. 

He wants to improve upon things that he believes A) have the ability to be improved upon and B) will be around for a long time. He doesn’t have the time or patience to work on improving someone who he believes is beyond his help… and a Virgo won’t be with someone he can’t improve on for long. 

His Grouchy Side Shows

Virgo Man Grouchy Side

Virgos have a tendency towards making everything around them perfect – or as close to perfect as possible. When they can’t improve upon their situation then they can get extremely short, hard to engage with, and unhappy in general. This can leave you wondering what you did wrong or if there is something that he isn’t telling you. 

If the Virgo becomes unhappy when he’s with you to the point that he’s becoming more critical than usual or just being plain mean, then you know that he believes that his relationship with you is something that can’t be improved upon. Yowch! This realization can hurt like heck, but it’s something that you should be considering. 

He gets this way because he feels trapped, when he’d really like to be making moves to work on the relationship but feels as if he can’t possibly make it up to his ideals! Whether this is legitimate or not, he is thinking about moving on and leaving you to feel unloved. Don’t get played by this nonsense, girl!

Not Following Through

A Virgo is not going to want to be around the person who is making him feel so stuck in place. In fact, he will want to be as far away as possible. However, he’s still not saying what’s on his mind (that he doesn’t want to be in the relationship) so he has to act the part in order to keep the ruse going. So, when you make requests of him, his natural inclination will be to agree to do it. 

This means that you may find him initially agreeing to do things with you or for you just for him to back out. This is very unlike a Virgo, but he may find himself unwilling to shut down his natural urge to say yes to requests of him at first. As the time approaches, however, he’ll become reluctant to follow through because he knows in his heart that he doesn’t want to. 

Never settle for this! In fact, make sure that you call him out on this new tendency to make promises he doesn’t keep. He’ll feel ashamed and may even come out with the truth… that he just doesn’t feel committed enough to follow through for you. 

He Doesn’t Care About Your Input

Virgos can be excellent at listening. They are ruled by Mercury and so communication (both ways) is kind of their forte. They make great therapists because of their ability to listen and then tease out the meat behind what their client has said. 

If the Virgo doesn’t really enjoy listening to you, then this is a sign that they are not genuinely present with you. They may go overboard with their natural critiques with you without having a desire to actually hear what you have to say. This could also go hand in hand with their grouchiness towards you. They may get totally shut off from all desire to hear you out from the wall that they put up. 

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He’s Not Your Teammate

Virgos absolutely love collaboration for a greater purpose. They feel most themselves when they are creating, working, and growing with others. Considering that they are ruled by Mercury, a planet of sociability, this should come as no surprise! The Virgo is typically always willing to create something better with their teammates.

When your Virgo partner is distancing himself and the two of you aren’t working on anything together, then this is a huge sign that the Virgo is playing you. If he does not care to improve your relationship then you’ve found a rare side of the Virgo… defeat and dejection. 

These Virgos experiencing the shadow part of their sign aren’t willing to work on anything that they can’t make perfect and so they don’t do any work at all! So, if the Virgo is not putting effort, love, and interest into the relationship with you then you can rest assured that you’re being played by this Virgo man… it may be time to rethink your relationship!

Have you been played by a Virgo? How were you able to tell? I’ve got to know what you noticed, so let me know in the comments below so that we can all take notes!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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