How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You: 7 Rules To Make Him Want You
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How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You: 7 Rules To Make Him Want You

Getting a Virgo man to do anything he doesn’t see as sensible or necessary is not easy. These men don’t like being manipulated but they respond very well to direct communication. How to make a Virgo man chase you? You can tell him clearly that you like being chased by men, and you want him to do it, and if you give him good enough reasons why he should do it, he will!

Virgo men will pursue a relationship with a woman if they know their attention is appreciated and welcomed. Pretending not to be interested in him won’t make him run after you, he will simply stop trying. The Virgo is one of those who means what he says and says what he means, so he expects others to be the same and is disappointed when what people say, and what they do, is completely different.

Your best approach to get a Virgo interested and in pursuit is to engage with him at a very earthy and authentic level. He is an intellectual who loves facts and learning new things, so if you hold the promise of rich intellectual stimulation you will get his attention.

1. Don’t expect him to chase you

Virgo men just don’t chase women, not the way other men do. The games and expected roles of romance are ones they just don’t respect or ever engage in. If a Virgo man likes you, he will take his time to collect information and see what you are all about. Don’t think you can fool him, or manipulate him, his sharp eyes note everything and he rarely forgets a detail.

2. Be Patient


Virgo men take their time to decide that they really want from a woman, and once they do, they will do whatever it takes to keep that woman happy and be with her. Unlike some men who love the thrill of the chase and lose interest when they have made a conquest, Virgo men are the opposite. They will only go after a woman and do whatever they can to charm her after they know she is theirs.

3. Don’t force him to choose

Virgo men don’t respond well to emotional blackmail or ultimatums. If you tell him that you need him to decide if he wants you or not, and he isn’t ready, he will back off or even end the relationship. He will believe you when you say that you can’t wait anymore or that the situation is making you miserable. Virgo men want you to be happy, if they think they are making you unhappy then they would rather get out of your life so that you can find happiness elsewhere.

4. Make it obvious that you want him

A Virgo man will only go after a woman who wants him and has made it clear. You need to be more honest than you might normally be and tell him that you find him appealing and why. He loves information, so break it down in detail. Making yourself available does not mean making yourself easy or being pushy, it simply means being there when he is ready to make his move.

5. Ask for his help


Virgo men love being useful and they want to be a positive, meaningful and helpful influence in your life. Being of service, and making a real difference to your life, makes him feel confident and inspired. Don’t invent a crisis, although he is good in one, just make yourself more vulnerable than you might normally be.

6. Give him space

Virgo men need space where they can be alone, independent and private. This is never something that you should take personally. He doesn’t expect or want you to drop your friends and center your life around the relationship you have with him. He wants his independence and he loves it when you assert yours.

7. Be active

Virgo men like to be busy and just spending time with you may make him bored. Plan activities, cultural outings or projects that keep him interested and give him a reason to want to be with you. He responds well to anything that he can see as a good idea for practical reasons, so keep that in mind.

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8 thoughts on “How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You: 7 Rules To Make Him Want You

  1. My virgo partner of 10 years left me for his ex who he was divorcing when we met. I am devistated. Is there any chance whatsoever of his coming back. If so, will your book help?
    Thank you for your advice.

  2. I’m sorry to say but no. Once a Virgo man finds his love it’s set … they can part ways a million times.. they’ll be back.

  3. I was wondering, how can you prove to a Virgo man that your trustworthy and that your not going to leave him? I have a friend who I really appreciate and needs physical affection from as well as someone to talk to. I don’t know how to show him how much I care and will be there for him.

  4. So u mean once his love is set for someone even if he leaves he will ve back?

    Im asking bc me and my virgo guy are wantingvto marry so but will he leave me and go back to his ex? Ges been divorced for 5 years i believe..

    Thank u…Roxy

  5. My Virgo man hardly spends time with me ..he makes excuses like his car is messed up or he doesn’t feel well or something with his job ect ect .he’s consistent when texting me he hasn’t missed a day yet but physically we don’t spend enough time and he has lied to me in saying he’s coming then something ends up happening and he doesn’t show up..I’ve been with him for 5 months and still haven’t been to his place or haven’t met his mom or his friends yet..We haven’t even gone on a date yet and when he comes over it’s for two or three hrs then he leaves..he says he loves me and wants to marry me but I feel like something else is going on..he barely texts me during the day like he use to..I love him but I feel neglected with him and this is not what I want..He says he will never hurt me but he does and he doesn’t even know it and I’m not letting him know how I’m feeling because if he really loves me he would show it like I do it to him everyday..I’m just going to end up leaving him sooner or later ..

    1. Sandra sorry to hear that. From what you’ve said and based on my own personal experience, something is definitely shady with your Virgo man. I’m currently dating a Virgo man and we’ve only known each other a month but yet I have seen him a minimum of twice a week. I’ve been to his place and I’ve also met a few friends (once, accidentally but the other time he asked me to hang with him and his friend), we’ve been on several dates. Regardless of him being a Virgo man or not, you deserve someone who will love you and treat you in the way that you want to be and deserve to be treated. In a nutshell, You deserve better than what you are getting.

  6. So me and my Virgo have known each other since we were in 3rd grade, kinda always really really liked each other, he wanted to date in middle school but i said no, we were still friends even throughout high school but he dropped out and didn’t see him again since my senior. So recently i contacted and we decided to link. We went out on a date then after things got hot everything was wonder. We link the day after things got hot again but this time it was almost a lil awkward but not that bad we was still okay i think. Next day i texted him gm but never replied even though i know he seen it because he was on Facebook. He still hasn’t texted me and it’s been almost a week. I really really like him don’t plan on living anytime soon. Or ever. How can i tell him that if he won’t talk to me and Why did he stop talking to me it’s not like we’re strangers?

    1. I have been seeing a virgo man for 2 months now. I knew him before 2 years ago. He tried to Persue and I refused caused to me he seemed like a player. Recently when he contacted me I decided to give him a benefit of a doubt and accept his proposal. I go to his house once a week. He showed me his friends at work. But he hardly responds to my texts and calls. He is a very busy guy. But I feel there is someone else in his life. He is always texting while with me. Sometimes late nite calls. I playing it cool but am hurting so bad. Am aries. I am inlove with him. But I want to leave him. I feel neglected though our sex life is getting great everyday. What can I do. I don’t trust him. I feel am not the love of his life. He never take me for dinner or movies. Only in his bed. Can I hold on a little While? Or it’s better for me to walk out of this relationship now? Advise please.

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