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5 Guidelines for Saying “I Love You” to a Virgo Man

So, you’ve fallen for a lovely, kind-hearted, sexy Virgo man, and the big “L” word is on the tip of your tongue! Are you wondering whether saying “I love you” first is going to make him run for the hills or say it back? Timing is everything—read on for my tips on knowing when the time is right!   

So, when is the right time, exactly? For some Zodiac signs, like Aries, for example, it’s okay to say it within the first few weeks! For others, like Taurus, it could take months or even years. Everyone’s different, and everyone approaches love differently. 

So, what’s the deal with timing for a Virgo man? 

The truth is, there’s no perfect time, and you’ll have to trust that your intuition is on the money. Often, we just know when that time is. Your gut feel is always a great guide!

Luckily, there are ways to ease your uncertainty. But first, a little about Virgo men…

Here’s something that I’ve told scores of Virgo-loving ladies through my work as a relationship astrologer: 

Virgo men are cautious, careful, and analytical. 

He’s not just going to rush in! However, when he does love and adore you, you’ll know by how he puts you on a pedestal and makes you feel like Superwoman. 

Virgo men often demonstrate their love by letting you know how perfect you are. 

If you’re in the firing line of compliments and he’s making you feel like a princess, you can be confident that he’s close to saying those three magic words. 

Sometimes, we just need the right scenario to get us to the tipping point. Let’s take a look at five guidelines…

5 Scenarios When It’s Right to Say “I Love You” to Your Virgo Man

1. When You’re in a Comfortable Routine

I Love You To A Virgo Man

Being an earth sign, Virgo men need to feel safe and in a good routine. They’re flexible and can adapt to change, but generally speaking, Virgo men like things to be planned and thought out. 

Perhaps you’ve been dating for a while, and it’s getting to a point where you message each other goodnight at the same time every evening (when you’re not together of course) or popping each other a wake-up heart emoji. 

Maybe you have a few favourite restaurants together; you may have even met his family already, and it’s a given that you’re going to hang out every Sunday with the kids and/or your buddies. 

Life feels comfortable—sweet and easy. 

This is a great time to say “I love you.” After a satisfying day/week/month, where you’re in a flow and a settled routine with each other is just perfect! 

He’s more likely to say it back because he feels safe with you

Never underestimate the desire of a Virgo man for security—this, for him, feels like love. When he knows you’re reliable and not going anywhere, he’s much more likely to receive your message of love well. 

In return, he’ll offer you the world. Don’t be surprised when, once the L-bomb has been dropped, he’ll willing to sacrifice anything for you and go to the ends of the earth for you. 

Love, to Virgo men, really means forever. 

2. When He’s Done Something for You

Did you know that the Virgo man’s most common love language is acts of service? 

When a Virgo guy does something for you—like take out your trash, clean the house, or take your car for a wash—this is his way of saying that he really cares about you

It’s easy to overlook or take for granted! 

So, when you’re casually hanging out together, doing household things or just taking care of business as usual on a normal Saturday, let the words slip out. Mingle them with appreciation for what he does for you so he feels seen and validated. 

The chances are good that his response will be just what you’re looking for! 

After all, who says that love can only be found when “the perfect scene” is laid out? Love, as we know, is often found in those small, otherwise-mundane moments! 

You don’t need to wait for a pretty sunset to tell your Virgo man you adore him. Be real. Be natural. He will love you all the more for it!  

3. When He’s Feeling Anxious

Virgo Man Anxious

Have you noticed how much your Virgo guy thinks—and overthinks

Even if he doesn’t let on, his mind is always turning over possibilities. He’s analyzing you, your relationship, himself, and everything else! 

This can create anxiety for most Virgo men.

In fact, he may be stewing over saying the same words to you! You’ll probably look back on this movement and have a good giggle together over how both of you were thinking it but too scared to say it! 

If you are tuned in to your Virgo man and sense anxiety or even insecurity, it can be really good idea to let him know that you love him—if you do, of course. Don’t be surprised if he drops his guard and opens up to you almost instantly! 

Taking the lead here goes a long way toward alleviating this man’s worry about your relationship working out.

4. When You’re Out in Nature Together

Virgo Man Nature

Everyone knows that nature is romantic. Sunsets, the ocean, the view at the top of a mountain—all inspire feelings of love and romance! 

A Virgo man is particularly connected to nature. As an earth sign, he thrives on getting out and enjoying the beauty of the world. 

Try mustering up the courage to tell him you love him when you’re sitting together on the beach or when you’ve just finished a beautiful hike. His heart is already so open by that time that it will feel natural for him to let you know that he loves you, too! 

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5. When You Really Mean It

Finally—and this is the most important factor in whether you can allow yourself to tell your Virgo man you love him—say it only when you really, truly mean it. 

When you’ve thought it through. When you know. 

Because the chances are good that your Virgo man is already there. His natural caution and tendency to analyze may have him holding back, but you can rest assured he’s assessing and re-assessing the situation. 

He will appreciate it when he can see you’re genuine and haven’t leapt into it impulsively or out of lust. 

For Virgo men, love has to be practical and make sense, as well as be romantic

Spend a bit of time imagining yourself with him for the days, months, and years to come. If you’re ready to share all the mundane and exciting things with him, then go ahead and let him know! 

Have you ever been the first to say “I love you”? Let me know how it went in the comments—I’d love you hear your experiences (anonymously, of course!).

If you’re wondering if you’re compatible with a Virgo guy, try out my free compatibility quiz right here:

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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