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5 Likes And Dislikes That Make A Virgo Man Go Crazy

Maybe you’re a bit smitten with a certain Virgo guy and are wondering what he may like or dislike about women? Here are five likes and dislikes that make the Virgo man go crazy to help give you more information regarding this mysterious and delicious man.

What He Likes:

1. He really loves intelligence in a woman.

He wants to see how much knowledge you possess. He wants to know what your passions in life are so that he can figure out if they are goals he can help you with.

If you know what types of things he is interested in, you may want to bone up on your research. Knowing content of what he really likes will help get you in with him.

Brainy women turn him on because they possess content that interests him and keeps him motivated to continue learning more things himself. He loves nothing more than to sit and talk to a smart woman.

2. Looking good is important!


Beautiful cheerful couple in love dating and smiling outdoors - Things Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

He typically will always look his best whether he’s going to the gym, to work, or to a nice dinner. He will wear his best and have himself very well groomed.

He will want his lady love to also always look her best. Not that you have to wear makeup and have your hair fixed all the time. However, if you’re going to be hanging out at home; brush your hair and teeth.

If you’re going out, make sure you look your absolute best. Wear your best, smile, and look like you really mean what it is that you’re setting out to do. Owning it is a big turn on.

3. Being On Time!

This guy is a bit old school and doesn’t like being late to whatever appointment or date he may have. He sees it as being sloppy and uncaring about what is important.

His lady needs to be someone who will also arrive at their dates on time. If you’re on time, he’ll see you as respectful of his wishes and to the fact that it’s good to arrive when you said you would.

4. Home Cooked Meal


Young Couple Having Breakfast - Things Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman


The Virgo man really enjoys having a home-cooked meal. If you’re good at doing such things, invite him over to a dinner that you’ve cooked yourself and he’ll love it.

If you’re not that great at cooking; you can tell him and perhaps he’ll be the one that has you over for something he’s whipped up. It’s the importance of being home alone together with an intimate dinner that turns him on.

5. Allowing him to take the lead

Again, this man is somewhat old fashioned and will want to be the one to take charge. He wants to take you out on dates, he wants to take his time, and he wants to woo you.

He can be very romantic when he wants to be so you can expect that if you allow him, he will do everything for you to make sure that you are happy. That doesn’t mean he’ll allow you to walk on him though so don’t get confused.

What He Dislikes:

1. Being too Social

The Virgo man isn’t really into crowds or doing things that require being around a lot of people. This grows with age as well. That means that if you’re a social type of lady; he probably will not care for this.

He likes spending time with his lady without so many others around. He prefers quality over quantity. This can mean being with one or two other friends but not a crowd. If you try to drag him to social events, he will clam up and likely decide not to go with you.

2. Clingy or Possessive Behavior


Young Sleepy Man - Things Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

If you try chasing after him or trying track his every movement, he will resent you. He does not want a woman that feels the need to be with him 24/7 and then still have constant contact via text/phone.

He does require a little bit of personal freedom but nothing crazy. The older he gets, the more he realizes that time with his partner is important so he may require even less at that point.

3. Half Assed Behavior

If you’re going to start a project or start something with him; you had better finish what you started. He despises leaving things to sit after they’ve been started up.

He feels unfinished if whatever he starts isn’t finished. Seeing this behavior in the woman he likes is a complete turn-off. He’ll wonder why you can’t seem to follow through.

4. Being Messy or Slob Like


Top view of young drunk woman lying on floor in messy room - Things Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman


The Virgo man can be a bit of a clean freak. As such; he cannot stand a mess of any kind. If you are a bit on the messy side and want to date a Virgo, you’ll have to learn how to become cleaner.

The last thing you want him to see is your clutter or mess in your home and/or vehicle. Be careful and make sure that things are tidy. Keep yourself looking neat in appearance as well.

5. Springing surprises on him

This man likes to be organized and plan out his course of action. He can be spontaneous here and there but for the most part; he prefers having some sort of routine to live by.

If you spring random plans on him or change the plans you already had; this could throw him off and make hi think you are a bit flaky. The best thing to do is to give him ample time to adjust himself.

Giving him the time to process and plan will help him cope with the changes or new plans better.


The Virgo man can be a bit picky but his moon sign could make him a bit more open where he normally wouldn’t be. It may be best for you to have a full look at what he’s capable of. My book “Virgo Man Secrets” could guide you in the mind of the Virgo man.

To order a copy, visit the site here.

Do you agree with these 5 likes and dislikes that make the Virgo man go crazy?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

6 thoughts on “5 Likes And Dislikes That Make A Virgo Man Go Crazy

  1. As a virgo guy I find most of this content Tru and fitting to how I go about myself and the choices I make. Not always aware of them but thru introspection they remain Tru.

    1. Hi Mmanga!

      Wow, what an honor. Thank you for chiming in and letting me know that my writing is correct and fits. I always want to know what Virgo men think of what I say. Again, I truly appreciate you letting me know. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ajit!

      Thank you so much for your confirmation. It’s such a wonderful thing to know that what I write is accurate and is helping. Don’t forget to check out all there is to offer on Virgo Man. I wish you all the very best in love and in life!

  2. When I younger I would agree 100% on all these traits, however, for me at least with age comes forth the willow tree. Flexing in the winds of change is more conducive that beating one’s head against a stubborn stone. Life, ahh life can put you between a rock & a hard place. If & when it does it’s up to the guy or gal to not only realize it, adapt to it & lastly but most importantly accept it. The last being the hardest.

    1. Hi Dan!

      I absolutely love it when the men chime in with who they are as a Virgo. Thank you for doing this. Age does change everyone for sure. I wish you every happiness that you deserve!

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