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What To Do When Your Virgo Man Is Being Jealous (For No Obvious Reason)

Are you in a relationship with a Virgo who is acting jealous? What is it that drives a Virgo man to jealousy? And what can you do to calm his mind and reassure him that you are loyal?

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. Any sign can become jealous, but the real question is: what is the motivation behind the jealousy? What causes a Virgo man to think that his partner is being potentially unfaithful?

I’m so happy to be able to assist on this topic. I know that jealousy can tear a relationship apart at the seams. The good news is that there are action steps to take when it comes to Virgo men that could save your relationship and reintroduce the feeling of security and love to your partnership. 

I’ve outlined five key tips to keep in mind when attempting to calm the fears of the Virgo man in your life. I’m sincerely hoping that you find a tip here to take with you! 

Answer His Questions Honestly

Virgo Man Shows Jealousy

The Virgo man is always thinking. Being such a cerebral sign, he’s always pondering every possibility all the time. This is partially why he might get suspicious of you in the first place. If he thinks that something is not right, then no explanation is off the table. Even infidelity. 

 Since Virgo comes up with a million questions all the time, it’s important to address any that he asks you with honesty. This is going to be the best way to settle his worried mind. 

Finding answers that make sense to him will be your best defense against a sulky Virgo guy. If you’ve got nothing to hide then this should be easy for you. 

Remember, any question you’re unwilling to answer or that doesn’t make sense to him will likely plague his mind until he’s satisfied. Ensure that you’re sparing no details. 

Being defensive when he asks questions is also likely to raise a few red flags for him. Ensure that you’re open and willing to find the middle ground between the two of you.

Discover His Definition Of Infidelity

Something that I see in many couples is differing definitions within the relationships. For example, your version of a clean house may look different than your partner’s version. In this case, perhaps your Virgo has a different definition of what cheating is or what deserves his jealousy. 

Perhaps you have a male best friend that you talk to all day or all night. You share secrets, laugh, and express platonic love for each other. For you, this is just how your friendship operates. But perhaps for the Virgo this emotional intimacy with another is enough to trigger his jealousy response. 

This is why great communication in a relationship is so important. If the two of you aren’t on the same page about what it means to cheat, then you’ve got no hope of finding a happy medium. 

So don’t be afraid to ask your Virgo guy what his definition of infidelity is. Or maybe even ask him what sort of action deserves jealousy. I know you’ll be able to find some valuable input if he chooses to be forthright with what he thinks. 

Address The Elephant In The Room

Virgo Man Acting Jealous For No Reason

Perhaps you’ve already determined the cause of his jealousy and you felt that it was sufficiently addressed. In this case, it should be water under the bridge, right? 

Sometimes we still have sore feelings that linger even after a conversation to resolve it has occurred. If you’re noticing he is still prickling under your touch, turning away from you, or just acting aloof towards you, then it’s time to uncover even more.

Virgos aren’t ones to make a big scene when they’re upset. They’ll likely hold their discomfort within their own mind and overthink about it. However, you’ll still feel his discomfort and it will likely make you feel pretty on edge yourself. 

When the Virgo is still acting off, never ignore it. This shows that there is still something to be resolved for the Virgo. You might have to take the initiative and call him out on his discomfort. Confrontation isn’t his favorite, but he sure is highly beneficial when attempting to clear the air. 

Reassure His Anxious Mind

The Virgo is likely going to hold a bit of anxiety even after you address his concerns. He is a high-strung man ruled by Mercury. His mind never shuts off. As a result, we can see him harboring some doubts even once you believe that the issue has been dealt with. 

If you’ve done nothing to deserve this insecurity then it can be very difficult to be patient when he still won’t stop being jealous. I encourage you to have as much patience as possible with how his mind works. 

If he ever brings up feelings of insecurity, then it’s your best bet to tell him that you’re not planning on going anywhere. Tell him he is the only one you love and that there isn’t a chance of you cheating on him – ever. 

It can become monotonous and make you feel targeted to have to reassure him constantly. And if these feelings arise in you then you should bring those up as well. Communication is key in any relationship and for both parties. 

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Never Accept Controlling Behavior

Virgos who are panicky try to micromanage the behavior of those around them. The Virgo can see every detail, all the time. In their mind, if they can control the action of all of the little cogs in the machine then maybe the machine will do what he wants, finally. 

This can manifest in him attempting to control your actions. I’ll reiterate here that this is never okay.

If this occurs and the Virgo alludes to the fact that he’s doing this because he believes you could cheat on him, then ask if you’ve performed all of the steps above. Ask the Virgo, are you sure there are no more questions I can answer for you? Do you need extra reassurance? What can I say to help you stay calm and to believe in me?

If the Virgo does not have answers that satisfy you, then you need to draw clear boundaries around what you’ll allow and not allow. Sometimes, the fixation on you cheating has nothing to do with you. It could be something from his own past that he needs to work out. 

What do you think? Do you believe that these tips could help calm your Virgo man’s fears? What do you think you’ll do differently now that you’ve seen these tips? Let me know in the comments how this will change your approach. 

If you’re looking for even more tips on the Virgo man, I know you’re going to want to check out my Virgo Man Heart Opener guide. This will assist in making the Virgo man more receptive to your love. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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