Virgo Man June 2024 Horoscope

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Welcome Sweethearts, to the month of June, and it’s going to be off to a cracking start because we have a stellium of planets, along with the New Moon in Gemini.

Now, Jupiter has just moved into Gemini as well, and in week one, we have Mercury moving into Gemini, so we will have Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter all in Gemini during the first two weeks. This will have an important impact which we will be discussing.

Now, Jupiter has moved into Gemini, meaning there’s a distinctly different flavor throughout the rest of the year from what there was in the first 5 months. This is a time of ideas, study, expansion, and exciting communication. There’s also much more of a restless energy, a desire to be pioneering, and to explore.

What a fantastic time for all your hobbies, your social life, and having fun! But also, an excellent time to improve yourself intellectually, to gather knowledge, and to be empowered. Now, knowledge is power, and with Jupiter in Gemini, it is the key to unlocking your and your Man’s future.

Now, for all star signs, it’s very important right now to dabble in new things. Variety is the spice of life, and this is a time for attracting new friends, acquaintances, and forging new partnerships, whether they are romantic, business, or social.

Remember, with Jupiter in Gemini, there’s a slightly lighter touch with less attachment, so there’s a dilution of the heavy energies of Taurus, which represent the desire for commitment and sometimes jealousy and possessiveness.

So, the whole flavor of relationships going throughout the rest of the year is to be mutually supportive but always to focus on independence, humor, and novelty in the relationship. This is also a great sign for money-making, so rub your hands together and get excited.

With that said, let’s get going onto the reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for Man this June…

Mercury enters Gemini – 4th of June

For Virgo, the entry of Mercury into Gemini is a good sign for projects that require him to project an image, be vocal, and use his analytical and communication skills. This bodes well for job interviews, presentations, and dealing with large groups of people.

However, as Mercury travels through Gemini, it will be squaring Saturn and Neptune, which are in Pisces and this can mean that often his aims cause issues for the relationship.

There can be a work-life balance issue where sometimes his career desires, work travel, or relationships with colleagues make it more difficult for your relationship to run smoothly. There may need to be some compromise and some biting of the lip on your part.

New Moon in Gemini – 6th June

This New Moon is excellent news for Virgo Man as it provides a confidence boost, energy, and a desire to take control of his destiny. So if you guys have important decisions to make, now is the time to begin thinking about them. You don’t necessarily have to come to an agreement, but you should at least be brainstorming the options and understanding what you both want going forward.

Your future is important, and decisions made now can have a big impact on outcomes in your life for the rest of the year or even further ahead. So don’t be complacent; don’t just allow your life to drift. It’s important right now to develop a strong game plan because Virgo Man thrives on adventure and needs a partner who’s pushing ahead and not afraid to take big decisions.

Mars enters Taurus – 10th of June

This is a very energetic placement for Virgo Man and represents a time when it’s great for him to be entering the fray in terms of competition and sporting events. So definitely encourage anything he does involving the outdoors and competition.

It’s also a time when he’s more restless and eager to experience new things, so it’s important for your relationship not to feel like it’s stagnating. He needs both intellectual stimulation and the thrill of the chase.

If you’re dating, don’t be too available. Let him know that you’ve got a life, you’ve got plans, and he has to shape up. In terms of being married, it’s a good time to plan trips or think about some exciting new activities to do together as a couple over the summer months, particularly.

Venus enters Cancer – 18th of June

Now, this is a helpful and pleasant transit for Virgo Man; however, it doesn’t always do much for his motivation. Sometimes he’s more likely to fritter away time or engage in activities that don’t necessarily have any purpose, so he’s not always productive right now.

This is a good phase for you guys to try out new things, go to some new places, or just hang out with different crowds to see how it goes, but without judgment. What’s really important right now, for him as well and for you, is to have an open mind.

Sometimes he forms an opinion on either people or opportunities too quickly without doing the relevant pro and con weighing and making sure he really understands the odds. This is an awesome time for dating and meeting Virgo Man but even if you meet him right now, he’s probably charming and quite charismatic but you definitely have to wait a month or two to understand the full potential of the relationship, so don’t get carried away.

Sun enters Cancer – 21st of June

This complements his efforts in terms of career because it helps him make the right kind of connections and reignites his enthusiasm for networking and meeting new colleagues. This is also a highly innovative time, so you and Virgo Man need to be generating some ideas and looking for information.

This is a time when it’s often very good to hang around with friends, particularly if they have similar long-term aims to yourself, whether it be travel, immigration, or career, and just bend their ear, hear what’s on the grapevine, and benefit from any information they have.

Themes for Man this June

Adventure, innovation, and trying new things are definitely themes of the month. However, so is understanding your options going forward as a couple and getting excited about the potential for the relationship. What is key right now is to not stagnate and try not jump to any conclusions.

Make sure you really brainstorm the options and that both of you are not dogmatic or stubborn. It’s so vital right now to have an open mind and to not get bogged down about any problems or details in the present but to renew optimism about the long term.

Magic Motto – “The only thing we should fear is fear and letting preconceived ideas dominate instead of expansion.”

Magic Text – “Let’s reimagine our future with more vigour than ever before, letting inspiration off the hook.”


The moon waxes from the 6th to the 21st making this the best period for his new initiatives and projects. This is also the most successful time for new relationships goals, discussions and starting dating. Any major new directions or decisions should be planned for this waxing phase. The waning phase in-between is better for contemplating, fulfilling promises, reflecting on progress, adjusting to circumstances and completion.

This is a great fortnight for dating, double dates and socialising. In terms of marriage, this is an excellent time to have date nights and to reinvigorate the affectionate side of your relationship. It’s very important to give Virgo guy compliments and encouragement, so if he’s doing anything creatively or within his work that’s important to him, let him know you’re on board. A good time for his competitive and sporting events.

This period is great for dealing with bureaucracy and government departments. If he works in the civil service, it’s a good time for applying for a promotion or transfer.

Meditation and mindfulness is very successful right now if he’s interested in that. It’s also a suitable time for him to use positive affirmations and creative visualization for achieving relaxation and confidence.

This is also very suitable for new career ventures in medicine, holistic medicine and healthcare.

Some relaxation and solitude is very helpful for him.

Networking and making new friends is favored. It’s a good waxing phase for joining new clubs, groups and associations.


International travel is not favored, nor is taking a honeymoon. Long distance travel is not particularly successful whether it’s for business or pleasure. When it comes to his business, promoting heavily and advertising may not yield results.

This is not a good waxing phase for investment and financial decisions. Large purchased and outlays are not favoured.

Virgo Man June 2024 Horoscope

Week 1: Career excitement 

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius mean this is a very important week for his work. It’s ideal for any work events or entertaining, and it’ll give him a boost in terms of his interactions with both colleagues and superiors.

So all around, he’s feeling more positive about the image he’s projecting, and he may even benefit from word of mouth and some recognition within his career.

This is a very good time for him doing more advertising or trying to gain publicity for his services or for his professional profile. If you work in the same career, that is a big plus for your relationship, but either way, support and encourage him. Show interest and don’t try to detract from his enjoyment at work, and the relationship should be sound.

Week 2: Burning midnight oil 

Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius brings out an obsessive quality in Virgo Man. He may suddenly be more concerned about health and fitness and may set himself grueling schedules in the gym. On the other hand, he could be obsessive with work, burning the midnight oil and being a bit of a workaholic.

Either way, he doesn’t really know how to strike a balance, and that can make things in the relationship a little bit difficult. He puts himself under a lot of pressure, and sometimes that can result in him being a little bit more difficult. He’s likely to be highly critical, and sometimes he’s just a little bit stressed out.

So you do need some space from him during this week and encourage him to understand when he’s really burning out.

Week 3: Chilling and oiling the wheels of love 

During week 3, with Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer and Sun square Neptune, there is a slightly different vibe. He’s a lot more compassionate and caring, and it’s far easier to have conversations.

In fact, this is a really good time if you need to smooth over ruffled feathers or speak about subjects that are usually a little bit contentious. What’s so important right now in relationships is showing him compassion and being kind.

He appreciates a reasonable approach, so whatever you do, just ask yourself if this is a mature and sensible approach, because if it is, it’s going to have a result. Definitely a time for some romance and a little bit of nostalgia. Romance should be something that’s very gentle, and which helps you both totally chill out, forget the world, and relax.

Week 4: Even Keel

This is a great week for your social life as a couple. So whether you have been together a short time or you are married, it’s an ideal time for attending a big event, going to a concert, hanging out with friends, or even a small city break, if you’re able.

It’s very important right now to reward yourselves and to return to a little bit of balance. Some of the extremes of the month now need to be tapered down so you can both get on an even keel again. This is a good time for finding out information and beginning to narrow down options in terms of any decisions you have to make as a couple.

Be cautious in very new relationships because he’s still a little bit undecided about what exactly he wants, but it’s definitely a good time for working hard at intellectual compatibility.


While there are definitely positive moments and chances to enjoy yourself, it can be quite an intense month because he’s very focused on achieving goals, whether it be with work, fitness, or personal goals. Sometimes he can be very obsessive and a little bit hard to handle.

Sometimes when he gets an idea, he runs with it and can get a little bit carried away, so there’s very little moderation this month. However, both at the beginning and end, there is time to work on your relationship, improve communication, and show him that you care and are a reasonable partner who takes a pragmatic approach, because that is a winning strategy.

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