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Virgo Man: When He’s Jealous, Possessive, or Angry

Have you noticed that if you look at a guy too long while you’re out with your Virgo guy that he becomes visibly upset? However, if he eyeballs the waitress with big boobs he thinks it’s no big deal?

Perhaps he sees a comment from a guy to you on social media and makes a huge ordeal out of it. Virgo man is jealous, ladies. Here are some things you may want to know.

Insecurity in this Strong Guy

The Virgo guy tries to come off as a guy that has it all together. He has high integrity and moral values. This is great right?! Well, it can be until he starts thinking like a caveman.

A Virgo man is jealous usually, but not all. Sometimes it takes a trigger to make them start to feel insecure. This trigger could be a really good woman coming into his life that he feels he doesn’t deserve.

If he has low self-worth, he’ll analyze the heck out of why she would be with him. At the same time; he’ll begin to display some jealous tendencies. If you cheer on the superhero in the movie; he’ll swear that you want him.

Even when you say you don’t and you’re just enjoying the action; he’ll still believe you secretly have a crush on the main character. Yet he’ll turn the tables and expect YOU not to be jealous.

He’ll comment on some woman’s boobs on television and then when you give him a nasty look; he’ll be like “what? Why is that a big deal?” So there is definitely a double standard when it comes to the Virgo man.

He wants to do what he wants to do but if you do what you want to do (out of his “reason”), he doesn’t like it and you’re in for an argument. He’s allowed to be insecure but not you.

Personal Space

This man may claim to want time to himself and personal freedom from time to time and will encourage you to do the same. However, even though he says that when you do, he freaks out.

Naturally, if you do go out and do your own thing, he’ll begin to worry that you’re going to meet someone else and leave him. Then you come home to him being angry.

Something else to note is when one of his friends say something about you indicating how cool you are. He snaps into a rage and tells his own friend that he better stay away from you.

Perhaps his friend is really nice to you upon meeting. He’ll take it the wrong way. He wants you two to get along but if you get along too well; he’s worried that his friend is trying to steal you away.

Yes, these insecurities are ridiculous. This ONLY comes from a Virgo man who is either immature OR has some deep baggage that he hasn’t yet dealt with. Perhaps he had an ex that treated him like crap, cheated on him, or did leave him.

Though he doesn’t want to be like this, he is. He will need to probably talk to someone about this so that he can start learning how to re-direct his insecurity and learn to be confident again.

Again, not all Virgo men are this way but any of them that are damaged have a tendency to act out and this is one of the ways they will do it. Don’t let him fool you when he says he wants personal space. He may want it but he won’t want you to have any.

Deflection and Slinging Anger at You

One thing that some clients write into me about is when their Virgo guy just suddenly gets so moody that he blames her for something really dumb then goes radio silent.

If your Virgo guy has deep inner issues that he hasn’t healed yet; he can tend to deflect and throw that anger at you. He doesn’t normally mean it at the time and will beat himself up for it later.

You just happen to be the nearest target for his hidden rage under the surface. Again; he needs to learn other ways to get his frustrations out. Perhaps getting him to take boxing classes or some sort of sport could help with that.

Him doing things that help him de-stress will be helpful with calming that inner beast. There will be a lesser chance of him having an outburst and pointing his finger at you.

The bottom line here is not to allow him to make YOU his verbal punching bag. Even if a Virgo man is jelous or irrational, you are NOT his doormat. Stand up for yourself but don’t get into a verbal joust with him because you’ll likely lose and leave very frustrated.

Either that or he will say something VERY sharp then go completely silent on you for an unspecified amount of time. I know it’s impossible to not piss a Virgo man off but if you learn what his triggers are then you can avoid them.

If you feel you’re walking on eggshells around him constantly then you need to get some outer help. He needs to understand that it’s not ok for him to lash out at you because he has issues himself.

Possessive Nature

This often goes hand in hand with jealousy, of course. This is a step further in needing to know where you are, what you’re doing, when you’re going to be done, when you will be home, who you are with, etc.

The thing is; if you were to ask him those questions, he’ll likely respond with “I don’t like to be controlled”. So again, it’s the “what is good for the goose is not good for the gander”.

He can be a handful for sure. There is always hope though and getting to know him as much as possible may help you navigate his frustrating behaviors. Click here to learn more about the Virgo man.

What do you think? Is the Virgo man jealous?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

6 thoughts on “Virgo Man: When He’s Jealous, Possessive, or Angry

  1. Oh my Goodness!! WoW!!! This is my boyfriend to a ‘T’. My question is how can I go about deterring him from his emotional, angry outbursts? How is the best way to handle it when he has these outbursts over silly things? I want to truly make things work with him, but I am NO psychologist. He won’t go talk to a counselor either, cause he says it is too expensive…he can’t afford it…& he doesn’t believe Dr. ClownShoes can help him, as he calls them. Should I offer to go with him & stress that I will support his efforts any way that I can. U see, he had a horrible childhood & every other girlfriend or friend has always bailed out on him. I feel awful about leaving him behind & truly want to make our relationship work. I just get so hurt by his childish outbursts, complaining about others, jealous anger, and ‘ghosting’ me for days till he feels like talking about things. What can I do to get him calm in angry situations? How are ways I can detect when these outbursts are coming? Is it hopeless? If so, do I just walk away & move on? I usually feel so connected to him, but I don’t appreciate his temper.

  2. Hello Anna,

    I’ve been in a relationship with a Virgo man for 6 months now. I am a Leo woman. Since the beginning of our relationship I noticed that he has a lot of female friends and a lot of female mutuals on social media. It sounds like I’m insecure which is part of the reason. But i want to know why he takes so much pride it having female friends. He always makes comments like “my friends always look at the women I date, and want to get with them” his friends have tried hitting on me….but it’s like he takes pride in having “attractive” female friends. I’ve told him I don’t like it and he reassured me he’s not like that… it still bothers me and I want him to be comfortable so I’ve stopped talking about it. We don’t post each other on social media which is one thing we agreed on. But he posts his other female friends there with comments like “boss babe”…like he shouldn’t be doing that. It’s one thing to be friendly and know a lot of people and it’s another when it’s literally all women. I feel like Virgos are kind of womanizers. My ex was also a Virgo( i don’t know why they’re drawn to me) but wouldn’t boast as much as my current one would about the women that approach him daily. Help me understand him!

    1. Hi Sara!

      Virgo men appreciate women. This will be especially true if they grew up in a house full of women such as sisters, etc. He can appreciate them without being attracted to them. If you’re insecure then you need to look at why. Most Virgo men are very loyal to friends, family, and the person they’re with. When the two of you get serious, he probably will not talk to them as much is my guess. This may be something you two can work past but if not, be honest with him. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  3. Confused.

    Hi Anyone,
    About 2-1/2 months ago i started dating a Virgo Man…It was awesome when we met because it felt like we both knew each other and the conversations were very, very comfortable.

    He moved to Jersey so was traveling alot back and forth from home to work in Westchester County. So I said you should leave “one” set of clothes at my house in case you don’t feel like driving home one day. WELL…..he left about 8 outfits at my house…so now he started staying over alot regularly….One day I leave for work and he did not know I had cameras in my house because I always lived alone……Unfortunately he’s on video talking to another female saying “how his family can’t wait to meet her because every time he talks about her he get’s a stupid look on his face”…..

    Needless to say I felt like someone hit me in the head with a brick…… I called him and told him to leave my house, which he did but not after trying to convince me he was talking to his SISTER !!!!

    This all happened on a Wednesday, April 12th…..On Saturday morning he calls with an apology…..why LIE especially when I repeating to him what I heard.


  4. After reading this now I get what went on even though I’m still perplexed.. we dated 7months and now I regret not reading about Virgo men his self critical side , insecurities, jealousy, over controlling , overthinking, his stress and frustration and his unconscious bluntness- though he’s sweetest adoring person suddenly he’s cold distant with his thoughts I’m the cool absorbing always calm partner but out of sudden he went on end it all!! I honestly don’t know what went on with him
    He twice asked to meet to talk and both times I get no sense out of him except he’s like he took decision and won’t change his mind !!
    Wish someone explain him to me and I do miss him often times

    1. Hi Samo!

      There had to have been something he really didn’t like or felt insecure about that made him just pull out of the relationship out of left field. There is quite possibly something he thought about without telling you what his thoughts were leaving you totally confused. Virgo men can definitely be strong on their decisions and no one can change their mind. He has to want to change it and if he feels not good enough to be with you or is too high on the horse with his standards then that would make him want out and be alone again. So sorry this happened to you sweetheart. Virgo men are really brain sizzling. Not all of them are the same though so that’s a good thing. Some of them are quite fantastic and love to love their woman. Even when things get tough, he will always remember he loves her and cannot let go. I hope this gives you some insight. I wish you all the very best!

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