What a Virgo Man Likes In a Women - It’s Not What You Think
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What a Virgo Man Likes In a Women – It’s Not What You Think

Virgo men are shy and reserved when it comes to love and relationships. That doesn’t mean they don’t develop deep feelings or have specific standards for the woman of their dreams. Let me tell you what a Virgo man likes in a women and how to become the amazing woman he worships.

They are primarily intellectual beings who live in their heads and tend to analyze their emotions to death. Intelligence is a huge turn-on for these guys, as it is the ability to communicate clearly and calmly.

Virgo men see sex as a normal healthy outlet and once they feel comfortable with a woman they can adapt their style to suit their partner’s. Their biggest turnoff is falseness or a lack of integrity, so be yourself with a Virgo man.

Wit and Intelligence

The sexiest part of a woman is her brain, according to Virgo men. If you read widely and are interested in current affairs, a Virgo man will be drawn into conversation with you and that will give you the chance to show off your other fine qualities.

Virgo men have a dry sense of humor and they love facts. Do your research before engaging with these men, and don’t try to talk to them about romance novels, TV soap operas or stuff you heard on Facebook. If you seem shallow and uninformed, they will write you off and move on.

Health and Vitality


Virgo men are the healers of the zodiac and they don’t get enchanted by shallow beauty or showy looks as much as a healthy body and a sound mind.

You don’t need to be gorgeous to get their attention but you do need to have a solid approach to taking care of yourself and the world around you.

You also don’t need to be a fitness fanatic or star athlete, but if you enjoy walking, are not lazy and appreciate clean air and healthy food, then a Virgo man will be naturally drawn to you.

Professional Identity

Virgos love to work and Virgo men are very much defined by what they do and how well they do it. You don’t need to be a wildly successful career woman but you should have a clear idea of what you do and why you do it.

Service is a big deal to Virgo man so if your work involves helping others, then you will score points from the start. Having a clear sense of direction and enjoying your work is going to impress a Virgo man, so don’t be shy to strut your stuff.


Virgo men are practical earthy creatures who are turned off by drama, exaggeration, hysterics, and histrionics. They are drawn to women who are strong, calm and decisive, but you don’t have to hide your weaknesses.

Knowing where you need help will charm as Virgo man as he gets excited at the possibility of being able to help you in any way he can. Women who are able to communicate clearly without too much mystery are easy for a Virgo man to deal with, as they find emotional vagueness confusing.



Virgo men like time alone and they simply cannot fathom needy people who find it hard to be alone. If you are cool with doing your own thing and don’t need to know where he is at all times, he will feel comfortable around you.

Women who are strong and clear about their needs and their agenda are the best kind of partner for a Virgo man, as he needs time to be alone and do his thing and he can’t deal with emotional blackmail and constant demands.


A Virgo man is not excited by the woman he cannot have so he won’t chase after someone who is clearly not available. A woman who makes it clear she is open to developing things further and then allows things to happen naturally, without rushing or pushing, will send all the right signals to a Virgo man.

Virgo men don’t read between the lines, so be very clear about what you want from him, and then let things develop at his pace, as he takes his time to make his move, but once he decides you are the one, there is no stopping the love from blooming.

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  1. Reading that was like I was reading about my son it was so on point and also my best friend who lives in Ontario Canada they are exactly on point about the Virgo man love it

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