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The Perfect Flirty Texts for Your Virgo Guy

You may have noticed your Virgo man is particular about everything from his diet to his routines and habits. In fact, men born under this sign have unspoken rules for just about everything.

Even flirting.

This is why trying to flirt with a Virgo man through text can be a challenge. If you don’t know how to approach him or what to do or avoid when texting him, your best attempts can easily backfire.

You need to understand how to flirt with a Virgo man through text to avoid common mistakes that can confuse him or worse- turn him off completely. When a Virgo man receives a text, there are certain things he’s expecting. And Virgo’s don’t like to be surprised.

Here are five specific ways that you can flirt with men born under this sign. These are strategies as unique and specific as possible, tailored to the needs of your Virgo man.

1. Have a purpose. 

I can’t emphasize this one enough. Though the purpose of your text, of course, is to flirt with him, in order for a Virgo man to respond the way you’re hoping he will, you need to have more of a specific intention. What many women don’t realize is that Virgo men don’t tolerate small talk.

Texting him just for the sake of flirting will frustrate him. He’ll see it as an interruption in his routines rather than as an endearing form of communication. This can lead him to be short tempered. You don’t want to get into a conflict with him because of his perception of your intention.

As important as flirting is to the relationship, remember that Virgo men are utilitarian and efficient. They like to be productive. It’s best to text him with a practical purpose and work the flirtation into the communication.

Send him a text like the following:

“Just wanted to confirm we’re still on for tonight at 7, I keep fantasizing about seeing you again…”

Don’t be surprised if he responds to the confirmation more than the flirtation. Don’t take this personally. It’s just a part of his nature.

2. Be concise. 

In keeping with the theme of appealing to a Virgo’s sense of efficiency and practicality, keep your texts succinct. A precise text will go farther than a long winded one.

Virgo men appreciate it when you get to the point. Even if you flirt with him as a tangent, keep it brief. The last thing a Virgo man will want to see is a big chunk of block text.

Here is an example of a concise yet flirty text:

“Thank you again for dinner last night, I especially enjoyed what we had for “dessert” after…”

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This is definitely helpful to understand the other person you are dealing with on such a different level. 
Thank you Anna

Edyta La

3. Be discreet.

Virgo men don’t like it when a flirty text is too erotic or overtly sexual. He’d rather read between the lines. This is particularly true if you’re texting him while he’s at work or with family.

When you send a text, keep in mind that he may be reading your text during an important meeting. Avoid sending nudes or explicit comments. Being flirty should also involve being discreet.

Here is a text you can use to keep your message subdued. Don’t worry, he’ll know exactly what you mean…

“I could use some help fixing my computer later. I’ll be sure to repay you for your hard work…”

4. Give sensory clues

While you don’t want your text to be explicit, it is a good idea to give some sensory clues. This is because Virgo men are earth signs and thus are sensual by nature.

Mention what you hear, feel, smell, taste and see. Using discreet photos can help him to create a visual, but you can also describe other sensory experiences in erotic ways.

A good example of this has to do with food.

“I’m eating the most delicious, creamy chocolate mousse. I’ll save some for you to savor later as a warm up to something even more exciting…”

5. Act modest.

Humility is important to Virgo men. You can entice him through text if you keep a modest outlook. Try to avoid boasting or making grandiose assumptions.

When you text a Virgo man, you can appeal to his desires by taking a moderate approach and avoiding extremes. Keep your focus on pleasure and avoid controversial or taboo topics.

Try texts like the following:

“Thank you for the thoughtful gift. I’m so flattered that you thought of me.”

You can flirt with a Virgo man through text by downplaying your agenda. Try not to be too overt or he’ll be turned off.

Now that you know how to flirt with a Virgo man through text, you’ll be able to spice up your communication without committing one of the common sins of texting with men of this sign.

Bear in mind, Virgo men are clever. VERY clever. You’ll need to stay a step ahead of him and to change up your technique to keep him interested.

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