The Early Stages Of Dating A Virgo Man (And How To Make Progress)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
In the early days of a relationship with a Virgo man, doubts can crop up that cause you to worry about the fate of the union. How do you guide the relationship in the right direction? Astrology can be supremely helpful in this way. Read on to find some tips and tricks to keep the relationship on track. 

In the early days of a relationship with a Virgo man, doubts can crop up that cause you to worry about the fate of the union. How do you guide the relationship in the right direction? Astrology can be supremely helpful in this way.

Are you dating a Virgo man but it doesn’t feel like it’s really progressing? Are you worried that maybe this wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? 

I want to help you! Virgo men are hard to get but once you do you still have some work to put in to ensure that you two make it for the long haul. Read on to find some tips and tricks to keep the relationship on track. 

So, You’re Dating a Virgo

Dating A Virgo Man Early Stages

What hooked you into a Virgo man was probably his own brand of chivalry and his way of being incredibly helpful and kind to you. 

Virgos are wildly polite and sweet much of the time, and so this was likely one of the reasons that drew you to him. 

I have noticed that Virgos also have a really great, neat and clean style. They do not enjoy going out into the world looking slobby, which is wonderful for impressing your friends and family. 

But there is more to the story than the first impression, as you are surely finding out. 

Now You’re Seeing His Shadow Side

Every sign has a light side and a shadow side. Right now, you are beginning to see some of the things that perhaps this Virgo was not so keen of you catching on to. 

Virgos are highly self-conscious in many cases, and they care about what you think. They are their own harshest critics. This can be a hard time for them, because a Virgo would much rather maintain the illusion that they have no flaws. 

A Virgo is known to be a perfectionistic sign, so believe me when I say that they really want others to view them as (nearly) perfect. 

I think that once Virgos begin to reveal their insecurities, the best way to keep them from running off to someone who hasn’t yet seen them this way, is to let him know that you accept him for who he is –flaws and all. 

If you can convince a Virgo that he is still perfect in your eyes even though some of his less than desirable characteristics are now shining through, he will let down some of his defenses and think about sticking around. 

When the ‘Flaws’ Come Out

Flaws Dating A Virgo Man Early Stages

You’ll notice rather quickly that their neuroticism cannot be hidden away for long. These people are basically the home improvers of the Zodiac. They just want to always be keeping everything in tip top shape…even when it isn’t theirs to keep in shape. 

Maybe you have invited him over to your house at this point and you’ve caught him making a face at the pile of dirty dishes in your sink. Or perhaps your roommate left her door open exposing the toxic waste dump of her bedroom. 

These things are like visual nails on a chalkboard for a Virgo man. He likes a nice and neat environment and so one way or another, he will probably let you know what he thinks about any messes or obvious imperfections. 

In these beginning stages it is likely easier to just keep the house clean and change out of your sweats when he comes. 

The thing is, he cares a lot about things and Virgos see the world and everyone in it for what they could be. Sometimes this makes the untidiness of the present a little too much for him to handle. 

It isn’t that he doesn’t like you as you are, but he does see what he thinks is a better way for you to be happy and being the helpful person he is, he is always thinking of ways to assist you in reaching your peak. 

Get into a Routine Together

Virgos understand ritual better than any other sign of the Zodiac. They get that some things just have to be done again and again, and they have embraced this.

They like to bring form and structure to their lives. Being an Earth sign, they like solidity and knowing what to expect. 

One form of ritual that Virgos have really latched onto, in my experience, is diet and exercise. Many Virgos really love the gym and they like eating as healthily as they can. 

Both of these are conscious, repetitive choices that they make. It helps them feel empowered. And the last thing they want to do is break a routine. 

So, take advantage of this aspect of the Virgo’s nature in these early stages. If you can get him into a routine with you, then he will be less likely to want to break that routine. 

This accomplishes a few things. It gets you onto his frequency in a way that he can understand. He is likely showing his best self when he is in the middle of a repetitive action that he loves. 

It also is an opportunity to spend time together. Doing something that the Virgo loves with him is a great way to show him that you are willing to try new things, like getting into his exercise regimen and trying out his protein shakes. 

Trying going for a run with him in the morning through the park or perhaps trying couples meditation during a few set days of the week are good ways to get into his headspace in healthy, Virgo-approved ways. 

In addition, asking him for help in starting a routine would make him feel really useful to you. In his head he is thinking “helping out the person I love by getting them on a self-improvement regimen? And they ASKED me to do this for them?? I think I’m in love!”

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Patient Love

Being with a Virgo man may require a lot of understanding for the ways that his head works. He is just a lot more structured than your average person. 

Because of this, the best way to keep a Virgo man is to witness these things about him without judgement and just accept him as he is. 

He likely has had experiences where people tell him to lighten up and enjoy the ride, and he just finds that so hard to do at times. 

Having someone loving there to stand by him while his anxious mind calms down is the best thing you could be for him. He will repay you with lots of favors and assistance in everything you do and he will be a solid source of common sense for you in a crazy world.

Did you successfully charm a Virgo man? What did you do to make progress? Tell me all about it! 

Share your story (or problems) with our community in the comment section below—don’t worry, it’s anonymous.

And now that you’ve got your Virgo man, see how compatible the two of you are with my compatibility quiz, try it out here.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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