Virgo Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Virgo Man Sexuality

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating that gorgeous Virgo guy for a while and contemplating what it might be like to have sex with him? Here are some things that you may want to know about Virgo man in bed.

The Virgo man in bed is something that you need to experience. This earth Zodiac sign is a God in the bedroom! With Virgo men, sex can be exhilarating and exciting—they’re definitely not boring!

Forget all of your assumptions because I can guarantee you that a Virgo man in bed has a lot to offer. He’s gentle, sensitive, and very interested in making you the happiest woman in the bedroom.

I can promise you that a Virgo man in bed is one of the most satisfying sexual partners you will ever get to experience. This guy is going to make it all about you, and what woman wouldn’t want that?

Are you curious to know more about Virgo men sex and what they are like in bed? Then be sure to keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about these guys in the bedroom!

Virgo Men In Bed — Why Are Virgos So Good In Bed?

Virgo men are fantastic in bed, and in my opinion, the reason why they are so good in bed is that this is the sign that likes to be of service in the world. This is a man who cares about your pleasure more than anything else.

It also really helps to know that a Virgo man is an Earth sign, this means that his sensuality is off the charts and he knows what feels good intuitively. He has a sixth sense of knowing what will make you feel satisfied in the bedroom. 

The way Virgo men view sex is definitely something special. Virgo men are quite shy, empathetic, and sensitive so they aren’t really interested in casual sex or just sleeping around, they want something more and a deeper connection with their partner. 

Sex is definitely about emotions for a Virgo man. Sure, he is capable of just having fun but this guy definitely prefers sleeping with women when he feels something more for her. 

Virgo Man Sexuality Traits

  • He is shy and caring
  • He cares about your pleasure more than his own
  • An emotional connection is highly important to him
  • He is very sensual
  • He is experimental and open to trying new things
  • He is very affectionate

Virgo Men Sexual Desires — What Do Virgo Men Like In Bed?

1. Be Open To Communication 

Virgo men need to form an intellectual attachment before they can feel a physical bond so get ready to talk in bed. This man likes to talk before, during, and after sex, and not just about intimacy, he will talk about anything under the sun.

This may not sound like the sexiest topic of conversation but workaholic Virgo will respond very warmly if you engage with him about his work.

He identifies very strongly with his professional role in life, and if you show an interest in what he does, he will feel appreciated and confident.

Talking is what a Virgo man likes in bed.

2. Be Emotionally Mature

Virgo men are not friends with their emotions. When they feel the love they treat the feeling like an impostor and interrogate all the motivations and causes for feeling the way they do.

When they feel like they understand their feelings, they go along with them, but until then, don’t ask him “What does this mean to you?” or “What do you want from me?” unless you really want to hear the answer.

Any messy emotional outbursts or attempts at manipulation will not work with this mean. Speak your truth sparely and truly, and keep a healthy level of detachment; it’s what a Virgo likes in bed.

3. Make Sure The Mood And Ambiance Is Just Right

Virgo is the perfectionist of the Zodiac and a Virgo man will bring out his inner beast if the setting is perfect for romance. For a Virgo, this means crisp clean white sheets and lovely smells.

He can be fastidious, and he will notice all the areas where you are not. Surprise him with a romantic setting – it’s what a Virgo man likes in bed.

Foreplay is essential for a Virgo man and for him much of this is intellectual.

Talk is his thing, and a thoroughly gripping conversation about his work or one of his obsessions, is strange, the biggest turn on for him and what a Virgo man likes in bed.

4. Subtly Let Him Know What You Like

Getting them to the point where they express their sensuality is an intellectual challenge with a Virgo man but once he is there, it becomes all about performance and technique.

He will be watching you carefully to see what you like and what you seem not to enjoy so don’t pretend, or be fake, as being frank could deliver you the lovemaking of your dreams.

Virgo men want their sex to be perfect and they will go to great lengths to satisfy their partners.

This is one man who won’t be put off or insulted if you tell him clearly what you want, so give him lots of verbal feedback because it’s what a Virgo man likes in bed.

If you want some hot tips to drive your Virgo man crazy, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Virgo Man.

5. Service His Needs

Virgo men live to be of service, and they are always charmed when someone returns what they see as a compliment to a lover. This man can go quite happily without sex, so just lying there naked won’t make him amorous.

Remember that he engages primarily through his mind, so read him a poem, watch a science documentary with him and then talk him into the sensual part.

Once he sees sex as a service he provides to you, there will be no holding him back.

Are Virgo Men Big On After Sex Cuddling?

One of the best parts of being with a Virgo man and sleeping with him is the very good chance that he is actually really into you. Virgo men aren’t the type to sleep around very much as they can be quite sensitive and emotional. 

They would much prefer a strong connection with the person they are having sex with, then just be with someone completely random. This is why I would say that Virgo men are quite big on after-sex cuddling. 

Virgos are affectionate, sweet, and very caring. They know how important it is for a woman to bond with them after intercourse, so even if your Virgo man isn’t super into it, they will still do it because they are empathetic enough to understand that it would be important to you.

How To Please A Virgo Man In Bed — 7 Hot Ways To Drive Him Crazy

How to attract a Virgo man sexually is a lot easier to do than what you may think. You just need the right tools and to understand his psychology a bit and then you’re off to the races!

1. Allow Him To Be In Control

Virgo men like to take charge, even though they are hugely adaptable and can compromise to make you happy, they can be a bit bossy and fussy. When they feel like things are not right they become remote, cold and detached.

Let him take the lead and show you what he has between the sheets, and that way he feels like he is understood, valued and appreciated.

2. Let Him Know When You Like Something He Did

I mentioned talking before but giving him reassurance and feedback on his performance will only help your cause. After all, he’s trying to please you as much as he can. That’s what makes him happy.

When you tell him how much you love his technique; he’ll feel useful and that he’s doing his very best. It will also give him the incentive to find other ways to outdo his previous performance.

Trust me on this; he will do whatever you require to have the ultimate sensual experience with him. To please him, he has to feel as though he’s pleasing you. He wants to look into your eyes and see you taking new heights of ecstasy.

That will turn him on more than anything else you can even possibly imagine. So let him pleasure you, let him look at your face and see how amazingly turned on you are; he’ll respond with kicking up the heat. It’s what a Virgo man likes in bed.

Virgo men are pretty cerebral so knowing what to say to him is the key! Popping in a juicy text now or then that will trigger his Virgo-chasing buttons will definitely accelerate the process.

>> Just make sure you know the right dirty phrases to tell a Virgo man and turn him on, because the wrong text can ruin all the magic.

3. Allow Him To Take Care Of Your Needs

The Virgo man’s desire is to please you first and foremost. Let him! Even if you’re the type of lady that likes to give him pleasure, wait. He’ll be far more fulfilled if he knows he did a good job first.

While you can take the lead to get things started; once he starts to head to your hot spots; let him keep going. You’ll see that he will get far more satisfaction when he knows he’s done his job.

After he gets you to where you want to be in that heavenly bliss; you can then proceed with returning the favor.

He will already be so riled up that when he does his grand finale; he will be in absolute ecstasy himself.

He feels his purpose is to make sure you have the best sexual experience of your life. So allow him to do this for you and for that, he’ll have his best sexual experience as well. It’s a win/win situation for you both It’s what a Virgo man likes in bed.

4. Be Adventurous And Try New Things Together

Once you’ve established your amazing sex life with your Virgo man; he’ll become very comfortable with you. When he is comfortable he will be up for trying new things in order to find new ways to fulfill you.

If you’ve got a fantasy you want to live out; tell him about it. If he is comfortable enough; he’ll go ahead and try it. There is always a misunderstanding that the Virgo men are prudes. This isn’t true!

They are picky about who they share their bodies with, however. He will be picky about who he wants to be with and who he is comfortable enough to do just about anything.

If you’ve got some ideas you’d like to try; share those with your Virgo man. He won’t be as averse to some things that you may think he would be. If it truly pleases you; he’s willing to give it a whirl.

5. Bring Toys Into The Bedroom

Not only can you try new positions or new places to have your adventures; you can also bring in some toys to play with together. He’ll be receptive as long as he gets to watch you.

Instead of being jealous of a toy; he’ll be excited to watch you melt in ecstasy. It will definitely turn him on and make him want you that much more. Playing sexy games will kick the heat up too.

There are such games as “dirty dice” in which they have things like “kiss, lick, blow” and then the other one says “lips, hands, privates” etc. So when you roll the dice; it will tell you what to do to your partner.

Toys and games will heighten the experience you have with your Virgo lover. It will bring you both the most rewarding sex you’ve ever had in your life. He will always be attentive and giving.

6. Be Opened Minded

As I mentioned; Virgo men sometimes get a bad rep. They are seen as being uptight where sex is concerned. The thing is when he deeply cares for his partner; he’s actually quite open and kinky.

Just as you may be willing to try new things, toys, games, etc; he also likely has some ideas or fantasies he’d like to fulfill. Find out what those are and see if you can help him out.

Don’t be afraid to spice it up. In fact; this is what will help the two of you last longer as a couple. If the sex is far better together than you can imagine; the other facets of your relationship will be easier to work out.

He isn’t a prude and will probably not do well with someone who is a bit of a prude. He requires a woman who will open up her inner kink and let it out with him.

Trust me when I tell you; he’s already got some wildness. If you’re wild, it’s what a Virgo man likes in bed.

7. Expect The Unexpected

Never underestimate your Virgo lover. He will always have some surprise that will send you into a whirlwind of pleasure. It’s a good idea to share with him ideas of things you’d like to try.

Allow him to do the same with you and then let the games begin. I don’t mean mental games; I mean sexual games. Remember that playing with his mind will not win you favors.

Be open, honest, and let him take the lead as often as possible. You can mix it up by taking the lead yourself from time to time but let him be “the man”. He’ll have far much more sensuality that way.

He will also go above and beyond to make sure that you absolutely have the best sex of your whole existence. If you’re ready for your Virgo man; open up and let it flow.

If you’re ready to unleash your inner kinky side and have the most passionate experience of your life, enjoy it with your Virgo man. He’s certainly the one to give it all to you, as a giver it’s something a Virgo man likes in bed.

What Does A Virgo Man Find Physically Attractive?

Virgo men are primarily intellectual beings who live in their heads and tend to analyze their emotions to death. Intelligence is a huge turn-on for these guys, as is the ability to communicate clearly and calmly.

What a Virgo man likes in a woman may vary from man to man, but there will always be a couple of similar traits they all find attractive. A Virgo man usually likes someone grounded and intelligent.

If you want to dazzle a Virgo man, you need to take care of yourself and be independent. You need to have your own goals and a variety of hobbies. He needs to feel excited by the conversation he has with you.

He also finds it attractive when a woman is deeply caring and considerate. A Virgo man wants to feel supported by the woman he is with. All of these qualities will make a Virgo man’s heart sing!

Their biggest turnoff is falseness or a lack of integrity, so be yourself with a Virgo man. This is what a Virgo man is attracted to.

Apart from being considerate and kind, when it comes to what Virgos are attracted to physically, I must emphasize a fit body and clear skin. In order to physically attract a Virgo man, a woman needs to be well-kept and dress in simple, classic outfits.

She needs to be physically healthy and in good shape, and she needs to lead a disciplined lifestyle.

An elegant, sophisticated, confident, and graceful woman will always capture a Virgo man’s heart.

Do Virgos Have High Sex Drive?

Virgo men do have a high sex drive, but for them, they do need a strong emotional connection with someone for this sex drive to come out in full force. If the connection isn’t there, then their interest in sex may be a lot lower than what it would be like with someone they really like. 

But sometimes Virgo men get a little freaked out when they have very strong feelings for a woman, it may impede their desire to want to have sex with her a lot. 

FAQ On Virgo Man Sextrology

There is a chance that you are still confused about your Virgo man and what to expect from him in bed. Here are some frequently asked questions that should help you to get straight to the answer about your Virgo man in bed:

How Important Is Sex For A Virgo Man?

Sex is more important to a Virgo man than you might realize. Sure, he isn’t as aggressive in his approaches as an Aries or a Scorpio man, but he is an Earth sign and Earth signs need that physical stimulation in their life. 

Connection is also so important for your Virgo man and he knows that sex can bring him closer to the woman he is seeing. This is why it will always be a priority for him.

Are Virgo Men Kinky And Experimental In Bed?

Virgo men will definitely surprise you in the bedroom, these guys can be pretty wild when it comes to their sexual behavior. You need to remember that they are ruled by the planet Mercury which is known as the trickster of the Zodiac. 

This sign loves to experiment and come up with crazy ideas to explore in the bedroom. They are particularly kinky and love to try out new things because they can get pretty bored when things are too samey.

What Are The Best Sex Positions For Virgo Men?

Doggy style and Virgos go hand in hand. It’s the inherently dirty nature of doggy style that ruffles Virgos’ polite sensibilities and therefore excite them. Perhaps it’s because you’re not face-to-face with your partner, it’s truly all about lust and nothing else. Its good because it feels taboo to them. 

Where Does Virgos Like To Be Touched Sexually?

Here is a very secret spot all Virgo men love to be touched, and that is their abdomen. If you gently stroke this area or perhaps plant gentle kisses all over his abs, you will drive your Virgo man absolutely crazy. 

How Well Do Virgo Men Communicate Their Sexual Needs?

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) Virgo men are all about service so you will often find that this man is way more interested in taking care of your pleasure than him being interested in his own pleasure. 

This may be frustrating for you if you want to make him feel good and satisfied as well. It would be a great idea if you ask him directly what it is he wants and perhaps suggest that his pleasure is your pleasure as well. You’re going to have to nudge him into this. 

Are Virgo Men Typically Into Casual Sex?

I would honestly have to say no to this. Virgo men are very shy, but they also have extremely high standards and this is why you won’t often find them falling into casual sexual relationships. But of course, there are always expectations to the rule, but generally, Virgo men don’t do this.

I would say that Virgo men will sometimes get into a friends-with-benefits situation, but behind the scenes, he is actually secretly hoping for something serious. 

Discover more about being friends with benefits with a Virgo man here <<

Sleeping With A Virgo Man On The First Date — Should I Be Worried?

This is a very difficult question to answer without context, but if you are just looking to have fun and don’t have expectations of something serious then I would say it is fine to sleep with a Virgo man on the first date. 

However, if you are looking for something more serious than I would suggest you wait and figure out how you feel about your Virgo man first. Sometimes sex can put blinders on your eyes and not make you see very clearly. 

So always take things slow if you are in doubt is my suggestion!

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You need to see EXACTLY what turns your Virgo man on based on his specific astrology. 

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32 thoughts on “Virgo Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Virgo Man Sexuality

  1. Yes I have. Its was the best sensual, emotions running wild feeling I’ve ever had. The best are his strokes he knows to hit the spot. After our sexual interaction he hugged and kiss me so till he fell asleep.❣❣❣

  2. Yes my virgo man is exactly what you said.He took things very slow at first and now he does everything to make sure that I am pleased.Thank you!

    1. My Virgo and I have been intimate maybe 6 or 7 times over 2-3 months but we still haven’t kissed or he hasn’t performed oral sex on me. Should I mention it to him or just continue being patient?

      1. Hi Bri32!

        Ok so you have to be totally honest and speak up to your Virgo. Tell him it’s something you really enjoy. Sometimes men think they aren’t any good at it because exes have told them they aren’t or they just have little to no experience with it. Virgo men can be rather kinky but sometimes they need some guidance. Tell him what you want! You might want to read up more on Virgo with my series “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  3. Yes I am having sex with a Virgo man and BOY I TELL YOU its nothing like I’ve ever had he’s slow, orally fantastic, and hits all the right spots when deep inside!! He’s kisses leave me WEAK the constant touching when MEET sends me crazy before sex. Is it ok to say he wants me forever he’s said he wants to wake up with me everyday and that he loves me but sometimes I feel I just can’t reach him? I’m a TAURUS women nd going Bunkers over this? He does so much to me Mentally Physically and Emotionally!!

  4. I cried laughing when I read that Virgo men like when you masturbate in front of them. I did it before it’s the truth he loved every second of it

  5. Yes, best sex of my life, he loves doing oral play on me, and just making great sex, I’m currently dating a virgo I’m so deeply in love with this man, he’s so affectionate and loves kissing and showing gratitude as if he is so proud of being with me❤️

    1. Hi Shacara!

      I’m glad that you have it so well with your Virgo man. It sounds like he really loves you and of course, that only makes the sex that much better. They tend to do anything and everything they can to please the one they love. You’re a very lucky lady and I wish you all the very best!

  6. Yes best sex ever with Virgo and cancer!! Literally mind blowing!! The virgo guy knows how to work your entire body and sometimes read your mind. Truly amazing conversations and while sleeping you can communicate with each other. Virgo are wonderful with Cancer sign and work very well together.

    1. Hi je!

      The two of you have a very good connection. Once he falls for you and gets to know you enough, he will know exactly what to do to please you and it sounds like you got the best of his abilities. I’m happy to hear it and thank you for sharing your experience with me. Your two signs should work very well for the long run. Enjoy it!

  7. Yes mind blowing love making, it’s new and we haven’t tried oral yet but his sexual skills are so amazing I barely noticed. Loves to watch me masturbate. Taurus women!

    1. Hi M!

      You haven’t tried oral? You need to! You’ll be pretty floored at how amazing that works. Yes, he loves to watch his partner get off. It’s one of his favorite things to do actually. Your pleasure turns him on more than anything else in this world. He may even retain the visual in his mind to use for a later date with his hand.

  8. This is 100% factual, my Virgo fwb is the best I have ever had he always knows exactly what to do never disappoints. Too bad he isn’t interested in more than sex with me but I’ll take the most amazing sex I’ve ever had over nothing any day!!

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Ah the rare FWB! They don’t do that sort of thing often because they like to reserve themselves for their loving partner. The fact that he won’t give you more is telling. It means it will likely never be more than that. It is amazing sex but amazing sex doesn’t fill your heart. At some point you’re going to have to decide if this is what you want to stick with or if you want to hold out for someone else who will give you the full package. I hope you find it!

  9. I’m a Pisces and it says,Pisces and Virgo sexual chemistry is compatible..Well they wasnt lying!! Everytime we have sex I have the most explosive orgasm all over my body..Omg!!!!

    1. I am a Pisces too and my Virgo man drives me crazy in the best way! Maybe not so much in how slow it is taking to form a relationship yet but he is very attentive in and out of bed. The oral everything is the best I have ever had!! Omg I am going to masturbate in front of him he has been wanting me to!

  10. AM I the only one who doesn’t think that Virgo men are good in bed at all? My last ex was a Virgo and we only had sex a few times in or entire 1.5 yrs of relationship. Those few times were great but he wasn’t sexual at all. I had to do all the work to make it happen and most times I was rejected so that’s that. Now I met another Virgo a yr ago, he didn’t want a relationship at the time, we did get involved sexually though, the sex was great only because I fell in love with him. No oral ever or any affection, no foreplay at all. I walked away from him. Now he is back, after him being so persistent of wanting me back, wanting a relationship now and had sex with him very recently but again, no oral, no foreplay, just shoving it in there, no hugging or anything after sex, it sucks. In my experience, Virgo men are ice cold or it takes forever for them to open up that I waited long enough for with this man. Not a fan at all. They are impossible.

    1. Hi Kat!

      Well, it could be that your sign simply doesn’t work well with his. Some Virgo men are so chaste and loyal that they have only been with one or two partners therefore are a bit inexperienced. They need a woman that will experiment with him and teach him how to do things right. There are also Virgo men who are very well experienced and will knock your socks off along with your bra. They’re all different. Don’t write them off Kat! If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Allison!

      That is fantastic to hear sweetheart. I do hope there is plenty of other amazing qualities of your guy as well. You really should check out my book sometime and see if there is any more information that will help you to get closer to him and really KNOW the way he thinks so you can keep what you have with him successful.

  11. My male best friend is a virgo we have started a fwb and hes amazing in bed but now if I mention another man showing interest in me he finds fault with them so it puts me off them but at the same time says he dosent care about them and he messages me every day through out the day sometimes calling me is there something I’m missing. I’m a virgo too .

    1. Hi Tikka!

      Finding faults is a Virgo man’s expertise. This is no surprise at all if he found out about the other guy. If he’s messaging you often and calling then it’s very possible that he wants more than just friendship. You should talk to him and figure it out. Virgo men don’t hold well with fwb relationships. They end up caring more than they thought they would. If you would like to know more about the male aspects of Virgo, check out my books about Virgo Man Secrets. It could help you get why he’s doing this.

    1. Hi QuaP!

      Thank you so much. One of my very best friends is a Sagittarius who is married to a Virgo man and she’s given me a whole lot of information due to her own experiences with her guy. They are pretty amazing but hey, if you want to learn even more about Virgo men, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets. It may give you some more facts that would really surprise you!

      1. I’m an Aries woman and I’m in relationship with my virgo man over a past 3 years and its a pure blessing for me. He makes me feel so comfortable when he is with me.. As an fire sign I do believe that we love wild and passionate sex but he loves equally as well. He is sensual but more wild in bed but I’m more dominant though. Talking about our emotional bonding I always make sure that he is comfortable and happy with my decisions and we both argue a lot especially im the initiator of our fights but we both forgive each other and forget about that.. He loves me so much that I always find peace around his arms.. I have seen so many articles that fire signs tends to fit with fire signs only but trust me the way virgo man will give you love, affection, peacefulness, romance, attention and lot more I have huge doubt that no fire or air or any other sings are going to provide u that.. They protects their partner very much and hell yes in return they want the same affection and love. They will make sure you also love them equally otherwise they will end the relationship.
        So girls those who are interested to make their Virgo man fall in love hard for u love them equally u r going to get that pleasurable love for lifetime i’m damn sure

        1. Hi Pooja!

          Thank you for your beautiful feedback! I love success stories. It sounds like you’ve figured out the right formula when it comes to your own Virgo man. If you ever need any other information on him then I suggest you check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets!

  12. Definitely an undercover freak!! I’m a Taurus and I met a Virgo man at a mutual friend’s party about a year ago. I was instantly attracted to him, and there was a little flirting. Then a lot of texting, and we would see each other at group events. He is 49, really smart…even seemed to be a little on the shy and nerdy side. It only took him 10 months to ask me out, but once we finally went out, I saw a side of him I never saw coming. The date started nice. Dinner, wine, good conversation. Then all of a sudden, he grabbed me my the hair… and let’s just say there was suddenly not a shy bone in his body. He is a FREAK. Now I’m trying to figure out if I need to be calling him daddy, or Sir…? It was awesome. This was two days ago. He’s still messaging me but no mention of another date. How long should I expect to wait? Or should I just ask him?

    1. Hi Kris!

      Oh my goodness! What an experience. Thank you for sharing that with me. Virgo men are certainly mysterious. They seem proper and almost prude like but the truth is, they are really freaky when it comes to sex. I would ask him flat out when you’re going to see him again if he hasn’t asked you. Two days isn’t a long time to wait though. They are slow moving and don’t’ want to rush into anything. Give him a week or so before you ask him when you’ll get to see him again. Good luck girlfriend!

  13. My virgo man is amazing at oral. And the sex is like nothing I’ve ever had. He was so in tune with my body, every touch just sent me crazy even before the sex. He’s very affectionate and does the smallest things for me. If I say “I’m thirsty” he’s up getting my bottle of water.

  14. I’m dating a Virgo man and everything you said that a Virgo man is, he is literally all of it. I love this Virgo man. We have over 10 year history together. He is like no other man I have ever dated. He gets me, understands me and knows me inside and out. The bedroom is a super bonus. He dominates the bedroom. He knows how to please me in every way with no guidance needed. He knows what I want and he gives it all to me. His favorite is giving me oral sex. He doesn’t want to be pleasured until I am fully pleasured everytime. He says I am his soulmate, I feel the same way. Thank you for all your knowledge advice and tips on Astrology Signs they are a big help to me

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