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What is the Right Way to Text a Virgo Man? 6 Helpful Hints

What is the right way to text a Virgo man? What types of texts will keep him interested in you and help you build a relationship? Here are some methods you may want to consider using to raise your success rate with this sexy Virgo man.

1. Texting in the Morning

Whether or not he responds, sending him that initial text in the morning will make him smile and feel good about where things are going with you. It will inspire him in some way.

Make it really light and airy rather than pressuring him. Saying something like “Have a great day, handsome!” will suffice. It’s simple and doesn’t give way to too much emotion.

Remember that Virgo men are not emotional. If they are, they just really don’t show it to anyone. That being said, he won’t respond well to emotional types of texts. He won’t know what to say.

When you wish him well for his day, he’ll feel good about it. Just keep in mind that it’s best not to have expectations on him texting back or WHEN he should text back.

2. Keep it Fun and Exciting

Smiling woman texting with her smartphone - What is the Right Way to Text a Virgo Man

The right way to text a Virgo man is to make it fun. You can tell him jokes or send him funny memes or photos. He’ll love it. Whether or not you know his mood, keeping it uplifting will be helpful.

It shows him that you like to make sure he smiles and feels good when he associates with you. If he’s having a bad day, it may very well give him a good laugh and relieve some tension.

You can also do some daydreaming with him. He’s really good at it but shares your daydreams with him too. Again, keep it fun though rather than emotional. Talking about someday going camping or hiking will win the day.

Perhaps there is something you’ve both talked about before that you can bring up again. If it’s something that inspires both of you to be happy, talk about that.

3. Don’t Pressure Him with Texts

If you text a lot it may start to become overwhelming and make him feel somewhat pressured. Giving him that initial morning post should be sufficient. The right way to text a Virgo man is to let him answer you.

When he does respond he’ll let you know whether or not he’s in a talkative mood. Go with the flow and let him sort of take the lead. Answer him but let him dictate which direction the conversation will go.

If he seems to stagger and not know what to talk about you may at that point tell him a joke or tell him that you’re working on something and will contact him later.

Just like with any man he may be fickle sometimes and decide that he just isn’t in the mood to text. In fact, many Virgo men prefer to talk on the phone rather than text message anyway.

4. Share Your Success and Fun

If you’re having a great day and things are going really well for you, tell him. He’ll feel good FOR you. He wants to hear positive and encouraging things from you. So letting him know you’re doing well will make him feel settled.

He wants you to be happy and to have the very best always. If you complain about work or something else going on; he may respond with a text telling you to lighten up and not worry so much.

He may also suggest to you that you should treat yourself with something nice. Ultimately it’s his way of caring and showing that he wants you to feel good about yourself in your life.

If something really great happens to you text him the good news! He’ll be really happy for you. Unlike some other men, the Virgo man REALLY is GENUINELY thrilled for your excitement.

5. Send Him Random Texts

business man texting on smartphone - What is the Right Way to Text a Virgo Man

The right way to text a Virgo man is to also randomly send him a flirt. Don’t be vulgar about it; just be really cute and sweet. Don’t have an expectation of when or how he should answer though.

It will catch him off guard for sure but at the same time, it will get him thinking about you and what the future may hold for the two of you. This will be really good for keeping things spicy.

Random texts are fun, exciting, and should keep things fresh between you and your Virgo man. If you don’t want to be sexual, you could just send him a random funny video clip to leave him wondering what that was about.

It may inspire him to text you back with something goofy or sexy. You never know what mood he may be in and so the answers you get could vary. This is why I mention not holding out expectation.

6. When He Doesn’t Respond…

Virgo men are sometimes just not in the mood for texting. If that is the case, you’ll have a day or two where you tried texting him and he doesn’t respond. On the days where it feels quiet revert back to the only morning text.

Many Virgo men just aren’t big texting people. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for you or not into you; it just means that he doesn’t like to text that much. You can probably ask him and he’ll tell you.

Try not to hold out expectation on him where texting is concerned. Shoot him that one text and let it go. He’ll either answer you or he won’t. At some point, he’s going to reach out to you to spend some time together.

I know that sounds really frustrating and sometimes confusing if you don’t really know him. Click here to get to know more about the Virgo man’s personality. It will help you to learn what he will or will not do.

You may see it as a flaw but it’s just who he is. As long as you can accept him the way he is love is still very much possible. I hope this article helps to give you the proper tips on the right way to text a Virgo man.

So, which way do you think is the right way to text a Virgo man?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

38 thoughts on “What is the Right Way to Text a Virgo Man? 6 Helpful Hints

  1. So I started dating this virgi guy, about 5 years older than me. Everything was going well. Date number was amazing but after that he hasnt really texted much and I have been texting him, and i feel as though he’s ignoring me. So I’ll just stop texting him. Any thoughts?

    1. Don’t text him back soo much ,I noticed it doesn’t work with mine.Give it a couple of days n then text.Virgos can and really do need time on their own.I find it so strange how a man can just stay away from a sexy woman but Virgos really can.Mines just sits home after work doing more work!Smh!! But I’m letting the universe deal w it Cos I’ve rushed all my other relationships n turned out crap!Not this time Im taking my time n finding myself out so I can let someone else in!!

    2. Hi Ruz! Thank you for writing in about your Virgo guy situation. Since you don’t know him very well it is probably hard to tell whether or not he had just as an amazing time with you that you had with him. Virgo men are actually quite reserved and shy when it comes to liking someone. There is a real chance that he’s trying to work up the nerve to talk to you more. If not, he may have found something about you that didn’t sit well with him and has decided to go quiet. I would text him something like “Hey there, hope all is well with you, I’d sure like to hear back from you and perhaps get together again if you’d be up for it”. This lets him know where you are, that you like him and that you’d be up for getting together again. Perhaps he’ll take more initiative then. Learn more about the mysterious Virgo man by checking out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  2. Lol This is so spot on …my Virgos just gets cold .Im a Gemini n wild,emotional.No text n I get angry.Virgo guy wakes up like nothing happened,I’m like ughhhh!!

    1. Hi Lola! Yes, Virgo men are complex. They’re standoffish but at the same time, they’re very relaxed. Sometimes it makes no sense whatsoever. They aren’t too fond of texting a whole lot much like the Taurus man. They’re more into talking in person or on the phone. It takes much patience and effort to be with a Virgo man but his love is like none other and may be worth all the frustration right? You may want to know more about what the Virgo man has to offer. Check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” as it may help you discover so much more about this mysterious guy who seems so hard to get but so hard to forget at the same time.

    2. My new Virgo man. Kind and very considerate in person. We discussed communication and he acknowledge but got the oddest response tonight from him. Told me about his stuff but didn’t once ask how I am. Yet in person very attentive. Confused Gemini

      1. Hi Rach!

        It sounds like you need more time to get to know each other before forming any conclusions. Try to take it nice and slow. There is no need to rush things along. Relax and talk to him as often as you can. You just may find that he’s a really great person.

  3. Hi… I am an Aries girl. I recently went out with a virgo guy. We both like each other and were texting for 2-3 days and then all of a sudden the number of messages we shared started declining. I have been sending morning greeting messages now but for almost 3 days i am not even getting any reply.l don’t know what to do in this case. Should i continue with the morning text or just don’t text him and wait for his message.

    Please do help me. I really need help with this one.

    Bye 🙂

    1. Hi Ava! Thank you for writing in about your confusing Virgo man situation. There is never any way to know what is going on with the Virgo man without actually talking to him via phone or face to face. He could be going through some personal issues or problems that he has to work on thus taking his attention and time away from texting to you. There are a ton of reasons why he hasn’t been texting back but the last thing you should do is stress yourself out over this nor should you just stop reaching out otherwise he’s going to think you gave up on him and then he’ll just move on. My suggestion is perhaps cutting back to every other day but before you do, send a text that says “I’m a little worried I haven’t heard from you in a while, hope you’re alright”. This gives him the opportunity to let you know what is going on if he feels comfortable enough telling you. There is more you can learn if you read my book “Virgo Man Secrets” that may help you.

  4. Hi! I’m an aquarius and i really like this virgo guy. I think he likes me back. We texted for like 4 days straight and now I don’t get ANY texts it makes me soooo confused! Does he still like me or what?!?! A few days ago he called me everynight and now nothing… What do I do?
    Please help….

    1. Hi Marithe! Thank you for writing in. Virgo men prefer face to face typically and are much like Taurus in the way that they’d rather talk on the phone than text or do social messaging. They’re an old fashioned type of men. I wouldn’t panic too much from not hearing from him every single day. 4 days is a very short period of time and shouldn’t dictate whether a relationship is possible or not. Virgo men are slow movers. Be patient and initiate the texts if you need to but don’t freak out if he doesn’t get back to you right away. You probably should learn more about Virgo men and I can help you if you’d like to read my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  5. So I met a Virgo man on a dating app. It’s one where women have to make the first move. I did. He responded. We chat back and forth for about a week and a half, and then he finally gives me his number and tells me to text him the next day. So, I did. We talk but not a lot when he’s working or busy. I have a bit more free time than he does. However when we talk it’s because I initiate contact. He does respond, even if it takes him some time, and he will keep the conversation going. A couple of times I thought he was going to ask me out so we could meet in person but he hasn’t yet. I sent him a “good morning text” and he never responded.

    I’m not sure if it matters but there is an age difference. He’s 15 years older than I am. I’ve always been very mature for my age and would actually prefer to talk on the phone or over coffee than to text. I want to convey to him that I would like to meet him but I don’t want to seem too pushy or needy. I actually want him to take the lead because I think men should take the lead in dating and I’m actually very shy and introverted. I guess my question is is he not texting back or initiating contact because he isn’t interested or is it something else? I have always been told that men go after what or who they want. But I think that’s a very simplistic view since men aren’t a monolith. I don’t want to assume the worst. But I do like him so I don’t know what to do or think.

    1. Hi J.J!

      First of all, if you’re going to be with a man, you need to drop expectations or you will be sorely disappointed. Be very careful with that. Virgo men are not traditional in the sense that they act old fashioned where dating is concerned. They are but only to an extent. Making all the first moves and initiating isn’t always important to them. They figure if someone really likes them then THEY will make an effort. If he isn’t responding fast enough or at all sometimes I think he’s probably either really busy or his mind is elsewhere. I’d flat out ask him about it though. It’s often better to ask them what is going on than to speculate. Give it a try!!!

  6. I started talking to this Virgo guy. We haven’t met in person but exchanged message [less than 10 so it is in the VERY early stages]. He seemed to enjoy the little things we talked about and sent me this message, basically asking to do something together [he wasn’t direct. Something similar to “I’ve been thinking of getting ice cream, I don’t know if you’re into that” but longer message than this example. He beat about the bush to finally spit it out and in longest paragraph message he has ever sent].
    When he texts, I don’t reply right away but I do reply within that day. Early in the evening or early in the morning. The days between his texts keep getting longer. When he “asked me out” it had been 3 days since his last message so I was even shocked that he want to do something together [the time between each message gets longer but each message also makes me think he is more interested] . I responded that I wanted to. 3 days later I sent a follower-up. No pressure or anything just casual and almost business-like [kinda like when you are making plans].
    Its been a week now, and its crickets. Is he done?

    1. HI Tania!

      It seems there is some kind of hiccup in communication there. I think the first time he mentioned ice cream, you prob should have said “alright when do you want to go?”. He says it a second time, you say it again. Now that things are the way they are I would text him “Hey you, when we going for that ice cream? I was really getting cravings but waiting on you”. That should motivate him. If it doesn’t then he may either be very busy or has other stuff going on. Either that or he’s afraid of getting close to someone due to the past. Find out if he still will go with you. If he doesn’t and he cools off, ask him what the deal is and if he’s still into you. Be forthright! Virgo prefers it that way.

  7. Hi…I’m a capricorn and I like a virgo guy…I’m really confused about the signals his giving me…some days he can be super talkative and other days very quiet and uninterested…what does this mean??

    1. Hi Diamond!

      That’s pretty normal Virgo man behavior. The honest truth though is that you should ask him what is going on if you are confused about it. He’d rather talk about it and communicate than to second guess him in any way. That being said, tell him you’re a bit baffled by his behavior and want to know if he’s still into you enough to keep talking. He’ll tell you whether or not he is then you’ll know what is next.

  8. I met this virgo guy. hit it off right away, almost like we’ve known each other forever. He started to back off after two weeks saying that he wasnt in a mental state to be in a relationship that he not only has personal stuff going on but also has unresolved feelings for someone. But we are friends, same social circle so we’d always hang out and we are drawn to each other no matter what. we have this connection that ive never felt before in my life with anyone. hard to imagine he doesnt feel it too. he even said it to me before i even said it to him. And he’d always end up saying the same thing, which was that he new he’d be with me if he felt like he was ready. Butthat he was sure he wanted me in his life forever and so he preferred to just be friends becuase he knew he could maintain that relationship. I told him that i wasnt going to wait for him that i cant but that i was happy he was honest with me. I ended up leaving town, he lives in my hometown and i live in NY. hasn’t even been two weeks. we talk on and off. send each other music and what not. I am throwing a big fundraising event and he bought a ticket and was flying in for it. I also managed to get us free tickets to a concert we both love the night after the event. The day he was supposed to fly in he texts saaying there was an issue with his ticket never getting processed and hes trying to figure it out. I havent heard from him in hours though and at this point just assume hes not coming. Now im just confused and dont know what to do.

    1. Hi SH!

      Don’t ever assume anything when it comes to Virgo men. You want to know what is going on, ask him flat out. It’s better to ask than not to and then worry about what he may or may not be thinking. Always ask him flat out what is going on and what he wants. He will tell you if you ask. Otherwise you may be in for a heart break if you don’t be more forthright. Don’t wait to find out anything. Ask!!!

  9. I’m a Taurus girl. I met a Virgo guy about 3 weeks ago online. In one day we chatted online, he asked me out, and exchanged numbers, taking it off the website. We had our first date two days later, a Thursday. Instant connection and chemistry. That night he texted telling me how much he liked me… when can he see me again. We went out Saturday night. Same amazing chemistry, texting at the end of the night how much he liked me, when can he see me again. We went out again on Monday. He texted me good morning every day. Texting here and there throughout the day. At the end of the day, he would text asking how was my day, but didn’t ask me out for another date that week. Wednesday he said he was going out of town for the weekend and wanted to see me Thursday night after he got a tattoo. It was super late when he got to my place so we just hung out and he spent the night but I wouldn’t let anything happen. He texted her and there throughout the weekend but on that Saturday it took him 8 hours to respond to me. And he initiated the texting with a good morning!? 8 hours to respond? Then he wanted to see me when he got back in town Sunday night, so he came over and stayed the night. I have a son so it makes it difficult for us to date. My son goes to bed at 8 so I can’t go out, he has to come over. But they haven’t met yet. He came over again Monday night and again Wednesday. Then we had an actual dinner date scheduled for Thursday, but he said he got kicked in the face by a student, so we rescheduled for Friday night. Friday morning he texted saying a stomach bug had been going around at work and he was starting to feel sick. So I didn’t see him all weekend. Now it’s Monday. He texted me at 7:30 am on Saturday to say hello but Sunday was pretty quiet. So I resolved to not text him again. Wait. He texted me today apologizing for being MIA bc he was sick. I said I understood and asked how he was feeling and it’s been 4 hours and he hadn’t responded! WTF?! I’ve never dealt with a guy not texting me back in a reasonable amount of time! What the hell is he doing? He had told me over text and to my face that he really likes me. Why is he so distant at times? It’s infuriating.

    1. Hi Confused!

      Virgo men are rather old school. Many of them would prefer a phone call over texting. They prefer face to face even more. If it really bothers you then you need to talk to him about it otherwise you will have to accept that this is who he is and let it go. It’s in your hands whether you think he’s worth it or not. Trust your own gut and do what is best for you.

  10. So yeah sit down for this one. Capricorn here, 11th ‘82. Even though my age shows I should be somewhat of an expert, I am not. For the last 15 years I have taken myself out of any kind of situation of the heart. Like a nun. Now I decide to venture beyond the curtain and on 1st attempt I find an amazing Virgo😏 what luck. I am not strangers to them. I live with 3- brother, sisters-in-law, and Nephew (Long story short, I am living with them to help take care of my nephew ,or I tell myself that to make myself feel better, who knows). Virgo are not joke- the females included. If you want to see a reaction- poke them and poke them good. Which is where I am heading with this new little Virgo. Like everyone else yes they terse, but I am ok with that. I love so many different kinds of personality, and I am a bit odd at time. I can be quiet excitable and energetic. And then be a log. Not a typical Capricorn so to speak. He seemed to be fine with me and handled me amazingly, I usually run so fast they don’t even remember what I look like. So I think I Messed up in the beginning by trying to be too honest and explained kind of how my personality work. I forgot the judges side of the Virgo. I also have anxiety/panic attacks/unsure what the hell they are. But you find a healthy way to shut your heart down for 15 years and stay happy. Definitely seen a few areas I messed up and with myself not with him or both. Mind you the duration of this dating relationship Is only since mid January and there have only been I handful of dates. Two phone calls and everything else text. again I’m OK with I’m truly not that talkative person I am much rather get my information from actions and words. That being said I found out that statement is not fully accurate I need words and he gives no words. But I don’t feel it’s out of cruelty but something. Oh and a part of the anxiety is if I get nervous in front of them I can’t talk, l am talking full brain dump. And of course the longer the silence the more nervous I get and ooh it is a vicious cycle (a few more steps here but you get the picture). Lol so I have don’t the “hey what’s going questions via text”. My text were long and his were so short lol. But they were thoughtful, precise, and vaguely informative lol. —-Story time—— my text——“😏wasn’t sure if there was a limit on “call outs/inquires”. But, one has to address an elephant, just to make sure it is real. If my question on “what your opinion of me was”, caused any/all the side effects of this last week, not my intent, I am sorry.
    If your hesitant on your tomorrow’s plans also, fall into that category, try talking to me about it, please. If I have made a mistaken elephant sighting, I hope you can see how I came to that conclusion- more like a worry, aware I could be way off. Just feeling confused. Sorry late. Will be up till about 11. And open tomorrow anytime.“
    —— don’t judge me to harshly, remember 15yrs out of the game.
    —— his response—-
    “For the most part I’ve just been very busy this week and not feeling 100 percent. You should worry less and if you want to talk to me then just send me a message.”
    “And I feel sheepish. You are a unique individual. Thank you 😊.”
    Seems fine, well close. And I love his response just still lacking in some info. But you don’t push Virgos. He was doing good and not pushing me. I am also not the best at opening up and hope he does have the ability to see me before he make his final decision. But I am currently trying to figure out if he is interested or is too nice and doing a slow ghost. Cause we are at two weeks with little to no contact.

    1. Hi Anastasia!

      Thanks for sharing your story. It seems to me as though he’s interested based on what you shared with me. If you know anything about Virgo is that they like to move slow and take their time just to be sure with what they’re doing and who they are with. He did tell you to reach out to him if you wanted to so why the silence for two weeks? Remember, he’s busy and has other things going on and so he’s not doing well on the upkeep of texting. Message him if you want to hear from him. Keep up the vibe!

  11. Hi, I am a gay Sagittarius and i have been dating a bisexual Virgo for 5 months, I am 25 and he is 38. we met on a website called adam4adam and it’s a free gay dating site. i am a shy introvert so it’s hard for me to make the first move on people but i pushed myself to text first and see what happens from there. one day i found his profile and i thought he was so handsome and i couldn’t believe he was real, so i read his bio and i loved everything about him and then i took the chance to message him and to my surprise he messaged back to me and interested in knowing more about me. honestly i wasn’t sure he would respond because I’m an average looking guy and he is so handsome that i wouldn’t believe he would want to talk to me. he is currently in the Millitary serving his term in the medical corp and we have been texting everyday without fail and he always sends me sweet messages. my only problem is the time zone is so different like if it’s day time here its night time over there and it makes it difficult for to have long conversation and especially when Virgo men likes to take their time on responding back and it can sometimes frustrate me to the point where i start arguing about it. he is a very sweet man and i love him dearly it’s just the none communication makes me feel lonely and he will be back from service in may, so my question is how should i calm myself to be patient enough to wait. i need something to keep my mind off him whenever I’m not busy because during those times that’s when i miss him the most and want to talk with him but he has no time for me. and every time i doubt his love or loyalty he shows me that he loves me with all his heart with sweet messages and pictures of himself just to calm my nerves. at the end of the day i look like the bad guy because i get angry and take my anger out on him and makes me feel so guilty afterwords because he never gets mad or yell at me, he is honestly a sweet loving person who want’s nothing but the best for me. how can i endure the silence when all i want is to talk with him.

    1. Hi Juan!

      It seems you’ve figured out your weakness when it comes to Virgo man. They can be frustrating because they’re on a different time table than everyone else. What is 2 days to you is 2 hours to him. So 2 hours to you is 2 minutes to him. See the problem? That’s how they are and it’s not something you can change so if you really like him, you’re going to have to work on your own impatience. I would suggest meditation that helps you focus on the present and not worry about anything else. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  12. Hi! I’m a cancer female, and I’m not actually dating anyone; But I’m very much interested in a virgo male. However, I continuously lose hope on looking to sweep this guy off his feet. Hahah. You see, we are not in a situation where we see each other in person. Frankly, we just don’t know each other at all, but I’m working towards that. I don’t know if it’s possible but I’ve become attracted to a virgo whom I made friends with online recently. We didn’t meet in a dating app. We had a similar hobby (literature) and met through a server that lets people participate in that, and we ended up being partners in it. Through that, I’ve met and been suddenly pulled to his circle of friends (not by him, but a close friend of his) and tried to talk to him by starting with what I guessed would have been a common interest of ours. It worked. And well, like I said, It escapes my comprehension as to how I suddenly got attracted to him; But I know he has issues that he wouldn’t tell me, and that for some reason, his friends let me know because I was a friend he actually made on his own and they didn’t want me to leave them. So present situation says that, I want to talk to him, but we only ever talk because he and I had a common interest. Now, our conversations have died a bit.. However hopeless the situation has been looking, I still wanted to try some more. Do you have any advice in which I could do so I can talk to him more but not seem all too flirty? I’m honestly looking to be more patient with him. Find both friendship and love in what my attraction could bloom into, because from how his issues look, i think pushing him into dating with me so suddenly seems forceful. How should I approach him?

    1. Hi Lumi!

      To talk to a Virgo man takes knowledge of things he likes. If you don’t know what that is, ask him. Ask him silly little questions like “what type of food do you like?”, “what is your favorite band?”, “what do you like to do for fun?”, etc. These help you get to know him enough to make good conversation that he’ll be into. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  13. Hi I’m Ella
    My Virgo man is distant from me lately. I brought it up and it turns out I’m the one at fault. I have not been affectionate, attentive etc. I realized that I’ve done him wrong and I would like to fix things. How do I prove to him that I love him and I want things to work out.

    1. Hi Ella!

      Sorry to hear your Virgo guy has been distant with you and you’ve figured out you’re at fault. All need do is show him more of what he’s been missing and it should clear things up between you two. He’d rather have you show him than to tell him as actions mean more than words with a Virgo. I have a feeling things will be fine with you two. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  14. I’ve been reading all these stories and I can seriously relate! I’ve been talking to this awesome Virgo for about 3 weeks now and we still haven’t met in person. A week ago we had an amazing FaceTime date, and it seemed like he was interested in meeting in person. We’ve been talking almost every day but anytime I’ve brought up us hanging out he doesn’t give me an option that works for him. I realize they like to take things slow, but my Venus is in Cancer and I like to feel validated from in-person connections, and strong communication. I also don’t want to continue to talk to someone if we don’t end up vibing in person. How do I bring this up? I know it’s a tough time with covid, and maybe people are more hesitant about doing things.

    1. Hi Al!

      Oh good! I’m glad you can relate to the stores I’ve shared. Virgo men can be slow movers. Their time frame is not the same as most other people. What 2 weeks to you is 2 hours for him. Just like 2 months for you is like 2 days to him. Seriously, he doesn’t think like everyone else. This makes him move a bit slower. Also the pandemic does play a role in people’s psyche right now, yes. Just keep telling him “I really look forward to a time where we can get together live and in person”. That way it’s no pressuring him but letting him know you’re up for it. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  15. Hi,

    I’ve met this Virgo guy through a temporary job. We get along well, he’s quite flirty and I think he likes me. I needed help with my car and he texted me last week to offer some advice. I was going to see him for the last time this Saturday but my shift got cancelled, so I won’t see him again, unless I text him, but I don’t want to mess this up.

    I was thinking about sending this text to him:

    ”I got an email from the company today that they’re cutting down activations for the weekend,so I won’t be back on Saturday.

    If I don’t see you, good luck with your new business! You guys are so hard working, I’m sure you’ll be successful in whatever you decide to do.

    Thanks for all your help!”

    Should I add that I want to go out with him or will that scare him away?

    Many thanks x

    1. Hi evp!

      You’re on a texting basis? That’s good! That means he probably does like you. He doesn’t give out his number to everyone. Virgo men are pretty private. What you want to say to him is good but you also want to say “don’t be a stranger, keep in touch. Maybe we can get a coffee together sometime if you’d be up for it”. That lets him know you don’t want to lose touch and lets him know that if he wants to ask you out, you’re open to it. Hope this helps!

  16. Hi!
    Im a pisces woman and i’ve been dating this amazing virgo man for a month now. For the first two weeks, he has been very expressive with how he felt and he sometimes told me he misses me. But now, we rarely text and he somehow don’t really show his emotion to me. But when i ask his friends, they said that he really likes me and would love to take things slow and maybe marry me in the future. He also did told about me to his friends and family but when he’s with me, he looks like he’s not that excited and acting kinda cool. He sometimes don’t really contact me but i tried to be understanding by always giving him space and time for himself. And when i brought this up in our conversation, he said that “nooo!!! i must just has been tired due to work”. But as a pisces i am very emotional and sometimes i overthinking that “is he still into me or not?”. So what do you think about my situation and what should i do?

  17. Please help… I’m overthinking and it’s driving me crazy.

    I met a Virgo on a dating app, we started chatted and grabbed a coffee the following week. He gave me a kiss when he dropped me off and within 20 minutes he messaged me confirming a date for the following week.

    Our texts between date 1 and 2 were short, he would reply but never really initiate a conversation or keep it going.

    Our 2nd date came, we went to his place and he was getting really touchy. Having bad dating experiences in the past I asked him why he was online dating and he said he was looking for someone he connects with and to build a future with. I tried to slow things down but I felt we had great chemistry and we ended up sleeping together. Afterwards he asked me to spend the night. We stayed up late and joked around. We had what I thought was a great night. He dropped me off at home and he said we’ll plan a day to hangout this coming week.

    I texted him letting him know I liked him, the next day he texted back saying he liked me too. I replied him with a little joke, 2 days later he replied and said he was sorry that it’s been a hectic week and that he hopes I’m doing well. I sent him a small reply and now he hasn’t replied in almost 3 days or asked about meeting up.

    I checked his online dating app and he’s been active every day, his location has updated from different distances. I originally thought maybe he’s just opening the app and not actually swiping and looking but then I noticed he has updated his profile picture.

    I don’t know what I did wrong, I always gave him space and time to reply my messages (I don’t want to come across as clingy) but I don’t know why he’s actively looking (I’m assuming since he’s still active on the app) for someone else. We aren’t in a place yet where I can ask him about it because we’ve only met twice and I don’t want to come across as needy.

    I just keep having negative thoughts and overthinking everything I did, wondering if he’s even received my my messages or if somehow they never got delivered and if he thinks I’m not interested. I don’t know.

    I sent him a message today wishing him a happy birthday and told him if he was free this week I’d love to hang out but I feel like I’m not going to get a reply.

  18. I am so happy I stumbled on this page! I am trying to understand my virgo interest and I am a cancer and of course I over think and am sensitive to everything!
    I met him through his sister in law at one of her parties, we hit it off RIGHT AWAY!
    Great chemistry, attraction, it was as if we were magnetic.
    He does have a son with someone who he says he is no longer interested in but still is very much apart of her life since he takes care of her financially and wants to be with his son all the time that he can be .. she is always around. I know she is still very interested in him but he as well as his sister in law has confirmed he doesn’t want anything to do with her other than take care of his son. He told me he will tell me more of about his situation with his sons mother as time goes on.. but I feel that he fears her knowing he is with someone else and will take his son away.

    He does work a lot and tells me after work he goes to the gym and then to his son.
    We have gone out to lunch, he has come over to my place two times during lunch hours.
    I must mention the second and third time we hung out, I know it was soon, but we did have sex. he was very aggressive and I wanted it as well since the attraction is CRAZY.. I hope I didn’t make the mistake in giving it up too fast.
    He has expressed to me that he does want more than just sex with me, but I feel his actions have proven differently.
    first off, he knows I hate how little he texts.. some days are better than others.. the longest I haven’t heard from him is 2 days.
    Second, he knows I want him to take me out to dinner and spend more time with me, he told me to be patient with his situation and his work will soon not be as busy.
    Sometimes I feel like he is interested and other times I feel like he is caught up with his own life and doesn’t want a relationship. sometimes he asks questions about me and other times its whatever he wants to talk about and doesn’t ask how I am doing or how MY day was. I do most of the question asking.

    What are your thoughts on my situation? Do you think I gave it up to fast to this virgo man and I ruined everything that could have been?
    I am looking forward to your answer!

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