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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Texting A Virgo Man

Are you texting a Virgo and running into roadblocks? Are you feeling lost in how to get and keep their attention via text? Could you be making some fatal texting mistakes that are driving your Virgo man further away from you?

If you think that the answer to any of those questions is yes, then welcome! You’re in the right place. I’m a Relationship Astrologer who is highly motivated to help you out of your texting funk with the sensible Virgo!

If you want to improve your relationship with your Virgo via text then keep reading to find out his top texting pet peeves so you can avoid them.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Texting A Virgo Man

1. Getting Too Deep

Mistakes When Texting A Virgo Man

Virgo men are simple yet complex. They have basic needs in some ways but in other ways, it may seem like you’re doing a lot to stay on their good side! One thing that the Virgo man may be irritated about is getting too deep into conversation via text message… let’s just say he’s not a fan.

So, the thing you have to understand about Virgo men is that they are practical above all else. They also are social (despite their tarot card representation being the Hermit!). They are ruled by Mercury which indicates that they are communicators. So, while they love the usefulness of texts, they really need the texts to have a meaning.

Expecting life changing and soul stimulating conversations out of a Virgo man via text is likely not going to end the way you want. You of course want to portray yourself as a deep woman but at the same time this is not the medium to do it in with a Virgo man! 

2. Using Poor Grammar

One thing to keep in mind with the Virgo man is that he is ultra book smart. Many famous authors have a lot of Virgo in their charts, so it’s important to keep in mind that grammar and spelling are very important to the Virgo! 

Yep, you heard it here first… Virgos are total nerds! They are also perfectionist nerds to boot. So, it’s very important to pay attention to spell check while texting the Virgo man cause (oh shoot, my bad! I meant because) the Virgo man is highly motivated to talk to someone who pays as close attention to the small details as he does. 

Luckily, it’s easy to have great spelling with current built in phone functions. Next, ensure that you are using commas and apostrophes correctly, otherwise the Virgo might take you to school! 

Respect the Virgoan preference for great grammar and spelling and you’ll be on your way to texting him daily.

3. Beating Around The Bush

Girl Beating Around The Bush When Texting A Virgo Man

When I think about the ways a Virgo hates to communicate, I can’t help but picture the Pisces style of communicating. If you’ve ever carried on with a Pisces then you know that they have a meandering, sauntering way of communicating. They often have fluffy, poetic language… but they take a very long time to get to the point (if they ever even do!).

This means that you should try to keep your texts on topic. No need to venture off into side stories about topics that aren’t relevant. If you have something to say, and a point you’re trying to make then make your point as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Virgos are all about pragmatism and keeping the conversation useful. If someone does not know what they are trying to say, well, the Virgo may not stick around for the conversation! 

4. Keeping The Tone Too Serious

It may sound like the Virgo is a super robotic texter, but on the contrary, he’s a witty and humorous guy! Mercurial types tend to be funny people with an appreciation for the lighter side of life in their own right. They do see how humor is useful (see how that usefulness keeps popping up?) since their minds can be so weighed down by anxiety.

They can be socially awkward people even if they do appreciate being social. So, when you keep the mood too serious, they will shrink back even more from the conversation because they believe themselves to not be a good texter. 

When you break the ice with a meme or a one liner then you’re making the right move with the Virgo man. He’s going to see this as an opportunity to speak freely and loosen up his tone a little, something I am sure you will also appreciate! 

5. Being A Lazy Texter

Texting A Virgo Man Mistakes To Avoid

Virgos love nothing more than to hang out with people who have a sense of responsibility. They themselves feel obliged to be responsible types and so when others aren’t it can leave them feeling as if they have to do all the heavy lifting. 

Sometimes Virgos appreciate feeling useful like this, but everyone has their limit. So, if you two are going to be texting a lot and you find yourself not responding or not keeping up contact as well as the Virgo is, this is a red flag for yourself. Work on being a more active texter!

Virgos are totally into talking every day to maintain social connection, which is important to them. But it’s important to make the Virgo feel that the onus is not always directly on them to keep the conversation flowing! Step up at least 50% and be the one to text them first. 

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6. Using Excessive Emojis

The Virgo man isn’t one for frills and he’s quite content with using words to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He doesn’t outright hate emojis, but it feels unnecessary to him when words could get the point across in a much clearer way. 

You can totally add on a smiley face to lighten the mood, a kissy face when flirting, or even an eggplant emoji (because sometimes pictures really do say a thousand words!). But he’s not going to see much sense in full texts with multiple of the same emojis. In fact, he’d likely be at a loss for words and not respond. 

It works a lot better with a Virgo if you just say, “hey, I had an amazing time with you today!” Instead of saying “today was *insert 25 fire emojis here*.” Sometimes simple is better. 

Have you graduated the texting phase with a Virgo? What were your texting no-nos when it came to him? Share with us in the comments below! 

If you’re looking to understand, attract, keep, and grow a relationship with a Virgo then you need to pick up my helpful book, Virgo Man Secrets, to find out the keys to cracking the Virgo code! 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “6 Mistakes To Avoid When Texting A Virgo Man

  1. Yes I can confirm this 100 percent. Sent a text and asked in italian which is the virgos language how he was and that I was thinking of him, supplied with a song from youtube “you got a friend” No answer at all, apoarently the connection is totally broken. I discovered afterwards a grammatical fault. We had some musunderstandings before. I must say I give up.

  2. Yes I can confirm this 100 percent. Sent a text and asked in italian which is the virgos language how he was and that I was thinking of him, supplied with a song from youtube “you got a friend” No answer at all, apoarently the connection is totally broken. I discovered afterwards a grammatical fault. We had some musunderstandings before when meeting . I must say I give up.

    1. Hi Pia!

      I am so sorry to hear that you are discouraged enough to give up. He is the one missing out! Don’t let this prevent you from talking to other men. The miscommunication can be too much for a Virgo man sometimes. He needs to have clarity and truth but if he feels he cannot understand this because of a language barrier then that’s on him really. Give it some time like a couple of weeks before you try again. Maybe he needs a little space.

  3. I’ve been texting with a Virgo man for almost a year now. He’s so hot and cold it drives me a Capricorn woman crazy! He’ll go quiet and then pop back up out of nowhere. Claims he’s just always working and is very vague about what’s going on in his life. I have no idea what to do with him. I can’t loose him or reel him in.

    1. Hi Kari!

      What’s funny is that Capricorn normally also does the hot and cold thing. This just goes to show that no one person is the same despite their sign. If he’s being vague then he may not be that excited about what he has with you. It could be he’s just not ready because of the fact that he’s busy. Whatever it is, he’s not going to give an inch until he’s ready and open for it. I would try very candidly asking him what he feels or wants regarding the two of you. You deserve to know what he wants or thinks. Ask him! If you don’t, the routine will continue and you’ll be frustrated until you end up walking away. Take charge!

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