Virgo Man April 2024 Horoscope

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Well my Sweethearts, this is very exciting April reading, because it is the month of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which takes place in Taurus and will be particularly impactful.

Now you may remember, especially if you purchased one of our brilliant yearly guides, I mentioned that the year is off to a sort of slow start in terms of January, February and March because there were a lot of transits involving Saturn and Neptune which meant the energies were more cautious, subtle, conservative and slow to evolve.

In fact, there were some tricky emotional issues to work through, a certain amount of stoicism and resolve was required, and it gave us a chance to or work on ourselves. However, in April, it’s a month full of surprises and the year really gets into full swing.

So the notable features this month are Mercury going retrograde on the second in Aries, the total solar eclipse in Aries happening on the eighth and the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus, so we have three pretty significant events happening this April and because it’s a retrograde and Uranus is involved, I’m thinking there are going to be some surprises, so be ready for anything.

With that said, let’s get going onto the reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for Man this April…

Mercury retrograde in Aries on 2nd of April 

Now, this represents a time of caution, particularly to do with money matters, new investments, or taking on debt. It’s very important for you guys to enter any new contracts with your eyes wide open; detail is paramount.

So, you want to be encouraging Virgo guy to use that really perfectionistic streak to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb because what’s important right now is understanding the fine print, the nuts and bolts, and being quite cynical about anything involving money, investment, or any new schemes.

This is also an indication that it may be a great time to speak about your sex life or any lingering emotional issues that are stopping you connecting.

Sometimes you may need to analyze some event, perhaps from the past or distant past, to root out an issue that is lingering in the background. Sometimes it’s important for you to acknowledge the effect of an ex-partner or past relationship on your relationship.

Venus enters Aries on 6th of April

This is a really exciting transit for your relationship with Virgo guy. He is likely to be more passionate and expressing an increased level of desire, which is really good for your sex life and for just feeling more connected at a deep level.

However, what’s really important with this transit is being really private and exclusive. It’s very important to be aware of any jealous or resentful behavior, so to bring each other to a point of deep level security in your relationship, it’s important to be very focused on each other, have private time alone and have space as a couple from other distractions.

So, it’s not only about focusing on each other; it’s also about focusing on your relationship right now, and a certain amount of seriousness and depth is required.

Total solar eclipse in Aries on 8th of April

Now, this is also an excellent time for re-evaluation and purging. In terms of Virgo guy, it’s all about back to basics and stripping away pretenses. So, there are a couple of key aspects to the solar eclipse: it’s honesty, integrity, and positive boundaries in the relationship.

So, respect is absolutely clear, and right now, your relationship goes from strength to strength when you can count on each other and he knows that you have his back. So, what’s important right now is to understand his point of view and support him, even if you don’t agree with him.

It’s also a time for you both to put in a concerted effort to streamline your lives. So, a great time for not only going on a detox together, but cutting out unnecessary expenses and resolving to keep to monetary targets.

Sun enters Taurus on 20th of the April

Now, this is a really positive, outgoing time for Virgo guy, and it’s an opportunity for you as a couple to do brand new things and be a bit more adventurous in terms of your relationship. Let down the barriers, boundaries, and perception of what’s possible and embark on empowerment together.

This is a cue that you should always remember that a relationship is about you both growing as people and to the extent that you both support each other’s personal growth and visions and achievements, the relationship is stronger.

So, you gain this week when you support him, particularly in brand new ventures and competitive activities.

Mercury direct on 26th of April

This gives you the green light on financial investment or debt-related activities. If you have taken time to do some planning and analyzing or even number crunching to do with your finances, now things will begin to be clearer, and it’s a great time for decisions.

So, this is a purposeful time to make decisions on important issues to do with your relationship or finances. So still a time to be fairly cautious and wise, but definitely not a time to sit back; make things happen.

Themes for Man this April

Now, April is a really great month for your relationship because you can work on the deeper aspects, increase understanding, address doubts, and problems in your sex life, and there’s also an opportunity to rid yourself of anything that is stopping you from living your best life.

And as you go into the third week, it’s an awesome time for brand new activities, adventure travel, and doing things that make you both feel alive. So, what’s important this month is also having fun and increasing the amount of adventure you guys share.

Magic Motto – “Rooted in understanding, our love weathers every storm, resilient in the face of challenges, and blossoms with the strength of shared understanding.”

Magic Text – “I look into your eyes and I know we have something worth fighting for.”



The moon waxes from the 8th to the 23rd of April and this waxing phase is the most opportune time for brand new activities, relationship goals, dating and other projects that you guys have decided on. Bear in mind Mercury is retrograde in Aries, so goals involving networking, large-scale group activities, social media and technology are not particularly favored.

What’s important right now is being able to recognize when something isn’t working and to immediately either put a stop to something and rectify a mistake or stop flogging a dead horse. So the key in terms of romance right now, is to understand when something’s getting out of hand or going down a wrong avenue and stop it before it does any lasting damage or causes upset.


Mercury retrograde in the 8th house (from the 2nd to 26th) is not the best period for large scale financial matters or financial reorganization. New new joint investment and taking on debt is not advisable as your circumstances may change making this no longer suitable.

This can be a more difficult time for audits, arranging tax and analyzing financial matters. It’s not suitable for applying for grants and rebates or dealing with insurance.

This waxing period is not suitable for brand new romantic relationships. New creative ventures and artistic projects are not favored in the waxing phase. This is also a not a great time for his comprehensive activities and sporting events.

Date nights, going to the theatre or large sporting events may not be that successful. This isn’t ideal for new sexual relationship or a reboot of your sex life.

Significant decisions about children or pregnancy should be delayed this waxing period.

Virgo Man April 2024 Horoscope

Week 1: Candlelight

This week we have Mercury, his ruler, retrograde, and Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. So, what’s so important right now is being thoughtful and subtle. What’s vital for you in your relationship with him is to sidestep confrontation and avoid anything pushy or brash.

Be really sensitive to its needs; be compassionateand kindness is key. So you want in your relationship right now is to be a good listener and responding in a sensitive way to how he’s feeling.

On the plus side, it’s awesome for tenderness, romance, and why not get a candle a little dinner going.

Week 2: Chase the shadows away

The total solar eclipse in Aries is conjunct Chiron. So, a key aspect of this week is sexual healing. It’s very important to understand how your sex life works, the psychology behind any sexual problems or barriers to intimacy.

It’s very important for you both to be honest about any hangups, fears, and anxieties you have about the relationship.

Success in improving your relationship right now is being aware of deep psychological pains that exist in your own relationship or from past relationships and then understanding how you can work through these and achieve healing.

Week 3: Focus on Fun

Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries and Jupiter sextile Mars is absolutely fantastic for sex, intimacy and having fun together as a couple.

So, it’s really important to have quality time together, and that means getting rid of distractions and putting paid to anything that stops you guys really coming together in a positive way.

It may be necessary to do some purging, getting rid of friends who are a distraction or even activities which are no longer fulfilling. What’s vital now is understanding what is most important to you as a couple and doubling down on that and not worrying about tangents or distractions from the relationship.

Week 4: Faith and Fabulous

The Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus is a very exciting aspect for Virgo guy. It is awesome for rejuvenating his health, for engaging more in sports, and increasing his well-being holistically. So, this is fabulous for you couples who enjoy sports.

This is also a great time for family events, and what’s more, since this happens in the sign of Taurus, it’s great for a fresh new attitude, turning a new page, and being positive. So, it’s all about stepping into a vibrant positive gear, encouraging each other, and having faith that your relationship is getting better and better. 

This is also a great time for traveling, so congratulations if you’re on a trip or having planning a trip of a lifetime and awesome time for planning a honeymoon.


I’m very excited about this month for you and Virgo guy. I believe that you can make some concrete changes that will help improve your relationship.

I think understanding can deepen, but I also think there’s a sense of excitement and deeper awareness that can add meaning to both your lives, and together you can achieve more by pulling together and prioritizing this month.

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