Virgo Man May 2024 Horoscope

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Hello, my sweethearts. It’s time to look ahead to the month of May and understand how it may be affecting your Virgo Man.

May promises to be a very interesting month. Now, the key themes that you’re going to be experiencing are affectionate energy, passion, the revival of love, and definitely a need to increase intimate understanding. This is certainly a time that’s great for the sex life, and I can see lots of Aquarian babies being born next year.

This is certainly a time where you have to rely on your instincts and your gut feel, in understanding exactly what’s going on in your relationships. The emphasis this month is on planets in Taurus, and Mercury and Mars in Aries, and at the end of the month, Jupiter moves into Gemini, which is a marked shift compared to the period of Jupiter being in Taurus, as this should represent a far more entrepreneurial vibe, filled with variety.

And while Jupiter in Taurus helped relationships to grow and to become more rich, Jupiter entering Gemini is great for communication, understanding, and taking a more pragmatic and intellectual approach to problems.

The Sun and Venus both trigger Jupiter and Uranus as they travel through Taurus this month, which indicates an environment filled with potential for higher understanding, travel excitement, spontaneity in love, and forgiveness.

This is certainly a wonderful time to seize opportunities and to really express yourselves in a fearless way. Venus conjunct Jupiter is actually a very lucky placement, and there could be some pleasant surprises, especially regarding money.

With that said, let’s get going onto the reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for Man this May…

Mars enters Aries on 1st May

This is a rather interesting transit and the effects can be subtle or they can be very blatant and it’s hard to say which way it will go, he’s more ego-driven, he has a lot of courage and determination but sometimes he goes after things like a bull at a gate.

This is certainly a time when he can begin to shift the dial in terms of any issues or problems that he has to deal with, however, as they say the devil may makes work for idle hands and sometimes he almost creates a crisis or a problem where there is none simply because he needs to vent or get his teeth into something. 

The more he suppresses anger and feelings, the more volatile and unpredictable he can be now, but if he develops a strong focus, he can put his mind to it and achieve great results.

This is certainly a time when you an Virgo Man may lock horns over issues of a financial matter and you may have different priorities about how you think money should be spent, the key is to stay calm and rational even if you disagree and leave the door open for more conversation, so don’t rush into anything financially right now.

New Moon in Taurus on 8th May

The New Moon brings about a strong urge for him to get away from the daily routine, he has itchy feet, he likes to take road trips, to travel, to talk about travel or to generally just get into new spaces.

Often he doesn’t know what he wants, there’s a kind of burning desire within him to have a little bit more of adventure and excitement in his life, but he can be directionless at the same time, and this can make him a little bit irritable. So he’s hard to pin down right now, if you’re dating him, he may be more evasive and many contradictory elements are going on with his energies. He’s definitely a confusing character right now, but at the same time you shouldn’t be disconcerted by that, take him as you find him.

This is an excellent time for couples who are taking a mini break away. If he’s traveling for work, it can be quite a profitable time to explore new options and to travel for things like interviews, courses, training or networking events.

Mercury enters Taurus on 16th May

Now this is a positive influence which aids communication and also helps you guys to move forward, so there’s an impetus to be forgiving, to see different points of view and often events that arise result in increased perspective and problems can be, solved or outgrown.

This is also a great time to be outward looking as a couple, don’t be home bodies, don’t just focus on family and friends as this is a great time to get out into the community, meet like-minded people etc.

This is not necessarily about hanging out with your friends or your cliques, it’s about engaging more in your community in terms of getting involved in your children’s PTA or other community projects and feeling a renewed sense of vitality and direction in your lives because of that.

Couples who look outward, tend to experience a lift in terms of understanding their relationship in the totality of things. Couples who tend to cling to the past, remain nostalgic, sentimental or very private right now, will suffer problems which tend to snowball and things can really get out of proportion. So get out of your house, get out of yourselves, get away from your own problems and it’s amazing what can happen.

Sun enters Gemini on 21st May

This is an awesome time for discussing your bigger plans for this year: aspirational thinking is the thing!

So what an awesome time to start travel planning, thinking ahead to your summer holidays or just contemplating something that you would like to achieve as a couple this year that you feel will either enhance your relationship, your family life or just be something really great to strive towards and to look forward to.

Venus enters Gemini on 24th May

Now this is quite a lucky time for Virgo Man, so he may be feeling quite chuffed with himself and therefore it’s a great time for him to capitalize on any progress, opportunities or avenues at work involving publicity and self-promotion. It’s vital for him to be seen and therefore you guys may be attending some work events together and it’s ideal if you can help him on his presentation and image, this is certainly another good time for being his cheerleader and encouraging him in his aims and pursuits.

This is also a great time for him to showcase his more creative side, so if you guys as a couple enjoy going to places like art galleries or having city breaks to see architecture, this is a wonderful time to lap up some culture. In terms of dating Virgo Man, mind your manners, because right now he is looking for a lady with class as well as styles, so this is time to show him what a superstar you are.

Definitely dress to impress, take a pride in yourself and don’t be scared to show him the very best of yourself.

Themes for Man this May

The theme this month, is opening the doors and allowing the fresh air of opportunity to blow through. So it’s vital to establish positive mind-sets together, it’s important in relationships to give each other space to grow and to support each other’s individuality.

Communication is also a big element of this month, but it should be about the higher ideals, almost developing a mission statement as a couple and having a sense that your relationship has meaning and it’s not just a place to be secure and to avoid loneliness, it has a greater meaning for yourselves and others.

Magic Motto – “Understanding is not always about words it’s about knowing each other tenderly and deeply.”

Magic Text – “The only way is up and I’m not just talking about the bedroom.”


The moon waxes from the 8th to the 23rd making this the best period for his new activities and projects. This is also the most suitable time for new relationships goals, discussions and starting dating. Any major new initiatives or decisions should be planned for this waxing phase. The waning phase in-between is better for contemplating, fulfilling promises, reflecting on progress, adjusting to circumstances and completion.

Negotiation and cooperation or teamwork is successful. A good time for discussion and conflict resolution in marriage. Great for weddings and engagement. Good waxing period for getting expert advice. Great for reaching understanding and marriage decisions. Legal matters are successful. Good for marriage counselling or difficult conversations.

A good time to improve relationships and extend an olive branch. An excellent time to be affectionate and show appreciation to each other.


It’s important to understand where the strengths versus the real problems lie in your relationship. If there are big problems, this is a time to improve your understanding of these through better knowledge of your respective work stress, the health issues or other emotional issues that may be driving those.

So it’s important not to take everything personally, if Virgo Guys is behaving in a certain way, try and understand what’s driving it as it might not even be related to your relationship. You need to understand relationship problems holistically, rather than rushing about putting out fires here and there and ignoring what’s causing the fires.

Virgo Man May 2024 Horoscope

Week 1: Two to Tango

This is a week where Virgo Guy is concerned about other people in his life and ready to go the extra mile. It’s true that giving is better than receiving, and it’s rewarding for him when he makes a difference to a loved one; he’s quite chivalrous.

It’s a week where he enjoys the teamwork element of relationships, and it’s awesome if you guys are able to find activities which you can sink your teeth into together.

If you are single, this week is ideal for introductions and getting to know Virgo Guy better in a romantic way. You should be careful in a new relationship with Virgo Guy as he’s a touch insincere, he’s inclined to be very easygoing and relaxed when he meets people, but he could be creating an image of himself that’s going to be impossible to live up to. So don’t take this week as a ‘normal’ week in the life of Virgo guy, as it’s going to be exhausting keeping this up and in the following weeks he could prove slightly different.

Week 2: Firm Friends

This is a very sociable time, and it’s quite important for you and Virgo guy to renew the bond that you have with important friends. They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends, and friendships have a valuable role to play right now, and that’s why it’s important for him to tap into the support and love available through friendships right now.

This can be a really positive time for social media, publicity and networking, and it can be fun for you guys to use the various social platforms to help increase his profile or gain more attention for any hobbies or events that you guys are coordinating.

It may be the case that within your social life, you and Virgo Guy are very enthusiastic about steering events, education or other community-orientated activities and this is a fantastic time to supercharge those with better use of social media.

Week 3: Feeling Hot Hot Hot Hot

This is a very exciting time for you guys sexually. It’s great to spend time out with friends whose company you really enjoy because this can help lift your mood and create a lot of positive energy.

Remember, his energy level is high this month, it’s not necessarily always expressed in an affectionate way, however after a night out or a good concert, you guys can really get together and have some fantastic sex which can be quite a thrill and can mark a new phase of intimacy between you.

A wonderful week to spice up your sex life.

Week 4: Power of Positive

Jupiter entering Gemini this week is exciting because it represents healing and the power of positive thinking and being very proactive in his life. It’s very important for him to project in a way that is just and fair, because right now, the powers that be are watching him closely and what he does counts more than usual.

It may be necessary for you as a couple to attend more of his work events, simply because he’s becoming more prominent and it’s more important for him to be seen at the right place and the right time, meeting important people.


Treat your love affair life a movie romance, don’t get bogged down in boring details, make sure that you are injecting the relationship with lots of magic by being affectionate, by complimenting each other, by gifting each other and surprising each other.

Right now in love, Virgo guy gets bored pretty quickly, so you need to wow him! So anything that’s very predictable, jaded or clichéd is going to fall flat and turn him off. So make sure what you do has the X factor or the element of surprise, and show that you’ve thought of something unique to do to enhance your relationship rather than something that’s pretty parochial.

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