Giving A Virgo Man Space To Figure Things Out (How Long To Wait For Him?)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You’ve just started dating a Virgo man and things feel like they’re moving at a snails pace. Find out how much space does a Virgo man need.

Virgo men can be some of the best partners to women in the Zodiac, however, these guys can be a little fickle and struggle to make up their minds at times. When a Virgo man needs space there is clearly something going on in his head. 

You might wonder how long to wait for a Virgo man once he’s asked you for space and does it mean that things are over between the two of you? The thing you need to remember about him is that the Virgo man is slow in relationships. He wants to be sure he is making the right decision. 

He doesn’t take his decisions lightly and this is why he is always analyzing what to do next. Doing the right thing is very important to the Virgo man. The Virgo man moves slow, so you need to be patient with him. 

Are you going through a phase where your Virgo man needs some space? Then this is probably the article you need to read. Please continue to find out more about giving a Virgo man space and how long you should wait for him.

Why Do Virgos Need So Much Space? And How Long To Wait For A Virgo Man?

A Virgo man slow in relationships is somewhat of a trademark for these gentlemen, they take forever to make up their minds about a woman. A Virgo man moves slow for a reason, he wants to be 100% sure about everything. 

He needs space because he has a mind that is often very active, analyzing every little thing going on around him. His sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which makes him a very detailed orientated thinker. 

He is the type of guy who will weigh up every possible pro and con on his list until he can safely make the right judgment and decision. Making mistakes can be very difficult for the Virgo man, he is very critical of himself, but also of others, and this can sometimes be hard on his relationships. 

As for how long you should wait for a Virgo man, I would say that it is very good to be patient with him. You don’t want to rush him into making a decision as your haste will discourage him from coming back to you. 

I would say, give him at least a few weeks to figure things out on his own. In this time just focus on yourself and try not to take his actions too personally. Let him come around on his own, but show him that you are understanding by giving him this space.

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Giving A Virgo Man Space To Figure Out What He Wants — Does This Actually Work?

Giving the Virgo man space is one of the best things you can do for your relationship with him. This doesn’t matter if you just met him or have been in a committed relationship with him for 5 years. The Virgo man needs space and a lot of it. 

He is an introvert who has a lot going on in his head. And when he feels overwhelmed and stressed in his personal life it can make him feel really anxious and neurotic. As his partner, you should be his peace, not the reason why he is flipping out. 

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When a Virgo man needs space from you, it isn’t always about you and what you have done. Sometimes he just needs to clear his mind and the best way for him to do this is to spend some time on his own. 

If you take it personally and don’t accept his request for space it will make him reconsider if you are actually the right woman for him or not. He wants to be with someone who is understanding and mature. 

So in short, yes, giving the Virgo man space will always be to your benefit. You just have to accept that this is part of loving him and being in a relationship with him. He needs breathers so that he can operate at his best self all the other times.

What To Do When A Virgo Man Needs Space

Ask How Long You Should Give Him Space

Clarity and communication is something that is a necessity in a relationship. If you don’t understand what is going on with your partner all you are going to end up doing is assuming, and this can most often lead to mistaken conclusions. 

If your Virgo man is asking you for space then you are fully in your own right to ask him long he needs space. Just calmly tell him that you accept this and understand, but for your own clarity, you would like to know how long he needs. 

Do this as calmly as possible as you don’t want him to think that you have put pressure on him. Tell him he can have as long as he needs, however, you would just like to know a ballpark as you can’t see yourself sitting around waiting for him.

Remind Him That You Are There For Him

When a Virgo man wants space it is a very good idea for you not to fight him on this. Accept that this is what he needs from you, but make sure that he knows that you are there for him, especially if he is going through a difficult time. 

Virgo men like to solve problems on their own and they are so used to being the rescuers and helpers that it can sometimes feel odd when they have someone in their life that actually wants to offer them support. 

Don’t force your help and advice on him, just gently tell him that you respect his need for space, but you are there for him if he needs you. Don’t pressure him into accepting your help, but make him understand that it is there if he should need it. 

Be Independent And Sure Of Yourself

Many, but not all Virgo men require personal space and time to themselves. It’s a healthy process that allows him to remain who he is so that he’s able to continue moving down the right track with his partner.

The Virgo man requires a woman who will allow him to have a bit of wiggle room. He’ll also want her to be the type of woman who is independent and will want her own space as well.

Being able to spend a little time apart doing your own thing; will ensure that the two of you can come back together and share the fun things you did. It’s healthy and it will help you two maintain a really good groove.

How much personal freedom does he require? Normally it’s not too much. Perhaps a guy’s night once a week or something like that is typically all he’ll ask. However, some may require more.

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Don’t Be Dramatic And Make A Scene

When a Virgo man is looking for space, what he truly wants is some peace and quiet. He just wants to slow down and get on top of all his thoughts, the last thing he wants is you to make a scene. 

It can be very easy to take the Virgo man’s need for space as a slight and an attack on you, but it is best if you don’t take his actions personally. This will only hurt the relationship, especially if you make a big drama about it. 

I am sure there are times when you also need some space and moments of quiet to calm your mind, so allow him the same kind of grace. Be peaceful and serene and remind your Virgo man why he liked you so much in the first place.

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What You Shouldn’t Do When A Virgo Man Needs Alone Time

It can be very easy for you to overreact and think the worst when your Virgo man wants some alone time. But often this might not even have to do with you at all, so don’t make it about you. However, this is easier said than done, I know!

This is a very crucial moment in your relationship with your Virgo man and can really make or break your relationship depending on how you respond to what he wants.

Here are the things you shouldn’t do when a Virgo man needs alone time:

  1. Think of the worst. It will only cause you to stress. 
  2. Beg him to start talking to you.
  3. Get angry with him since this will only drain your energy. 
  4. Overthink the situation. Allow things to flow naturally without trying to control the outcome too much.

Will A Virgo Man Miss You If You Give Him Space?

In the case where you’ve hurt his feelings or pissed him off in some way, there is no way to wager how long a Virgo man will remain pulled back or cold toward you. He does need personal space to figure that out.

For some, it may be a few days. For others, it may take weeks. It’s going to depend on how deep the wound or sleight is for him. Just like anyone; it will take him some time to heal.

He is a sensitive guy and his feelings can get hurt fairly easily. At times they can be like giant children that get hurt feelings at the drop of a hat. Some of them may get offended quickly as well.

Like most other people, he’s afraid of getting hurt. He will take his time and make sure that you’re the one he wants to fully commit himself to. Virgo men love hard when they love.

It will take him a bit of time until he feels comfortable enough to be himself and love someone in that way. Once he does, the floodgates open. How long that will take is going to depend on the guy himself.

There isn’t any set time frame that anyone Virgo man will adhere to. Some want a significant amount of time and some require considerably less. It depends on the woman, the circumstances, and his level of life experience.

If he finds someone he trusts immediately (very rare), he may consider opening up and letting himself flow. However, most will take more time than that to let on what they’re feeling. So, to actually answer this question he will miss you, but probably take his time to come around to tell you.

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21 thoughts on “Giving A Virgo Man Space To Figure Things Out (How Long To Wait For Him?)

  1. Hi so I started seeing this Virgo male who happens to be 23 years old. Same age as me. This guy when I saw him on the first date he asked me to give him a massage which led to an aggressive sex. Which I didn’t want to have but it happened again though. And then again when I kept letting him know that I don’t want to have sex but I would love to hang out with you and he seems to be saying that it’s okay. And on our 2nd hang out he snuck me into his house and gets naked and we have sex and after sex we start having a massage and then again he tells me that we have to leave. After that the 3rd time I told him no sex then he tells me that I have to give him a massage and which I do and then later on we have sex and then we happen to spend 3 hours together. After that, what we do is he asked me if I was hungry and then he tells me that I have to pay for it which I do. Then later on we eat in a car and asked him if he ever spent time with someone like this. He says with confidence no!. He seems to enjoy it with me. Later on I texted him asked him that this is just purely sexual right. He says ya. So I sent him a long text messages that “I think we should also stop seeing each other. It was nice meeting you. So it’s better to end this before things starts to get messier. I don’t want to be your fuck buddy. I want to have a good friendship relationship and see where it goes from there. But you never gave me that chance. If you think you are open to that let me know. I will be ready to see you. Until then it’s better we don’t see each other.”
    After he didn’t return my text at all it’s been 1 day now. Will he ever come back to me and have a relationship with me?
    Will he ever reply my texts or he won’t ever again. Please help.

    1. You need to have more confidence in yourself. This guy is young ! Who wants to be tied down at only 23 years old. If someone that wants what you want: A committed relationship. He doesn’t want that so move on and live on my friend 🙂

    2. Hi Suchita!

      Ok, if he’s pushing you for sex then he’s not into you for anything else sweetheart. It sounds like he has some kind of addiction or something and is trying to use you for it. If he cannot spend time with you without sex then something is definitely wrong. I’m glad you told him that you don’t want to be a friend with benefits. He did’t return your message because you were right and he was busted. Sadly he probably won’t return to you because all he wanted was a good time in the sack with you. BTW, a Virgo man who actually loves you, wouldn’t try to get you to have rough sex if you weren’t comfortable with it. This guy didn’t care about your feelings which is another reason to just turn your back and move on from him.

      1. Hi there (^^,)

        I am a capricorn.

        I have been talking to a virgo man for 2 months. It was flirting sometimes and serious talk.

        I met him the 1st time when I went to his house. There was intense sexual tension between us but we didnt act on it.
        He talked alot but mostly businessand some about his x when I asked why they ended things.

        Then after that we talked on the phone for another 5 months but not everyday. He initiated mostly.

        Then the 2nd time we met he took me to his friends house. Apon arrival and taking our things to our room he kissed me.That night he begun to relax around me and touched and held me alot!
        The same night we spent the night over at his friends house. We all went to bed after having the low key party and then he started initiating sex. When it was time to actually doing it he mentioned that we should stop before going to far.
        I immediately straddled him and we had sex.
        When we slept that night he would also cuddle me.

        That morning we all had breakfast and we were outside alone waiting for the others to join us for almost 10 minutes then he mentioned that he is going to do something cute for me on valantines day the comming year which would be 2021 and 8 mnts from now.He was still touching and holding me alot.

        Later that day on our way to my home he mentioned that he was planning on taking me along on a vacation with his parents.
        He dropped me off at my place then a day afterwords the messages got strange.

        Now he just asks me how I am doing and that he hopes I am having a great day. Then when I reply he doesnt even read for days and then when he eventually does reply its the same thing over again.
        But I should mention that he did apologized and said that his business is keeping him very busy if that is worth anytything at all. But he finds time to be on fb!!

        This weekend which is 4 days from now. Him and I are going with his friends to a secluded farm for the weekend to just enjoy ourselves. His friends invited me along.

        I am a capricorn woman reading all this things on a virgo man possibility thinking me through before moving on into a relationship and wanting his personal space.
        To be honnest I don’t like what all the negative traits I read about virgo men from other woman commenting on forums.

        I like him alot and I like attention from a man to just show me he is interested in me so I can be sure. But this virgo doesnt do this at all which gives me mixed signals on whether he sees me as a relationship kinda girl or not.

        I am giving so much detail because I would hate to waste my time or get hurt by this man or any other for that matter.

        I want to know if I should end it with this man before I love him or should I say out loud what I am feeling for him so it is clear to him I am interested in him.

        I do not want to get hurt so desperately!

        Please help!!

        1. Hi CC!

          Just remember that not all Virgo men are the same sweetheart. He may have details in his chart that make him more sweet, secure, and less critical. You never know what you’re going get unless you give it a chance first. I just read a story about a Capricorn woman with a Virgo man who she’s completely in love with and treats her very well. So there you go. Sometimes it works but you don’t know unless you take the risk. It’s really that way with all relationships. If you would like to know more, please read my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  2. Yes, Virgo men are sooo slow. My first love was a Virgo man….18 years ago. I put my heart out on the line and then was greeted with silence. So, I moved on. He still messaged occasionally, but I had closed the door on anything more than friendship. Fast forward from him 8 more years and I worked with another Virgo and we had a mutual attraction. He is older than me and had already had a messy marriage and divorce and said he wasn’t ever going that route again, so we just had sex sometimes–or so I thought. If I knew more about Virgos, I would have seen there were more signs. Fast forward again, I’ve been married with kids and BOTH of these Virgos still remain in contact as friends, asking for updates with pictures of my family and talking a few times a year, if that often. Then I mention that I’m getting divorced and they both spring on me confessing their love all these years and how they made mistakes in not choosing to be with me. So 18 years for one and 12 the other. Too bad it backfired for them both because I’m done with men.

    1. Hi Hannah Tchobanoff!

      Yes mam. Virgo men are methodical and old fashioned. They like courting a woman. I’m not at all surprised by what you’ve shared with me. I completely understand your frustrating. I hope you don’t mean you’re done forever though. You shouldn’t be alone because of a couple of let down men. Hang in there sweetheart!

  3. Hi, I was seeing a Virgo man for about 8 months on and off as we were both in other relationships but my relationship was over anyway and it was just a case of me waiting on him to move out. So the Virgo mans relationship broke down a few months after that and we got back together but not for long again and he now said he’s not ready to commit as he has a lot to deal with. I have asked if we will pick the relationship back up but never had a straight answer back just that he has a lot to think about. We still say hi on the passing but that’s it so I don’t know where I stand with him. Do I give him more time as it’s been a few weeks now or am I just holding on to false hope?

    1. Hi Maria!

      If he’s going through things and trying to figure himself out then it could take a while for him before he’s ready to be relationship ready. I think you should develop a good friendship with him and then see where it leads you. It may help bring you back to one another once he gets past whatever it is he feels he needs to work on. Yes, give him more time but be friendly. Read more about Virgo in my series “Virgo Man Secrets”.

      1. Hii,

        I started my relationship with Virgo friend from school as LDR. He ghosted me after 6 months saying there’s no future.
        Again after 6 months he came back saying he still loves me. We started dating again. It was LDR.
        After a few months my ex pretended to be him and texted me. We had a quarrel over this and again had a breakup.
        After 2 months I finally shifted to his city. We met once had sex too after that he started avoiding me. Things became normal Then he moved to his village and preparing for competitive exams now. So again we are in LDR.

        He had an ex who had betrayed him so he has trauma over that. Now again my ex texted me and him too. Things have again gone messy. He’s not talking to me. He’s definitely has major trust issues. He neither says he’s into me nor he says he hates me.

        It’s all so messed up. Should I wait for him? How should I make him believe I still love him.

        He’s not replying to my texts and calls. I already said probably i would contact him after his entrance exam is over.
        Please suggest.

  4. Hey,Anna! I am a scorpio women and my man is virgo we have a smooth relationship from the past 5 years but now he is only wanting space he said that i am emotional what to do in that case?

    1. Hi Priya Aher!

      Well in all honesty, Scorpios or the other water signs are known to be sensitive and emotional. While you may not realize it, he’s seeing it and he doesn’t like it much. The thing is, I think your Virgo may be using this as an excuse to pull back. The way to give him some space is start making plans with your friends or things you can do alone. Give him that space. Try to make less time for him. That will shake him and make him realize he needs and wants you. I know it’s hard to do but if you are able to pull it off, he will not ask for space again. It’s important to always keep an independent life from him though because he does need space sometimes naturally. Let him go camping or whatever by himself. He’ll really appreciate it! I wish you all the luck of the universe!

      1. Yes, right now I am giving him space he said he just want spend some time alone and even I told him that in this period we will not talk he came to talk to me but I didn’t talk it right na ? Any suggestion if you have please tell.

        1. Hi Priya!

          I’d love to keep giving you answers but I have so much to do and I’m only one person. If you need more assistance please consider purchasing some of my guides on Virgo man. You’ll get a free VIP consultation via email if you decide to do that. I wish you all the best !

  5. I love virgo man so much. He is so possessive for me. And again and again he take space. He get frustrated without any my fault. He take space because in their mind what’s going on I don’t know he ignore messages. Don’t talk with me or calls me. Only just Said that I want space. I don’t understand what can I do plz help me .

    1. Hi Krishna padhiyar!

      Goodness he’s giving you a run around. Tell him you don’t like whatever game he’s playing. Tell him that if he wants you then he needs to be more consistent. Space is good but not if it’s too often. Possessive or jealousy isn’t good though. Try to create healthy boundaries for yourself and please check out my guides on Virgo Man Secrets. I wish you all the very best!

  6. I am cancer. And he is Virgo. My relationship with him from 5 years my Virgo man wants freedom. He said that he didn’t like everyday calls from time to time he feels it’s his responsibility to calls or messages me. In the starting he was called me like mad and now I think he get bored from all these things what should I do

  7. He is virgo man and I am cancer woman. We are in relationship from 5 years. In starting he used to call or message every day but now a days he said that he feel like his responsibility like calls and messages. He said that I love you so much but he wants freedom. He doesn’t wants everyday calls and messages. What can I do plz help me

  8. I’m a Sagittarius. The Virgo man I let my walls down for & I are in a very complicated situation: He’s in an unhealthy, unhappy marriage, but has also been a side piece for 3 years with a woman who still got married despite professing her love to him. She married for money. He’s devastated & feels very jaded. We met right about the time his wife found out about his affair with her. We connected immediately on layover (both in aviation) & it resulted in sex that rocked his world & he seems very addicted to. But, it’s not just sex, because he’s extremely honest & open, tells me everything about his feelings of inadequacy, asks for my counsel (I’ve been through a lot.) After long stretches of not being able to text because he’s afraid his wife will steal his phone, he’ll text me. It very easily goes to him thinking about our physical relationship. He sent a message to the affair that they needed to stop. He’s asked me how long it took for me to get through my divorce & feel ok. Idk if he’s actually contemplating it or hoping home life will continue to improve as the wife is in therapy & he feels she has been more pleasant but still has her moments of control. I’ve never had a man text or FaceTime me or open up to me as much as he does. He has said he feels safe with me & is attracted to how authentic I am. We can communicate with ease & logic over emotion. I’m trying to give him space because I respect his predicament & know it’s not easy for him or ideal to jump into a relationship he says he really can’t give me. Nonetheless, he still wants to see me & try to overlap our work time. He mentions spending time together that’s not about just sex. Our first night together got him so overtaken by our connection which he says very rarely ever happens with him because he’s so much to himself. He stares at me & into my eyes so deeply it’s like he is trying to live in my soul & I feel it. I never let this happen & I have never felt the kind of emotional connection to any other man (not even my ex) as I have with him when we’re physically together. I told him I will respect his boundaries & need to figure everything out while keeping my feels in check, but I’m increasingly scared that the emotion I feel for him will kill this connection because I can’t let him go. He knew his marriage was bad from the start 11 years ago when he cheated on her then. I know, even if we ended up together by a miracle, that he would likely cheat on me. He knows he has issues in himself to address, which surprises me that he’s admitting it. I think I challenge his thinking without judging him & it makes him feel his vulnerability with me is a good thing. Don’t we all just want that intimacy with someone? I told him I’m a flight risk given that I run before my heart has a chance to be broken. I feel like he has opportunities to contact me when he’s home, but chooses to ignore or even block me. I don’t know if he’s doing this out of the need to protect me & whatever we have, or if he’s trying to let go of it all. This energy is leaving me shattered & I’m at the point of running. Is he asking for patience or pushing me away?

    1. Dear Susan,
      If the Virgo man is committed and invested in the relationship, it will be obvious because he will be mentally involved and engaged in what’s going on.
      Otherwise, he would be pushing you away. When he is not interested, Virgo men can be really cold and cut off from you. You should know that if he does not open up to you about anything, especially about an important aspect of his life, then he probably isn’t keen on forming close bonds with you and you should move on with your life.
      Best of luck to you!

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