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5 Signs A Virgo Man Is Falling In Love With You: How To Tell For Sure

Are you hopelessly in love with a sexy Virgo man? Maybe you’re not sure if the Virgo man is falling in love with you or not.

Here are some sure-fire signs to tell you if a Virgo man is indeed falling in love with you:

1. He Will Always Make Time For You

When a Virgo man is falling in love or is in love, he will always be sure that his lady love receives ample time and attention. He wants to spend lots of time with you so that everything keeps flowing smoothly.

Even if he is a hard worker and sometimes doing overtime; he’ll compensate for it somehow to make it up to you. He makes sure that you understand that he’s making the effort just for you.

He knows that a relationship that is going to last will require his time and effort. So if you find that he’s around more often and doing whatever he can to make sure that you’re not neglected; you can safely assume he loves you.

When you need him; he’s there. When you want him; he’s there. This shows his staying ability and shows you that he cares deeply for you.

2. You Feel Like You’re the Center of His World


beautiful young couple riding scooter together - signs a virgo man is falling in love with you

Though a Virgo man will focus much attention on his career or work, he’ll also place a whole lot of time into his relationship. When he’s with you, you’ll feel like you’re the only woman alive.

When you go out together; he isn’t the type that gets the wandering eye. If he loves you; he won’t notice other women at all. In fact, he’s the kind that even if he goes out with the guys. He won’t notice ladies hitting on him.

His friends will give him a hard time because he was oblivious. They may even tell you that “he was a good boy while we were out, he never looked at any of the ladies looking at him”.

To him, when he is totally in love and committed; there isn’t anyone else. You do become his world and he’s happy to show you. If he’s already treating you with respect, you’ll know he loves you.

3. Gives You What You Need When You Need It

When a Virgo man loves you, he’ll always be sure to be there when you need him. This includes giving you some incredible advice about whatever problems you may be experiencing.

His heart is in the right place and he’ll know how to solve the problems you encounter. He wants you to have the best in your life. He also wants you to succeed in with your dreams.

This is the guy that wants you to know he’s there for you no matter what happens. If you’re going through a tough time, he’ll tough it out with you. If you need him, he’s right by your side.

So if you find this guy bending over backward to do whatever it is you need from him, he’s in love with you. He doesn’t do this for just anyone. He’s picky in love and very careful.

He will not want to waste his precious time with someone who isn’t worth the effort. If he sees you as worth the effort – he loves you.

4. He Touches Your Face a lot


Couple touching with heads before kissing - signs a virgo man is falling in love with you

This is an odd but erotic facet to the Virgo man. He appreciates beauty when he sees it and he’ll want a woman that is so gorgeous; he’ll want to touch her face a lot.

He’s the guy that when he kisses you; he likes to hold your face. He may even kiss you all over your face. For sure he’ll caress you with his fingers and stare deeply into your eyes.

This sultry behavior comes from a man that is in love and seeing you differently. If you notice he suddenly stares at you with a look of “I really want you”; means he does want you but also that he loves you.

Virgo men are notorious for giving women “the stare down”. Though you’ll get to know over time which stare means what. He has different ones. Some are cold, some are warm and inviting, and others are “come hither”.

You’ll FEEL it when he gives you the “I love you so very desperately” look. There is no mistaking it. He’ll also caress your face and make sure that he touches you a lot. This is a sign that the Virgo man is falling in love with you.

5. He Will Show You His Undying Devotion

When he takes you out, he will want to treat you to your favorite restaurant or food. He wants to spoil you and make sure you have everything that you really want.

He isn’t the most emotionally giving man but he has his ways of showing you how much he adores you by doing practical things like making sure that your car is running properly.

If you become ill, he’ll have no problem taking care of you and making sure that you get well. He’ll go get you soup or make you some. This guy will also remember important dates.

Such things as first date anniversary, birthdays, and other important dates are always important to him so you don’t ever have to worry about him forgetting those.

If they are relative to you or to you two as a couple, he’ll always remember. This shows his devotion and that the Virgo man is falling in love with you.


He will be more sensual and romantic in the bedroom, the closer you get to him. Again, he likes to SHOW you how he feels about you more than he will say it. He’s a bit reserved by he’ll make sure you know how he feels.

How do you know a Virgo man is falling in love?

It may be a really good idea to get to know your Virgo man as much as you can.

I do have a wonderful book that may help you to gather up the Intel you need to make it work with him. In the “Virgo Man Secrets”, you’ll learn other things you would have otherwise not known about him.


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “5 Signs A Virgo Man Is Falling In Love With You: How To Tell For Sure

  1. READING this I completely agree with the characteristics of virgo 100%. I’m a cancer and im dating a virgo right now its been a few months and its been really rocky..I mean realllllyyyyyyyy rockyyyy ! Boy let me tell you. But I do love him and we have been working on our communication and getting things right. I’m super sure of myself and what I want so sometimes he thinks I like to be in control and for the most part he lets me be in control. but he always reminds me he is the man and that he isn’t going to do what I want him to do. but I’m glad he understands to some extent I want control, ladies the man does not run everything and he never should run everything !!!!!! he needs to know that you are the one. you walk next to him not behind him or under him. we have had a lot of arguments but I think those arguments and times apart have shaped and helped us be more understanding to one another feelings as well as know more about each other and what ticks each other off.. Even though sometimes he doesn’t like the things I do ultimately you will never like everything your partner does but that doesn’t mean that you guys can’t have a good life together or come to some common ground to be able to be with one another. Anything worth dealing with is worth keeping and he isn’t easy at all we are both a piece of work. But im myself always and he will always have fun with me, never a dull moment its still a few things coming into the new year I’d like to work on like for instance, Meeting his mom I haven’t yet, again we are still fresh but I want his family to know me and I want him to know my family honestly..although when we were in our situation I would tell them things he would say but I won’t ever do that to myself again cause its our business to deal with. I want him to meet my mom one day not have a complete close relationship but them knowing one another and talking to each other regularly. I would like to know who his mom is and meet her he hasn’t officially introduced me to her. I already didn’t mention he has a 4 month old, he isn’t with the girl though but thats another story. I care about him and I decided to be by his side.

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Yes, it’s often a rocky road to start out with after the lovey dovey phase ends. It takes a lot of work to iron things out with a Virgo man. He’s not a fairy tale prince until he’s understood and until communication is worked at for awhile. I’m glad you’ve figured out a formula that works for you two. I wish you all the success in the world!

    1. Hi maryjane!

      You absolutely can get more information by reading more of the articles in my blog. You can also check out “Virgo Man Secrets” book. There is a load of information that can help you get to know how this guy thinks and operates. Check it out sometime if you really need a little help.

  2. Wow! Reading Stephanie’s comment above is exactly my situation with the Virgo man, and I too am a cancer. I’ve never given a man so many chances to hurt my feelings but every single argument brings us closer and he opens up a lot more. It’s just something there and we keep coming back. The last argument was probably the worst but he opened up and really let me Into his world and gave me a better understanding of what I mean to him. No man is perfect, but I give credit to the man that is honestl. He too has a child with a woman that he just found out about a year later and it stings, but I know where his heart is. We’re also new, about a year off and on and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster full of super highs and emotional lows, but I’m going to give it another chance (he won’t let me go anyway) lol.

    1. Hi Monique!

      I’m glad to hear you can relate to Stephanie’s story. Yes, it takes a lot of work to maintain a relationship with Virgo. Usually they are well worth it. They seem difficult and arguments happen but once you really get to know him and he really gets to know you, communication becomes a bit easier. There will still be ups and downs but they become less severe with time, patience, and love. I wish you all the best!

  3. I’m a Leo and I have to agree with what was said about Virgo man.. They defiantly can be a controlling, opinionated, super sensitive, caring, non-stop lovers behind closed doors..and worth the risk! He always tells me we’re opposites but that’s why we attract. I prefer the crowd and he prefers being home lol I’ve known him for 8yrs and he’s always made me feel completely comfortable with myself and our relationship.. never would I have ever questioned our relationship cause of how sure of yourselves virgos make you feel. I have a 4yr old with this man and at one point I needed space but some how he always manages to show he still cares and try’s really hard with our daughter. At one point he did get a gf in which I was completely understanding but she made no effort with our daughter or me so that was disappointing. Eventually they split but he still always respects and cares for me and my family and friends see that. Our friendship just only ever gets stronger and stronger and that’s the best for my daughter. I wouldn’t want it any other way. ((:

    1. Hi Leomama!

      Thank you for writing in. You’re right on the nose with your description of Virgo men. They are exactly that. I’m glad that your friendship is getting stronger. Kudos to you for working with him and making sure that your daughter gets the best of both worlds with mom and dad. You are a blessed soul!

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