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What Attracts A Virgo Man: 10 Things He Finds Very Attractive In A Woman

What attracts a Virgo man in a woman is a very good question. Finding your heart a flutter for a mysterious Virgo man and wondering what it is he may be looking for in a woman?

If you’re trying to catch his eye and capture his heart. Here are some helpful tips for you:

1. The Scent or Trace of Intelligence

This guy is drawn to women who are very brainy. He wants to be able to have a really interesting conversation with content. Discussing artwork, poetry, history, science, or whatever you’re well versed in will turn him on. This is what attracts a Virgo man – knowledge.

If you’re able to figure out what it is that he likes, you’ll be able to bone up on that particular topic so that you can flow easily with conversation. Plus, you’ll be totally impressing him with what you know.

2. Classy and Well Dressed

Stylish young man helps woman dressing up indoors - what attracts a Virgo man

He himself will typically be well dressed wherever he goes. Even if he’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt, it will be a  name brand and it will look tidy and neat. He expects the woman he ends up with to be the same way.

Try to dress appropriately for the date you may have with him. Brush your hair, your teeth, and makes sure you look very well put together no matter what you’ll be doing that day/night with him.

Classy isn’t just a way a woman dresses. It’s how she carries herself when she is around others.

3. Calm, Cool, and Collected

This guy isn’t about being with a woman who is going to be loud and boisterous when he is out with her. He wants a woman who can be calm in her demeanor.

This is part of having class. It’s not just about dress and the way you look; it’s also about being able to contain yourself. You can still laugh and have a great time but do it in a way that everyone isn’t gawking at the two of you.

Try to keep things as relaxed as possible. He isn’t about high stress or tension.

4. Do not Brag!

While you may have a lot to share about your successes in life, you’ll need to refrain from bragging. You can talk about it without coming off as egotistical.

He will easily share your success with you as he also is very driven. Making the conversation all about you all night will turn him off. Ask him questions, tell him some of your successes but also allow him to discuss his.

He does want to get to know you but if he feels you don’t have that much interest in you, he may decide to bail out.

5. Be Polite and Have Manners

Couple having a date in a luxury restaurant - what attracts a Virgo man

Whether you are out in public with him or in a relaxed setting; you’ll want to always be polite. Ask him to excuse you if you need to go to the ladies room rather than saying “I gotta pee”.

This guy will typically be very chivalrous and pull out your chair for you or open doors for you. When or if he does, allow him to and then thank him. Manners are important for this guy and it’s something that attracts a Virgo man.

6. Be Conservative on Attention

The Virgo man wants to know you like him but if you overdo it; he’ll think you’re too overbearing or putting pressure on him. Also if you seem as though you’re trying too hard; he’ll see you as false.

You want to come off as relaxed in every way that you can. You can flirt but keep it light and airy. This guy likes to take his time and get to know the lady of his interest.

7. Keep his Mind Stimulated

Virgo men typically have a lot going on in their own minds. This can bring a distraction to them when they are with you. Just remember that intelligence can save the day.

Try to capture his attention with something really interesting to talk about. If he seems to drift off or space out; change subjects to something else interesting.

8. Be Sincere with Him

Young couple dancing together outside at sunset - what attracts a Virgo man

This man is fairly exceptionable at picking up on fakeness in people. Whatever you talk to him about, you need to be very honest and sincere about it.

Tell him the truth when you talk to him. It may be a change of pace for you if you’re used to guys that don’t care. Virgo DOES care and wants to know the real you. It may seem like work, but he is worth it.

9. Cleanliness

Virgo men are notorious for being neat, tidy, and organized. He isn’t into women that are total slobs. If you aren’t that clean of a person, you may need to learn to be one.

If you have your own place and invite him over; be sure to clean up and perhaps light some scented candles to make it smell and feel like a nice home. This is what attracts a Virgo man!

10. Grow Trust!

Do not ever give this guy a reason to mistrust you. If you are honest and sincere as I mentioned; you should be alright with him. If you are not; he will figure it out.

He doesn’t do well with women that play mind games or lie to him to cover something up. He’ll end it and you’ll probably never hear from him again. So try to always be upfront with him.

With him, honesty is always the best policy. Even when it seems hard to tell him certain things; you’ll be better off telling him the truth.

To better understand the mind and hear of the Virgo man; it may help you to check out my step by step guide. He is complex, picky, but also wonderful as well as sexy.


If you can get to know him as much as possible; it may help you to achieve your goal of capturing this man’s heart. To do this, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” as it should help you to achieve your goals with this endearing and steady guy and get to know what attracts a Virgo man.

Do you know what attracts a Virgo man in a woman? Let me know in the comment section below!


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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