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How Can You Tell if Your Virgo Man Is Done With You?

How to tell a Virgo man is done with you? Have you had a falling out with your Virgo guy and now he’s being ice cold? Has he left you feeling as though he’s over you and has moved on?

Here are some key points for you to consider that may help you figure out whether he’s done or just needs healing:

He Isn’t Calling or Texting

You can tell a Virgo man is done with you when he goes painfully silent. Just as a Virgo man becomes incredibly attentive when he’s in love; he’ll do just the opposite when he feels hurt, betrayed, or isn’t in love anymore.

He will pull back and stop contacting you.

If you’ve tried to reach out to him and he still isn’t responding he may be done with you. He will ignore you in every way possible. When he’s upset he may ignore just for a short time.

When he’s done he ignores completely as he’s basically decided to wash his hands of you. It all depends on what occurred before he stopped talking to you as to whether there is any chance or not.

If you live with him he’ll avoid eye contact with you and will speak minimally if, at all. He may find excuses to leave the house or be somewhere other than home with you.

Naturally, if you see him packing his things; he’s done. If you come home and all his stuff is gone, he’s done. These will be more of the obvious signs you can come across.

He Criticizes You

Couple having relationship problems and arguing over infidelity - How Can You Tell if Your Virgo Man Is Done With You

He tends to be critical when he’s in love because he cares. However, his tone will change and become more like an attack to you when a Virgo man is done with you. His voice will sound different.

Suddenly he will nitpick on things that he finds wrong with you just because he doesn’t like it and wants to exacerbate the situation as much as possible. He wants to hurt you or make you mad.

So whereas his critical nature used to be that of trying to help you and make things better between, when he’s done, he will do it in a really nasty way that will hurt you on purpose.

Virgo men can sometimes be indecisive and not want to initiate breakup even though he isn’t in it with his heart anymore. This causes him to try to be crappy toward you so that you’ll take the initiative.

He will basically try to upset you enough that you’ll draw the line and tell him that YOU are done and want to break it off.

Analyzing Everything

When things are good the Virgo man will be happy to bask in the togetherness you have. He’ll point out all the things you have in common. When he becomes unhappy or is ready to call it quits, again, he goes opposite.

He becomes this angry tyrant that cannot help himself, and it may mean the Virgo man is done with you. He will point out the flaws in the relationship and the differences in an effort to make them seem worse than the things you have in common.

If you notice that he’s suddenly started pointing out all the things that are wrong with your relationship; this could mean that he’s already on the way out with you. It may be a good idea to ask him why he’s saying these things.

Pointing out the inadequacies in what you two have between you is basically saying to you that he isn’t happy.  If he isn’t happy then this means that either you need counseling or he wants out.

He Speaks His Mind

Young couple in conflict in nature - How Can You Tell if Your Virgo Man Is Done With You

Virgo men tend to be very blunt when they speak. As such he could very well just tell you that he is done. When a Virgo man is done with you he means it. There is no second guessing or thinking he meant something else.

A Virgo man says what he means and means what he says. Telling you it’s over is a sure fire way of him letting you know. If he hasn’t said it but is displaying the other signs here it may be time to ask him.

He will likely be honest with you if you ask him if he wants to end things. The hard part will be for you to work up the nerve to ask him. It’s better to go ahead and pull that band-aid off and get it over with.

The longer you wait the worse his behavior will become. If not, he’ll just completely cut you off and you’ll never know what happened or why. It’s better to just talk to him.

When a Virgo man wants out; you may want to let him go. If you try to keep him or pressure him to stay with you; he’ll only be resentful. That doesn’t mean that you cannot get another chance later.

Give Him Some Space

It really depends on what happened or why he isn’t in love with you anymore. If it was something that you accidentally said or did you can probably still work it out but you’ll have to give him some time.

Allowing him to go when he wants to go will let him leave with peace of mind. He can then try to work out what happened and what he can do going forward. If he still loves you he may return.

Again, Virgo men are not one to be forced to do anything. So if you find that things are amiss with your Virgo man, you’ll need to give him some of your best efforts of patience.

Unless he tells you that he is absolutely done with you; there is always still a chance. It may take a while but it’s there. If he did say he’s done; he is likely telling you exactly how it is.

Watch for the signs and try your best to always provide peace and happiness with your Virgo man. Maybe this whole thing can be avoided. When he loves, he loves very deeply and takes his commitment seriously.

Not all Virgo men are identical. Find out more about the mysterious Virgo man by clicking here.

I hope this helps you understand what you’re dealing with better. Good luck ladies!

How do you know a Virgo man is done with you?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

65 thoughts on “How Can You Tell if Your Virgo Man Is Done With You?

  1. Exactly! I’m in a committed relationship with a virgo man born on 4th September. No doubt he’s a great guy! But as a cancer woman, I felt bad he became withdrawn over something I did said but never felt he’ll be angry about. I didn’t hesitate to apologise when I noticed he was acting cold. But we kept the communication going but I knew deep down he wasn’t acting sweet in our chats like he used to. I kept apologising until I got upset and asked him if we were done, yet he ignored. I called but he didn’t pick but he was always online. Until I noticed there was a girl who she was acting sweet with on fb! I confronted him and he still ignored. Yet I apologised but he still ignored and refused to contact me till 3weeks now. I feel hurt but I have left him to enjoy his peace. I will watch him to see if he will be back before 2months time. I have moved on! If he comes back fine… if he doesn’t fine.

    1. A young virgo man came into my life (he is 21 years old and I am 24 years old-). I am a Leo woman. He promised to be there for me and support me, promising to marry me soon and promising a future with me. He cared about me initially because I was in an abusive relationship with another man. So I gave in to this Virgo man thinking he was very serious about me, as he introduced me to his family and I did the same. We went on a trip together within 3 months of our relationship. We got really close in our trip and I thought he was the one, at least that is what he made me feel. But 2 weeks later of the trip, he started to distance from me, and finally broke it off a week later for religious reasons. I was ready to start a future with him, but he decided to part ways and I am confused what really happened with me. He found me broken, promised to fix things, and left me twice broken. He would always told me he loved and cared about me. But his last words were that he wants to be close to God and relationships in general are sinful. We are Muslims by the way. I agree he rushed through this relationship and acted impulsive, and I gave everything and listened to him always because he showed me love and care when I felt broken. But I want to prevent such things ever happening to me in my life because I can not constantly get broken like this.

    2. Hi Bridget!

      Alright so you’re apologizing even when you shouldn’t be. Virgo men love women who are strong in their convictions and stand their ground. He wants independence and the ability to call him out when it’s necessary. He respects that. If you’re always apologizing in fear that he will be angry or that he already is, he’s probably annoyed that you’re apologizing. He may feel you are weak. Don’t do that! Stand your ground when you know you’re right. Honestly if he cannot accept what he’s doing wrong or cannot own up to it then he doesn’t deserve you anyway!

  2. wow that’s harsh, I mean come on. I know you’re a virgo and I’m not and I’m not letting my sign stand in the way of any communication skillz. Why do I have to stay patient with a virgo man, when he can do the same for me. To me in a relationship or the beginning of it, it has to be give and take and not just take and take because you’re a virgo. And I just have to be patient in it all in the hope he will stay connected with me. I really like this virgo man, but I also like myself and my heart and at this point I just can’t take it anymore and I don’t know if this is worth it all, the pulling and letting go over and over again…

    Good luck to everyone reading this!

    1. Hi Esmee!

      You’re right. Stand your ground honey. Virgo men prefer a woman who will actually stand up for themselves and not be door mats. If your guy expected you to be anything different then he may have qualities that are a bit different and makes him less accepting. His moon and rising sign can play a huge role. You know what is right for you. My article is more or less about the typical average Virgo. It doesn’t cover all the variances that come with what may be in their chart. Anyway, always take care of yourself sweetheart. If you know it’s not fair, get justice or move on.

  3. Recently my boy friend who is a Virgo got me a hotel so he could go see his son. Who he had with his ex wife. She got a court order saying they can’t be around me even though she has never met me. And I invited some frinds.over to my room and they started smoking and it was a non smoking facility. And got us all kicked out. And they charged my boyfriend. 250$ I played him back. But I am.wonderung if this enough to make him break up with me. I really love him and he really seems to love me. But I have always had bad luck with relationships. So I am scared that this man I actually care about will leave. Am I just being paranoid?

    1. Hi Faith!

      I don’t see this as breakup material if you apologized and paid him back. Honestly if he can’t handle a mistake like that then he’s got bigger problems and baggage you might not want part of. Try not to worry and stay positive. I think you’ll be alright.

  4. so… it must be really over for us too? he’s ignoring me for quite sometime now.. nothing went wrong though.. why are virgos so likeable??!? ???

    1. Hi gecel!

      I’m afraid there must have been something wrong but he didn’t tell you what it was. Virgo men typically don’t just exit and stop talking unless they have reason to do so. It may have nothing to do with you but something happened to him or in his life that made him choose to not talk to you. If I were you, I’d message him and ask him flat out what the problem is and if he intends to talk to you again or not. If he still doesn’t reply, you’re going to have to consider moving on. I hope he answers you though, you deserve the truth!

  5. I’m in an actual committed relationship with a Virgo man and he goes through being warm and affectionate to very cold to me all in the same day. I’m a Pisces and mostly warm. I give him his space, but answer his requests for food, affection, whatever without holding the returning coldness against him. However, I can’t hold up much longer and am trying to figure out how we can either continue the relationship on a better note without him resenting me or have a non messy mutual break up. I’ve gone quiet, submissive, and pretty much with his flow as things have gotten worse and instead of making him happy, it’s making him a spoiled tyrant. It’s a vicious cycle. The meaner he is, the more accommodating I am while growing emotionally distant.

    He admits to liking to argue just for the sake of sport or just to have something to do and I think that’s a sickness. There’s enough trouble in the world without causing trouble in a relationship.

    1. I totally understand accommodating to them with hopes to make a positive effort within the relationship but feeling stuck because it’s only making him spoiled. OMG you hit it right on the nose ! They are tyrants ! What sign makes THEM move and has them wrapped around their finger?? I’d love to know

        1. Hi Anna. I am a a Leo woman and me and my virgo man met 2 years ago. It was literally love at first talk (as we didnt properly meet until 2 weeks later). The first 7 months were incredible. He was caring, affectionate, passionate and made me feel like I was all he wanted and he would never hurt me. We moved in with each other within the first 5 months. However towards the end of the first year, he started to pull away and become distant and not sharing with as much with me. I started to get worried as I could see a significant change. Unfortunately I ended up going through his phone and found that he had been talking to a friend but nothing bad. This friend was a girl and I could see that he enjoyed talking to her. I then asked him a question about something I knew he had discussed with her and he lied to me about it. I told him I had been through his phone and we talked it out and he claims that he didnt lie. We tried our best to move on. I started focusing on me and my life and giving him his space. But it feels like a wall has been put up and he seems so awkward around me. Like any woman, I have the occasional mood swing and he always criticizes me saying that he never knows what mood I’m going to wake up in. He says that this is why he feels awkward around me. I have been doing a lot of self work and even going to see a counsellor. But I still feel very lonely in the relationship. He keeps me separated from him life and doesnt include me as much as he used to in the beginning. I’ve had numerous talks with him and been very calm and tried to show him that I’m on his side and we should be a team but he just sits and stares at me and doesn’t really tell me how he is feeling. He texts me all day through the day every day and buys me gifts now and again. But emotionally and physically he seems cut off. I was convinced last week that he wants to break up with me but doesnt know how to. I confronted him and asked him but he says that I’m wrong. And that’s not what he wants. He just wants to arguing and tension between us to stop. Should I be worried and should I believe what he is saying?

          1. Hi Leo 87!

            Classic Virgo. He moved far too quickly and now he’s having troubles adjusting to being so close with someone, especially living with you. They are not built to move fast and when they do, it’s typically trouble. I have a friend who moved in with her Virgo man very quickly and the first couple of years of their relationship was a huge battle until he got comfortable and the two of them learned how to properly communicate with each other. It takes time with a Virgo man. If you can see he’s stressing or getting quiet, let him have some time to himself so he can sort himself out. If he truly loves you, he’ll stick around and make it work.

      1. Hi Lost Cause!

        What makes them move? Women with strength, independence, and balls. They don’t like submissive women and think they’re weak. They also want straight communication. Walk on eggshells around them or trying to cater to them does not work. They will see this as weakness. Though he may get angry and bark back, it’s often best to tell him the truth in how you feel than let him walk on you. He gets to walk on you a few times then he loses respect and the love will be out the window. Virgo man doesn’t NEED a partner. He’s the only one in the Zodiac that doesn’t mind staying single forever. That’s what makes them dangerous and hard to work with.

    2. They’re only good for a fun piece of a$$. I swear he is my soulmate, but it’s not worth the sh*t treatment he gives me. Done?

    3. Hi PiscesGal! Virgo men have these mood swings with how they act because they are built to be alone. They are the one sign in the Zodiac that doesn’t need a partnership to be happy. They can be an eternal bachelor and be totally cool with it. That being said, they sometimes don’t know how to cope with how they are feeling or act accordingly if something changes. Their mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts and analytical obsessions. They are riddled with constant thoughts and feelings which makes them critical of themselves as well as others. They’re hard to understand but there is hope! Don’t be co-dependent and cater to him when he’s being distant. Stand up and tell him exactly how you feel. He prefers a strong woman opposed to a woman that tries to give him all he wants. Sounds odd I know but it’s true. There are so many things you need to know sweetheart. Check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” as I think it will reveal much to you.

      1. My situation is taboo. I’m a Pisces. I am a mistress of a Virgo. I know they say they’re not the type to cheat, but whatever. I know on my part it’s wrong, but I’ve been through so much hurt that I think i just don’t want to give my heart to another anymore. This is easier for me. He went ghost on me. I have no way of getting in touch with him cause of the situation, we being as careful as possible. I miss him SO much. We use to work together, but he quit. The last time I’ve seen him before he went MIA, he was telling me if he wasn’t married that he would love to be with me. He want to actually sleep & wake up with me. Want to make
        love to me all night. Take me out on dates. But he can’t cause of everything. Idk, if it was a break up speech or confession of his love for me. I have yet to hear from him, about 2mos now. I miss him so much. Please enlighten me

        1. Hi Scotti! I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. It does sound like he broke it off with you because he realized his obligation. Not that he didn’t realize it before but the guilt probably ate him alive and he had to stop. Virgo men typically have high standards and if they break their own, they also punish themselves for it. He probably realized that wasn’t right for either of you and decided to put an end to it. I’m sorry you had to deal with this mess. If you would like to learn more about Virgo, I suggest you check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

    4. Hi PiscesGal1974!

      Alright, giving him coldness isn’t helping your cause. If you have a problem with how he is then you need to stand up and tell him that. Trying to beat him at his own game is a colossal fail. Virgo men appreciate women who are strong, independent, and stand up for themselves. Talk to him and tell him exactly what you need and what you want. When he gives you coldness, call him on it. If you don’t then the problem will never resolve.

  6. My Virgo man if I can still call him that went from texting me last week missing my kiss and me being next to him to five days of no calls and unanswered texts. Nothing went wrong no fighting or anything we talk things over and never miss more than two days no communication its been almost six. I am hurt because I don’t know where this came from there were no signs that I saw I love him more than I’ve ever loved anybody but I can’t fight for you if you’re done I’m not the stalker type but I need to know if its completely over and why.

    1. Hi “In Limbo”. thank you for writing in about your Virgo man situation. Virgo men sometimes struggle with being alone and being with someone. They love being alone doing their thing but they also love being with someone. Virgo is the one sign in the zodiac who doesn’t actually need a partnership to live happily and can live solo. That being said, I think he’s probably trying to figure out if he can be in a relationship or if he wants to be alone. Two days of no communication really isn’t anything in the grand scheme of things. Virgo men do not have the same time frame as everyone else. 1 week to most would be like a day to him. He’s a slow mover and the only way to get through is with communication (not via text) and patience. If you’d like to know more about Virgo man and what they’re really like, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  7. its been 7 weeks since i last spoke to my virgo man … im a cap…. we didnt argue maybe had a lil tiff about communication but nothing major to blow up about. i dont know whats going on and i need answers.. i have reached out and left messages , called ,everything in my power to contact him and nothing … never been in this type of situation before, pls helwe talked before he did the ghost move and i asked him if he still wanted to be in the relationship, i even offered to start over between the two and he said he would like that , i tried to reassure him that i am not going anywhere i love him and he knows there is no one else. i dont understand how can you give someone the silent treatment when you dont like it yourself…. advice anyone

    1. Hi Nikima! Thank you for writing in about your difficult Virgo man situation. It sounds like maybe he has something going on in his life that he doesn’t want to discuss. Perhaps some tragedy happened or something that was rather a soul-crushing for him. If it’s something that he’s deeply hurt by or depressed about, he typically will not want to reach out and talk about it. He takes this burden on and may even sometimes be somewhat OCD about it. He’ll obsess and worry instead of talking about it with someone and finding some solutions for healing. All you can really do is give him some time and space. Perhaps send him a text saying “I care very much and am still here. I’m concerned I haven’t heard from you. I hope you’re alright” and see if he answers. If not, wait a week then try again. Do this about 3 weeks in a row. If still nothing, then you’re forced to let go and move on. There is a good chance though that he’ll reach out. If you’d like to know more about Virgo man, please check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  8. Am a sag girl, my ex is a virgo man. What can i say he makes me feel safe at the same time he makes me feel lonely. Its been 4 years since we broke up, but i still kinda love him, but he is kinda distant, busy….but recently he told me that he still loves me, but he is still distant, he may not call for a month, then he will initiate a convo when ever he likes. Virgos are very honest…so he also kinda told me that we should sleep together (without any relationship), eventhough i get the attraction but its just so disrespectful knowing zt its only physical.
    I was the one who initiated the break up, b/c he was acting so cold and distant.
    So anyone pls tell me what he wants??

    1. Hi Sag! Thank you for writing in about your frustrating Virgo man situation. It sounds like though he cares for you, he isn’t interested in having a relationship. He’s being honest when he is telling you he would like to have a sexual thing with you but without a relationship. There is something going on with him in his life that he knows that being in a relationship isn’t something he can handle or want at this time. Many Virgo men can actually be single all of their lives and be alright with it. This is the one sign that doesn’t NEED a partnership. This is what makes them hard to get. I’d take what he tells you at face value. If you’d like to know more about Virgo men and their motives, please check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  9. Seems like you are the side chick for when the main chick isn’t around.
    I kinda wouldn’t tread thee if you found him cold in the past. Let go, if he isn’t calling or texting you daily then its best not to be a part of it. What if you found out he destroyed a relationship with you? Is that worth it?

    1. Hi Gem! I believe you must be replying to someone else’s situation as it doesn’t appear you’re asking me a question. However, I will go ahead and add some input. Cold is something that Virgo men do when they are scared or unsure. They can go cold when they’re done too but, to 100% know for sure, it’s a good idea to just go ahead and blatantly ask him so you can at least get an answer. Virgo men typically don’t have a “side chick” as they are the type that is old fashioned. There are rare instances where some may cheat but it would have to be caused by narcissism or perhaps another aspect in their chart making them more suceptible to such an action. You can learn so much more through my book “Virgo Man Secrets” at

  10. Honestly, I’ve been on and off with my Virgo consistly for 6 years now. He does all of these things and more but never wants us to break up.(for good),??? I’m starting to think it’s because HE wants to be the one to leave me and not the other way around but now I don’t know if this is the real him or we’re just not meant to be but can’t stand to see each other with someone new ., I promise this will be my first and last relationship with any Virgo forever “I think I’m crazy at times for entertaining his arguments when they are completely opposite of reality just to justify his actions . The sarcasm, rudeness, mockery, and pain they give is enough to last a lifetime if you’re not the most confident already. I’m the one that’s done! But I feel trapped and like I’m wrong if I keep trying to leave him. But he’s clearly not happy either so idk wth we’ Doing

    1. Hi there sweetheart! Thank you for sharing your shaky situation. It sounds like he’s doing the typical control thing that Virgo men do. They are critical, they are back and forth, indecisive until they analyze it over and over, then do a tug of war with their partner. Virgo men do not take relationships lightly which is why they take forever before they actually break up if that’s what they’re really after. He may be trying to come up with ways to salvage things but isn’t sure if he can or how. If you’re not happy with him though then perhaps you should move on without his permission or input. You’re not trapped, you have free will and can exit anytime you want. Though if you’re still in love with him or feel any hope between you, you may want to learn more. Check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  11. I’ve been in a relationship with a Virgo and and I am a libra, I’ve found it very difficult to deal with the hot and cold in our relationship, it’s made me very emotionally unstable it’s been about 3 weeks I’ve had any proper communication I’ve tried calling and messaging we didn’t have an argument this time but our almost 6 year relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing, it feels different though he’s done some very cruel things silent treatment for a week, standing me up on my birthday, hurtful criticism, but it feels different this time. I love him so much but I don’t know if this continuous pain is worth it. I’ve messaged him reassuring I love him and wanting to know what’s going on but it’s just so hard to not think about. My mum says maybe he wants it to be over but can’t find the words or doesn’t want to live with the guilt but I don’t know. I would love some advice. Im really confused and don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Sara! As a Libra woman, you need a bit of balance and when he does this hot and cold stuff, it throws you off your balance. It’s easy to see why this would be very problematic for you. The thing is, Virgo men are known for being critical of others and themselves as well. In fact, they’re more critical of themselves which typically can cause them to have self-esteem issues. This makes them off kilter to themselves and finds it hard to relate what they’re feeling. If you want to know where you stand with him, what he wants, or where things are headed, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone and flat out ask him. He will have to tell you the truth. Perhaps learning more about Virgo man may help you understand a bit better how they are, how they act, and how to deal with them. Check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  12. I’m a Scorpio woman who was dating a virgo woman recently. We both had a lot in common, like the fact that our ex wives were both toxic and abusive, as well as our mother’s were both cancers and also abusive; we are both loners at heart and prefer to be in loving committed relationships.

    As a Scorpio I hate being compared to anyone and I found that this virgo woman was constantly comparing me to her ex wife. She complained that her ex wife was overly emotional (being as the ex was cancer I can believe that) and would appear to be charming to everyone but was abusive to her and would always start fights.

    A few days ago we had a debate in which we agreed on a lot of points however during our little debate she told me I reminded her of her ex wife and that “this can’t work” then she asked me to leave. I was really puzzled as to why she would say such hurtful things to me. Afterwards she texted me and told me she would explain but then she said she needed space. So I’ve been giving her space in the hopes that she will realize that her critical way of thinking and her critical words can be rather hurtful and also that she will realize that even though I’m a water sign I’m nothing like her ex (people often confuse being passionate for being emotional).

    I’m wondering though… should I just move on?

    1. So just as I was typing this up she replied to my message and then she called apologizing for how she reacted and explaining that she had suffered a great loss in the family. I reassured her that I was here for her and that I’d be praying for her but she kept saying she didn’t want to be a bother to anyone. How can I get through to her that I feel very strongly for her and her heart is safe with me?

    2. Hi K.M! It sounds like your Virgo is having difficulty getting over and healing from what the past brought to her. Virgo tries hard to move on and heal but they find themselves periodically reflecting back to the past and this causes them to self-sabotage. This would include being cold and callous toward a current partner or even accusing their current partner of things their ex did when it’s not even true. I think it would be wise to give her some space but occasionally text her to let her know you’re still there and still want to be with her. I know we’re talking about a woman and even though women are a bit different than men, you’ll find the Virgo quality is still very similar. That being said, you might want to check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” as there may still be very useful information for you.

  13. whew i have read a lot of painful scenarios here. and i think i’ll pen down mine.
    I had been with a virgo man for almost 7 years and it was fun and full of love at first i get energized and comportable being with him. about 3 years back he cheated on me over his ex but managed to keep me nevertheless until i found out so. seems the ex begged for some help to get stable and he did helped out. while maintaining ours. but the coldness and lies are all there he has had a hardtime but can let me go until i found out on my own and ended it.

    after a year he started courting me again, after some months i fell again for his efforts but less than a year there goes again his coldness, excuses, lies (for me not to get angry). just last mon he just send a message telling im better off to find a man who will truly love me and even more than i deserve. i tried my best to reach out calling him several times as if he has no heart seeing my calls but not answering, i send a couple of plain message asking for us to talk but i was ignored thou he read it.

    now iam really suffering and reassuring myself that i cando without him. im tired of crying thou but one thing im sure is if its not because of 3rd party i can accept him back. well we do loved once a virgo – =)

    1. Hi starbabe,

      It seems like your scenario is quite similar to mine. I had been with this virgo man for more than 7 years who is born on 4th sept. Beginning of the relationship was awesome, he treated me very well giving me a lot of attention telling me how wonderful I am. Things changed after few years as he relocated for a job. Long distance relation has a lot of problem but we somehow manage. we used to fight for a silly things which made me sick. He sometime used to fight with me purposely and then blame me for it. Being a Scorpio I’ve always returned the favor. If he hurted me I’ve hurted him too. & our relationship was going through tough time but it was Dec 2018 when he said he is done with me. I knew he is loyal to me but because of the fights we always had, he broke up with me. He was in contact with me but being a Scorpio there was alot of things going in my mind about the break up. I became suspicious if there was someone else in his life. This made me more insecure and even he said there is no one we had a fight again. I tried convincing him I said sorry and begged him for another chance But he didn’t replied. He knew i am emotionally weak, madly in love with him, he knew i cant handle this break up, still He blocked me and I was completely broken. After trying & crying for 2 months I felt like I don’t have self respect. So I decided to move on and i start focus on myself. Now i have achieved so much in my professional life, I don’t want him anymore. I got a text from him on Feb 25th saying that he left his job. I replied him 3 weeks later saying thank you for break up coz it changed my life. It seems like he miss me. Now i got his text he wants to meet me and clear things. Yes I will give him another chance now but at the same time I’ll love myself more than I love him. I have strongly decided Anytime he want to break relationship in future I’ll help him by making sure I kick him out of my life. No begging and crying next time. I have drawn a very thin line, he won’t be able to hurt me again.

    2. Hi Starbabe! It sounds like your Virgo guy suffers from horribly low self-esteem. This isn’t uncommon when it comes to Virgo. They pretend that they have it all together and appear to be “the bomb” when they are actually quite insecure. If he feels that he doesn’t deserve you then this causes him to have self-destructive behavior including sabotaging his relationship with you by doing what he did. Virgo men are complicated. They have to define their self worth and rise above in order to succeed. Sadly they criticize themselves far too much and this tears their own esteem down. You may want to check out more regarding Virgo men so that you get a better handle on what they’re like and how to deal with them if you choose to deal with him again at all.

  14. im a virgo man, and i feel like if a woman im w is entertaining a bunch of men then ill start to exit from around her. if somebody thinks they have me wrapped around their finger bc im being nice and affectionate, then i get pissed like im in danger of being played.
    if i become aware that she doesnt last long in a relationship, has a reputation for getting “bored” w her bfs, and is said to be a more “sinister” person when away from me then youre otw out once my worries of being another bf you dump overwhelm me.
    talking trash about your friends to me? youre an idiot and its highly backstabbish, and i instantly know youre trashing me to whoever when im not around.
    i love w alot of loyalty. ive disregarded bad behaviors from former gfs in hopes that if i treat somebody right that theyll act right too. not true. i was always sacrificing my own boundaries just for the sake of us being close through compromise.
    virgos are not assholes just to be assholes. were sensitive and we dont wanna hurt anybody. we wanna help you be the best you that you can be basically. so when somebody hurts us and we didnt provoke it, then we feel attacked for just having your best interests at heart.
    some of us, including me, tend to just say what i gotta say and after no real change happens, then you become non existent to me anymore.
    i made that decision bc who am i to say anything to anybody about what they should be or not be concerning me?
    if i say something, ill get shunned bc women ultimately dont wanna be w a man who voices his insecurities. not just 1x but many times bc im a virgo and i worry my ass off in certain situations.
    ill let you know what makes me feel unsafe while being w you. ill let you know in a polite and loving manner. you will be aware of what is causing me to feel unsafe, but usually im not heard and eventually im very done.
    a man feeling unsafe? yes and im voicing it. generally if you are showing signs of compromising loyalty, vulnerability, and transparency to a certain degree then i will feel very disrespected and view you as a hypocrite. my loyalty comes easy, but it comes w the price of being just as loyal as i am to them – or ill be gone completely.
    i need exclusivity if im gonna be in love or with somebody. i mean, would you wanna have anything less when dealing w your heart?

    1. Hi Marquis! Thank you for sharing your point of view as a Virgo man. It’s important for women to understand because many do not get how you guys think and how you operate. They get confused and misunderstand things. I try to help as many women as I can to understand you guys better so that you have a better chance at having a woman who “gets you”. My book “Virgo Man Secrets” is loaded with information.

  15. I’m very sad. My virgo man and I started dating in 2014. We were insanely in love for 6 months and broke up. I dated someone else and he did as well. 3 months later we were back together and now it has been 5 1/2 years. He left me and I am absolutely devastated. I am a scorpio and very emotional. He totally cut me off and wants nothing to do with me. He blames me because I dated someone else when we were apart. He did too? We argued about that constantly and he could never forgive me. there are some alcohol issues on his part too. I just can’t understand why after all this time he could never forgive me and also how he could just walk away and act like we were nothing. I don’t know how he can be so cold when I am so hurt.

    1. Hi Leslie! I’m sorry to hear about your sadness. You say there is alcohol involved and if that’s true then this definitely alters who he is at the core. Virgo men turn to alcohol to “self medicate” like most other people. The thing is, they’re still highly analytical and hold grudges like none other. They’re also the one sign in the zodiac that doesn’t need a partner to be happy. They can be single the rest of their lives and be alright with it. There is so much more you probably want to know and can find in my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  16. I have been with my Virgo mam for 3 years the first time we separated he said he no longer had feeling for me and he was done so i gave him space and 2 weeks later he was begging me to give him a second chamce and he was sorry he also told me that the day i packed and moved out he slept with another girl but she ment nothing and he regretted it deeply. We got back together and now we have a son. But now he is doing the same thing. He says he no longer has feelings of affection for me he doesnt love me and he is done. He says I was supposed to be his partner and instead I took time off work whe. I got pregnant instead of working and helping him pay bills. He also said he didn’t like that I dont do the chores around the house and help his mom (we live with his parents) he says I “stopped doing things for myself”. I asked him if there is any way he could give me a chance to prove I can be the partner he wanted me to be and i apologized. He said that no he needs his space and he doesnt want to be with me but that he doesnt know what the future has in store. Although we arent together he still asks if i am hungry and will brong me food. I dont know if i should leave and give him space or stay here in our home (he said i could stay as long as i needed so i can get on my feet) and try to fix things and still give him his space. He is sleeping in another room and I do my best to not be in the same area as he is. I honestly don’t know if he might still love me.

    1. Hi Susanna!

      I think it’s time you ask him that very question. You need to know what it is he wants and what he wants you to do. Don’t make yourself submissive to his bad behavior though. Even if you love him, you’ve got to stand your ground. If you become a door mat to him, he will lose respect. Don’t let that happen. Be strong and independent and you’ll see your Virgo man change and possibly for the better.

  17. Laura,

    I knew my Virgo man for 1 year as a friend, then we dated for about 2 years. He was the love of my life. We met at a club that we went to often and really clicked for the longest time. Lots of common interests, great conversations, PDAs, dates or visiting each other’s houses, remembered all the important holidays, lots of inside jokes and nicknames, and we even talked of marriage and kids a few times. Unfortunately, everything changed when he began a new job and he hasn’t worked in a long time. All of a sudden, because we no longer see each other at club and he works a 9-5 (which I admire him for) my Virgo man was often making excuses that he was tired, kept making and breaking plans with me, he is playing lots of videogames at home when not working, he gets really distant, and I was lucky to spend one day a month with him, if that. I shouldn’t have asked to see him more often, he got really upset with me and tried to break our relationship back in May. It took quite a bit of convincing to keep the relationship on. His family needed him a lot and I get that, but I really missed him too. At first, when we talked future together, we were on the same page: we wanted to both move out of our parent’s houses, get married, have 2 children, get an apartment or a house… Then, oh, let’s say, 2 months pass, and I am not seeing him as often, he is so distracted with his new gaming system, it is like pulling teeth to get any real answers out of him. I asked questions, like, do you see a future with me? Him: It is in the realm of possibility, good or bad. Do you miss PDA’s? Him: Some. Do you miss me? A little. I guess because his family was also pressuring him about his future, he was getting more evasive. If he has told me this sooner, I would have backed off with the questions. Also, his younger brother and sister-in-law were expecting a child, so I guess he felt the pressure was off for us to get serious. Eventually, he tried to convince me that marriage, children, and all of it was all my idea. At one point, he used to lovingly take my hands and talk about our future children and their names. He talked almost excitedly about a future with me, then went all lackluster once he began working and didn’t see me as much. Then when our relationship became on the phone, I guess he couldn’t handle long distance and thought I was a persistent nag T_T Speaking of made and broken dates, he only kept the obligation dates with me, like Valentine’s Day (although he tried to cancel it for the year because he was sick and I got really upset and gave him a piece of my mind) and my birthday (by this time, he had lost a lot of weight because he is on his feet a lot and the only time he seemed excited was when he handed me a True Friend card instead of a romantic card and wanted to know what I thought of his weight loss T_T) We had a great time on the date and went to the movies lunch, and a few shops. Yet, his hugs and kisses weren’t as affectionate an he did not offer to help me off the road or into the car like usual. I stupidly said something to him on the way up the porch to my house when I went home about how a year ago he would’ve helped me carry this bag up the stairs, that he wasn’t being much of a gentleman, he stood midstep and said I never thought of that and gave me my videogame and began walking down the stairs backwards. No usual hug and kiss. After 2 days of being thoughtlessly in a happy haze because I got to see him again, I didn’t really consider what I said at the end of that evening until 2 days later. I had been so thoughtless. I tried to apologize, but the damage had been done, he said he forgave me, but we didn’t have to hug or kiss all the time on the porch anymore. That isn’t what I said or wanted, what the ___? Then, I didn’t understand what he was talking about when he had to let me go for work, and I overcalled and he started saying I called too much and overstepped my boundaries and put even more phone rules in place. I apologized. From there, there was a day he didn’t want me or my Dad to give him any more clutter because some of the gifts I gave were little and collector items, I got upset, then realized later, it sounded like one of his family members making that rib about the presents. Then from there, I was really hurt and kind of blurted what happened to my parents around Father’s Day and my Dad grounded me for ruining Father’s Day. Then, I had to explain to the Virgo when we were dating that I couldn’t call and I had to wait for him to call me, I got punished by my Dad and I never got any calls. Then, when the punishment got lifted, I tried to call and write my boyfriend, but he sent me a long break up letter. For an entire month, I have been a mess, trying to move on, while at the same time being pulled back and re-hashing where I went wrong and just feel awful about everything. Meanwhile, he is burying himself in his work and refuses to write me and call me. He says he doesn’t know how to text, but I think he would read my texts and not call back right now. It just hurts me so much. In said break up letter, it’s like he admits he is selfish and would rather stay home and play videogames than spend time with his girlfriend, wants me to find another boyfriend because I have all these good qualities but is unable to be the boyfriend I need or deserve (he thinks he can’t make me happy), that he still loves me, to find someone else when I am ready to have said boyfriend, and then in time after we go through hurt and heal be friends again. He wants space, patience, time, boundaries, be left alone. At one point, he wanted me to move in with him, but I got scared because he wanted to get to know me more intimately, and in my mind, I was thinking you don’t know me after three years unless I give it up before marriage? I felt like he didn’t know me, because I have said once and again, no hanky panky before marriage and this is the third time he has tried for it. Then after that intimacy, that’s when he wants to propose? At the time I thought he already loved me. Right now, I am doing my best to move on, but a part of me feels unready for love at all-I almost feel forced to give up guy I really loved and be told oh go find a new boyfriend that would make me really happy (you were irreplaceable, I will never find another guy like you). I really loved this guy, and a part of me hopes he comes back in my life, because I regret running away from moving in, because now he won’t even talk,…sighs. Him not talking makes it very difficult for me to move on I miss him very much, if I felt for sure we were conversing on any level, not silence, it would give me confidence to move on. I am a sad, lonely, hurt, confused, once loved but now not Gemini woman.

    1. Hi Laura Sima!

      You said “He wants space, patience, time, boundaries, be left alone.”… That’s Virgo in a nutshell. They want love, they want affection, they want to be the only one but yes, they want space, patience, and time. This makes them an enigma. Him wanting to move in with you is because it’s a VERY different experience and you DO learn more about each other than you would have otherwise. So he has a valid point. I think there is a communication issue between you and you should try talking again. Tell him you still love him but you two need to work on some things. Perhaps he’ll be receptive to this idea. Give it a try!

  18. Hey everyone, I’m a Taurus, and my Virgo man has been so distant and cold toward me lately. Whenever I get upset about something, it turns into him being upset toward me about it and it being all my fault. Usually in a relationship I’m very strong, speak my mind, and stay grounded. Within the last couple of months, I’ve found myself being submissive, feeling a bit controlled, and quiet. Not wanting to upset him. Not wanting to start an argument due to how I feel about anything. I don’t know who I am anymore. He’s very mean one day, then comforting the next. It’s a roller coaster that I’m becoming numb to. Usually I would have broke it off by now, but for some reason I haven’t had the heart or strength to. He’s definitely the dominant one in this relationship. Not used to it at all. Always says things will get better, but they’ve gotten worse. Makes me feel a lot better after reading these posts. So thank you for sharing your stories

    1. Hi Julia!

      It’s a mistake to be who you are not. The reason he fell for you was because you were strong and independent. That’s what they like. Funny thing is, they get mad when you call them out BUT if you don’t they think you’re weak. .So, if you keep being submissive to him, he will run you over and will fall out of love plus lose respect. Even if he does get mad, it’s better than catering to him. Virgo doesn’t want to be changed but you shouldn’t be changed either. If he is going to be narcissistic about it then you may have to lose this particular one. Not all Virgo men are narcissistic. They can be but not to the point where everything is your fault. Be who you are no matter who you are with honey. If he can’t appreciate you, someone else will!

  19. Okay guys i’ll spill the tea, dont think virgo men are all sweet and gentleness. Guess what! I’m a capricorn woman (23) and he’s virgo (22). In the beginning we were so deeply in love with each other, he talks so good, gentle and gives everything to me. But when he met new friends and started socializing he bagan to fit in with them, and acted so different towards me. He’ll try to act cool, thought basically a total dip shit a-shole. But when he isn’t with them, he turns to his normal self which really disgusts me because you know as a capricorn I do not like hypocrisy, like man stay real wherever you are or whoever youre with. I thought our star signs are one of the most compatible sign because we can almost talk about everything and patch every argument back together again which we did but we’ll end up hitting each other swearing to each other. Both of us got tired, but deep in our soul we wanted each other back but we just knew we’ll never gonna work! So guys don’t believe everything that astrologies says okay? Its really within the person itself no star traits involved. Now im trying to move on, I miss him but he disgusts me. Virgo men are kiss and tell a holes. And he’ll never admit to his wrongs and even spread lies just to make himself sound or look better.

    1. Hi Raerae!

      I’m sorry you have a bad experience with a Virgo man. Not all of them are the way you describe. I know one quite well and everyone that has ever been around him says he’s a sweetheart. He was loyal in his past marriage, treated his children like gold, and wasn’t a jerk. After the marriage ended he became jaded and it made other relationships difficult but the woman he’s with now has been with him for 2 1/2 years and they became quite close. In fact, they are engaged! I will say this though, Capricorn and Virgo may find problems due to both being so strong minded that they almost cancel each other out and bump heads often. As far as Astrology, it’s a whole lot more than just sun signs so don’t make Astrology out to be something not true. Birth charts have to be looked at and you know what else? You have Virgo in your chart somewhere just like everyone else. 😉 I do hope you find the man of your dreams who will give you all you desire because you do deserve it!

  20. I met a Virgo man 28 at the time at my Job I was a married women married 9yrs and I have 3 children my Virgo told me that he was always a single man and that he didn’t want a relationship because he had just come out of a 8yr engagement but I told him if we can’t be anything real I didn’t want nothing to do with him I asked him over and over what he wanted from me he told me he want my heart my mind and body I asked if he only wanted sex he said of course I want that but I also want your loyalty I asked him if he could ever trust me asking that due to how we ended up talking he said it wasn’t my trust he was worried about he was worried about my heart because I told him once it’s gone it gone forever but I feel like that is all a contraindications to him always being a single man and never wanting a relationship because all those things are for ppl in a relationship I filed for divorce for him breaking up my family and he still acted as though we weren’t serious but he acted like we were gonna be he sent me songs saying he’d never leave he sent me songs saying I was beginning to look like his bride to be my husband approached him once and I questioned his sexuality also if he was sleeping with more women then me he was very upset about all three but continue to deal with me my husband recently approached him again because my daughter saw us kiss and was upset about it she is 8 by the way and no we were living together but my Virgo left blocked me the next day I called private he changed his number matter fact got a whole new phone he didn’t delete me off his snap of Facebook it’s been a week yesterday day being the 6th day I messaged him he responded in emoji 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 that was okay to what I asked he also responded to my next message wit 🤫I responded 🤐then I told him I had been sick he said he prays that the lord is with me in my time of need and that he’ll pray for me then I said God bless and got nothing else which is normal he always get back to me a day later he will go hours ignoring my calls he would put off hanging out wit me always handling business he says and also a total alcoholic by the way he has two duis but it’s been 7 months all this has been going on he has never changed his number I get scared it’s really over but then something tells me it’s not too he has never gone to the extreme of changing his number is the whatever you call it dead or is there still hope I am a Taurus by the way April Taurus I see the difference between May and April why I state the specific my Virgo is a August Virgo I fell head over heels for him immediately when I laid eyes on him I was ready to give my soul and I’m so scared to lose him because why would feel so heavily for someone who wasn’t ment to be anything

    1. Hi Shay!

      I think you need to tell him exactly what you feel about him and what you want. Ask him what he feels and what he wants. You two have to communicate and open up to each other otherwise you’ll always be guessing and wondering whether or not it will last. Don’t do that to yourself. Find out exactly where his head is at. Don’t be afraid to talk to him. Be candid and tell him the absolute truth. It’s the only way you two will make it.

  21. I was engaged to this Virgo man. We dated for a year, he was sweet at first. We laugh and cried together but later on in the relationship, he started being abusive and crazy after we was engaged. I was 3 years old than him. Then he started telling lies on me after the break up. We had a brother and sister relationship.

  22. Dear experts please help.

    I am very heart broken for a month and a half. I said something that upset my Virgo boyfriend of a year and a couple months. The connection and bond we had was out of space. I am a cap.
    No he has completely withdrawn and said to go separate ways,which I think he didn’t really mean it. He asked to meet now ignores. I am very unsure what to do. He is not giving me a definitive answer at the same time doesn’t resume. I am in limbo (it seems he enjoys me to feel this way).
    How to deal with the situation if I want him back?

    1. HI Susie,

      The only way you CAN make it work is by getting him to talk. Tell him how you feel about everything and tell him what you’d like to have happen. Tell him you need some clarity on what is going on between the two of you so that you can figure out what is going on moving forward. He owes you answers or an explanation so that you aren’t left wondering. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions.

  23. My Virgo man and I have been off and on for the last year and a half, two years. I’m an Aries. I know we are opposite signs and clash at times. When we have a disagreement (it usually depends) he will pull away and say he doesn’t want a relationship, he is destined to be alone, or that he doesn’t want to talk. He will ignore my texts, and of course, I will blow him up with my two cents, and he ignores. When he’s really mad at me, he will refuse to answer me, even in person. Today we talked and he said his feelings are too strong for me and it’s not that he doesn’t love me or care about me, he doesn’t want to talk. He says that he doesn’t want to try (like every time) because we see things differently. I’m trying to compromise SO hard with this man. I’ve never loved like this, and when things are good, he says the same. He has a ton of issues from past relationships and has admitted he believes he is the problem and that he is in a constant state of worry. Which makes me want to ease it more by repeatedly telling him how much he means to me, pointing out how we always work past things, etc. He has always come back, and every time I feel like he won’t. I hate feeling like I’m pushing him but it’s like I can’t stop. I annoy myself. Anyways… he is so dramatic and difficult but will turn around and apologize and end up forgiving. I don’t want to let him go. I love him to death.

    1. Hi Manda!

      Sounds like some classic Virgo man insecurity. You said “he doesn’t want a relationship, he is destined to be alone, or that he doesn’t want to talk”…. Yep, that’s how they act when they’re insecure about the relationship. He’s probably afraid you will leave him for someone else. Don’t ever become weak or submissive though because he’ll lose respect and the relationship may be lost. Compromise is good but only if it’s a two way street. Always be open with him and keep communication flowing. That’s the only way to make it last.

  24. Hello,

    I been dating a virgo male for 6 months. We were all in love he was planning to move in with me. Couple days before the move he had court and couldnt move because of kids. I understood. Ever since the day of court he has been distant. So i let him know maybe we need to separate for a bit because he was so disconnected from me. A couple days later I ask him if he can meet up to talk to me. I told him we wouldnt have to see eachother for that long. He said he wanted to still spend time with me and if I could give him 2 weeks before we can meet up so by then he would have less on his plate. Is it normal for them to just not talk to me until we see eachother. Do you think we still have a chance to work it out?

    1. Hi Nancy!

      I don’t know of any who don’t talk until they see you. That’s odd. He must have some weird hangups or really wants to think things through without any interruption or interference. Whatever the case, try giving him that time and see where he goes with it. Stay positive and if he messages you, message him back and be your normal sweet self. Hang in there! Virgo men can sometimes be insecure with their choices in love.

  25. Hi

    I’ve been in a relationship with a Virgo for 13 years with 2 kids,married for 7 years,I’m an Aries woman ,me and him started dating when we were still teenagers,now we are both in our early 30ts,when we started it was everything was perfect, I used to be his Queen, he was open and gave me attention, this guy made me felt special.

    Our problem started 3 years ago after the birth of our 2 nd child,he started distancing himself from me,we live together but he would go out at come back drunk late at night,he stopped communicating or he lies about his whereabouts, he wouldn’t call,text anymore or even return my calls,so I find out he was cheating I then broke it off we had a bad breakup because i was tired of him acting like a victim,I was very angry cos I wanted him to tell what went wrong but I didn’t get an answer from him,he didn’t even apologise he kept denying the affair even though I had a proof

    To be honest I’m not proud of what did but I was very angry and acted on my emotions, I decided to revenge on him and destroyed everything he owned ,from cellphone, clothes and his new car ,I was so mad that I wanted to leave him with nothing..I swear if he’d stopped me I was kill him luckily he did not,he called the police on me to report the matter but I didn’t get arrested but I broke up with him and sent him packing,he left to stay with his mother

    Even though we separated he would come at least 3 times a week to check the kids,but both of us were not talking to each other,I then told him I don’t feel comfortable that he still come to our house, I was scared because he wouldn’t talk about what I did to his stuff ,so in my mind I thought he was planning a revenge secretly, so he stopped coming,he would call and I would ignore his call sometimes until one day he came back with his belongings and moved back in,slowly we started fixing things until we were back together again that was in 2017

    After that it was on and off ,we are always arguing and make up later on,we had good times together and then in 2018 he resigned from his job without even discussing it with me,we were okay until I noticed his too relaxed and not even trying to look for another job or studying at least,i confronted him tod him how i felt ,he started criticising me,I started feeling lonely and unappreciated, 2019 this went on the arguing is getting worse,I realized maybe I was too hard on him sometimes, I started doing things like a good wife,appreciated him and listening to him and also helping him financially sometime around April we went for counselling together, for the first time I felt like we are winning and things are going back to normal but i t seems like I was wrong maybe it was just an Act.

    Beginning of 2020 that was last month early he packed some of his clothes,took his car and disappeared,I tried calling and texting but no answer even his family didn’t know where he went to,eventually I stopped calling and accepted that he might have left me and them boom 2 weeks back he start calling me and also didn’t answer ignoring his calls so he started sending text telling me how much he love me and kids and he misses us and want to come back but he is scared of how I might I decided to call him to find out why he left in the first place and he didn’t answer but now when he calls he want me to act like everything is normal, I want him to come back and explain but at the same time I feel like letting him go forever,I’m confused please help..

    1. Hi Klimt,

      It sounds like you two need to really get everything out on the table in a neutral setting. Perhaps get a hotel room or something like that where you two can talk and feel safe without pressure. Tell him everything you think and feel about all that has gone on between you two. Ask him his side of it. Then you two will have to decide together what will happen next. Perhaps you two need a bit of a break. I don’t mean part ways forever. I mean where you two still talk but don’t live together. You two should try dating each other again and get to know each other like it’s brand new. That may spark something that helps you two find each other all over again. Mull it over and give it a try!

  26. My Virgo man recently broke up with me because he said he was unhappy with the relationship. I’m Usually not emotional but with him I have become a very emotional person and he can’t handle it. I’m not sure if it’s completely over and he’s completely done but we live together and this breakup is having a toll on me. I don’t know what to do or how to act. I revert back to things we did while in the relationship like kissing because… I mean he’s in my face and I love him but I can tell he doesn’t really want to. Is it really over? What do you do when you live together but break up with a Virgo man?? I’m so confused.

    1. Hi Confused!

      Correct, Virgo men don’t like overly emotional women. If you want to stay with him, you’re going to have to work on yourself and making sure you can talk to him without being emotional. He’s more likely to listen if you can sit down and talk to him about how you feel without actually showing the emotion. In other words do it when you’re calm and can be rational. He’s not feeling the physical connection because he’s turned off by the emotional stuff. If you can work on that communication then he’ll see you’re actually trying to be a better version of you and it may impress him enough to stay and find love again with you.

  27. Hi Anna.
    I’m an Aquarius woman single mother of two daughters, been in relationship 1 year 2 months with a single father Virgo man. The first 8 months has been good even though we breakup once caused he was so careless in our early stage, then I gave him 2nd chance and yes he admitted he was wrong and he said he won’t let me go again. We live apart 30 mnts away, we used to met 3-4 times in a month, during that time he never took me to his place, we just kept checking in the hotel. I admit he is a sweet person, caring and intelligence, he melted my heart and so convince me that yes he is the one, so I introduced him as well to my family and specially my daughters . After that amazing months, he started to said that his kids and ex wife moved to his place, and he have to sacrifice for the sake of the children.
    I’ve tried to accept his situation, cause i do care and loved him. In the next 6 months, i noticed that he didn’t introduce me to anyone (ex wife, kids, friends, fam member), plus they did the family vacation once in two months and i’m not included.
    Many times I’ve tried to tell him what i’m looking for in the relationship, and he always said he love me so much but he prefer I’m happy without him rather than sad with him. It’s really confused me..
    So i decided to left him..
    It has been 7 days we didn’t talk, deep down I missed him and wanted to say hello and wondering will ever a virgo man ever take us for granted? and what caused him to give emotionally missed signal to me like that? Is there a possibility he introspected himself to meet my needs and try to contact me again? or indeed Virgo remained in its founding?

    Thanks Anna

    1. Hi Laura!

      It sounds to me as though he’s trying to make it work with his family and is why he’s colder toward you and not introducing you to anyone. If he did that then he wouldn’t be able to work on it with his family. If I were you, I’d let him go… at least for now so he can figure out what the heck he wants and what he’s willing to do to have a happy and healthy relationship with you. He probably does care for you but is stressed out by his other living circumstances and until he finds a way to make it all work, he cannot give of himself romantically. I hope that makes sense. Keep a friendship but move forward with your own life.

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