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Is Your Virgo Man Just Using You? 5 Signs He Could Be Playing You

Does it seem like the Virgo man you’re dating is a little too reserved at times? Are you finding he pulls back when you try to pull forward? Is your Virgo man just using you?

Here are some signs to look for in trying to determine if your Virgo man is just using you.

1. He Does Not Open Up

On an emotional level, a Virgo can take a very long time to open up. However, when he’s trying to get to know a woman he’ll at the very least discuss his desires or goals in life.

If you’re hanging out with a Virgo man you thought you were getting closer to and he isn’t telling you anything about him, he may be using you.

Virgo men can be really cold and cut off when he’s not interested. Virgo men don’t normally condone one night stands or flings. However, there is an exception to every rule.

His dreams and goals for life are very personal. He only talks about them to someone he wants to be in his life for a very long time, if not forever. He talks about it with family and VERY close friends but to a woman he’ talking to, he’s quiet.

If you find that he isn’t opening up about anything, especially what his life’s goals are, he’s not really with you.

He’s playing you or only into you for a layup.

2. Goes Quiet on Business Trips


If a Virgo man is not 100% committed to you, there is a real chance that he’s going to do his own thing when he’s traveling for work. So, is your Virgo man just using you? Not necessarily.

That means:

  • seeing other women;
  • having sexual interludes with co-workers;
  • perhaps, new women, he meets through the company.

It’s also possible he meets someone in a bar that is in the hotel he’s at and figures that no one may never know a thing so why not go for it. Again, Virgo isn’t typically the one-night stand type of guy but it can still happen.

It happens when he doesn’t feel that he can commit to someone or feels that the person he’s “seeing” isn’t the right person for him. He’s testing his own waters to see what he feels and enjoying the moment.

This may also include him hardly talking to you, if at all, while he is gone on business. He may tell you he’s too busy to talk or he’ll talk to you when he gets back.

Naturally, if he doesn’t talk to you when he gets back, you may as well give up on him.

3. He’s Not Talking A Whole Lot

The intelligent Virgo man loves to entertain stimulating conversations. When he’s with someone, he wants to talk about lots of things. If you find he’s being quiet or isn’t into discussing anything of importance, be wary.

There may be other reasons he’s being quiet but he shouldn’t be all of the time. He could still be hung up on someone else or he may actually be seeing someone else, therefore, doesn’t feel he needs to say much.

Of course, when he goes ice cold as far as not texting, calling, returning texts, etc, he’s probably done with you. If he reaches out after weeks of not talking, he’s probably fishing for sex.

None of these are good for you and you should continue your search for someone who can actually interact with you in life.

Trust me, when a Virgo man wants to be with you and is in love with you, he’ll put lots of effort in.

Virgo man going ice cold is the biggest indicator he is done or he’s only interested in you when he feels like it. That may mean seeing you once a week or once every other week. You may be asking yourself: is your Virgo man just using you? Not likely.

4. Craves Alone Time


All Virgo men need some “alone time”. However, if he’s seeking more and more of it, he’s trying to get away from you even if he’s not saying it. He’ll get while the getting is good and then he’ll pull away.

I’ve had numerous clients write in about their Virgo man going quiet and spending less time with them. It’s typically because the Virgo man isn’t feeling it and doesn’t think there is a future there.

He’ll go out of his way to cut ties and communication. If he still craves whatever spark was there, to begin with, he’ll go for that again when he’s lonely or feels he needs to talk to someone.

When he’s playing you, he may go quiet again and you’ll wonder if you’ll ever hear from him. This isn’t a good way to live. You should probably let go and move on with yourself. Is your Virgo man just using you? Could be.

5. Flat Out Tells you

Virgo men can sometimes be rather blunt and come off rude when they tell you that they don’t want a relationship. He may actually tell you that he doesn’t want a commitment and that he just wants to be friends.

If you’re having sex with him, this may be hard to take but you’ve got to take him at his word. He isn’t plotting anything on the side and he’s not lying to you. He’s telling you what he feels and you’d better listen.

You can get hurt if you think that a Virgo man is going to change his mind and suddenly want to be with you when he didn’t before. Sex is sex and he’ll keep doing it as long as you allow it.

When you start to pressure him to be in a relationship he doesn’t want, he may go completely silent on you. And you may never hear from him ever again.

So, is your Virgo man just using you?

Let me know in the comment section below!


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “Is Your Virgo Man Just Using You? 5 Signs He Could Be Playing You

  1. I have a Virgo male friend he treats me soo good I am feeling for him but I’m also holding my gaurd up too he always talks bout his goals and life to me he very y’all person he a good listing person sometimes he tlk little bit too much but he is smart I love my friend maybe this could be more but he value our friend ship

    1. Hi Jazmyn, it certainly does sound like there could be more if you want it. You need to figure out if that’s what you want and if you do, then you’re going to have to let him know that you’re interested in him. Virgo man won’t pursue a woman unless he knows that she’s into him and wants more. Once he knows that he will take that information and make the next move. Don’t be afraid to tell him you’d like to get to know him better and spend time together. Put your hand on his if you can when you say this. It lets him know you’re into him. Learn more about the Virgo man by checking out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” at

  2. Wow hey Jazmyn lol I’m Jazmyne and girl I go thru the same thing with my virgo. He told me he doesn’t want a relationship, idk if that means rn or just simply with me. But I also know that the last two times he tried with girls it didn’t work in his favor and he’s already told me how he’s looked at girls ever since. He did also mention that he doesn’t treat me like everybody else. Also we’ve been doing long distance basically since I met him. He’s in jersey I’m in Atlanta. Texting with him is terrible but when I’m with him he’s cuddling me so tight and kissing me and the last time we had sex was very very passionate. But I still get scared that he’s just using me ?

  3. I just started getting to know a virgo fella. he’s communicative, works a lot, and normally contacts me first. the first two times we hung out were nice, the last time was kind of weird tho. he told me some drama happened with his ex right before i came over and that he was tense. i told him i could leave (being that i had literally just gotten there) and he told me he wanted me to stay and that he wouldn’t invite me over if he didn’t want me there blah blah. he gave me the rundown on his ex basically, and he also kept telling me how he wanted to be honest and i did appreciate that bc he didn’t have to tell me anything to begin with. that same night we had sex for the first time and it was niceee. the next night i came over again and we cuddled until i fell asleep, but we didn’t have sex. i also woke up randomly and he was outside smoking a cig and when he came back in we were on polar opposite sides of the bed lol. i feel like it’s bc his ex is lingering in his mind, but my friends claim he probably just wants to take things slow. pls help! any virgo knowledge is greatly appreciated. also, i am a capricorn woman.

    1. elissia are you and virgo man still a thing? i’ve been with a virgo for 11 years. when we first became friends and stated talking he had ex issues as well and was honest with me about it.. of course we were friends before anything else but if you still need insight i can help there as i have lots of personal experience.

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