11 Warning Signs A Virgo Man Is Playing You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Does it seem like the Virgo man you’re dating is a little too reserved at times? Here are some warning signs a Virgo man is playing you.

If you’ve met a Virgo man then you know how special they are. These analytical gods have something really unique about them and I am never surprised when my clients ask me all about the inner workings of a Virgo man.

Some of the best qualities of a Virgo man are that they are caring, intelligent, empathetic, and very helpful. These qualities don’t really sound like someone who will be playing you, am I right?

But of course, not everyone is built equally and there are always outliers, no matter what. So are you curious to know if your Virgo man is genuinely interested in you, or if he is playing you? Then this might be the article you need to read. 

Here are all the signs a Virgo man is playing you… Some of them are definitely going to surprise you!

Are Virgo Men Players?

With some signs, I can confidently say that they are likely to be players, but when it comes to Virgo men, this is often a mixed bag and you never know what you are going to get – it all depends on the individual!

Virgo men can be very loyal, but then again, you also get a Virgo man womanizer and this always seems to come as a shock to my clients as this guy is so crisp and clean on paper!

This has to do with their mutable nature! Virgo men can quickly adapt and are very malleable, so staying consistent can be a little difficult for them. 

If a Virgo man seems to be a player, then this is likely the reason why he can’t commit! It may come down to maturity as well, so just be aware of the signs!

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Will A Virgo Man Lead You On?

Virgo men are by nature quite loyal and they take their relationships very seriously. When a Virgo man has made a commitment, he is unlikely to break it as he doesn’t like hurting people. 

This is why a Virgo man is unlikely to lead you on. If he can feel that you have stronger feelings than he does, then he will probably break things off before it gets too serious for you. 

He is very respectful, but as I mentioned before, there are always outliers when it comes to the signs and nothing is the law! So remember to keep your wits about you.

Warning Signs A Virgo Man Is Playing You

Virgo men are usually very respectful, but then you get the ones that tarnish their very pristine reputations. There is nothing worse than expecting someone to be prim and proper than to realize you’ve just been used because he was either bored, lonely, or horny!

So if you have a suspicion that your Virgo man might be leading you on or playing with your feelings, then keep on reading to find out all the warning signs a Virgo man is playing you:

1. When A Virgo Man Treats You Bad

If you have ever been criticized by a Virgo man then you know how downright painful it is. The way he uses his tongue can really hurt a lot. A Virgo man being rude is one of the easiest ways to spot that he is playing you. 

He is trying to keep you at arm’s length and isn’t interested in getting emotionally close to you. Sure, you are good enough to keep around when he is looking to hook up or he finds himself bored and in need of some company.

2. He Is Emotionally Cold

As far as the emotional side of things is concerned, a Virgo can take a very long time to open up to another person. At the very least, if he is trying to get to know a woman, he will at the very least discuss his own desires and life goals with her as he gets to know her.

There is a possibility that a Virgo man who you are hanging out with and who you thought you were getting closer to might be using you if he isn’t telling you anything about him. He doesn’t want to be intimate with you.

When he is not interested, Virgo men can be really cold and cut off from you. One night stands or flings are usually not encouraged by Virgo men. It should be noted, however, that every rule has an exception.

If you have had enough of dealing with his going hot and cold behavior, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Virgo Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your Virgo guy.

3. He Doesn’t Open Up To You

A very important part of his life is his dreams and goals for the future. Only people who he thinks will be in his life for a very long time, if not forever, will be able to hear what he has to say about them. 

He talks about it with family and VERY close friends but to a woman he’s talking to, he’s quiet, especially if she seems insignificant to him.

You should know that if he does not open up to you about anything, especially about an important aspect of his life, then he probably isn’t interested in you at all. In this case, he may be playing you or he may only be into you for a hook-up!

Learn here how to get a Virgo man to open up and share his true feelings with you.

4. He Disappears When He Has Business Trips

If a Virgo man is not 100% committed to you, there is a real chance that he’s going to do his own thing when he’s traveling for work. So, is your Virgo man just using you? Not necessarily.

However, he may be seeing other women, having sexual encounters with a co-worker, or perhaps he might be hooking up with a new woman he meets through his company. The possibilities are all there.

It’s also possible he meets someone in a bar that is in the hotel he’s at and figures that no one may never know a thing so why not go for it? Again, Virgo isn’t typically the one-night-stand type of guy but it can still happen.

It happens when he doesn’t feel that he can commit to someone or feels that the person he’s “seeing” isn’t the right person for him. He’s testing his own waters to see what he feels and enjoying the moment.

This may also include him hardly talking to you, if at all, while he is gone on business. He may tell you he’s too busy to talk or he’ll talk to you when he gets back.

Naturally, if he doesn’t talk to you when he gets back, you may as well give up on him.

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A Virgo Man Just Wants To Hook Up — Here’s How To Tell

There are some very clear indicators that a Virgo man only wants to hook up with you. Perhaps you get the feeling that this is what he is up to, but if he is doing any of the following, you can know for sure!

5. He Tells You Directly

It is not uncommon for Virgo men to be rather blunt and come off as rude when they tell you that they do not want to be in a relationship with you. If you ask him what he wants, he may actually tell you that he does not want to commit or that he just wants to hook up or be friends with you.

Even though this may be hard to take if you’re having sex with him, it’s important for you to believe him when he tells you this. The man is not plotting anything on the side and he is not lying to you on purpose. Listen to him, he’s telling you what he feels, so you should listen to what he’s saying.

There is a risk of getting hurt if you think that a Virgo man is going to suddenly change his mind and want to be with you when he didn’t want to be with you before. Sex is sex and he’ll keep doing it as long as you allow it.

6. You Only Hear From Him When He Wants Sex

A Virgo man one night stand is something that happens out of the ordinary. He isn’t the type of guy to pick up a random girl at the bar and sleep with her only wants. 

Although a Virgo man might not want commitment, he would rather be more open to sleeping with a woman he has some kind of familiarity with. He might just see you as an occasional hook-up. 

You’ll notice that you never hear from him unless it is for a booty call. This is him being firm in his boundaries and showing you that he wants nothing more from you than sex. Believe him when he shows you this side of him. 

7. His Communication Sucks

The intelligent Virgo man enjoys stimulating conversations. He likes to talk about many things when he is with someone, and he always wants to keep the conversation going. In case you find that he is being quiet or that he doesn’t seem interested in discussing anything of importance with you, then be wary.

Despite the fact that he may have other reasons for being quiet, he shouldn’t be quiet all of the time. There is a possibility that he is still hung up on someone else or that he may be actually seeing someone else, as a result, he does not feel the need to say much.

Obviously, when a Virgo man goes cold in terms of not texting, calling, or returning texts, he’s probably done with you and you no longer have a relationship with him. There is a good chance that he is fishing for sex if he contacts you after weeks of not talking.

This is not the type of person you want to spend your life with, so keep searching for someone who you will be able to interact with in a meaningful way in real life.

8. He Doesn’t Put Any Effort Into The Relationship

Trust me, when a Virgo man wants to be with you and is in love with you, he’ll put lots of effort in. You will be his queen and you’ll just know that you can trust him and rely on him. You’ll never have to wonder.

Virgo man going ice cold is the biggest indicator he is done or he’s only interested in you when he feels like it. That may mean seeing you once a week or once every other week. You may be asking yourself: is your Virgo man just using you? It is likely!

More Telltale Signs A Virgo Man Wants To Be Friends

It is very possible that you may have a connection with a Virgo man, but then you realize that he might just see you as a friend. This is especially true if the two of you have never slept together. Here are some of the signs he just wants to be friends:

9. Virgo Man Acts Disinterested

You’re likely a very beautiful woman with a lot going for her (most of my readers are). So if you are putting out all the signals that you are interested in a Virgo man and he isn’t catching the bait, then chances are good that he just wants to be friends. 

This might not be a bad thing. You don’t have to have a romantic or sexual relationship with every man you meet. So if he seems disinterested in you romantically, but still makes effort with you as a friend, is this truly a bad thing?

This doesn’t mean he is playing you. Perhaps you misread all of his signals! 

10. He’d Rather Spend His Time Alone Than With You

All Virgo men need some “alone time”. However, if he’s seeking more and more of it, he’s trying to get away from you even if he’s not saying it. He’ll get while the getting is good and then he’ll pull away.

I’ve had numerous clients write in about their Virgo man going quiet and spending less time with them. It’s typically because the Virgo man isn’t feeling it and doesn’t think there is a future there.

He’ll go out of his way to cut ties and communication. If he still craves whatever spark was there, to begin with, he’ll go for that again when he’s lonely or feels he needs to talk to someone.

When he’s playing you, he may go quiet again and you’ll wonder if you’ll ever hear from him. This isn’t a good way to live. You should probably let go and move on with yourself. Is your Virgo man just using you? Could be.

11. You’re The One Always Making Plans

Virgo men are very intuitive, they know when a woman is interested in them. They pick up on all kinds of signs and signals. He might really like you as a person and want to keep you as a friend and this is why he would rather you reach out to him. 

He might be afraid that if he shows any level of interest in you that you will take it and run with it and think that the next step is marriage. If you’re the one always reaching out and making plans with him, then chances are good that he just wants to be friends with you.

What To Do When You Discover Your Virgo Man Is Using You?

There is really only one thing you should do when a Virgo man is using you, and that is to go completely silent and no contact with him. You deserve so much better than someone treating you like this. 

Have some self respect and move on from him. Yes, I know this really hurts and you probably want closure. But sometimes it is best if you just let things go. Maybe see a therapist or a psychic if this will help you to move through the pain.

So, Do Virgo Men Like Playing Mind Games?

Virgo men are very smart and intelligent, but they really aren’t the type of guys to play games or want to manipulate women. They’re a bit too direct and forthcoming for this kind of behavior.

There has to be a real motive for a Virgo man to play mind games. Otherwise, he can come off that way and totally not be what he’s trying to achieve. He believes in being truthful.

A Virgo man also doesn’t like anyone playing mind games with him. He doesn’t want to have to guess what is on your mind, how you feel about him, or what you want. In fact, he’d probably tell you that he isn’t good at guessing games.

So, a Virgo man playing games are something really rare, and usually, only come up with the sign when the man is particularly immature. It is best to steer clear from these Virgo men as they will drive you mad and you deserve so much more than that.

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Is Your Virgo Man Distant After Intimacy?

Does your Virgo man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer? Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style.

He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment…

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times. And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s dismissive avoidant…

Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s fearful avoidant…

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior.

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful… What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology.

It will stop him from pulling back when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish this in only 30 days.

So no more crying yourself to sleep when he pulls back… No more feeling incredibly confused. And no more wondering what in the heck is going on with him…

Even if he has an avoidant attachment style.

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73 thoughts on “11 Warning Signs A Virgo Man Is Playing You

  1. I have a Virgo male friend he treats me soo good I am feeling for him but I’m also holding my gaurd up too he always talks bout his goals and life to me he very y’all person he a good listing person sometimes he tlk little bit too much but he is smart I love my friend maybe this could be more but he value our friend ship

    1. Hi Jazmyn, it certainly does sound like there could be more if you want it. You need to figure out if that’s what you want and if you do, then you’re going to have to let him know that you’re interested in him. Virgo man won’t pursue a woman unless he knows that she’s into him and wants more. Once he knows that he will take that information and make the next move. Don’t be afraid to tell him you’d like to get to know him better and spend time together. Put your hand on his if you can when you say this. It lets him know you’re into him. Learn more about the Virgo man by checking out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

      1. Pls pls pls help me. The Virgo I’m seeing literally drives me crazy and it feels like we’re going in too many loops, one minute he’s flirting with me through msgs like SEXTING the next he’s not replying for hrs cause he’s out with his friends which is fair because he will either show me or message me and I will tell him to go have fun because who am I to get in the way ? I also go ghost for a while because I get really busy and I don’t think he fully understands, I know he doesn’t trust me but I’m sure that I don’t, anyways we argue like no tmr. He’s telling me he wants to marry me, he loves me and that I’m his wife, but for me to believe him I need to see it, words won’t work. I met him 2-3yrs ago, through friends of friends at a party. I could tell he wanted to get with me however I didn’t feel the same way as I didn’t know him and back then I needed to feel a type of connection to be intimate I was also heartbroken from my ex, sure enough I was in the room with him and he was taking my phone off of me basically trying to seduce me. I had no feelings what so ever towards this guy and he was really drunk as well so I didn’t want anyone or him to think i was trying to force anything upon him so I ended up exchanging socials with him, nothing happened that night even though he continued to try. I was drunk as well but I knew what I was doing and wasn’t drunk enough that I had let myself go luckily. He texted me a wk later asking me what I was doing and if I wanted to go chill but I declined in a very respectful way after that we did not communicate for a long period of time, why ? Because I ended up getting back with the person I was deeply in love with BACK THEN, I’m a Leo and the person I was head over heals was also a Leo so we both seen ourselves in each other mind you neither me or the other Leo could seem to get over each other. We always came back to each other seeming that we were on and off for 5yrs so this Virgo didn’t stand a chance against him, shortly after as I was told by the Virgo, he ended up getting into something like a arranged marriage. He couldn’t commit as he said she was “too weird” for him and “all about religion”, obviously there are cultural barriers for certain people and religious beliefs. He isn’t aware of his but I am as my family, friends and the Leo that I was dating prior was from the same religion so I definitely understood where he was coming from but at the same time I did not, as my family and not only that but, the relationship I was in before and the influence around me believes in the same thing “Allah” they’re Muslims. I also grew up in a Muslim community which I will always be proud of. Getting back to the point me and and Leo ended up separated after being engaged for 1yr, why you may ask? We simply couldn’t deal with each other anymore even though we loved each other and never doubted our relationship, we didn’t want the same things/ have the same goals for our futures. Honestly we were both heart broken and if I’m going to be completely honest I still miss him and he does miss me as well cause I see him viewing my stuff I’m not honestly sure if the Virgo is using me or actually likes me and I’ll tell you why.

        I posted something on my socials, the Virgo man replied “marry me” every other time he always said the same thing but it was a longtime since I seen that, I wasn’t planning on replying but curious me I had to. I ended up replying and his reply game was shit if I’m being completely honest, I mean it was always shit and I know he doesn’t really go on his phone as much but I can tell when he’s ignoring me that’s for sure, we both do it to each other.
        He invited me over to his home but I declined as I have my own home and he doesn’t, we ended up planning that he’d come to my home and I would go pick him up and the next day I was at his house getting him, he was flirting with me in the msgs so I already knew where this was going and tbh I didn’t care because I lost myself before and wanted to just have fun. Me and him ended up doing the nasty, it did take me a bit to warm up to this guy but eventually it happened while we were watching a “movie”, before he couldn’t take his eyes off of me and he was complimenting me, it was the same after but his eyes got bigger and the smile as well. I also smiled cause it was kind of weird for me not to I guess, we kind of bonded and I made him laugh because I was telling him about my traumatic childhood well like the tiniest bit I was laughing the most tho I felt like he was a little scared but he started opening up to me as well and told me about his family. It was good, after I dropped him somewhere he didn’t msg for a couple hrs, fair enough I wouldn’t have replied anyways. It was the same energy as before, he was happy and so was I. Now I’m going to fast forward.

        You might say Leo’s are out going dramatic, self centred, jealous and want attention, right ? Well I can say very confidently I’m kind of the opposite, yeah I may post a thirst trap but I’ll never reply, why you may ask ? Bcs I know these people don’t deserve my time, I can be selfish at times but that is only when standing my ground, and I’m not really outgoing. I’m private with my life and the people around me, I’m loyal but only to the people I really care about. You would probably call me a closed book. I can tell the Virgo questions my loyalty as much as I do with him and he told me previously when I didn’t talk to him for days that we could be friends if that’s what I wanted. I told him that I didn’t understand him and he’s closed off, like me. We knew little to nothing about each other and still don’t, he always wants to be around me but I’m scared because idk if it’s for the nasty or not.

        Every time he’s around me he wants to get in my pants and yeah even when I tell him no, he will respect my “no” for a little while. I don’t know what to do because he told me he wants to be with me and make me his but it will take a while, and I have seen girls in his msgs like he’s seen guys in mine I have already told him I won’t commit to someone I don’t trust and made it clear that I know the type of shit he does. One time he was at my home and I seen him texting a girl, I got jealous and distant. I was pissed and silent then as soon as he seen in my eyes that I wasn’t playing the look he gave me was like him saying sorry. It was too late cause I was already snapping other boys and picking outfits out ready to go out, I was constantly asking when he was leaving, him seeing me do that looked like he was hurt. But what I didn’t know is that he had another account because I blocked him before for ignoring me. He was checking my socials through a different acc, I didn’t realise for a while and when I did. We basically argued and argued. Because after that I just knew I did not trust him, but I still liked him.

        I met his bsf and he’s a cool guy to be honest but it was awkward for me as I said I’m private, I don’t really like mine or the other persons friends seeing who I decided to mess around with unless it’s serious and I take them seriously so I left within the 10mins of getting there, I felt guilty but didn’t at the same time cause he was acting different and so was I if I’m going to be honest.

        I know he lies to me a lot and I do the same back, it’s like we mirror each other and it feels like a competition but I’m not going to say this not because I have a big ego but because I know I’m right. I’m a compulsive liar but when it comes to certain things to do with my emotions I will never lie about them and he makes me feel so confused that idk what to do. I make him go crazy he stalks me on different accounts and I block his number and socials to have a break away then when I come back unblock him, it’s like he automatically knows and texts me then ghosts me as it’s the same both ways.

        1. Dear Ana,

          To me, he seems so insecure. It’s important to reassure him in every way possible. You may experience less pulling back and more hot moments instead of him being cold. If he’s insecure, and you make him feel comfortable it will bring him peace. Don’t lie to him, don’t block him and unblock him, this brings stressful situations.
          His emotional walls will start to come down once he knows he can trust you and that you’ve got his back. You should be very careful with this guy’s heart. Even the slightest insult could send him into a tailspin because he is very sensitive.
          I hope all goes well for you both!

    2. I’ve been seeing this Virgo man for almost 2 years now. We both were fresh out of a break up when we started seeing each other so we’ve had time to heal . In the beginning we both agreed we weren’t looking for a relationship at the time just a friendship bc we both just got out of a long relationship. Now that time has passed I’m ready to start dating but he isn’t . He says he doesn’t want to date nobody it’s not me . He just isn’t ready and wants to be more stable. He feels as if it would be selfish of him to lead me on if he knows he’s not ready to date or be in a relationship. He says he has feelings for me but just isn’t ready. Yes we’re having sex. I really don’t want to waste my time nor do I want to give up on him I’m just lost on what to do? It’s about to be 2 years . I’m not ready for a actual relationship but I do want to date him and take things further than a friendship… this is not my first time seeing him we use to have a thing for each other 10 years ago …

      1. Hi Sierra Willliam!

        Virgo men can tend to take longer to recover from a long relationship so this isn’t very surprising. They take it to heart and it stays with them for many years even when they’ve moved on with someone else. Something inside them hangs onto that baggage. They aren’t good at letting their feelings go I would believe what he’s telling you because it’s likely true. Tell him exactly how you feel then. You two could just be exclusive. Tell him you aren’t ready for a full relationship either but you don’t want to talk to anyone else either. Try it! My book can help guide you further. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Wow hey Jazmyn lol I’m Jazmyne and girl I go thru the same thing with my virgo. He told me he doesn’t want a relationship, idk if that means rn or just simply with me. But I also know that the last two times he tried with girls it didn’t work in his favor and he’s already told me how he’s looked at girls ever since. He did also mention that he doesn’t treat me like everybody else. Also we’ve been doing long distance basically since I met him. He’s in jersey I’m in Atlanta. Texting with him is terrible but when I’m with him he’s cuddling me so tight and kissing me and the last time we had sex was very very passionate. But I still get scared that he’s just using me ?

  3. I just started getting to know a virgo fella. he’s communicative, works a lot, and normally contacts me first. the first two times we hung out were nice, the last time was kind of weird tho. he told me some drama happened with his ex right before i came over and that he was tense. i told him i could leave (being that i had literally just gotten there) and he told me he wanted me to stay and that he wouldn’t invite me over if he didn’t want me there blah blah. he gave me the rundown on his ex basically, and he also kept telling me how he wanted to be honest and i did appreciate that bc he didn’t have to tell me anything to begin with. that same night we had sex for the first time and it was niceee. the next night i came over again and we cuddled until i fell asleep, but we didn’t have sex. i also woke up randomly and he was outside smoking a cig and when he came back in we were on polar opposite sides of the bed lol. i feel like it’s bc his ex is lingering in his mind, but my friends claim he probably just wants to take things slow. pls help! any virgo knowledge is greatly appreciated. also, i am a capricorn woman.

    1. elissia are you and virgo man still a thing? i’ve been with a virgo for 11 years. when we first became friends and stated talking he had ex issues as well and was honest with me about it.. of course we were friends before anything else but if you still need insight i can help there as i have lots of personal experience.

      1. Hi Cheyanne! Thanks for your wonderful input. 11 years is quite an accomplishment so you must be doing all the right things though there is always more to learn about Virgo man. Seems there is always something that comes up that cannot be predicted with them. They seem one way and then present themselves in another way at different times. They can be rather complex and confusing but learning to love them “as is” is the best thing. Learn more about Virgo man in my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

      2. I have recently met a virgo man. At first he was all flirty with me and after a month it gradually faded. I found out he was still not done with his drama and now he says he just values me as his friend and will not pursue a romantic relationship with me. Should I really take it as we will really not be able to get to the romantic point. So far we get a long so well but he still has his ex on his mind. What do I do I am a taurus moon cancer.

        1. Hi Mayan28,

          Stick with your own moral standards as a Taurus and don’t put up with it. If he tells you he doesn’t want a romantic relationship with you then it means he probably doesn’t. You deserve better. You need someone who isn’t going to play games with you like this guy. Don’t write off Virgo as a whole though. There are some good ones out there! If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

    2. Hi Elissia! As a Capricorn woman, you can appreciate the need to take things slow. Yes, Virgo guy needs a bit of time to figure himself out and what he wants to do going forward. They do tend to analyze the heck out of everything much like Capricorn which can make their minds confused and tired at times. Give him time and be patient. As long as he’s still expressing the desire to spend time with you then you should be all clear roads ahead. Learn more about the Virgo man though so you know what to possibly expect by reading my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  4. I met this virgo man not too long ago, everything was great we hit it off. When we hang out there is never a dull moment we talk for hours and laugh it’s always a great time with him. When i am with him he makes me feel like there is nothing more important than me. His dad was here visiting and he even took me to hang out with him twice. Mind you he is an arab and supposedly they don’t just introduce anyone to their family. But lately i’ve been the one to always reach out first to him and just stopped to see if he would do any effort from his part. He went MIA for a whole week and didn’t even reach out to me, till just last night. He seems very distant lately. Please help, What is your advice??

    1. Hi Salome!

      It’s not uncommon for a Virgo man to go quiet for awhile if he’s really overwhelmed or busy. I doubt he meant to blow you off but still it doesn’t feel good when they have this “out of sight out of mind” mentality when they become busy with other things. You should definitely tell him that it bothers you when he goes distant for too long. Tell him you understand a couple of days but a week is too long. Hopefully he’ll try a bit harder for you going forward.

  5. I met my virgo man online, after a week intensively chatting we met and we had sex. After that he didn’t text me and when I text him he replied with a short answer. I got mad at him and he just left me, blocked my number. A week later he called me again and said sorry, ever since we get closed until we met again for the second times and the meeting involved sex. And it’s happening again, he pull me off by saying he likes me but don’t want his feeling going to far. We got fight again and didn’t talk to each other for 2 weeks then I tried to text him again. After that we started to flirt each other again but he said he’s not ready to meet me again because it always lead to fight though he said he miss me and wanna have sex with me again. How can you tell about this virgo guy? Is he using me?

    1. Hi Mia!

      It sounds like your guy is either very confused or he is just after sex without any commitment. This is one of these cases where it’s very important you trust your own intuition. You should also learn everything you can about Virgo man. My books may help you. Check out “Virgo Man Secrets” when you can. You might find some sound answers and if not, I can try to help you again.

  6. Me and my virgo man are talking for almost two years but we still haven’t seen each other. At first, we were into each other that fast but I’m still holding up my guard because of trust issues. When i already knew to myself that he not like any of my past relationships, i already gave in but he already fell out of love and it broke my heart real bad. We’ve been trying to save it that time but someone from my block had a crush on me and we kinda hang out a little. I got confused that time because my virgo man does not want to see me even if i am the one who’s making the effort he just keep on saying that he loves me but he is not showing it physically. The physical affection that i crave for my virgo man, i found it on my blockmate but what i feel that i am doing is wrong that’s why i told my blockmate that all i can offer him is just being friends. My virgo man knew about it and he got mad about it. I thought he was already done with me because he doesn’t want to show himself and fell out of love already according to what he said. After that incident, he then got a little cold and distant. I thought i was going to loose him but it turned out he still stayed. I have a feeling that he is seeing other girls than me and my instinct was right. He told me about it after his graduation. That was also the time i found out that he did not tell me his real name. All the time i thought he is being honest with me even if we are not seeing each other but i was wrong. I got hurt but still i forgive him because i thought i somehow deserve that because of what i did. After that, we are still talking and he was having some health issues that’s why he’s being distant and he was already processing his papers for his grad school in another country. He wanted to leave me to focus more on hiself but I’m holding him back. We went on like that for months, push and pull. He’ll push me away and I’ll pull him back because sometimes he’s just having some issues with himself that’s why he wanted to push me away. I found out he has a crush on someone he met from grad school who is studying law in a different school. He’s talking about it to me that he admires the girl for being intelligent and such. I have a feeling that he wanted to be with that girl but he just can’t because of me. Because he doesn’t want to make a move because he still respects what we have. He always teases me with my co-worker but i have no feeling for that person. My virgo man keeps on insisting that i like my coworker but i dont, honestly. Now, my virgo man told me that he’s going to be busy for the few weeks because of partime, grad school and he is assisting in grad school as well. I thanked him for being honest and that’s it’s okay. After a few days he hardly talks to me but i have a feeling that he is just lying to me. I am sad that he is not feeling the same way with me anymore but i am still hoping that we could build something new again.

    Ps: i still haven’t seen him physically or even in picture, still haven’t heard his voice and doesn’t know his name.

    1. Hi Selina Guzman!

      I’m going to be the one to tell you what you don’t want to hear. You cannot possibly sustain or build something stronger with a man you have not seen or spent time with physically. You don’t know if the physical chemistry is there. You’re only going off what you think he is. That’s dangerous! You need to actually visit him somehow and talk things through otherwise you’re crazy about a shadow. That being said, I strongly encourage you to find a way to spend time with him so that you can both figure out if there IS something really and truly there or if it was best left as a fantasy. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Patricia!

      It sounds like it would be interesting with you being Capricorn. You two probably but heads sometimes I bet. You’re both strong willed people who have different ways of doing things. Long distance may make it easier for now but if you want it to go further there are definitely things you need to know about your Virgo. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  7. So the virgo man I am having a thing with is a guy I had became quite good friends with from work. When I met him, I instantly liked him, although he isn’t like my usual type. He was really reserved, quiet, came across as very respectful with great manners. I also thought he was ridiculously good looking (the type of person who is so unaware of how good looking he is) but also thought there would be no way in hell, he would ever like me back. I don’t have great self esteem, and I’ve seen the girls he has dated – they’re like models. Anyway, I accepted that nothing would ever happen between us, and we just became good friends. Although there has always been this tension between us, he gets really nervous around me sometimes, and jumbles up his words, we would hang out every week in our social circle, and he would very rarely open up. But he would always try and find out about my personal life.

    I was with this company for a year and a half and during this time, me and him became quite close. One night we went out, and I told him he was leaving, he was quite visibly upset, and told me that he didn’t want to work in the office if I wasn’t going to be there anymore. This is the only time I have seen him express or show his emotions. So I left the company and we would see eachother obviously alot less but every now and again.

    There was a party, and it was the first time I was out with my old work friends since I have left, and he was quite drunk and made a move on me, at first I was taken back especially as I had never expected in a million years that this would happen. He doesnt come across as a very confident guy and for him to make a move on me, it was really shocking. So I politely pulled away and said we’re friends, we probably shouldnt. He apologised, but then the whole night continued on making moves on, and because I obviously have liked him for the longest time, I’d kiss him back. I was having an internal struggle with myself thinking “he’s only kissing you because he is drunk. Theres no way he would like you” So then I’d pull away. He had also been casually seeing a girl so I asked him what was happening there and he said “I’m not seeing her anymore, she is going travelling”. So I thought it was okay to kiss him then.

    After this night, we carried on like friends , just like normal. 2 weeks later, the next time I was out with him having drinks with our friends, he made another move on me, and I asked him what was going on, he told me he liked me (that was the most communication or feelings he had expressed) and we ended up kissing the whole night. He eventually tried to take me home and I was saying no, because I didnt want things to get weird and he promised they wouldn’t. So he came back to my house, I still didnt have sex with him, because I just didn’t want to go all in and get hurt, but we ended up doing other stuff.

    He then went silent after, to be fair we dont have much of a texting relationship, he would usually just comment on something I post, or interact with me in our group whatsapp chat. Then we met up 2 weeks later with some of my old work friends for drinks. And we all went back to his house for drinks after. When our friends fell asleep, he called me into his room to check out his record collection (obviously just a ploy to get me alone). He kissed me really passionately, and I knew it was going to lead somewhere so I told him if I had to choose between his friendship or sex, Ill choose the friendship and he apologised, and then maybe 5 minutes later kissed me and said he is sorry but he couldnt keep away from me, and then we went to bed, I told him we weren’t having sex, and he respected my wishes, but we did other stuff.

    So flash forward one week later, it was our friends birthday party. The night before the party I met with him and a few others and he mentioned that he was going to a concert the night of the party but he would come over after the gig finished. He was being his usual friendly self with me. It wasnt awkward or weird. So I had decided to stop being so guarded, to just accept that maybe he did like me, and I decided I was going to go for it and have sex with him if we kissed again and tell him how I feel. Then at the party the following night, he turns up with the girl that he was seeing before, the girl he told me he was no longer seeing as she was going travelling. So as you can imagine I am devastated. He didnt come and speak to me at all, the whole night even though we were in very close proximity of eachother. He ignored me, and obviously I ignored him. The girl and him, looked really couply, she was cuddled into him, kissing him, they were chatting to all of my friends, and I was really incredibly hurt.

    So a mutual friend of ours pulled him aside and asked him what was going on, why did he bring the girl to the party when he was constantly trying things on with me for the past month, and. he told me that he wasnt seeing her. He told our friend that he wasn’t that she isnt going travelling anymore so they started seeing eachother again. So our friend told him that I was upset, and really hurt by this. He told him, he didnt mean to make me feel that way. And that was it. He still carried on the night with her kissing right infront of me, and made no attempt to speak to me or apologise, or just hash things out, not even a text.

    So thats where I am at with the virgo in my life. Am I being too sensitive? I know we werent seeing eachother, but he is also my. friend, and I feel like I was being massively used and disrespected by someone who I could never imagine behaving this way, I thought he genuinely cared about me. I dont know what to do now, because I feel like I cant be around my friend group anymore as he is always there. I just feel so incredibly hurt by a friend. If he wasn’t interested in me, that’s fine, but this just felt so cold and unnecessary.

    1. Hi Katie Glendon!

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve gone through the emotional ringer with your Virgo guy situation. I’m afraid that if he’s with someone else and kissing her right in front of you, he’s making it clear he’s enjoying his time with her and isn’t looking back. There isn’t much you can do about it other than let go of it. Try to heal your wounds and move forward. Most Virgo men do not play games like this. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  8. I got out of a relationship not too long before I met this Virgo guy and for about a week everything was perfect he texted me back real fast wanted to hangout all the time told me he liked me in front of his friends I met his parents but but something changed he just started taking longer to respond and he stopped asking to hangout so I made the effort to ask him then he just didn’t seem like he really wanted too. We talked about our situation and he told me he likes me but doesn’t want to rush anything because I got out of a relationship but he just seems like he is pushing me away. I don’t know what to do

    1. Hi Lexi!

      Alright it sounds like he’s safe-guarding you both by going slow. He probably was excited when he was moving faster but then had some regrets on doing that so quickly. This is a very common occurrence with a Virgo guy. They realize that they need to think more, get to know you more, etc. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  9. Hi Anna,
    I could really use your guidance. I’ll try to make this brief, even though it’s complicated and long. I met a wonderful Virgo man in June of last year. We work across the street from each other and I met him while taking my lunch break at his job. We hit it off immediately. Talked for hours and hours and it felt like minutes. He would always maintain a lot of eye contact, asked questions about me, and shared very personal things about himself, his life, and his goals and dreams. Problem is we are both married for 14 years. We ended up starting an affair, which I know is very wrong, but I felt like we connected on such an instant and deep level that he could have been my soulmate. Anyway, we carried on for several months during which he became more and more attentive with texting, calling, and making time to hang out. But in October he broke it off. He said he couldn’t leave his family, that he would leave his wife in an instant to be with me but he couldn’t break his son’s heart that way, that a separation would also ruin him financially, that he was afraid of he getting caught, and also felt guilt about what he was doing. We didn’t talk for a while but eventually I approached him around the holidays and we started talking again, but only at work when we would randomly run into one another. Sex also resumed on some of these random run-ins. But since breaking it off in October he has never messaged me again, never made plans to hang out, and each time after we have sex he reiterates that we can’t keep doing this. He has asked me to stop approaching him because it keeps leading to sex, but I have expressed that I just want us to be able to stop and chat if we run into each other and that I am only seeking friendship. He says it’s too much temptation for him. And I guess my question is, I feel like he may have really liked me and had real feelings for me in the beginning but at this point I am afraid he might just be using me for convenient sex. When we do see each other, we still engage and talk for a while before having sex. But the fact that he doesn’t make any effort at all to contact me or spend time with me makes me wonder what he feels for me at this point. I love him so much. Please help!!

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      I think he did have feelings for you but he’s still married and so are you. There isn’t anything else that can come from this at this point unless you both leave your partners in order to be together. He has already said he won’t devastate his family which means he’s not going to leave them. Sex was the only thing that could happen with you two. Until the situation changes for you two then it’s going to not be much other than a sexual affair. I’m sure he feels terribly guilty. Virgo is their own worst enemy. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  10. I’ve Been talking to this Virgo man on and off for 3 years… I didn’t really see how he gives subtle cues to let me know he likes me I’m used to guys that are very direct and aggressive when trying to pursue me. I had my guard up for some time I thought he just wanted sex so I kept it at that Me being a Scorpio I can have sex and remove the emotions. Once I started seeing someone else he wouldn’t stop texting me and then got extremely mad at me even acting jealous and all because I was dating someone else “have fun with that” his words. After I broke up with that person I tried reaching out to him and he was being super mean to me after that and rude. I lashed out and then we were there fighting again. It took some time but I didn’t realize then that it bothered him so much that I started dating someone else honestly I don’t even understand why it bothered him so much because I thought we were just fuck buddies since he never flat out told me he wanted to date me or anything. I do like him and have liked him I just never thought he was really interested in me. But after ignoring him for almost a year because I was dating someone he started talking to me again little by little after I had reached out and was persistent. So he saw me once more and was super sweet to me but then back to mean and ruthless. I don’t understand did I hurt him ? did he want more and I was too blind to see ? Because through the phone is was hard to tell. But in person he was so sweet. So I’m confused. Anyway, I figured there’s gotta be something there if it’s been 3 years and we keep at it on and off and still feel this crazy attraction towards each other. Eventually, I started to put in more effort and be more consistent I realized I wasnt the most consistent or reliable I would ask him to hang out and that I wanted to get to know him and tell him that I liked him and then if he didn’t reciprocate right away I’d lash out and just ignore him but lately I’ve been trying to be consistent and persistent and try to show him I care so he started trying to talk to me again but he would be sweet for a min and then ditched me 2 times after I flew out to see him and then drove 6 hrs to see him just kept making excuses and told me how “I blew him off for some guy” so why should he feel bad ? I expressed to him how I felt and stopped messaging him and now he’s reached back out and is being super sweet more than before more than he’s been in a long while. I don’t know I’m confused I want to open up but as a Scorpio it’s very hard for us we both are very similar with that approach I want to see his cards before I show mine and he probably thinks of it the same way.

    1. Hi MP,

      Virgo men carry grudges. If you ever do something that they consider betrayal, they will hold onto that forever. That’s a huge problem they have with themselves. They won’t let go of the past. That is why he brought it up again. It sounds like if you do open up, he might bring up the past again and hurt you. If he’s being sweet with you, let him win you back sweetheart. Let him show you how he feels and what he wants. Take it slow and then when you feel good, you can open up. If you need more help, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  11. im not sure about him, he’s expressing feelings for me, which is kinda too soon to be told or even felt, imma a capricorn sun sag moon and aqua rising, i like to take things very slowly .. despite what he’s saying i still have my doubts, it takes him ages to reply, he’s even online and not replying .. I did the same thing, i did not reply
    he mentioned it the day after, i told him didn’t say anything i could reply to, he was like ok and then asked me about this behavior .. i mentioned the fact that he’s online and not paying any attention to me, he sent me screenshots of his work that he had to deal with while on voice and video calls with clients .. i did not buy it and felt like that excuse was already prepared, so when i’ll complain he’ll just use it.
    i ended the conversation telling him thats if he wants to play its okay and that he’s free .. he just has to leave me alone when he’s doing that .. and i didn t get any reply 🙂 which confirms my doubts ..
    knowing that he always told me that if i wanted to leave he won’t let me .. im not in my feemings juts .. a itty bitty disappointed .. you know how capricorns are when it comes to opening up, its not overnight thinsg, I have been single my entire life lol and I would not settle for less .. there was something about this man, even tho his words were said too soon it kind of started to melt the ice i have built around my heart and soul ..
    to add some details we have never seen each other, we met on an app, and started talking on the 10th of august 2020 .. he was respectful and did not ask for inappropriate things, and thats was something i was always looking for .. to keep the suspens and communicate with someone not based on how they look nor what they have .. too bad it ended like that

    1. Hi Maddyben!

      It’s hard between Capricorn and Virgo sometimes. Communication style is different and though you two have high standards, they may differ. You guys would have to learn how to talk to each other in a way that gets the necessary facts across but doesn’t upset either one of you. That may not be easy but it’s definitely possible. There are definitely things you should learn about Virgo guy. If you’d like to know more about Virgo then please check out “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  12. I started seeing this Virgo man five years ago when I was 21 and he was 26 . We talk everyday all day but he never makes plans . He told me so much about his life. He said when I first met him he wasn’t looking for a relationship right now. What’s so crazy I told him I was single but was dating from time to time. So I ended up having feelings for him and plus we had sex. I wasn’t ready for a relationship because I didn’t have my life together but I still liked him. He had mentioned later on that I kept him grounded and he was asking did we meet by fate and he always ask did I care about him like he needed reassurance. I really don’t get it with him. Sometimes he’ll ghost you and come back . This time he text me on easters after not hearing from him for months just to say happy easters but I didn’t respond after a while so when I did text back, he was glad to hear I was doing ok . It’s so weird. I never really told him how I felt about him. it’s like now he’s on my mind all the time and it’s annoying me lol

    1. Hi P!

      What I know about Virgo men is that you have to be pretty direct with them otherwise they have no idea what is going on with you and will proceed about their life like no big deal. Be honest with him honey. Tell him you have feelings for him, you want to go slow but you don’t want him to just disappear or fade away. Tell him you want him to be more present and you’ll make the effort too with calling and texting. Check out my book for more tips! “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  13. Hie. Id really like your help. I have been friends with a virgo guy since a long time now. We ended up having sex but he already has a girlfriend. He once told me that his feelings for her are just attachments as his gf is abusive and overly possessive with temper issues. I am falling for him and i dont know if he feels the same way. He meets me everyday, even if we are not having sex, He texts me and talks to me, and does all the cute lovey things like holding hands, kissing my forehead. But a few months back he told me that this was gonna end as he has another person, but he also mentioned not to stress out as we dont know what will happen and has never talked about it again. I just want to know if he might have changed his mind about me and started having feelings or all this is just gonna sink.

    1. Hi Rey!

      If he has a girlfriend then you are second fiddle for him. He may care very much for you but until he ends it with her, he isn’t going to be free for you. I wouldn’t hold your breath about him ending it either. With that being said, try to focus on you and your life for now. Let him get himself together. Don’t have sex with him either until he is absolutely done with her. Some men lie about their women’s behaviors just to get what they want when in reality the woman is actually very good to him. Just beware and trust your intuition about it. Also check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  14. Hello, I’m a leo and my man is virgo. First we know each other from chatting, he flirts me alot and then we met together. The meeting was calm and wonderful, he told me that i’m very beautiful and he likes me but also told me about his ex and many things in his life. After that we talk alot on phone, he told me that he still afraid to love again because of his broken heart from his ex. He always tell me he likes me and like my thoughts and he feel comfortable with our talk but he is afraid to love me. Then, he pulls himself away from me and when i ask him why? he answerd me that he feel he can’t continue this relationship because he afraid to break my heart as his heart still broken from his ex. When i told him that we will move on together he refused because he afraid to break my heart after his moving on. Then we talk and he told me that he need some time to move on alone and that he likes me. What should i do? I’m very confused and don’t know if he could love me in the future or not.

    1. Hi Hayah!

      Welp, yep he said it in a nutshell. He had a really rough time with his ex therefore he is terrified to get involved again even though he cares very much for you. This means you have to do what he asks and give him the time. Stay in touch with him but let him have time sort himself out and heal so that he can be himself again. I think he could love you yes but you will have to let him fix his emotions first. Patience! Check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  15. Dear Anna,
    Thank you so much for your reply. I stay in touch with him. He told me that he Thanks to Allah begin to heal and begin to see the bright part of life. He told me about his future plans and how he still confused about it. But he never include me in his future plans. Never tell me that he want me to be with him for ever. He only tell me how he respect me and how he respect my thoughts and he likes me.
    So what do you think Anna? Do you think that he won’t love me only dealing with me like a friend whom he get comfortable with?


    Hi Anna, could you tell me about a Libra woman vs Virgo man compatibility??

    What I notice about virgo men is that the vibe after meeting each other tend to feel like the vibe slowly dies, they’re cold and distant but deep down they’re smart, sweet and romantic. I NEEDED that physical affection and feeling loved. So this virgo man I just met says he wants a relationship but I cannot tell or feel or SEE it which makes me feel withdrawn. I need to see and feel him MORE with consistency and stability. We met online, talked and for first time we met up, he kissed and I kissed him back. It may sounds like I’m rushin him to step his game up but he made the first move with a kiss and giving me pleasure which makes me confused when he contacts me a week later and I didn’t answer his text (because I thought hes playing games tellin me he wants a relationship meanwhile tellin another woman online he misses her) so he only called me once.

    Maybe I just need to tell him how I feel like if you’re telling another woman you miss her, Ima feel like you’re playin me when u said you want a relationship. I take betrayal heavy. I told him my pain and it’s like why do something that triggers my pain when we like each other?

    So when it comes to communication, it’s like hot and cold with him and not only just him but with any male virgo. I think when it gets cold, that’s where we lose each other from lack of understanding. When it’s hot, we’re good like, everything’s cool. I also feel like sometimes virgo men are overly conceited with themselves and doesn’t think to see/know what they did wrong hurts me too.

    I left a 3 year long distance “situationship” with a Virgo because I felt betrayed and tired of the lack of physical touch and him doin the bare minimum. We fell out because of a small misunderstanding and I kinda lost respect for him when he told me to move forward after finding out he had a child on me and didn’t tell me. I felt destroyed when he told me move forward. That’s like tellin me to forget about it like my feelings didnt matter because he KNEW I was mad deeply in love with him. I was deeply hurt like wow okay smh. I decided to leave him alone so I can move on for me.

    So the virgo man I was talking about originally: he’s really sweet/romantic and he’s given me what I really needed- physical affection, making me feel safe and loved. I was skeptical at first because of the last virgo who hurted me and being physically/mentally/emotionally abused in the past with an ex partner. But it appears this virgo I met- he can put his emotions aside, remain calm physically- I like that but I put my guards up at times havin trust issues & I’m too emotional and sensitive at that.

    My question is: How can a libra woman vs. Virgo man in this “I just met another virgo man but idk if he really likes me and if he is serious about me” situation last? I really like him. I just don’t even know if he actually likes me. Virgos are a mystery ?. HELP me understand so I can be like okay okay I totally understand now lol. Thank u ??

    1. Hi QueenLibraEmpath!

      Yes Virgo men are a mystery to say the least. None of them are exactly the same and all of them are rather unpredictable. It truly does make a difference what their Moon, Rising, and Venus signs are as that is very telling of the type of woman they need and what type of lover they truly can be. Here’s something important… if you like him, you have to tell him. They need to hear the cold hard truth otherwise they’re oblivious. Flirting and hints don’t usually work with them. Tell him you like him and want to get to know him better then ask him how he feels and what he wants. Then you’l truly know. Read more in my series “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  17. Hello Anna,
    I am a cancer dating a virgo for 4/5 months now. we meet in August and very quickly he wanted to claim me (a week or two after meeting). He use to call, text and call me often but not as much as before. I met his friends, met his father and spoke to his mom over the phone. He’s always talking about having a baby or getting married. However, I am not sure I can trust him as he has two children already; he often tells me things and then later contradicts himself. I am not sure he is being honest with me about certain things. I found evidence to suugest he is cheating but hes denyed it.I left him and he acted like he didn’t care at first but he denied cheating and wanted us back together. I also feel on occassions he might have tried to hide his phone screen from me, looking to see if im watching him, always takng his phone with him.

    I honestly don’t know if he’s genuine or messing with me. I feel like hes probably just excited to be with a pretty girl like me but i don’t know. I am not sure if i should trust him or not.

    1. Hi Annice!

      It sounds like he has something to prove to others or he’s deeply insecure and co-dependent. It doesn’t sound healthy at all for a Virgo man to be diving in so quickly. That’s why he’s contradicting himself. I can’t be sure if he is cheating but he came on so strongly with you that it’s alarming really. He sounds unstable honey. I think you need to trust your gut on what you feel because your intuition knows the truth. If you want to know what a normal Virgo man is like, check out my series “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  18. Hi Anna,
    I met this guy who is Virgo 4 months ago online. We met up on august hung out a few times and then October told me he really liked me but wanted us to stay friends because he didn’t want to lose me but didn’t want a relationship. I accepted that and still wanted to be friends. Recently he’s been wanting to hangout more and keeps telling me that I’m the best thing that has happened to him this yr. I met his sister last weekend because he wanted me to meet her. She kept hinting that her brother has been really happy lately and hasn’t been this happy around a women in awhile . We haven’t done anything but huh and recently he’s started telling me that he loves me. He went as far a getting me a card to tell me how much I mean to him. I’m not sure if he’s just wants to be friends or wants there to be more. I’m just not sure which one it is, help!

    1. Hi Natalie!

      You are all Aries woman then! Good for you. I bet you’re really strong and don’t put up with any b.s. The only way for you to know for sure is to keep taking it slowly to see if he really means it. It normally takes awhile for a Virgo man to confess his love for someone and if he goes too fast, he will over analyze everything and back down. That’s good if you’re making him happy but I think you need to wait a bit more to see what unfolds before you dive in with him. He needs to make sure of what he’s doing and what he feels as do you. Let time dictate where this is headed then you’ll know what to do at the right time.

  19. Hello, II’m 63 and have been seeing a Virgo man LD who is 61. He has been married and divorced 3 times which concerned me. He says he is a christian but does not act like one. After a month of dating I found out he started seeing another women. I felt suspiscious asked him he denied that he was. I didn;t feel I could expect him not to see other women when we hadn’t been seeing each other very long. So I decided to give it more time. He cooks for me opens the door sends videos of his day pictures and msges. Talks about his family with me and shares his day with me on whats going on with his ranch. Takes his phone with him everywhere he goes gets msges all the time. He takes pictures of himself when I’m around but they are not sent to me. He finally told me he is never getting married, doesn’t want a relationship with anyone pretty much looking for companionship. We have been seeing each other for 4 months I finally got it out of him that he is seeing someone else and I told him that was not ok with me. He told me that if I can find another man who wants that relationship thats good, but if I don’t then he would still be there for me. I have been open and honest with him from the start of what I wanted, and asked him to do the same. Yet he has lied to me knowing I would be upset, and end things. The other women is 3 1/2 hrs away I am 5 hrs away from where he lives. I know he has been to see her several times, but only a few times has he traveled to see me. He always invites me to his ranch and says I’m welcome anytime. He told me he sits home all week bored. Why shouldn’t he be able to go enjoy himself once in a while. I think all men are pretty much unfaithful these days, its just to easy with online dating. There zodiac sign seems to mean very little on how they act, they can be players just like all the rest.

    1. Hi CL!

      Ouch, he sounds non committal or a player. If he’s been married 3 times, you have to wonder if he is having issues keeping his hands to himself. Seeing someone else right off the bat? Not a good sign. While all are capable of being a player… not all of them are. One of my closest friends is married to one and he is SUPER loyal. He shuts women down w/o question. She married him. Your situation is definitely a dirty Virgo not being true to his sign which may be due to aspects in his chart that causes him to be that way. I’m so sorry you went through this but don’t give up on the sign. There are some pretty fantastic Virgo men out there.

      1. I’m a Leo and I’m seeing a Virgo man. We met online in 2018 but we didn’t really talk, then he came back Nov 2020 and we’ve been vibing, chatting and talking so much… we talk and chat every single day. He talked about his goals but he didn’t go too deep, I asked why he doesn’t have deep conversations and he said something about being a private person and with time he will. He always asked about my past and the things have done with other guys in my past and he always talked about his past too. He told me about wanting a relationship with me then I said yes to being his girlfriend in mid Feb. We saw of recent, he was really caring, always holding hands and kissing me, we had sex, I was drunk and I let out my insecurities and was really vulnerable. We still talk but I’m scared cos you know how Virgo men are. He told me from the beginning he was going to be committed but I’m scared. He has never ghosted me but I can’t be too sure cos the relationship is still new…

        1. Hi Mina!

          Yes Virgo men are VERY private. That is true! It’s also true that it takes time before they open up with you. Try not to tell him about your past too much though. Even if he asks, he’s getting into territory he shouldn’t be in and will hold it against you when possible. I know this to be a fact. While its good and fresh, have faith and patience with him. He will be loyal and loving with you as long as you treat him well. Hang in there but just in case, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” as it may reveal more for you.

  20. so i m dating a Virgo men but i don’t really know how to tell if he is using me or not, He’s very sweet and romantic, but now that I realize it he doesn’t often talk about himself well just a Lil but its probably cuz I don’t really ask a lot we manly talk about other things. I just not know yet I mean I really like him , oh and is it off for a virgo man to say I love you so eairly in a relationship ?

    1. Hi Vida!

      He isn’t talking about himself because he’s a very private person. Him opening up is reserved for the person he falls in love with and sees a future with. It sounds like he’s not quite there yet. Be patient. You can ask him questions and see if he answers. If he does then he may be ready. It’s not odd for him to say I love you if he feels it. He will tell his close buddies he loves them too. Just take it easy and don’t question him unless he starts displaying unflattering red flags.

  21. I’m a Leo. Hi I’m wondering if you can answer my question about whether this Virgo man is serious about me. We dated (not a relationship) for 6 months two years ago while we both lived in the same city at which point I cut things off with him. He pursued me over email for two years. We reconnected a few months ago saying he wants a relationship. He then permanently moved to the city that I’m temporarily living in. We talked once he moved and now he says he needs time to adjust to the move and his new jobs before he commits but he doesn’t want to lose me and already sees us as being together. We agreed that we are not sleeping with anyone else but he’s not ready to commit because of this transition. I later found out that he had been seeing other people which caused a big fight. We’re been talking but not like before. Would it be a good idea for me to wait or move on?

    1. Hi Kim!

      Oh no.. a lie from a Virgo is NOT a good thing. They do not tolerate being lied to but when they lie, they think it’s no big deal. Since you’ve found out that he had been seeing other people, I would probably let it run it’s course. You can talk to him but don’t put your time and effort in. If he truly does want to be with you, he will do what he has to in order to make sure that happens. In other words, why wait when he isn’t waiting on you? If you need to know more about Virgo, check out my book. It may help!

  22. My Virgo man after several years of not being in contact decided to reach out to me. I told him from the beginning I didn’t want a repeat of things that had happened before with others that I’ve dated in the past. He persuaded me to give him a chance. I confessed that I’ve always loved him and that would not change. So began our relationship. Started in October 2020 by December he seemed to be pulling away and last night was a new low point I was telling him about the distance between us and he kept telling me he’s tired. He has a weekly guys night that he never misses but lately can not make any time for me as he’s mentally and physically exhausted from work! After reading about Virgo’s and how cold they can be I’m convinced he no longer loves me. It’s hurtful to say the least considering he was all in taking me everywhere, showering me with compliments and telling his mother how much in love he was with me. Well I came to this page seeking answers but it’s pretty obvious…

    1. Hi Missy!

      I think that in order to know for sure, you need to talk to him. You won’t ever know for sure unless you ask. I’d tell him how you’re feeling and that it doesn’t feel right. Ask him if he still loves you or not. He will have to answers you and if he doesn’t then he may being too “comfortable” and not putting in effort. Either way you need to tell him because otherwise he will think everything is alright and will leave it the way it is.

  23. This guy I have been seeing on and off for 5 years is so hard to figure out. We started out strong but then he got interest in another woman and started dating her. I got married a year passed then he contacted me while I was married. Just checking on me. At the end of my marriage we got together. We both cheated. He broke up with his girlfriend. I got divorced and we have been talking more than before. I went to see him and stayed the night with him. I snapped his man cave and a mutual friend recognized it. The next night she ran into him and asked him about it and he told her that we have been f$*#ing for the last 5 years. I don’t know what to think about that. He also told me not to do that again because he didn’t want her in his business. He told me one time he loved my but he was drunk and all lovey dicey. I’ve always been crazy about him. He is successful and already retired. I’m not as successful. I know he is very attracted to me sexually. I don’t know if I’m wasting my time.

    1. Hi Monica!

      Oh boy! Yes, Virgo men are extremely private and don’t like anyone in their business. Secondly if you aren’t sure what you two are then you need to be really clear and ask him. Tell him how you feel and what you want then ask him how he feels about it and ask what he wants. He will tell you what is what at that point. Communication is necessary to be with a Virgo man. They are often oblivious to other people’s feelings. Talk to him so you can figure out if you should stay or go. If you need more help with Virgo, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets.

  24. Hii..I’m a capricorn and I’m having crush on virgo guy it has been one year for our friendship before that we were talking over call and chatting and i felt he is a good guy but one day he told me he likes me I don’t know whether he likes me in loving way or not when first time we met I stayed with him for a week because I thought he is nice guy and that time i was not having any crush feeling for him but when I stayed with him one night he came to me and kept his hand on me and asked whether I should cuddle or not I said him no and after two days I came from his house after somedays he went to his hometown and when he came he said his engagement is got fixed then I felt bad that time I got to know my feelings for him then I thought to maintain distance from him and no need to talk but I couldn’t, we hangout together now as well and he is engaged now. Before engagement when we were meeting he was keeping distance from me so one day I told him that he got changed and he is not like before after that when we met again he was behaving with me like before engagement how he was with me he was teasing me, pulling my leg, he prepared dinner for me after this he was so nice with me one week before I said him about my celebrity crush he said my celebrity crush looks good and then I replied with emoji and after that he didn’t message me back and I don’t know why he is not replying and whether he likes me like before or not

  25. Hii..I’m a capricorn and I’m having crush on virgo guy it has been one year for our friendship before that we were talking over call and chatting and i felt he is a good guy but one day he told me he likes me I don’t know whether he likes me in loving way or not when first time we met I stayed with him for a week because I thought he is nice guy and that time i was not having any crush feeling for him but when I stayed with him one night he came to me and kept his hand on me and asked whether I should cuddle or not I said him no and after two days I came from his house after somedays he went to his hometown and when he came he said his engagement is got fixed then I felt bad that time I got to know my feelings for him then I thought to maintain distance from him and no need to talk but I couldn’t, we hangout together now as well and he is engaged now. Before engagement when we were meeting he was keeping distance from me so one day I told him that he got changed and he is not like before after that when we met again he was behaving with me like before engagement how he was with me he was teasing me, pulling my leg, he prepared dinner for me after this he was so nice with me one week before I said him about my celebrity crush he said my celebrity crush looks good and then I replied with emoji and after that he didn’t message me back and I don’t know why he is not replying and whether he likes me like before or not and should I tell him about my feelings or not

    1. Hi Evelyn!

      I think it would be better for you to reach out to him as though nothing happened. I don’t think he intentionally stopped replying to you. I mean, he could have gotten jealous over your celebrity crush but I don’t think that’s something that would cause him to totally pull back from him. Message him like you normally would and see what happens. If you need more information on Virgo man, check out my books about Virgo Man Secrets. I wish you all the best!

      1. 2 weeks back he said me that he is having attraction towards me after that I said my feelings for him so he said that you would have said this before now nothing can’t happen and after some days he said we will be like this now he is calling me every day and he is saying me everything sometimes our conversation goes beyond limits and I’m getting into him so much but I know one day he will have to marry with his fiancee I don’t know how to handle this things even he is showing interest in me he said he is having feelings for me as well but now he is engaged I’m not getting what to do after knowing this all …

        1. Hi Evelyn!

          Wait his fiance? Girl… why are messing with him? You need to find your own guy. You deserve a whole lot better than some dude expressing his feelings about you when he’s engaged to marry someone else. You’re not going to be able to get in between that even if you wanted to either. Virgo are very protective and loyal to their family. You don’t want to be a side chic… if you want to learn more about Virgo though, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets just in case you do happen to meet another Virgo. They are great guys.

  26. My vigor man is absolutely amazing. He truly showers me with gifts, flaunts me, talks about me to everyone around him, talks about marriage and what type of ring I want. I’m an Aries and love the calmness he brings to the table. I’m afraid that I’ll get bored though later down the line.

    1. Hi Karmisha!

      Yes, him being an Earth sign will definitely help ground you and make you feel calm. That’s part of who he is. Why in the world would you assume you’re going to get bored? That’s actually something you have to work on for yourself. It’s not anyone else’s job to make sure you don’t get bored. Try find things that keep you both excited. Go on adventures and have fun. Keep your love alive! You can do this! If you need to know more, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets as it could help you to stay on track with him. Good luck!

  27. Hi there
    To cut a long story short my first ever boyfriend whom I have known since I was 15 (now 32) was a Virgo, aged 16, we dated for 8months back then, broke up, but have always remained in touch as friends…his doing so more than mine because his abrasive personality was to much at times but
    He has always cared for me and has both proven and told me so many times so nonetheless I’ve always allowed him to keep briefly in touch over the years.

    Anyway as of about 2years now he’s popped back into my life on a more consistent level…it’s all been a slow process however this time by what he is communicating I’m guessing he may want more and although he is quite withdrawn at times (maybe battling with his emotions, as am I) he is still showing me he cares by reaching out more, making excuses to see me, if I need him he’s there.

    The irony is we seem to both be in unhappy relationships and although I like him I don’t want to get carried away by my own emotions and although I do really care about this guy and would leave my partner in a heart beat if I knew he wanted to build something with me and be committed, my past has taught me this man isn’t the commitment type. Some advice would be kindly welcomed.

  28. I am a 43 year old Capricorn woman and he is a 45 and a Virgo. We met online at very awkward time. I had a week long trip planned and he has 2 week long trip also planned. We met online a week as before he was set to take his trip. I was extremely busy get my business affairs in oder prior to my trip so i declined the invitation to meet up with him prior to him leaving and i don’t think he enjoyed being rejected but I promised we would meet once we bothreturned from our trips. I told him if there is truly an interest there then it will stand the test of time. While on our trips we had great phone conversation, texts, FaceTime and video message exchanges. I’m a very busy Capricorn as he is a very busy Virgo and we both made time for each in out busy schedules even while traveling. He was always the initiator in almost all of our communications and I matched his pace because I’m not a clingy woman at all and I need my personal space. Things were go. We had plans to meet up after he returned from his trip. I texted him letting him know I just wanting to know if he made it back safely and no response so I left it at that and went on about my busy Capricorn life not letting it bother me at first. He had ghosted me out of no where. Weeks later I got mad at the idea that he didn’t respond and sent a text saying hey just checking on you and hope all is well only to find out he blocked my number. Now I was really mad because who ghosts a friend..right? So I send him a text from my other phone number letting him know that I felt it was inappropriate to ghost someone who was simple a friend and that I had no expectations what so ever were just simple friends and I found it funny for someone to ghost a friend. I told him next time he needs to use his big boy words to express how he feels and not run and hid. I also told him that I wasn’t bothered by it at all and found it quite funny. I wished him the best and asked that he take care of himself. I also made it clear that he was free to block my 2nd number as well because it didn’t matter to me. I got a call days later from which I ignored, he’s typically would text me if I didn’t answer but not this time. He consistently called until one day I just answered to hear him out. He said that he was very sorry for ghosting me because he knew that it wasn’t the right move. He said that he was in the mist of ending a serious relationship that just wasn’t going to work and didn’t want to get me involved in it at all. He said that knows it was a sitty move and want to deep apologize because he felt bad and I deserve the truth and honest from him. He said that he missed me and would love to know if I would be interested in trying things again because he really liked me. I told him I didn’t approve of his behavior because we’re simply friends I have no expectations from him and he he apologized again. I also expressed I would not tolerate the lying aspects because when we meet we both mentioned we were both dating other but nothing to serious. I told him I expect honesty even with being friends with him and if something like that happens again I will not put up with it. He said he understood and again was sorry. I was scheduled for surgery a few days after this conversation with him and made him aware of it. He been been constantly call and texting to check on me to see how I’m doing and even called me the morning of the surgery to say that he hope all goes well and he would be there if I needed anything. He called and text to check on my right after the surgery. He is being the friend he was in the beginning. I’m a Capricorn so I am in no rush to be in a relationship and I made that clear in the beginning but he keeps saying things like he sees us together both slowing down our lives and spending time together and traveling together since we both love to travel. As a Capricorn I take nothing at face value and is in a rush for anything and I taught he understood that when we had our first phone conversation. I will always move at my own pace and will not be pressured by anyone to be in a relationship. I like him and we have great chemistry but not sure how to access all that has gone on at this point. Advice please!

    1. HI Stacy!

      It sounds like your Virgo guy has feelings for you and wants to be more than friends. I know you are in no rush but if you want him to stick around, you have to throw him a bone now and then otherwise he’s going to end up letting you go. I don’t think you want that to happen. What you need to do is meditate to “let go” of all your fears expectations. You have to learn to go with the flow and take it as it comes. When you can relax better, you surely will have a much better time with Virgo guy. I hope this helps but I do have several guides for Virgo Man Secrets that may help you also. I wish you all the best!

  29. I met this Virgo man I think I really like. He maintains strong eye contact with me and looks for the silliest excuses to touch or hug me. He flirts with me too but he says he’ll visit me and never does, says he’ll come to my church but he doesn’t but always looks for ways to make me want to come over to his place…I always refuse though I’ve visited only once. He opened up about his past love life and admitted he used to be a flirt sometime ago but is right now looking for something serious. He always stares at me when I’m not looking and his male friends seem to know about it because they go really quiet when they see me and just give a shy smile. They also stare at me too at times. But I can’t seem to trust him with this female friend, he’s literally with her everywhere…she has been in two relationships since they were friends and is in another but I can’t seem to imagine he just cares for her without any form of attraction…she’s literally gorgeous. I’ve now started avoiding him, I avoid his eyes like a plague, I don’t give hugs, I don’t stay for chitchats when he trys to initiate them….I really like him alot but I’m scared, he doesn’t seem as serious as I think an interested man should be eventhough he never told me he was interested initially. Sometimes he seems interested, sometimes just flirtatious, other times polite

    1. Hi Fave!

      Ok something you should know is that Virgo men tend to be more in touch with their feminine side which is not unusual to have female friends. Many of them are feminists. Don’t let her looks freak you out. She may be gorgeous but if he isn’t into her then it’s a dead topic for him. Don’t avoid him or his eyes if you actually like him sweetheart. You’re a gorgeous woman on the inside and out. Remember that! Virgo man sees that and is why he’s giving you the eyes. Give him a chance honey. If you wall yourself off from fear, you’ll miss out on something amazing. Check out my guides on Virgo Man Secrets for more tips. I wish you all the best!

  30. I have been friends with a virgo man for eight years. He travels for work and would come to the place I worked every time he was in town. We formed a great and fun friendship. That is all it ever was. I got a new job and had not seen him in a while and one day he just showed up. We started hanging out again and asked me to go to his room once and I told him no. He asked why and I simply said, “I don’t want to”. It’s not the first time he’s tried haha. I left and went home. We still continued to talk every day and made plans to go out the following weekend. We had the best time and he told me he was going through a divorce. We started to get intimate, and he is always surprising me with the most thoughtful gifts. He moved out of his ex’s place and got his own. He is always trying to make time for us to see each other. I will go to him sometimes, but he mostly comes to me. He texts me every day and they are short but when he calls me before bed, we talk for an hour or more on the phone just catching up on the day until we fall asleep. When we are together, we can’t stop touching. He is always making sure he is holding my hand or my leg. He has to be by me all the and I have to be by him. He is always cuddling me and rubbing my face and hair. Everything is going great but when I miss him, my mind starts to wonder. I want this to be it. Can he be it or should I be cautious?

  31. He is always mentioning that I do not make any rash decisions because he has a plan for us. No one has ever treated me so good. He even takes my kids out to do fun things while I am working and will text me about what all they did and how much fun they all had. I am definitely smitten but I cannot tell if he loves me. I’m sure he needs a little time to get over his failed marriage. He said it’s been over for a long time.

    1. Hi Elaine!

      He sounds wonderful in the way he treats you sweetheart. Don’t get inside your own head when you’re away from him. Insecurity will not work with a Virgo man. If he’s telling you to stick it out then stick it out. Try to uncover why it is you start letting your mind go to dark places. Start working on that. It’s better to go into a committed relationship being healthier. I think there is a chance here so keep going forward with him. I wish you all the best but if you want to know more about Virgo men, check out my guides on Virgo Man Secrets.

  32. I have been hooking up with a Virgo man for 7 months now. We knew each other before this but not too well. Anyways I’m a Libra and this is has not been easy. We have good sexual chemistry and I love his sensual side and how he makes me feel sexy. At one point he did say he liked me or started to like me but then we had some issues with other friends of his who are girls. He has told me he doesn’t see me like “that” as in probably marrying me but I strongly feel like he does like me and we have something because this hook up thing happens almost weekly and at one point we did go out more to dinner and movies. Now we are back to just hooking up because of some drama we had. Him and I get along but not that great sometimes. I have to be very patient with this guy and I am a Libra and like a lot of attention etc so it’s been hard. I just don’t know what to do. I feel like we have something but maybe I’m blind. There is way more that goes into this and it’s too much to type. Do I just give up on this? And realize he won’t ever want me how I want it? Which is on a deeper level. More time together when we can etc. I also think he hasn’t had much experience with women and girlfriends he’s kind of a loner and doesn’t get out much. Idk what to do

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