5 Things Not To Do When A Virgo Man Is Pulling Away

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When the Virgo man pulls away, what are his reasons? I’ve compiled the five things that everybody should avoid when their Virgo partner begins to pull away.

One of the most nerve-wracking things that can happen in a relationship is to feel your partner pulling away from you. You might be wondering what you’ve done wrong to make your partner pull away, what is on their mind, or who they’re seeing. 

When the Virgo man pulls away, what are his reasons? Does he have an agenda? And most importantly, what should you avoid doing in order to ensure that he returns to you?

I’m Anna, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. I’ve been blessed with loads of experience on the topic of Virgo men. I’ve learned a thing or two about them in my time! 

I’ve compiled the five things that everybody should avoid when their Virgo partner begins to pull away. Avoiding these things will make sure that your Virgo is given no more reasons to stay away. Keep your chin up and keep reading, girlfriend. 

5 Things Not To Do When A Virgo Man Is Pulling Away

1. Freak Out

What Not To Do When A Virgo Man Is Pulling Away

It’s a natural reaction to become scared when it seems like you might lose something important to you. Believe me, I understand! Feeling your lover slip through your fingertips is more painful than I can put into words. 

Despite this, it’s important to stay calm. Virgos often take some time alone. They feel like there are inherent flaws within themselves that only they can understand. To process this, they will go off on their own from time to time. 

More than likely, the issue is not with you. The Virgo will isolate themselves when they feel the weight of all of their mistakes too heavily. They sometimes need to take a while to work out their priorities once more. 

It’s easy to blame yourself for your partner’s distance, but before you get up in arms, consider that they might just need a period without you to further process emotional wounds. It’s not easy to give your partner that space, but it is the ultimate act of trust to do so. 

2. Become An Emotional Mess

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental processes and communication. Virgos are traditionally objective and difficult to get riled up. They don’t quite ‘get’ super emotional people all the time. They can understand having concerns, but those emotional explosions are something that just doesn’t compute for them. 

If you realize that your Virgo guy is putting some distance between you and him, it’s not the time to go into full panic mode. The Virgo will feel extra alienated by your strong reaction and likely put even more space between the two of you. 

Curb the desire to scream or pull your hair out, though it can be tempting. Instead, take a page out of the Virgo’s own book: step away, take a breath, think it over, and return with a clear head. This is going to make the Virgo feel a whole lot better about returning to you. 

You should also think about the ways that you can take some of the fire and passion out of your speech while talking about heated subjects. Virgo will clam up if they feel attacked, so keeping an even tone is your best bet. 

3. Get Clingy

When A Virgo Man Pulls Away

The obvious reaction to seeing something you love leave you is to try to get it back. This makes sense for the most part. Sometimes people go too far and become extremely attached as a measure to ensure that their partner stays close to them. 

While it feels like the logical move, the Virgo is bound to get even squirmier when he’s subjected to this. Virgo needs time alone, despite being a communicative sign. He is represented by the Hermit in Tarot, after all. 

The Virgo isn’t likely to enjoy attempts to attach yourself to his hip. Instead, try telling him that you have a lot of things you’d like to talk about with him when he’s ready. Another technique is just giving him the space with no premise and allowing him to come back on his own.  

4. Talk Badly About Him

Something that isn’t talked about a lot with Virgos is how easily embarrassed they can get. They care a lot about their reputation. Just like their houses, they’d prefer their character to remain blemish-free. 

They also think that their business should stay their business. When they’re the subject of gossip they are likely to shut down all further communication with the one dragging their name through the mud… so don’t let that person be you. 

Keep business between the two of you and don’t fight dirty. Virgo doesn’t have a lot of respect for those who use disparaging language against them. Instead, bring your issues up with the Virgo directly. This is how conflicts get resolved. 

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5. Shut Down Communication

If you’re considering playing hard to get in order to get the Virgo to pay attention to you, then you may be out of luck. Virgos do indeed need their space at times, but they’re totally on board with communication when it serves a purpose. 

When the Virgo gives signs that he wants to talk, don’t attempt to beat him at his own game. It’s tempting to think: “well, he hurt me with his silence so I should hurt him with mine.” It won’t work because it’s very likely that the Virgo had no intent to hurt you with his distance in the first place. 

When the Virgo partner pulls a petty move by attempting to one up the Virgo, the Virgo doesn’t want to participate. Instead of doubling down his efforts to talk to you, he might just walk out the door for good. 

Virgo doesn’t play head games well. They find them to be impractical and unnecessary. So, think twice before giving the Virgo a dose of their own medicine, consider being open to any communication that the Virgo offers you. 

I’m so grateful that you’re learning all of these new ways to avoid making the distance farther. You’re doing the right thing by doing your research! 

What is it from this article that will be your biggest challenge and how will you overcome it? I’ve got to know what is on your mind! Let me know in the comments below. 

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They’re meant to allow me to get to the root of your relationship problems so that you and your partner can experience the romance you were always meant to. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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