What Is The Best Thing To Do When A Virgo Man Is Distant Or Ignores You?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Here are some things to keep in mind when your Virgo Man goes silent and what is the best thing to do when a Virgo man is distant.

There is nothing worse than when a Virgo man goes silent. This is such a painful experience to have to go through, especially when you are so deeply in love and just want the relationship to work out! So you may be wondering what is the best thing to do when a Virgo man is distant?


There could be many reasons why your Virgo man is ignoring you, so don’t beat yourself up thinking about why your Virgo man is silent. It might not be what you think at all!

Let us explore all the reasons why a Virgo man could be silent and what exactly you can do about it. Continue reading if you would like to find out more information about why a Virgo man tends to go silent!

When A Virgo Man Goes Silent — Reasons Why A Virgo Man Is Ignoring You?

He’s Busy With Work

There are many reasons why a Virgo man could be going silent on you, and the one you least have to worry about is when a Virgo man gets busy he tends to block out the rest of the world and only focus on the task at hand.

This doesn’t mean you did something wrong; it just means that temporarily his attention is a little more distracted than usual. This has nothing to do with you and it is important that you don’t take your Virgo man going silent too personally. He’ll come back to you when everything else in his life calms down!

He Might Be Hurt By Something You Did Or Said

A Virgo man ignoring you after an argument is quite normal, he just needs his own time and space to think about what happened between the two of you.

When a Virgo man is hurt, he may distance himself from you, and this is a normal reaction for anyone when they are coming to terms with their feelings. Although a Virgo man might not seem it, because he can be so critical at times, he is actually incredibly sensitive.

He dishes it out, but he isn’t very good at taking the same kind of heat. You’ll need to be careful of how you talk to him, but by all means, always be truthful with him. He is a human lie detector of sorts and will always know when you are somehow faking it. An angry Virgo man is not a pleasure to be around – trust me!

The man can spot a lie fairly easily. He knows you, he knows your behavior, and he knows when you’re being honest or if you’re being a bit shady. He is very observant and probably one of the most perceptive signs in the Zodiac.

If you made a slight against your Virgo man but didn’t mean it, then apologize to him. He may not feel like everything is okay right away, but at some point, if he knows you are sincere with your apology, then he’ll work past it and forgive you.

However, if you’ve done something really hurtful, then he may be less inclined to forgive you. I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to forgive you, but it may take him significant time to get past it. If he doesn’t, then he may just break it off.

He Needs Time And Personal Space

How long a Virgo man stays mad is up to the individual and the situation itself. Who knows, he may not be angry at you at all. He just wants his space to figure things out in his own head.

There are times when the Virgo man is distant and seems as though he is being cold toward you. If he doesn’t text you back at all, it may seem like he either isn’t interested or is upset.

The thing is, sometimes he needs a bit of personal freedom to keep in perspective who he is and that he is not being controlled. This will mean he shuts off from you in order to get this.

If you have pressured him in any way then this may definitely be the case. If you haven’t been pushing and he does this, then he’s just flexing his freedom muscle. There’s no need to worry.

As long as he’s still spending time with you and showing you that he cares, then pulling back from time to time is a very normal thing for the Virgo man. Be careful not to harass him about it or he will ultimately lose interest in you.

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He Isn’t Feeling It With You

Alas, another reason why Virgo is distant from you is due to his lack of interest in having a relationship with you. Sometimes they come on hot and heavy at the beginning, once he finally agrees to date you.

Then suddenly he pulls back and you have no clue what in the heck happened! He found something about you that he likely doesn’t like and doesn’t think that it’s something that can be changed and it immediately turns him around.

A Virgo man is looking for the perfect woman and when he finds problems or differences that he feels aren’t fixable or that he doesn’t want to address, then he’ll just bail out completely. He may not want to hurt your feelings and avoid telling you what it is.

Virgo men are a lot of work and maintenance. They can be worth it though if you stick it out with them. Just keep in mind that if the Virgo man is distant still and you don’t hear from him for a significant amount of time, then he’s probably done.

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He Likes The Thrill Of The Chase

Virgo men do not like to feel oppressed or pressured. However, they also want a partner that can keep up with them. So sometimes after they’ve pursued you, they’ll pull back a little to see what you will do.

Will you chase after a Virgo man or will you be calm and wait for him to reach out? The answer is: find the middle ground. If you don’t reply, he’ll think you aren’t that interested, thus, he will consider it over.

If you reach out too much via text or social media, he’ll feel as though you are putting pressure on him to reply. In order to make things flow reasonably well, go down the middle.

You can text him: “Hey, thinking about you,” and then leave it alone. He may reply and he may not, but regardless he got the message. He’ll get back to you when he wants to and as long as you don’t freak out, he’ll probably want to spend time together.

The very best thing you can do is remain calm with the Virgo man. Find out what it is that upset him and do your best to let him know you didn’t mean to hurt him or make him angry.

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Virgo Men And Anger — How Do They Deal With It?

In the event that you’ve managed to do something to piss a Virgo man off, you need to handle it the same way as if you hurt him. If it’s something that you know you shouldn’t have done or said, make sure to apologize to him immediately. A Virgo man will see reason if you find the right way to apologize to him.

It will take him a bit to cool back off and start seeing things normally again. He will be watching your behavior when you say you’re sorry to see if you’re being truthful or not. You had better be, or you may lose him.

The Virgo man often will put up with a lot from the woman he truly loves and is committed to but everyone has their limits. Lying will get you dismissed. It may not be right away, but it will happen.

Again, if you find that he’s really pissed off at you, just apologize then back off to let him process it and cool off. Unless, of course, he asks you to stay so you two can talk about it more.  Respectfully agree to his wishes and get it out so you can work past it.

So, if the Virgo man is distant, it will make him less so.

What To Do When A Virgo Man Is Hurt

A Virgo man may act quite strangely when his feelings are hurt. A Virgo man will go distant and start ignoring you for a while, this is at least until he has sorted out his emotions and can think about them rationally again.

He might be feeling all kinds of emotions like sadness, jealousy, and betrayal. Of course, all of this depends on the situation and how badly he feels about it. There is no sure way to know if a Virgo man is going distant because of something you did.

Just be patient and let the information come to you. This is when you need to pull back a bit with your energy and let it go. There is no point in trying to control the situation when a Virgo man goes distant.

What Is The Best Thing To Do When A Virgo Man Is Distant?

The best thing you can do when a Virgo man goes distant is to be patient. He’s one of those guys who always has a lot on his mind. We can blame good old Mercury being the ruler of his sign.

This planet will cause your Virgo man to become quite nervous, neurotic, and anxious at times. He will be thinking about a million things simultaneously, so giving him the space he needs is important so he can sort out his feelings rationally.

If you keep texting a Virgo man about where he is and what he is up to he may start to feel the pressure, and this is no good. Give him the space to breathe and forgive you all in his own time.

When a Virgo man keeps blowing hot and cold, you can try any of these tips and I am sure this will help you to get your Virgo man to stop ignoring you. It might just take a little bit of elbow grease to get you where you want to be!

5 More Ways To Respond When A Virgo Man Ignores You

Virgo men are often stubborn and tend to test their partner’s loyalty. In some cases, they might be jealous or worried about something pressing. Irrespective of their reasons, it’s crucial to know what to do when a Virgo man ignores you.

Thankfully, there are some helpful tips on how to deal with a Virgo man ignoring you:

virgo man-ignoring-me

1. The “Cave” Method

This is all about giving the Virgo man in your life some space. Virgo men often have empathic energy, and they absorb too much of what is going on around them. They may just need a break from it all. This is when your Virgo man tends to go distant.

It’s likely he’s ignoring you simply because he’s busy in his “cave” doing his own thing.

If you think this could be the case, it’s best just to give him his space — your own personal “cave” method. Give the man some room, and he should come running back to you after a few days or weeks.

However, if you haven’t heard from him at all after a few weeks, you need to drop him a simple message like: “Hey, I haven’t heard from you for a while, is everything okay ??” That’s simple and easy and should warrant an answer.

If texting isn’t really your game, you’ll be glad to know that I have written a whole guide on how to text a Virgo man the right way. You should really check it out if you want to learn how to play him at his own game.

2. The “Doll-Me-Up” Method

There’s a sad truth about Virgos (one they share with Libras), and that is if you don’t look good, they will often lose interest.

It does not mean you have to be tall and thin a la Kendall Jenner or have flawless curves like J-Lo. However, your Virgo man needs to see you put some effort into the way you look, especially when you are with him, otherwise, he may start ignoring you in favor of finding someone who looks after herself better.

I know that’s a hard pill to swallow, but you have to make the effort. If you can’t get your hair and nails done, that’s okay! Give yourself an at-home mani-pedi, and wash and condition your hair with something sweet-smelling that leaves it soft and tangle-free.

Your clothes don’t need to be expensive — they just have to fit well and look good. A little bit of aerobic exercise every morning won’t hurt either. Buy a perfume that you love and is affordable, and spray on just a touch before you see him.

Taking care of yourself will feel great, and your Virgo man will start noticing the difference, too — even if he doesn’t say anything. This is a super empowering way to get your Virgo man to stop ignoring you!

3. The “Humble” Method

Perhaps your Virgo man is ignoring you because you had a big fight and you went a bit over the top and said or did something particularly cruel and now your Virgo man is mad!

If this happens, it’s almost like a lightning bolt has just struck the relationship, and you both need time to recover.

However, it’s really important to let go of your ego, become humble, and call him. You need to apologize and let him know that you were in the wrong (if you were) and explain that you won’t let it happen again.

BUT, if you cheated on him, not only did you hurt his pride, but he now looks at you differently — like you’re promiscuous — and that’s a big deal to a Virgo. In order to patch that one up, you need to give him a few weeks of alone time, and then sincerely apologize.

If he is in love with you, he should forgive you, but a part of his heart will always be broken, so hopefully, you never end up in this situation!  It can take a really long time for your Virgo man to get over this one!

4. The “Social Media Fun” Method

If you find that your Virgo man is ignoring you, simply go out and “get a life” and show what you are doing the best way you know how — through social media.

If he is connected to you through Instagram and Facebook, that’s great!

You need to look your best, get together with friends, go to the gym, go dancing, read a fantastic book, watch a fabulous Netflix series, start cooking — and post ALL of this.

When he sees you having a lot of fun, he is going to feel like he is missing out, and you’ll probably hear from him shortly.

Two tips, though: don’t overdo it by posting multiple times a day, and be careful when posting pictures of you with other guys (make sure the pictures don’t look sexual in any way).

If it’s just you and a good-looking male friend laughing over an innocent lunch, your Virgo man is going to feel a twang of jealousy and will probably contact you very soon!

5. The “Good Communication” Method

Sure, if your Virgo man is ignoring you, it can really hurt. But sometimes, the best thing to do is just have an open conversation with him about it. Remember your Virgo man is mercurial, he enjoys a good conversation and being able to problem solve!

However, don’t do this straight away; wait at least seven days before reaching out to him because you want to give him the space to breathe and figure out how he is feeling.

DON’T lay it all out over text or give him the ominous “we need to talk.” This is one phrase that will make him run a million miles away — FAST! Instead, send him a gentle message like: “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while, and I would love to catch up. Can I come over?”

If he says yes, go over there and settle down and relax. Once relaxed, you can just mention to him that you have noticed that he’s gone really quiet, and you would just like to know what’s going on. Let him speak without interrupting, and listen to everything he has to say. Hopefully, everything is good and he just needs time.

Well, there you have it — the best ways to respond when a Virgo man ignores you. Your relationship should be back on track any day now! Just continue trying out a bunch of my methods, but also remember when to let go.

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How To Make A Virgo Man Feel Guilty For Ignoring You?

It is not advisable to try to make a Virgo man feel guilty for ignoring you. Attempting to manipulate someone’s emotions, including guilt, is not a healthy or productive way to address conflicts.

Instead, focus on open and honest communication about how their actions or words have affected you. Express your feelings calmly and assertively, using “I” statements to avoid sounding accusatory.

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Why Your Virgo Man Isn’t Texting You…

It can be frustrating to send your Virgo man a text message and not get a response for hours, or even days.

You might start feeling anxious or questioning if he even cares about you at all.

But the truth is, Virgo men are wired differently from other zodiac signs, and following generic dating advice may not work with them.

That’s why I’m here to share with you three simple texts that a Virgo man can’t resist and can’t ignore.

When you know what to say and how to say it, you’ll capture his heart and get a quick and loving reply every time.

Don’t risk losing your Virgo man by treating him like any other guy. Learn how to text him in a way that speaks to his unique personality and desires.

Trust me, with these three simple texts, he will be putty in your hands.

>> So go check out what I mean here now and keep your Virgo man in your life forever.

xoxo, Anna

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75 thoughts on “What Is The Best Thing To Do When A Virgo Man Is Distant Or Ignores You?

  1. I was talking to a virgo guy and we agreeded to meet and we was liming and had some drinks and i acted on my emotions and when in bed with him. He messaged me the next day and when i replied he never messaged back again and he was online but he didnt read my message. But i know he just messaged just to say ok he messaged. He didnt message because he was thinking of me.Has he gotten turned off from me because of what i did?

    1. Hi Crystal!

      Virgo men have very high standards and tend to prefer women who do not dive into bed with them right away. They typically will only do this themselves if they’re intoxicated but even then sometimes they still don’t. He is probably embarrassed that he even did it. My thought is that he’s probably judging you. I’m sorry to say it but if he still isn’t talking much to you then he’s having a hard time getting past that. You can try to continue a friendship with him and see where it goes but if he’s that torn up over it then you may want to keep your own options open.

  2. Hello. I messaged you several months ago. I’ve been seeing a married Virgo man and I am a married cancer woman. I ordered your books and they were very helpful. I also had our charts done. We are so very compatible. I am still quite confused. I am crazy about him. He very slowly is developing feelings of some sort for me. I am in the process of leaving my husband. Virgo and I have seen each other for 5 months now. But for 2 weeks he is very distant. Barely talking to me. I thought reassuring him he has nothing to do with my separation would help. Which is true btw. Texts me things like he wants to see me, but never responds when I text him ok, I’m free. I’m not sure if this is a space thing, a loss of interest or if I made him angry. I feel like I’ve been pushy so I don’t want to over do it or bug him about it. What should I do?

    1. Hi April!

      I think he is probably just really nervous about everything going on. Don’t panic yet honey. Hang in there and keep doing what you’ve been doing. If he loves you then he’s not going anywhere even when he may not respond or initiate at times. Cold feet is a normal thing for Virgo men.

  3. I still love my baby father that Virgo man . We had a baby and we are to far from each other…I just want to be he’s friend for are baby.. I don’t know what happened suddenly he doesn’t want to see even video call are baby…just wondering do he never care about his own child? …

    1. Hi Vic!

      I wish you could give you a definitive answer on that. It hurts my own heart to know he doesn’t want to interact with his baby. All you can do is be you and continue taking care of your child. If he loves the baby or still cares for you then he’ll come around but if he’s trying to cut ties then you may end up staying a single mother until you find someone else that is willing to pick up the slack that he dropped. I’m so very sorry you got a bad seed.

  4. I know a virgo man for four months. I am a Taurus woman he is my class mate first when we met he was just casually flirting with me but in social media he was acting casual ….like we are just friends. It’s okk for me . he told me that he has a girlfriend …..but in few days when I observed him he was upset not because of I don’t know what was the reason until he told me his feelings about being neglected by his close friends, I was upset for him but somehow happy that he shared his feelings with me. Then we turn into close friends. ….for 2 weeks he chat with me regularly ,gave me a name and all that…..but then I don’t know what happened he start to pull him away from me ……when he was upset I asked him the reason but he told me nothing. …when we met in our batch he was ignoring me……even now he is ignoring me …..I don’t know the reason but it’s very frustrating. ….by his affection and caring personality I was starting liking him…..but now he is just flirting with some other girls in front of me…..it’s very disrespect full for me…..I don’t know what to do now……for my stabborn nature I can’t ignore him .

    1. Hi Moitri! It sounds like the Virgo man you are talking about only wants friendship and perhaps when he started feeling like you wanted more or that you had feelings for him, he decided he had better back off so that you don’t get the wrong impression anymore. It could also be that he has a lot going on in his world and since you are not his girlfriend, he doesn’t feel compelled to tell you what all he is going through. Virgo men are complicated and can swing back and forth with their thoughts versus their feeling regularly. He’s confused therefore doesn’t make any sense with you either. Perhaps it would help you to learn more about the Virgo man so that you can try to make more sense of what he’s doing or why. Please check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  5. I am so in love with my Virgo man since 1993 he was a player back then and he hurt my heart very very bad and I have went off the deep end ever since then always find guys abusing me using me. Recently we hooked up through a friend of mine who was married to his brother unfortunately the guy I’m in love with has in 12 years of prison time and is getting ready to get out in January of 2019. This guy I thought would never ever give me a chance to talk to me but he did want to talk to me and we are just head over heels for each other you had good conversations but he isn’t that open but he does answer when he can and he’s the most romantic and explains how he’ll be romantic and has gave me romance stories of imagination in detail he tells me he loves me all the time. Twice I have said a few things that upset him and it really wasn’t about him it kind of was because as I am a Scorpio who started feeling just a bit jealousy because there was never any conversation about any other woman just things I was reading online and got to my mind and I did not want to question him so it make me look like I was possessive so I guess the things that I wrote to him was kind of making him feel like it was his fault and I’ve been reading the last couple weeks about the astrology and the characteristics of a Virgo and for myself and I’ve been learning a whole lot. After that second one and ignoring me once again not calling me not emailing me through their system I was freaking out and thought I lost them I cried nonstop for days did eat sleep he finally said and for the last time he was not going to do this again and stop playing with his freaking mind I didn’t think I was playing with his mind only just sharing my thoughts we’ll just a few days ago after he got off of a week of lockdown he was so happy we had a great conversation and he said he was going to call me back and I didn’t hear from him for 2 days and then I heard from him and everything seems to be fine so out of curiosity I had asked and him in a nice manner if everything was okay with him and he told me what was going on but as me as I am I keep going back and forth with little stupid thoughts and usually when I get like that I do always push people away now I think I will commit suicide if I lose this guy cuz I feel like I cannot live without him in my life and I have a chance to have him and now I am ruining that chance so I tried so hard to do things and say things for that not to get in the way I messaged him a few things because I was having some of them doubtful feelings again but didn’t say that to him I just kind of put up a guard and in five sentences told him that I wouldn’t let nobody mess with my head that’s I play a game a Chess strategically and I could be the worst nightmare for the best dream but did I did not use his and also because right before that I had a roommate that I was having problems with and then that couple sentences I had threw her in there saying she played with her and Fire as to make it look like I was talking about her. It is going on 3 days now and I have not heard from him no text no call I am so scared to death and I have no idea what to do and I really want to fix this so much can you please help me I’ve only sent him one or two messages trying to take other sites advice and give him a little space but I’m afraid also that if I give him too much space who think I don’t care I’m so confused I can’t stop crying and I will not live without him please help me what I could say what I can text him when should I text him thank you Christine a very heartbroken woman

    1. Hi Christine! That’s quite a story with your Virgo man situation. You must have commented on this sometime back now that it’s nearly March of 2019. Virgo men can be very cold and callous when they are hurt or angry. It takes them awhile to think things over and figure out if it’s something they can get over or if they want to walk away to find another way forward for themselves. If you’re saying you cannot live without him, I think you probably need to learn more about yourself and learn to work on your own path instead of depending on someone else to provide your happiness. Happiness comes from within ourselves, not from others. However, there may be some useful information for you to learn more about the Virgo man if you’d like to check it out. Take a look at my book “Virgo Man Secrets” and perhaps there is information you can use to help you understand your guy a bit better as well as how you should take care of yourself as well.

  6. I am a Virgo Man dealing with a libra Lady and I hate this relationship and I hate narcissistic people full of drama

  7. am in love with a virgo man since 2016,nd he started as if he have feelings for me before he travelled to another country.we always chat nd also make phone calls then nd he do tell me to reject nd tell any guy that ask me out that am his gf.i did what he said bc i fell in love with him too nd i love him so much,but at the ending of 2018 he stopped replying my text nd he hardly pick my calls even now.am a pisces girl nd am very emotional too but dont know why he is acting like that pls i need ur advice cuz i think i cant live without him.

    1. Hi Ruth!

      It sounds like your guy is either very busy and is just having a hard time juggling everything on his plate OR he’s lost interest for some reason. The only way you’re going to find out though is by straight out asking him why he isn’t speaking to you and if he’s still interested. I think you’ll get your answer. If he still doesn’t answer then that’s his way of letting you go. I hope the best for you though Ruth!

  8. So it’s a Virgo guy I’m interested in at my job. He’s very attractive, very quiet. I never really said too much of anything to him because I thought I was g his type. We ended up having a small convo and ended up meeting at his home, from what we talked about he’s very nice, very sweet, and we don’t share that many common interest but he did display some sort of interest in me. He has told me that he’s busy a lot and rarely on his phone, we had an intimate moment, he invited me out on the next day for a date and I really enjoyed my weekend with him. Now he hasn’t said anything since the weekend we both said we had a good time, I’ve reached out to him twice and got nothing. He hasn’t said much to me at work and I haven’t either. The other day I kinda chased after him outside of work to ask if he was okay? I was told hes fine and I told him I tried to reach out to him twice and he said he didn’t see anything. But I know he did. Upset that he lied I haven’t tried to reach out again and I’m kinda hurt that he lied about seeing my messages. But why is he ignoring me after we agreed our weekend was fun. What did I do?

    1. Hi Sassy! I don’t think you did anything wrong sweetheart. Virgo men are complicated and can come off sometimes as “unreachable” or “untouchable”. They do this to protect themselves from getting hurt. These men seem like they have a giant ego when actually, they’re quite critical of themselves and can feel insecure about how other people see them. This can make them awkward or not know how to talk to someone in the proper way. It might help you to learn more about Virgo men. Perhaps it will help you wrap your head around what happened, who he is, and what he wants. Perhaps things are not as “over” as you think.

  9. I need advice
    I have had a huge crush on my Virgo boss for quite a while now,and I can swear he feels same to,his nicer to me than everybody else,we have great connections,long conversations,and interesting chemistry.such that everyone around us sees this and think we are an item,this went on for months and I couldn’t hold back my feelings and decided to let him know…he didn’t say yes that he felt same way,and didn’t say no either but has become much more open to me and tell things he might not have told a random friend,I decided to find out if he had a girlfriend and he said yes,but I haven’t really seen or noticed any unusual excitement cus we spend the day together at the office,his response didn’t affect how he treated me,everything seemed same,until few days back he told me she was coming over and he won’t be available to me for the weekend,he has been a bit distant for the first time..am so scared and really wish his joking and testing me…are there chances of breakup with his gf as they are just 5months together according to him…I sincerely find true happiness with him

    1. Hi Suchi! If he has a girlfriend already then your Virgo man not be really open to you. Even if he’s nice and flirts with you, he’s not going to give you any stability or commitment unless things do end with his current relationship. You shouldn’t try to interfere though because if you do, he may end up doing something uncharacteristic such as sleeping with you and then blowing you off thus hurting you badly. I don’t think that’s worth the risk. There is much more you should learn about Virgo men before trying to go any further with him.

  10. I dating a virgo man. It feels heaven and hell. I don’t know how to keep up with him. He always thinks he is right. Won’t apologize. he is screaming and insult me in public. He doesn’t reply. I tried to be strong and make him happy and i cant so i told him everything that is wrong with him. Well, he hated it for sure. I do love him but the hurt is too much. I think i’d break up with him because i can’t take it anymore. I will have to hurt him.

    1. Tha is not because he is Virgo it is because he is an immature pr*ck! The other reason is because you tolerate that behavior witch it doesn’t make him happier either or have any respect for you so he can’t fall for you.

    2. Hi Llala! Thank you for sharing your complicated situation with Virgo man. They are frustrated because most people do not understand them. They tend to criticize other people because they have a hard time reconciling with themselves. They seem confident and sometimes egotistical but truthfully, they’re vulnerable and they’re insecure. They then project their feelings about themselves onto others. They are wounded people who need a delicate touch. You telling him what all his flaws have probably exacerbated the situation, I’m sure. Of course, he’s not going to like that. He’s more critical of himself than you ever could be, that much I can guarantee. There is so much that someone needs to know about Virgo before they can properly form a successful relationship. It might be worth it to you to know more. If you’d like, you should check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  11. He added me up on social media 2017,we started chatting and became really cool friends. At a point he told me he wants a relationship with me but of course i took that to be a joke.
    He asked me out for a date and tried having sex with me on the first day we met which i refused. Since then he’s been cold. Giving me a one word answer anytime we chat. He still likes my pictures though

    I strongly feel he might be putting me through some kinda test right now. I know virgos are like that. They tend to be picky when choosing a partner. They crave for perfection and any woman they date should be perfect for them.
    I’ve decided to give him time, let him be for now,no chats, no calls.
    But am scared if he might never contact me again

    1. Hi Brenda, it’s alright for you to reach out to your Virgo guy too. You don’t have to wait for him to reach out first. Communication is very important when trying to form a bond with a Virgo. That being said, you might try to kick things up a bit by suggesting getting together to spend some time having fun. It’s good you didn’t sleep with him on the first day because you definitely don’t want to give him the impression you would be up for a “friends with benefits” situation. Also, Virgo men like women with self-control because it shows they have a good moral system. There is so much to know about the fascinating Virgo man. If you’d like, you can take a look and learn more in my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  12. Hey, all I need some advice,
    I met a lovely Virgo Libra Cusp man ( Virgo Moon) online. I’m a Leo Sun Capricorn Moon. He pursued me, I obliged. We’ve been talking for just over 2 months now and dating/intimate for 2 months. Initially, we both had electric chemistry, we text message every few days, he asked me to text me pics of myself to him daily, he cooks dinner for me, we play tennis and enjoy activities together, we both enjoy traveling. I’ve made sure to give him his space, I need my space too. I’ve noticed that he messages only on the days that we have plans to spend time together. He tells me that when we’re together is when he gets to relax. I’ll text him and he’ll respond sometimes 3 days later. I asked him if I was his “Wednesday Girl”. he told me he wasn’t seeing or sleeping with anyone else, yet, the ONLY time we communicate is when we’re in person. After I asked him if I was his Wednesday girl he was no longer “visible” on the online dating site whether he blocked if I can see him or deactivated his online dating profile, I’m not sure. I try to make sure that I don’t pressure him, give him his space, am affectionate, and very respectful as Virgos are very sensitive & very particular signs. He says he doesn’t like to text or talk on the phone…I decided to allow him to set the tone and pace, and I haven’t heard from him for 4 days. I’m not sure of what to make of this. We didn’t have an argument, we established from the beginning that we would be honest with each other. He has been busy, as have I. I have my own life and things going on so I stay busy as well, I can’t help but wonder, it only takes a moment to send a have a great day text. When I’ve text him that, he doesn’t respond for days, so, I stopped. I’m not into forcing or changing anyone. I’ve been out of the dating scene for quite some time. I just need to know if I should just move on. Since we’ve been “dating” we see each other once per week, where we speak in person once per week. Nothing in between. Constructive advice would really be appreciated. If you have any questions please ask.
    Chill Leo

    1. Hi TaMar! Wow, a Virgo/Libra cusp huh? Yeah, that would make him move as slow as a turtle then. Virgo man is already slow-moving because he wants to be totally sure before he commits himself to someone. Libra men are slower because they’re indecisive and want to make sure the person fits into their way of life and future. Either way, this creates a mixture for having to wait things out. It sucks he doesn’t want to text but you can’t force him to either. That being said, you may make mention next time you see him “Even if you only send me a hello text or respond to one of my texts, I’d be thrilled. I love hearing from you between visits”. Perhaps that will get him moving a little bit without feeling pressured. Learn more about the mysterious Virgo man by reading my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  13. Hello,

    I have been seeing a virgo guy casually for 3 months. We never defined the relationship but we were pretty close, I know all about his family and future goals etc. He seemed jealous when I mentioned traveling with another guy friend, he told me he wanted me to communicate with him when something was going on in my life. Overall a great relationship expect for his refusal to define it. I respected his wishes and a few weeks ago when he seemed distant I asked if he needed space a couple of times, he told me he was just busy and we left it at that. Only a few weeks later when I asked him what was wrong again he told me he was upset about me asking him that. We had a huge fight about this and the final text I sent was to tell him my side of the story and why I asked if he needed space (I told him it wasn’t negative in anyway and I saw it as something healthy, he doesn’t agree to this and he already told me this) I got no response to this and finally I asked if he decides agains dating if he will he be friends with me because I don’t want to lose him we were friends first…I still got not response. He did say he wanted to hold off on dating due to a new job and that there is still a possibility that we can go back to how we were but I think the fight has made it worse. I am not contacting him for now…but is there any chance he will comeback after taking some time?

    1. Hi Cap55! I think that what happened here is a difference in communication. I don’t know if there is a cultural difference between you but if there isn’t then there is definitely a difference of how you two talk to each other and how you understand what is being said. There is a loss there and it needs to be fixed. You two have to learn more about one another in order to really get how you should talk properly. He took you asking him about space as you telling him that you need space. See what I mean? He took it the wrong way. Try to apologize to him for the way it came out and explain what you meant. Perhaps he’ll get over it and start talking to you again properly. It takes time to iron out the differences in communication but if love is there, it will smooth out with proper timing.

  14. Hi Anna, I need help. I can’t understand this Virgo guy born in September 14,1996 same age as me as I was born in April 26,1996. This guy he doesn’t seems to care much as I told him I want to see him again but he only wants sex from me which I am not interested in at all. We saw each other one night as I asked him to drop off my card and I told him that I like him and would like to see him again. And also asked him if we are not seeing each other anymore or not. He says he never said that. But later before leaving he gives me a hug and a kiss that’s all. After that day I texted him hey so we are not seeing each other anymore right? He didn’t reply my texts at all. If he doesn’t wants to see me then why doesn’t he deletes me from social media. Why the hugging and kissing even before he left? What does this mean? He isn’t interested in me anymore or he doesn’t wants to see me anymore. Please help.

    1. Hi Suchita!

      If he’s making it clear that it’s only a physical thing between you then he’s essentially letting you know he doesn’t want an actual relationship with you. He’s angling for a “friends with benefits” situation. If you’re not into that you better make that clear to him. A Virgo man who is interested will not make everything about sex. He’ll care more about you and what you bring to his life. Sex will be secondary. He sounds immature or non-committal.

  15. Hi I have a crush on a virgo named Nick Mercado he ignored me in person and text but I have my instincts that he likes me

    1. Hi Jan!

      If he’s ignoring you in person and text then he may not be interested in anything. Even if he likes you, there may be a very valid reason that he isn’t trying to get with you. Maybe he has a girlfriend or he’s holding out for someone, he’s heartbroken, etc. There are a number of reasons. Best thing to do is be honest and tell him you like him and want to see if you two can form something. After you text him that then just let it go. If he wants to, he will contact you. If not then you’ll have to just move on.

  16. oh man i also have a virgo bf.. and it’s exhausting. at first he chased me. we got together very soon. but one time he wanted to meet me in the evening but fell asleep.. that makes me anxious and the next time we met i was pissed at him… i was not angry at him.. only in bad mood. after that he stood me up every time we wanted to meet. later he told me it was his anxiety. he was afraid when we meet again i will be in a bad mood again. So now it’s long distance… he writes a lot but no call from him, he is not asking. I have to ask all the time. My Virgo says a lot but doesn’t act on it…
    Don’t know what I should do.. I’m withdrawing myself from him

    1. Hi Sagittarius!

      Yes, they can be rather exhausting. He’s definitely afraid you’ll be emotionally unstable around him which makes him want to distance himself. That’s pretty typical of a Virgo man. You have to learn how to talk to him without getting so emotional. You have to learn how to wait until you have the answers before you get pissed and blow up. Don’t withdraw from him. Try talking to him and communicating in a proper way so that you two can get along and work through things. Tell him you’d like another chance to see what you two can do together. You have to work on your temper though sweetheart. Virgo men hate drama.

  17. virgo men ae honest most of the time. i had a friendship with one and he is married and lives abroad. but, i said some things out of anger and he hasn’t forgiven me for it. they will ignor you till you go away. truly. and that is life… they fall painfully silent too. and you know it is over… move on…

    they are insecure people… and hard workers and achievement is high for them. and picky. i moved on with hurtful regret… and i did apologize many times and to no avail, no response back. it is over… have to move on…

    1. Hi Susan!

      They are indeed insecure people. They are also self critical and tend to over analyze everything. They think too much and thus causes them to almost be somewhat nuts. They aren’t nuts but they may drive themselves nuts thinking far too much about one thing. Yes, they are also very picky. I’m sorry you had to end up moving on sweetheart. Perhaps he’s just not the one for you. I hope you find what you are looking for and get everything that you really deserve. Blessings!

  18. I like this Virgo guy so much.I’m a Sagittarius woman, and the problem is that I’m married. I told him right away and he wanted out. But we keep texting from time to time. But he just disappears and then comes back a few days later or weeks later. We planned on seeing each other but we haven’t fixed a date yet What should I do?

    1. Hi Sagittarius01!

      If you’re still married then your Virgo interest may not get involved with you. It won’t sit well with his morals. He will struggle with it, feel guilty, etc all without having gone out with you. He is very mental and will think about this over and over to a point where he’ll push you back or drop contact with you. If you are unhappy in your marriage then you need to fix it or get out then perhaps your Virgo crush will come back around for you guilt free. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  19. hi, I like this virgo man with whom I have had a telephonic relationship for almost six months now. I keep asking him to do a video call (he obliged just once) and kept making excuses saying he is lazy and laidback. We have discussed a long term relationship and he texts a greeting everyday. Since we are also long distance and different countries, he finds it difficult to stay awake and has a tough job. I just feel frustrated with none of my requests being met – video calls, regular calls simple things that I ask for. I am now feeling neglected

    1. HI Aquarius-pisces cusp

      If he won’t have a video chat with you then he is either lying about who he is or he doesn’t want you to see his environment (marriage, kids, etc). There is a reason he won’t do it and you should see that as a red flag. That’s great he texts daily but if you want more with him, he’s going to have to step out of the box and do something about it. If he isn’t willing to do that then he isn’t really interested in what you want. A man who is interested will do anything they can to see you, Virgo is no different. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  20. Hi There, i am a Sagittarius woman. Virgo man perused me via text we talked for about 3 months told me he was looking for a serious relationship and I said I was too so after talking a while it was fire fun and I loved it I fell for him and I slept with him. It was great for me however the next day he didn’t text me it’s been days like this he just doesn’t communicate much. And when we were in the talking stage he was texting me non stop. I used to be very confident of myself and now I feel so shy now and i can’t seem to get over him. I pulled back because I wanted to stop talking to him because I feel like I’m always there for him and he doesn’t do anything for me. But yet he doesn’t let me go and occasionally still textes me. What should I do? If he textes me should I completely ignore him now or should I confront him? I have t confront him because I am afraid of what he might say may hurt my feelings.. I know it shouldn’t be a great deal but I am so into him I almost feel pathetic. Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate it.

    1. Hi Virgo man!

      Honey he needs to crap or get off the toilet. He cannot have it both ways. Tell him to make a choice as to what he wants because it hurts your feelings when he’s not talking to you. Tell him the truth and you’ll get an answer from him whether he wants to make it work or if he wants out. Don’t keep doing this to yourself. Find out what you need to find out. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  21. Hello.

    I recently reconnected with a virgo man a met at a concert 8 years ago. I’m in the middle of a relationship im not happy which I will be breaking up soon. The virgo guy is in same situation but we never talked about breaking up with our current partners. We chatted on messenger. Come to find out he was curious about me. And I the same. Finally planned a trip to meet up and he is so nice and we have a lot of same likes and I cooked him a nice meal. It was 3 days of spending time with him at his house. I left that Thursday and communicated till Friday. Although my last text to him he didn’t respond back. The question was general not personal. It’s now monday and no call or text. I realize he spends time with his girlfriend on weekends. Should I be worried of no communication from him? Also, trying to word it in a way if he is interested in me without scaring him away. I’m fine with getting to know him etc. For the fact I’m getting out of a 6 yrs relationship. Thanks!

    1. Hi S gill!

      You probably should have some healing down time… both of you before you dive into a relationship after ending it with others. It’s just good to clear the energy and baggage before moving forward. Virgo men don’t always respond to texts either so don’t be alarmed. They may only answer if you leave it with a question for him to answer. It’s odd but that’s what they do. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  22. Hi Anna,

    I texted with a Virgo guy over 6 months without any call before. After 6 months we had our first date. After the date he didn’t text me in anyways – not even a thanks for the date! After 3 weeks I texted him and he just replied very normal and kind and said he got a meeting and will text me later definitely back and promises me. Know it’s November and didn’t hear anything from him but he is still following me on social media.. what do you think is the Problem? The date was really nice and we had really good conversation and I would never thought that it will be come like this ..

    1. Hi Sarah!

      He isn’t interested enough in you sweetheart. If he was, he would reach out and make it known that he’s into you. He was slightly interested just enough to go out with you and text you but he must have decided that it’s not going to work. Virgo men are extremely picky. If he was into you, he’d be reaching out and making time for you. Perhaps you need to know more about Virgo. If you’d like to learn more about the Virgo man, please read “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  23. Hey Anna, I’ve been seeing this virgo man for 5 months now. We started off seeing eachother like 5 times a week staying with eachother, texting a lot and it was good he was consistent and then we have had quite a few arguments but always really bounced back. we’ve gone on holiday together and before we went on holiday things were good really consistent and the holiday was good and after the holiday we made it clear to eachother we were exclusive. since being back we have barely spoken, i mean like we kind of have spoken pretty much everyday but very little like 1-2 messages and it’s been me reaching out a lot. we made it clear again 2 days ago that we were exclusive and saw eachother that day, he’s still seemed a bit distant i know his probably got a lot going on maybe with his baby mum too and i just feel like i don’t know what to do now or how his feeling. we’ve still been seeing eachother and still talk to eachother so i don’t know if he needs some space or

    1. Hi Kaya!

      Virgo men actually need a bit of personal space and time. If they don’t get it, they get cranky and pull back. I don’t think anything is wrong honey. I think that he needs to deal with whatever it is he has going on. He’s already made it clear he’s exclusive with you so that take that to heart. Just be patient and you’ll see where things land honey. If you’d like to learn more about the Virgo man, please read “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  24. Hello!

    I met a Virgo man over social media and texted him that I liked his profile he replied the same and asked to further discuss some topics later.. I texted him 2 weeks after about setting up a time to discuss it he agreed and decided on a time! the time and day came and he never communicated and I got busy as well so I apologized for forgetting and he asked to set up another time the day after I agreed and texted him okay lets talk on the specified date he never replied or opened my message … if he was not interested why waste my time and his by setting up fake times?

    1. Hi Katrina!

      My guess is that he set the times fully intending to spend time with you but then got scared and backed out. I would message him and ask him what his deal is. Be very honest with him and ask him what his intention is and tell him what yours is. This will help open up the air ways and you two can decide from there if there is hope or if you should give up. For more tips, check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  25. Hi I met a Virgo man online and we hit it off from the start. He wanted to meet me so we had dinner and talked. He made comments on how beautiful I am and that he’s not looking for something quick, he wants something permanent. He was very relaxed at dinner, his eyes and attention were always on me, and it went great. He knew I was tired from work all day so he walked me to my car and he made a comment on how I don’t like kissing a guy with facial hair lol (I break out bad kissing someone with facial hair) we both laughed and hugged goodbye. I texted him when I got home to let him know I’m safe..we talked for a few mins. I texted him the next day but didn’t hear from him until that night saying he slept all day because of being up all night with his kid.the following day i sent his a good morning text and realized he didn’t responded at all. I decided to
    Text him to say that if he no longer wanted to talk anymore I understand if he’s not interested. He responded that was not the case at all and he has a lot going on right now. That was a week ago and we haven’t talked since. Any advice because I’m at a loss for words

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Virgo men tend to be very busy guys and I don’t think he’s blowing you off. He is being genuine by telling you that. If you have expectation for him to text you a lot then you probably need to let go of that. Virgo men are old fashioned and tend to not text very much. In fact some of them despise cell phones even if they have them. They like talking via phone or even better, face to face. So don’t be discouraged when he doesn’t text back right away or at all. If he wasn’t interested, he would never reply to you again no matter how much you text him. If he’s saying he IS interested then believe him. Check out more help in my series “Virgo Man Secrets” the books.

  26. I’m a capricorn woman and my virgo potential partner has been distant for a couple of days. He’s been an excellent communicator up til now. We’ve had two dates, and one incredible night together. He even was honest and told me he was having a rough bout of depression and in a dark place. He said that he promised he isn’t ghosting me or anything and he promised that he would talk to me about it when he got through his depression. I honestly think I am overthinking this but I just need to know. He told me that he kept thinking one day he would wake up and meeting me would be a dream and I feel the same. We both connect intellectually, emotionally, physically, and we value all of the same things. We even jokingly said we are a copy/paste of one another because of how similar we are. I’m pretty sure he’s isolating himself because he admitted he’s scared because he thinks I have everything together (surprise I’m the conductor on the hot mess express) and I always look good. I just want to dress nicely for him so he can be like “yeah that girl is mine” Am I overthinking? Am I capricorning? Please give me the best advice you can!

  27. Hi ..I am a leo women n my fiancee a Virgo..we met 2.5yr back..n decided to get married in 6months..n got engaged 2yrs back..both doctors he is into active covid duties..n for past 2yrs we are in a long distance relationship..n for the past 1 to 1.5yrs he hardly communicates with me..we were supposed to get married in last year n due to ac his active duties it got postponed..n everytime I ask him the reason for this non communication from him…n he hardly picks my calls after calling like 4 to6times..never calls me back n curtly reply my texts to call me saying jst a “no”.he always says he is busy with work..n I even asked him if he wants to marry me..n even told I can’t take so much of negligence..n his reply “was I want to marry u..n there is no change in my decision..but if u really are finding it difficult to adjust u can take the decision urself to end n I will respect that..n now for the next 3months I will be very busy with work..n there is no guarantee of being free even after that..” in an angry tone.n most of the time nhe behaves as if he has no interest..n when he visited his parents for 10days..he hardly made an effort to contact or let alone visit me though my pace is 8hrs drive by road from his parental home….what am. I supposed to do..is he really into me n want this relationship or is he trying to end this .but since he doesn’t want to take the blame on him for ending this ..n is he saying this because of that

  28. Hi, I’m a Virgo girl, I can’t believe I’m doing this because I’m usually very analytical, to the point of being stressed.
    I have my friend who is also a Virgo like me, we are both the same age, he always writes me with heart emojis, he is cute, he wishes me a good day, sometimes he writes me small messages in quantity to answer him, he is a good boy and we are in an RPG, in which we are both kittens. (He likes cats, I don’t, but he doesn’t know).
    Today, it is 7 days, in which I have NOT received a response from him, (we usually respond late, between 4 days) but on the second or third day, I shared in my activities the capture of the message that a friend wrote me: happy having met me, which meant a lot to him, among other things.
    After so much thinking, today I just came to the deduction that may he have entered my profile, he looked at what I shared and got angry somehow.
    As a Virgo girl, I admit that I get jealous when my boyfriend or the boy I like does things with other guys, but why would he (my friend) be angry? we are nothing, just friends.
    Please answer my question, I know everything about my sign, but sometimes I need an answer.
    I still haven’t gotten over my ex Taurus, I still love him, that’s why I don’t start anything with anyone because he would be lying to me, and nobody knows this, only my parents and brother.
    In any case, my friend, why don’t he put the things in my face? he is from Sep 20, he would have a little Libra with him right? my brother is Libra and he is direct with his girlfriend, why doesn’t my friend say the things that he really wants to say? (But I am aware that I am not saying things either, because I would already be saying: Why don’t you answer my message? I did something to make you upset? Speak up! But I don’t, I’m shy and I would never do that. I don’t know why I care so much what he feels so that he does not speak to me until now).

    1. Hi Xannah!

      It sounds like your Virgo friend thought maybe there was something more between you than there was. You should try asking him those questions and see if he answers you. He might have a moon or rising sign that makes him a bit more reluctant to speak out or tell you what he thinks. Ask him something like “Is everything alright my friend?”. If you’d like to know more about how different Virgo men are from the Virgo women, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets!

  29. Hi, I am a Aquarius girl, I was talking to a Virgo for two and a half months. Things were going very good, he was calling, texting, checking up on me etc. Then one day he received a message from a person in my past, immediately after the text was sent I stopped hearing from him. It’s been exactly a month since I heard from him. I sent a apology message and a “I miss you message”. Is it too soon? Will he come back? I really did like him!

    1. Hi Yana!

      It sounds like something about that situation really turned him off and now he doesn’t know if he wants to still pursue things with you. I’m not sure what was said but it affected him enough that he just went dead cold. I think that your apology and the I miss you text was all you could really do. There is no way to know if he will come back or not. Virgo men are unpredictable sweetheart. You might need to read more on them via my books on Virgo Man Secrets.

  30. My Virgo guy and I met online and fell in love. We started making plans for the future. We wanted to eventually marry. He has an important job and is dedicated to that which I understand but he became less and less attentive to me and of course because of the distance between us my insecurities went up high. I started to think things I shouldn’t. This has become an issue between us. The last time it happened, I know he got pretty angry. I told him I was really sorry and we talked a little bit, but after that he’s quit communicating. And it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve heard from him. I’ve tried sending messages…but nothing. Is he through with me? Walking away without saying goodbye!?

    1. Hi Chloe!

      A Virgo man cannot commit via online. They may get excited and think that’s what they want but when things start getting real, they realize they do not know their partner well enough to make commitments like this and they pull back. This is likely why he’s gotten more distant with you. It’s necessary to meet in person and spend time together otherwise it will not work with Virgo. I can’t say he’s done with you but maybe you need to give him more time to come back around. Try pulling back a bit and let him experience missing you. That may be the ticket to win his affection back. If you want to know more about this mysterious sign, check out out my book. You might enjoy it!

  31. I’m an Aquarius woman. I Started dating a Virgo man. From the beginning he seriously pursued me but a few weeks into dating I freaked out and made a comment that we most likely won’t continue dating when he travels back home (he lives abroad but travels to my city regularly and spoke about flying me to him as he has the means to do so). I retracted my statement but I think by then it already stung him. He then ignored me for 2 days until I apologised to him and let him know I respect him and want to continue dating but I got scared of my emotions but I am serious about him. I told him that if he doesn’t respond I’ll respect he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, but he broke his silence and called me. Unfortunately I missed the call but when we finally did speak I could see he was guarded. I kept the conversation light but made sure to briefly mention that I meant what I said and I was just afraid. Today I messaged him good morning but he ignored it. I’m not sure if he needs time to process or he’s done.

    1. Hi Sn123!

      I think he needs time. Even if your comment wasn’t something you meant, it planted a seed of doubt in his mind. He’s thinking about it and over thinking about it. Give him a bit of time sweetheart. You will have to work harder now to prove to him that it was a slip of tongue. Make yourself vulnerable to him about this. Tell him that you were scared because you don’t want your heart broken. Tell him that you care for him so much already that you’re terrified that he’ll get tired of you. Open up honey. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  32. Hello Anna,

    I need some advice. I’ve been seeing a Virgo man since Oct 2021. He and I were platonic friends since 2018. In 2021, I hadn’t seen him in a long time and realized he was such a great, handsome guy so I crossed the line- boom- more than friends. He gave me a hint that night that he got out of a relationship or was seeing a woman recently. Anyway I saw that he was distant since the beginning and very jealous and insecure, all the things I been reading about Virgos online now smh. We have gotten to know each other more closely now little by little. I’m not getting everything I want out of him but it has been progressing as I have been patient and flexible. Things were starting to go real well and then a month ago we had a huge blow out fight. He was criticizing about my business management (I have my own business) and my personal spending and I went crazy. I was sooo upset and went off on him. Frankly, what I said was all true, he did not like it and he said some very hurtful things to me also. Like bad things, I’m a single mother. Anyway since the fight, neither of us have contacted. It took me a month to not be upset anymore, now I’m at home been crying. I won’t contact him. He disrespected me bad. I don’t know if he will contact me but I miss him. Don’t know how to cope with this. I’m a Capricorn woman. Thank you.

    1. Hi Liz!

      Ouch… Virgo and Capricorn aren’t always the best for one another. You’re both strong headed and set in your own ways. See how you won’t reach out to him? I think you should and I think you should call him out on the hurtful things that you said to you. Tell him that both of you were angry but it hurt you a lot. Ask him flat out if there is still a chance for you two to work it out or not. If you don’t contact him then I don’t know whether he will reach out or not. Virgo men are sometimes VERY unpredictable. I do think you should take care of yourself though either way sweetheart. I wish you nothing but the best!

      1. Hi Anna,

        Need some advice.

        Met up with a Virgo male ex after many many years of not seeing or talking to each other. Contacted him first but he delayed acting on my offer to go out first opting to ask many questions on why I have contacted him now. The questions were understandable as a lot of time had passed but I was not the one who ended the relationship in the first place and so always had him in my heart. He then contacted me a few weeks later out of nowhere and asked to meet up. The date went well I was nervous but felt like I belonged. He wanted to hang out a bit longer but I had work so had to finish the night earlier than I wanted too also.

        After the evening out I never heard from him again and a week had passed but I was not worried as I needed time to process what had happened. Although I never expected us to jump into a relationship after the first meet up I did feel like my dreams had come back true and may have a chance to slowly build a friendship again that might lead to a genuine lasting future together. After the week had passed I sent a text saying I enjoyed our time together and would he be interested to doing it again. I was nervous on the date day and although I seemed super happy and confident I was not satisfied all of new me was met and wanted to share more about older me and learn even more about him. He replied that he had a good time too, liked who I had become but no to a second meet up as he does not want to lead me on.

        I was always going to take my time and not throw myself at him as fast moving is also not my style. But once I read the message I panicked as it sounded so final. I told him I wanted for us to get to know each again and see where it would lead. But if he did not want that I would still respect his decision. (Message was longer but that was the basis of it). Obviously I had no reply at all but after two weeks I got a missed call from his number which I only saw an hour after it happened (which I honestly believe now it was an accident from his side) so messaged to clarify if it was intentional and he did not respond at all.

        I am devastated as all my intentions are genuine and I am super loyal. On the date he kept asking me if my intentions were to get revenge as he dumped me years ago and moved on with another and had a family. This comment hurt me as I am not even that sort of character and would never think this way. So much time has passed that I do not have any hate for him but still have the same love for him after all these years.

        What can I do?

        I never write on public websites for advice but I see positive reviews about you. l have always believed myself and the Virgo man in question are a super match but he never chooses me.

        1. Dear Capricorn Woman,
          Virgo can get irritated at how stubborn Capricorn can be, and Capricorn will wish that Virgo would stop talking once in a while, but you are quick to make up as both of you need a cooperative environment and will stop at nothing to achieve it.
          To me, it looks like he has been checking your pulse, but still cannot comprehend why you want him back in your life. The reasoning about this makes him wonder. This is the language he gets, but you left him speechless. Try answering these questions:
          Do you feel like you are chasing him and do you feel you need to beg him to stay?
          If so, then you need to know your worth. Save space for people who matter.
          Accept what cannot be changed and leave what isn’t for you.
          You deserve someone who thinks you are too important to lose.
          Best of luck to you!

  33. Hi Anna,
    I am not a young woman, but in my early 60’s as is he. I am a Taurus and he is Virgo.
    We met several years ago, it was too soon after my long time partner passed away and this brief relationship ended because I was not ready for the physical side of it.
    A couple of years later, he contacted me out of the blue & we began talking about what had happened and filled in the two year gap, but we were just friends, close friends that spent holidays together but had seperate rooms. It was also a long distance relationship of about 200 miles apart but seen each other one weekend a month but talked almost daily. We were getting along well and doing okay for three years, until he suggested we have a proper relationship together. I had wanted that all along, but wanted to wait until he said he wanted that too instead of just our friendship. Less than a year later my mother passed away and my need to care for her had now ended and six weeks later, he suggested that we live together. He would keep his present job and travel to me at the weekend and when he had no work on ( he has a zero hours contract). This was fine, as even if we did not live 200 miles apart, the very nature of his job means he would have to live away from home during the week anyway.
    It was almost four months later, December 2019 and there was talk of the Covid lockdowns ending and we could finally travel outside of our immediate area. Everything appeared to still be going alright for us both and we were looking forward to living together as soon as the restrictions were lifted. However, within a few weeks – New years Eve, he sent me a text message wishing me a Happy New Year and that was the last I heard from him for over 4 months. There had been no disagreement, fights or anything to cause this, not even overexcitement. After trying to get a reply to text messages, phone calls and emails without results over a 4 month period, I became increasingly concerned about him. I had occassionally experienced the hours or even days of silence, but not this long without a response, so I contacted his sister who I didn’t know to ask if she had heard from him recently and if he was ok. I then had to explain who I was, as she knew nothing of me other than what Mr Virgo had told her several months before, that he was getting married after Covid to someone that sounded very strangely like a description of me including my career. At the time I contacted her, Mr Virgo was still in contact with her also, and explained that he was fine. She asked me why I though he wasn’t and I told her what had happened, that we had plans to move in together but now since New Years Eve silence. I told her I was worried about him, that I had thought he might have had Covid or in Hospital, and if he had died, no-one would know to tell me. I also told her something else that perhaps I shouldn’t have told her, about a medical thing that had been on his mind and worrying him. I told her that he was worried about the erectile Dysfunction (ED) that he had been diagnosed with several months before the Covid lockdowns & perhaps this was why he broke off our relationship the way he did. Unfortunately, she asked him about the ED and he denied having it, yet sent me a text that he was done with me because I contacted his sister, then later told me that he had been saving for an operation to fix the ED but had lost his job meantime. Since then we have not spoken to each other, however, his sister contacts me often and I reply, which also puts Mr Virgo’s nose out of joint, to the point that he wants us to stop speaking to each other. Over the past 2 yrs he refers to me as “your friend” or “Shrek” to his sister, flips his lid if she mentions me, tells her about his girlfriends which he later admits are fakes. As far as I know, Mr Virgo and I are still connected on Whatsapp and by cell phone, but not by email or facebook,although I have been told that he still has our relationship status ” In a Relationship since 10th September 2019″ still up on his page. I have tried to reach out to him on two occassions recently to ask how he is, and to wish him a happy birthday but did not get a reply. He has also told his sister recently that she is dead to him and has cut her off from contacting him. I don’t know what caused the initial silence for 4 months, and he wont tell either of us why. I also cannot get my head around why he would be in a relationship with me for so long, then want us to live together and then suddenly without cause or reason cut me out of his life. After being apart for so long now, I can move on, but I would have been happier if Mr Virgo and I could have sorted out what this was all about instead, as I did have feelings for him and I know he had for me also.

  34. Hi I’ve been talking casually to a Virgo for about 4/5 months now. We met on an app and he lives in a different country so we’ve only chatted over text. He said he didn’t get any vibes with me and we just continued as friends but then we became friends with benefits (on the phone) but since then it’s been very hot and cold. I don’t know where I stand anymore. I like him a lot and we have quite a few common interests but I’m not sure how to approach this. I’ve never been in a relationship before so this is completely new to me and I don’t wanna mess it up.

  35. Hi Anna,
    I just started online dating for the first time since my seperation, 3 years ago. Lo & behold, one of the first men I meet is physical PERFECTION….a Virgo. We messaged for a day then nothing for a couple days. Because of my Leo persistence, I messaged him again with a meme a few days later and we started chatting. The chemistry for two days was EXPLOSIVE. Nothing like I have experienced before! Because he was being so honest with me, I shared with him about a physical issue I have. He seemed distracted after that. The following days were flirty but at a 5% vs the initial 150% 😂. On Friday made a date for the following Tuesday. Radio Silence all weekend, I finally texted Sunday night and find out his relative died . I offered condolences and told him to reach out when he was ready. Then on the night of what was supposed to be our date, I messaged to say I was thinking of him and hoped he was okay. I don’t want to keep pestering him as I told HIM to reach out when he was ready, but as a Female Leo this waiting is pure TORTURE lol. Should I just wait it out??? 😭 Should I send something light and easy in a couple of days? I really don’t want to let him slip through my fingers before we even had a chance to see where this could go. Thanks, Anna.

  36. I’m a married Leo woman, and I have been married to my pisces Husband for 20 yrs. I started having an affair with my Virgo guys at my job for about 1yr. He is 31 and his wife is 52yrs old. Before we started this affair, he would hear my husband calling and cursing me out, seen me crying, and became my friend(before we had sex) His wife is a very ghetto lady who takes him for granted, not to mention she treats him like one of her kids, who happens to be his age. When we first started this affair he was sweet, gave me presents for my 40th bday, when my husband didnt..or even cared, and in returned showed his the same respect on his bday. I noticed after about 5 mos he changed, he talked to different, would take is anger out on me when his old lady did him wrong, and he wouldn’t let me get into one his cars all of a sudden. When i asked him why he said he didn’t want to disrespect his wife….but yet we have sex 3x a week, i was confused. So, I kept pressing the issue and eventually we had a big blow up…I stopped talking to him for a while, and walking right past him at work. After a while he bought me lunch and brung it to my desk. Since then, I stopped asking him questions about the car, but then he started to make it seem like his marriage was so great started driving his wifes Tesla to work to give the impression that his life was so grand that he’s married to this older women. I used to let it hurt me, but one of my friends was like ” is he was really happy he wouldn’t be still sleeping with you” and i started catching feeling for him, and even told him i loved him…he does not tell me that he loves me back which hurts…Now my marriage is on it’s last leg, and my husband is really controlling, was very abusive for 15 yrs…I just started growing my backbone and thinking for myself. I want to leave my husband and i dream of me and my lover being together, but I know its a fantasy. I know deep down he would never leave her because of the security, and being that she’s old she doesn’t like having sex…so i guess that’s where I came in. I am truly in love with him, and i know this roller-coaster is going to end with me in pain. I know that I will leave my husband, and I now I have to tell myself that even if I leave my husband this guy still wont be with me…that’s my reality I have to face. We laugh and have fun at work, which takes my mind of my failing marriage, but i know i want more…and can’t have it. it sucks!!

    1. Dear T,
      Although Virgo men are known for their service-oriented, honest, and go with the flow attitude in love and romance, their keen attention-to-detail and profound capacity to keep their feelings in order makes them skillful cheaters behind the scenes. He wants stability and security and you have estimated this situation correctly. He is not going to leave his wife to be with you. You shouldn’t change who you are for anyone, but if you’re looking to stay with him, you should be settled with how things already are. This is all he has to offer. Be emotional, have feelings, but contain them around him to a certain extent. Be calm and content around him. Don’t criticize him, don’t judge him but always remember that you deserve someone who thinks you are too important to lose. Best of luck to you!

      1. Thank you for your bluntness!! I really needed to hear this….reality is a b*tch, but it is what it is…..I am so mad at myself for falling in love with this man, but i was so vulnerable and needed some sort of affection that I was lacking. Now, I’m feeling better about myself and i see a future without my husband, but now i am battling leaving the man that I fell in love with cause he’s not mines and never will be….such bittersweetness.

  37. Hi Anna,

    Need some advice.

    Met up with a Virgo male ex after many many years of not seeing or talking to each other. Contacted him first but he delayed acting on my offer to go out first opting to ask many questions on why I have contacted him now. The questions were understandable as a lot of time had passed but I was not the one who ended the relationship in the first place and so always had him in my heart. He then contacted me a few weeks later out of nowhere and asked to meet up. The date went well I was nervous but felt like I belonged. He wanted to hang out a bit longer but I had work so had to finish the night earlier than I wanted too also.

    After the evening out I never heard from him again and a week had passed but I was not worried as I needed time to process what had happened. Although I never expected us to jump into a relationship after the first meet up I did feel like my dreams had come back true and may have a chance to slowly build a friendship again that might lead to a genuine lasting future together. After the week had passed I sent a text saying I enjoyed our time together and would he be interested to doing it again. I was nervous on the date day and although I seemed super happy and confident I was not satisfied all of new me was met and wanted to share more about older me and learn even more about him. He replied that he had a good time too, liked who I had become but no to a second meet up as he does not want to lead me on.

    I was always going to take my time and not throw myself at him as fast moving is also not my style. But once I read the message I panicked as it sounded so final. I told him I wanted for us to get to know each again and see where it would lead. But if he did not want that I would still respect his decision. (Message was longer but that was the basis of it). Obviously I had no reply at all but after two weeks I got a missed call from his number which I only saw an hour after it happened (which I honestly believe now it was an accident from his side) so messaged to clarify if it was intentional and he did not respond at all.

    I am devastated as all my intentions are genuine and I am super loyal. On the date he kept asking me if my intentions were to get revenge as he dumped me years ago and moved on with another and had a family. This comment hurt me as I am not even that sort of character and would never think this way. So much time has passed that I do not have any hate for him but still have the same love for him after all these years.

    What can I do?

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