Do Virgo Men Like To Be Chased? & Proven Tips To Make Him Chase You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
While you’re getting tangled up in a Virgo man’s web; find out does a Virgo man like to be chased or does he prefer you to chase him.

Knowing how to make a Virgo man chase you is something I often get my clients wanting to know how to do. Virgo men are a little complicated and definitely not as straightforward as they might think themselves to be.

Do Virgo men like to be chased is the real question you should be asking. Some of these men have very strange rules they make up for themselves regarding dating and relationships, so it all depends on your particular Virgo man. 

Some Virgo men like to chase more than they like to be chased and vice versa. This is why it is so important to know how to get a Virgo man to chase you. Even if he isn’t into it, there are a few ways you can make him change his mind.

Are you curious to know whether Virgo men like to be chased? Then keep on reading to find out all the tips and tricks to get him to be yours! This is exactly what you need to build a fire under his belly and drive him crazy.

Do Virgo Men Like To Be Chased Or Do They Like To Chase?

To answer the question: does a Virgo man like to be chased? We need to understand how a Virgo man thinks. When a Virgo man is interested in someone, he will look for signs of mutual appreciation. 

He’ll watch the woman for a while, see how she interacts with others and most importantly, how she is around him. He may do a bit of research on her through co-workers or mutual friends if he can. As far as how he will be toward her; he’ll be a cool friend that seems to be relaxed.

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The Virgo man is always looking for “the one” that will complete him and make his life worth living to the fullest. He may look long term or he may look short term. It depends on each Virgo man and whatever the situation is at the time.

If the Virgo man sort of “knows” the woman already and he thinks she could be the one, he’ll go for it. Here’s more on what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman <<

Now if she is someone completely new to him; this is where he’ll take some time to evaluate everything. He doesn’t want to get hurt and he doesn’t want to settle for someone.

Do Virgo men like to chase? Only when a Virgo man knows for sure that a woman is interested in him, he will start making some moves and trying to get to know her better. If she gives him no signs; he’ll give it up.

He doesn’t necessarily chase unless he absolutely 100% believes you’re “the one”. At that point, he lets his guard down, tells you all his secrets, and will straightforwardly tell you how much he adores you.

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You — 10 Proven Ways

1. Don’t Expect Him To Chase You

Virgo men just don’t chase women, not the way other men do. The games and expected roles of romance are ones they just don’t respect or ever engage in. If a Virgo man likes you, he will take his time to collect information and see what you are all about.

Don’t think you can fool him, or manipulate him, his sharp eyes note everything and he rarely forgets a detail. If you understand this point, it will make a Virgo man chase you.

2. Be Patient

Virgo men take their time to decide what they really want from a woman, and once they do, they will do whatever it takes to keep that woman happy and be with her. Unlike some men who love the thrill of the chase and lose interest when they have made a conquest, Virgo men are the opposite.

They will only go after a woman and do whatever they can to charm her after they know she is theirs. If he truly likes you, this will make a Virgo man chase you.

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3. Don’t Force Him To Choose

Virgo men don’t respond well to emotional blackmail or ultimatums. If you tell him that you need him to decide if he wants you or not, and he isn’t ready, he will back off or even end the relationship. He will believe you when you say that you can’t wait anymore or that the situation is making you miserable.

Virgo men want you to be happy, if they think they are making you unhappy then they would rather get out of your life so that you can find happiness elsewhere.

4. Make It Obvious That You Want Him

A Virgo man will only go after a woman who wants him and has made it clear. You need to be more honest than you might normally be and tell him that you find him appealing and why. He loves information, so break it down in detail.

Making yourself available does not mean making yourself easy or being pushy, it simply means being there when he is ready to make his move. If he gets the signal, it will make a Virgo man chase you.

If you’re struggling to find the right words to make him know you’re interested without seeming clingy or too easy, I strongly recommend checking out my 100 Magic Phrases for a Virgo Man… It will set you on the right path with your Virgo guy!

5. Ask For His Help

Virgo men love being useful and they want to be a positive, meaningful, and helpful influence in your life. Being of service, and making a real difference to your life, makes him feel confident and inspired.

Don’t invent a crisis, although he is good in one, just make yourself more vulnerable than you might normally be.

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6. Give Him Space

Virgo men need space where they can be alone, independent, and private. This is never something that you should take personally. He doesn’t expect or want you to drop your friends and center your life around the relationship you have with him. He wants his independence and he loves it when you assert yours.

7. Be Active

Virgo men like to be busy and just spending time with you may make him bored. Plan activities, cultural outings, or projects that keep your Virgo man interested and give him a reason to want to be with you.

He responds well to anything that he can see as a good idea for practical reasons, so keep that in mind. Click here for more great tips on how to make a Virgo man chase you!

More Tricks To Make A Virgo Man Chase You Through Texts

8. Intrigue His Mind

Virgo men are some of the smartest and most intelligent guys in the Zodiac. They basically live in their head analyzing every little thing in their life. Sometimes it can be tough for them to find a woman who can spark their interest in this way. 

This is why it is so important to be a woman of substance if you want to get with a Virgo man. You need to know how to have a good conversation and have something interesting to say when you text him. “What are you doing?” texts aren’t going to do it for him. 

Share with him what you’re passionate about and what makes you excited in life. Share your expertise and show him that you are much more than just a pretty face.

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9. Be Witty

Virgo men might sometimes seem a little dry and very serious, but the truth is, they definitely have a wicked sense of humor. Virgo men just love it when they have a strong rapport with a witty woman.

Making jokes or sending funny, but intelligent and witty memes to your Virgo man is a surefire way to make him interested in you. This will get your Virgo man to chase you like you have no idea. Anything that triggers his mind will drive him crazy. 

However, don’t go for any dirty jokes as these will usually make your Virgo man feel quite uncomfortable. Keep things clean and intelligent with your Virgo man.

10. Send A Flirty Selfie

Virgo men are without a doubt purveyors of beauty. They can appreciate something beautiful when they see it. And if you are the object of their desire, why wouldn’t they want to see you?

Send a cute but flirty selfie to your Virgo man. Nothing too saucy or racy as Virgo men don’t usually like this. But just something that reminds him of your beauty and how special you are. 

So, Things To Remember When Chasing A Virgo Man

  • Always be yourself
  • Don’t overthink your responses
  • Give him time and space to respond
  • Let things flow
  • Keep things light, don’t get too heavy
  • Take your time to text back
  • Keep the mystery and hold back from revealing too much

A Virgo Man Stopped Chasing Me — Is He Losing Interest? How To Get Him To Chase You Again?

The thing you always need to consider with a Virgo man is that he is a lot more introverted than he may seem. Sure, when he is first getting to know you he may be very engaged and sociable, but by nature he needs a lot of time alone.

Just because he has stopped chasing you as intensely as when he first got to know you doesn’t mean he is losing interest, he may just need some me time, especially if he is stressed out and dealing with things from work.

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A Virgo man is usually quite upfront and honest about his feelings, so listen to what he is saying to you and try not to read into it too much. You can trust what it is he is saying to you, but there is also no reason for you to take it personally.

Virgo men really aren’t that complicated once you know who they are. They are picky, they are particular but Virgo men do NOT play mind games. Not to say there aren’t some exceptions but most of them do not do it.

Whatever he says to you; he means it. He isn’t one to tell you things that he doesn’t really mean or won’t follow through. He isn’t a flake. If he steps back from you it’s because he’s either upset or unsure.

Most Virgo men are easy to read; you just have to look for the right signs and take him for his word. You can ask him just about anything and he’ll be truthful with you.

If he lets you in and divulges his secrets about his life; your Virgo man definitely is in love with you in which case chasing is a non-issue for the two of you. He’ll not let a day go by without reaching out to you in some way.

So, does a Virgo man like to be chased? Even if he does, it may only be ONE day. He wants to stay connected to the woman he really likes or even loves. Trust me, when he reveals to you how he feels; there will be no question.

Should You Chase A Virgo Man? Why Does He Want Me To Chase Him?

I’m not going to tell you that he’s opposed to it, but he’s kind of picky about it. Some of them are totally cool with you messaging them daily or calling. Some of them, however, may see it as overbearing.

In this case, you need to figure out who he is and what he wants. You should be able to tell fairly quickly what he goes for and what he does not. Respect his wishes.

If he’s the type that wants to be in control and the main person to contact, let him do that. Relax and know that he WILL contact you when he is ready.

However, if he’s the type that is okay with you connecting with him, then go for it! He’ll let you know if it becomes too much. Unfortunately, when he does, it’s typically by ignoring your texts.

There is some part of him that still has to remind himself that he isn’t tied down and still has personal freedom. That means not always answering your texts. He never wants to feel trapped or whipped.

There are always exceptions to every sign but that’s why it’s important to get to know the guy you like as much as you can before you make any decisions. His moon sign could change things a bit, as could his rising sign.

Being an Earth sign, a Virgo man is typically very grounded and practical. He’s looking to plant roots with someone he feels is important and who he feels a spiritual connection to.

Will A Virgo Man Chase You If You Play Hard To Get?

Virgo men like to be challenged in their lives, but mostly at work and in finding solutions to problems. These guys might seem quite responsive and strong, but the truth is that Virgo men are quite sensitive and struggle to be vulnerable, so if a woman starts playing hard to get with him, it may backfire in her face.

A Virgo man definitely prefers to be with someone who is quite straightforward and honest about what she is feeling and what is going on in her mind. And playing hard to get goes against all of these rules, unfortunately.

The likelihood of a Virgo man chasing you when you play hard to get is actually pretty slim. He likes to play games, as in board games, but mental games he would rather avoid.

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  1. Hello Anna,
    My name is Lisa and I have read your article above and I am so desperately kneading your Insight. Anna, even if I need to pay you; if you have a fee, please email me how to do so.
    I will tell you briefly about my issues I am in love with a 46 year old Virgo male who captured my heart after 3.5 months of dating he did everything above that you expressed and I truly know he loved me as well as him verbalizing this in our third month. We have not had sex, but after a month and a half of knowing him we did make out a few times.I HAVE BEEN VERY LADY LIKE and demaned respect even though he has never mad me feel like I had to
    The problem is I’m not sure if I have tarnished our relationship and if I have; if I HAVE ANY CHANCE TO WIN HIS HEART AGAIN.
    HE use to call me everyday text me 2 to 3 times a day and was very attentive. After asking him to take a break and make a decision about us spending more time together (he worked a lot) he totally shut down. I think I hurt him awfully. After I did this..I thought he’d be calling me within a day or so but after five days. I called and he would not talk to me.
    A whole month of him not talking to me and avoiding my texts that he recently allowed me the ability to communicate with him. I have been upfront with him and have verbalize my wrong in that I was so caught up in his affection his attention and his interest that I think I misjudged the fact that they have a strong wheel not to be manipulated I’ve also informed him that I feel like I was being manipulative but not in a way that I meant to hurt him I just wanted to spend more time with him. So now that we are back communicating I have asked him for another chance when I express this over a text message because I felt this was the way that he could read my true feelings and take it in and have it to read later he replied that it was very touching and I left him speechless, however he has been very slow with his approach to communicate with me and I feel the need for me to have to do the initiation of communication or I’m having to do the initiation with us communicating my name is Lisa and I have read your article above & I am so desperately meeting your insight. Ma’am even if I have to pay you if you have a fee please email me how to do so. I will tell you briefly about my issues I am in love with a 46 year old virgo mail who captured my hard after 3 months of dating he did everything above that you expressed and I truly know he loves me as well as him verbal icing this. The problem is I’m not sure if I have tarnish our relationship due to my need to have him make changes, and that he worked so much but definitely always call me everyday text me two to three times a day and was very attentive. After asking him to take a break and make a decision about us spending more time together he totally shut down. I think I hurted him awfully because it was right after him saying I Love U too; when I told him I feel that I loved him. So, maybe he feels he can’t trust me, as after he opened up..I did that stupid text asking him to take space and think about what he wanted.
    Well it took a whole 2 month of him not talking to me and avoiding my text that he recently allowed me the ability to communicate with him.
    I have been upfront with him and have verbalized my wrong. I was so caught up in his affection, his attention and his interest that I think I took too much for granted. I was manipulative but not in a way that I meant to hurt him. I just wanted to spend more time with him.
    So now that we are back communicating I have asked him for another chance when I express this over a text message because I felt this was the way that he could read my true feelings and take it in and have it to read later he replied that it was very touching and that it left him speechless, however he has not given me a straight forward acceptance of yes to give me another chance.
    He has been very slow with his approach to communicate with me and I have to initiate the communication. He has called me sweet cakes, we almost had a plan to meet to talk but after going on to another subject on the phone call…we didn’t set it up. He is answering my text messages and alot sooner; as after we first started back communicating sometimes he would wait up to a 5-9 hours to reply. I have called him baby (Or sweet name for each other) but he has not done so for me? : (
    Is there anything you can share with me? Should I keep trying? I Love him.. even feels he’s my Soulmate! Or did I just ruined the Love of A Lifetime?
    Please… please Help Me Anna!
    Please reply and again I am willing to pay for your time!
    Kindly and humbally,

    1. Hi Lisa! It does seem like you have quite the situation going on with your Virgo guy. I’d love to help you figure things out more. While I’d like to read your whole situation, this section is for comments. Communication between you and your Virgo man is actually really crucial. Honesty is a priority and speaking your mind is as well. It may not feel like it’s an easy process but the more you tell him like it is, the more he’ll get frustrated but when he goes to think about it, he’ll understand it and will be grateful that you were totally honest about what you said. Trying to change a Virgo man is a very tricky situation and unless it’s things about him you cannot handle, why would you want him to change. Virgo men are pretty fixed and won’t tolerate anyone trying to change them. If that’s what happened here, you may need to work on yourself and try to figure out what you can do to better help yourself see that his “flaws” aren’t really that bad OR if they are that perhaps you shouldn’t be with him. In any case, if you’d like me to read your whole situation, please feel free to purchase my book “Virgo Man Secrets” and I’ll be happy to give you a free VIP consult.

  2. Im dating 8 months with virgo man,he wants to go slow..we have great time alone have great comunication but what consider emotions ooo my god..he knows i like him very much…but he doesnt take any action…he never call me or sms me…always me..but when i did it he always replay..when i tell him to meet me he always come but never take action first..i try not to call 5 day…nothing..when i sms him his answer is”where have you been you didnt calll” helooo….dont understand him…..

  3. Hello Anna, Im an Aries and my Virgo friend got mad with me because I did not want to make out for the first time so he blocked me and I’m feeling sad

  4. We are separated because of his constant cheating been married 36 years.I can’t seem to desire him anylonger.any hope? I left him

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