5 Possible Reasons Why A Virgo Man Ignores Your Text Messages

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You’ve text him a bunch and for some reason he isn’t responding to your messages. Here are 6 reasons why a Virgo man ignores your messages.

Virgo men are some of the sweetest and most caring men in the Zodiac, but like all guys, they too have a bit of a dark side. Virgo men can be highly critical because they have such high standards. 

This brings me to my next point; in my years as an Astrologer and seeing many women as clients, I often get asked why Virgo men ignore your text. They seemed so into you at first, but then something switches and you no longer hear from him.

You may wonder why a Virgo man takes long to reply or even worse why a Virgo man stopped texting… I have all the answers for you, don’t you worry. With all my experience as a relationship Astrologer, I have figured some interesting stuff out about Virgo men. 

Are you curious to find out why a Virgo man ignores your text messages? Then you have come to the right place… Continue reading to find out what it means when a Virgo man stops talking to you.

5 Reasons Why a Virgo Man Ignores Your Texts

When a Virgo man ignores your text it could mean different things, some of which you should be concerned about… Others are just normal day-to-day things that might be occupying his time.

1. You’re Pushing Him Too Hard

If you text him too often or send him messages via social media he may feel overwhelmed and want a little space from you. By nature, the Virgo man typically does want a bit of personal freedom.

When things have been going well but suddenly he starts ignoring your messages just relax and let him come to you when he’s ready. Don’t take it personally! He’s not doing it to be mean to you.

He will want time to himself and will take it in any form that he deems necessary. He may not feel like texting you back at that point in time, ergo the Virgo man ignores your messages. It doesn’t mean he won’t ever. It also doesn’t mean he’s changed his mind.

Try not to overanalyze the things he does. He isn’t going to one day love you and the next day leave you. Once he’s in it to win it he will keep it going. Calm down and realize that it’s not about you.

2. He’s Finding His Own Way

This is not to say that he’s going along in life without you. He still has goals in his life and he’ll sometimes need to take time to focus on those. That may mean ignoring your texts for a time.

He will likely let you know afterward what he was doing and why he didn’t answer you. Keep in mind also that he isn’t into clingy or needy women. Placing demands that he answer all your texts will not fare well.

Sometimes he’s busy and sometimes he’s taking in some fresh air by himself. It’s absolutely healthy to have some personal time and space away from each other. This applies even if you don’t live in the same town.

If you’re used to texting constantly and he stops he’s probably worn out and just needs to refresh himself before going back after it. It’s nothing personal and certainly not reflecting on how he feels about you.

He works on his own path to success in his own way. If he needs to take some personal time to do this, it may mean him turning off his phone or putting people off for a time.

Again, try not to take this as a sleight from him about you. I’d say that 98% of the time if a Virgo man ignores your messages it’s NOT about you. If he wants to end things, he’ll let you know.

3. Time Frames Matter

Normally a Virgo man will not ignore the woman he really likes or loves. He can be forgetful about texts or sometimes prefers to do face time or talking on the phone instead of texting.

Many Virgo men are old school and prefer to do things the traditional way instead of the modern convenience of a text message. He may be tired and not up for typing a message out.

Notice the time frame of how long it takes for him to respond. Where he may go all day without texting but then calls you that night, then you know he just preferred to talk personally.

However, if a significant amount of time passes and the Virgo man ignores your messages, this could be his way of ending it. It’s not a typical thing for a Virgo but it’s not impossible either.

Watch for the signs as much as you can. If he takes days or longer to answer you there may be an issue that you need to discuss with him to make sure he’s still in the relationship with you.

When it’s only hours or a few days, you’ll probably find he will reach out to you in another way to let you know he is still there and everything is continuing forward with the two of you.

4. Decide When Enough Is Enough

If you set up a time frame of what is acceptable versus what is not acceptable for him to text you in; then you’ll need to stand by it. If you find that if he doesn’t answer you within a couple of days and that’s your limit, stick to it.

You can also try to confront him and ask him why he never texts you back. He should tell you straight out what happened and why. If he has no real excuse for not answering you; make him accountable!

When a Virgo man ignores your messages, this ignoring thing isn’t that typical of Virgo. He could for sake of personal space or the need to get something done. However; when he loves someone; he does tend to make them a priority.

5. He’s Simply Just Busy

A Virgo man has a lot on his plate, he’s always busy with work or helping other people out. Sometimes when he is busy it definitely isn’t something you should take personally… 

It can be tough for him to say no when other people are counting on him, and this is why he will often disappear and retreat into himself because he simply needs some space. 

He isn’t a bad guy, and if you did something wrong he is usually the type of guy to tell you what went wrong. Just give him some space and try your best not to be too clingy because that could definitely push him away.

Common Virgo Texting Situations

In modern dating, texting plays such an integral role in getting to know someone. This could really make or break a connection you have with a potential partner. There are so many different scenarios you might find yourself in, especially when it comes to dating. 

There are subtle differences between all of them, so take note to see what they might be Here are a few that might seem familiar:

Virgo Man Slow To Respond – Why Do Virgos Take So Long To Reply?

The most common reason why a Virgo man takes long to reply is simply that he is a very busy man with a lot he needs to do. For the most part, this is usually never something personal.

He is a respectful guy, and he will usually take the time to get back to you, however, this also depends on your behaviour and how you treat him in the times that you don’t hear from him. 

If you are constantly bombarding him with texts and looking for his attention he is quickly going to get tired of it. He has a boundary and if you keep overstepping it he is going to get annoyed very quickly. 

Another reason why he might be slow to respond is that he has simply lost interest in the conversation. Maybe what you have been talking about is a bit dull and hasn’t made him feel excited. 

Of course, there are many ways for this to turn around, you simply need to know what to say to spark his interest again. There are many effective communication hooks you can learn to get his attention again. 

A Virgo man takes forever to reply is going to be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You can turn this around before you know it!

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Virgo Man Doesn’t Text Back – What To Do About It

I find with Virgo men the most common reason why a Virgo man doesn’t text back is that he is busy, and he is usually busy with work. It isn’t always personal or because of something you have done.

The best solution to take when you notice him not texting back frequently is to just lean back and wait for him to come to you. Please do not bombard him with text messages asking where he is because he’ll just feel anxious and overwhelmed by this. You need to play it cool and realize that you are the one with the power.

When he does text you back, make sure that you have a couple of strong comebacks to get him hooked again. A Virgo man loves a woman who is witty and has a way with words. Knowing what to text a Virgo man can make a world of difference in your relationship.

You want to make him addicted to you ad make him understand that he can’t live without you. There are many subtle ways you can do this, especially if you understand the power of a strong text message. 

Virgo Man Never Initiates Conversation But Responds To My Texts – What does it mean?

A Virgo man is usually quite polite and respectful. This guy never has the intention of hurting others, he instead wants to make people feel good and like they can depend on him. 

However, when a Virgo man never initiates a conversation with you, but always responds to your texts, it usually means that he isn’t really that into you. Trust me, if a Virgo man likes you he will make the effort to get to know you. 

Perhaps you have misread some of his signals and thought he might’ve been into you. But it is possible that he was just being nice and not wanting to make you feel bad. 

Lean back for a few days and see if he reaches out, if he doesn’t then you have your answer. But if he does, then there is definitely some space for you to work on developing the connection even further.

There is another possibility though, your Virgo man might be shy and scared to contact you first because he likes you so much and doesn’t want to overwhelm you. He might think that he is annoying or if he reaches out too often that you might get tired of him.

What Does It Mean When A Virgo Man Stops Talking To You?

If a Virgo man has stopped talking to you through text and in person then it is time to sound the alarm bells. There is definitely something going on with him… 

It is possible that you may have said something that has upset him. 

Another reason why a Virgo man has stopped talking to you is that he may have met someone else and doesn’t want to make her upset by continuing a flirtation with you. He is very respectful and doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. 

A Virgo man’s personality is very respectful and kind, they try their best not to hurt other people. It is important to note that his ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication, thoughts, and ideas. 

So communication is very important to a Virgo man, so when he does go silent it should be very worrying. You can always ask him if there is something you said or did to find out how you can fix things. 

But also bear in mind that a Virgo man needs a lot of space and alone time. It is possible that he might be going through something right now and doesn’t have the space in his mind to deal with others. 

Be patient and see if he reaches out, let him come to you. It is important that you lean back and let him be the one to make contact again. And if he doesn’t, then it might be time for you to move on.

Virgo Man Ignoring You – Why Does a Virgo Man Ignore You

There are many reasons why a Virgo man might be ignoring you. Anything from he is simply very busy at work, or because there is something you have said or done to have upset him. 

These guys can sometimes be super complicated and complex individuals, so it is worth your while to really understand them on a deeper level if you want to get close to a Virgo man. 

You can learn more about Virgo men and why they ignore you by following this link.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the complexities of getting to know a Virgo man and what it means when he ignores your text messages. Most of the time there is nothing for you to be worried about.

Have you ever dealt with a Virgo man ignoring your text messages? What did you do about it and were you able to turn the situation around? Are you and the Virgo man together now?  Please leave a comment in the section below. I would love to hear about your experience. 

Why Your Virgo Man Isn’t Texting You…

It can be frustrating to send your Virgo man a text message and not get a response for hours, or even days.

You might start feeling anxious or questioning if he even cares about you at all. But the truth is, Virgo men are wired differently from other zodiac signs, and following generic dating advice may not work with them.

That’s why I’m here to share with you three irresistible texts that a Virgo man can’t resist and can’t ignore.

When you know what to say and how to say it, you’ll capture his heart and get a quick and thoughtful response every time.

Don’t risk losing your Virgo man by treating him like any other guy.

Learn how to text him in a way that speaks to his unique personality and desires.

Trust me, with these three irresistible texts, he won’t be able to resist responding.

So go check out what I mean here now and keep your Virgo man in your life forever.

Wishing you all the love in the world,

Your friend and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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17 thoughts on “5 Possible Reasons Why A Virgo Man Ignores Your Text Messages

  1. I recently met up with an ex fling with mine of mine. I was 19 and 43 and he was the love of my life I fell in love with him instantly I am Scorpio he is Virgo and although we really didn’t have a communication relationship it was more of a sexual relationship for he was a player. Last year in August I had searched him numerous times found out his real name and ask your girlfriend if she would relay a message to him after finding out he was in jail and he did talk to her. I did not find out until around March that she had text messaged me and said he wanted to call me. I thought I was going to die because this is the guy of my dreams my soulmate he is my everything and I feel as if we broke up I would kill myself. I haven’t going through a hard life with physically and mentally abuse from several of my relationships I have wrote a lot of this to him and he is explain back to he was sorry I told him it was not his fault as a path we chose. So anyways he had got married he is at 7 kids I got three and everybody’s all grown over the age of 17. we connected right away talked he asked me to send him some money for he is in prison and it has spent already 12 years he explain to me it wasn’t about the money he had told me that just as 99% of the prisoners who go to jail they lose their friends family acquaintances. and he claims has been some time talking with a female so we never stop texting talking telling each other how much we love and miss each other and what we going to do when we got out we threw a lot of sexual fantasies stories in there. One day I was on my woman Lehman strolling kind of out of whack with an attitude and there’s things that I came off as I guess being rude I was kind of questioning on a couple things and I agree it wasn’t the nicest message and it wasn’t the worst but we had already talked about venting to each other we had already talked about marriage for he has asked me to marry him. this was a better athlete shock to me especially let alone him even talkin to me. I’ve never been so happy in my life and he explained how happy I have made him. He gets out in January 2019 to go into a half house for 6 months before he gets out completely but I will be able to see him and I’m very close to Pittsburgh so I will be visiting him everyday. Yes the first time I had mentioned stuff that wasn’t so good just basically complaining and renting and raijin about how bad my life was he disappeared I didn’t hear him call me for a couple days I cry straight through a couple days I went through hell freaking out blaming me blaming God why did I write that anyways couple weeks later lot of bad stuff happen to me and is all because of me getting him money and I actually wrote him and told him that you know it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be going through a lot of this stuff and stressful things and but I really do love him and I don’t ever want to lose him cuz I won’t be able to live without him and he was stubborn again that call me didn’t text me for days I begged and begged and begged and constantly text and I can’t call him, so I had to wait from a text or a call from him. The girlfriend that was staying with me saw that what I was going through because I was hysterical what needs wooden sleeve and cried all day all night and kept repeating how I would kill myself cuz I thought I lost them we finally texted me back was pretty Furious and told me that this was the last time he was going to put up with that and that he did love me and we were fine after that we talked went back to normal then the jail went on lockdown my roommate and I were fighting really bad I thought that he had brush me off for good I was so confused couldn’t find out what happened to him and finally when I did he was on lockdown whole system was it took a week and they were out of lockdown and the first person he called or thing that he did was call me we talked for 15 minutes at a time had a great conversation laughed Etc. I was on my way to get a new cellular phone so he told me that he would call me when I got home which I told him what time it was I came home exhausted just in time to get a call or wait a couple minutes or I never got a call never no response that was a Thursday Friday all day I didn’t get no nothing at all from him I didn’t get a text and I get a call so I started to have different feelings if what if he was talking to somebody else he’s trying to relieve the money problem and just use another check for money. something that happened . I was smart about my conversation with them even though I was feeling very anxious and irritable and a little bit angry cuz I thought he was putting me off and I had no idea about bergamet at this time and their characteristics so I started searching through things and I seen a lot of things even when I was trying to find out about the present about guys using girls in jail and stuff and I’ve been questioned all through my neighborhood and my family about it and I stuck to my guns and stuck up for. He makes me smile all the time bring so much joy to my face makes me feel so good because I have a severe illness called Crohn’s disease and he’s experienced this before with another girlfriend so he does know what to expect he said that was okay he would take care of it he was going to take care of me. And everything when he came home I had my doubts back and forth about it I did question him and he got a little upset and we just went on couple days ago I had texted him because of the feeling of him ignoring me I said five lines and it was just letting him know that I’m a strong person I am not going to let people roll over me or get to me anymore as he and I both know I’ve been treated like that my whole life. He seems to have so much heart and romance about him. I feel that I have to trust him and I want to because more than ever I felt like I’ve been blessed with this man and he also felt like he was blessed with me so few days ago I made a comment a couple comments about myself I can play Chester T jiggly nobody’s going to mess with me so she about people and I can be a worst nightmare a best dream. Now again I do not hear from him and it’s been 2 days the last time he said that was the end of it but throughout this whole time I have begged him never to leave me and he’s always kept saying he promises he will never leave me no matter what? I’ve been up searching for advice and trying to learn his astrology and other parts which I’ve learned a great big deal about him and myself. My normal reaction is to kind of be a smart-ass thinking that would get a kick out of him but I did not want to further push anything away does anybody have any suggestions it’s being the third time and I’ve heard that it’s best just to give him a few days to calm down. I would really appreciate everybody’s advice of how I can go about going through this, even when I do text him what would be the greatest things for me to say to him to make his heart melt and want to stay with me?

    1. Hi Christine Davis!

      I think you could really benefit from reading my book series “Virgo Man Secrets”. There is a whole lot in there that may prove to be very useful for you. If he has told you that he’s going to be with you forever then there is no reason for him not to be but don’t let him run you over. Be straight up with him always. He doesn’t respect women who aren’t strong. You cannot make a man stay with you. He has to want to. Either he loves you enough or he doesn’t. That’s something you have to find out from talking candidly with him.

  2. Girl he’s talking to someome else lol… I know he’s probably out of prisin right now. But damn you nees to check him

  3. I really like a Virgo male.
    We dated on and off a lot during my senior year of high school, and I’ve never stopped loving him.
    I started missing him a lot the year after I graduated and reached out,

    We’re talking again but I have missed some key opportunities timing-wise.
    To see him, and now I just feel like i’ve Been a little too clingy over the last 4 days we’ve been talking.

    He always responds promptly, and he’s not ignoring me,
    But I’m ignoring him.

    I’m a Capricorn woman.

    I just need a minute to make sure that this is actually what I want, but I don’t want him to lose interest since I have done some things against him in the past.

    Should I apologize? Now?

    1. Hi Moon!

      Whatever you do, don’t play head games. He hates that. Tell him exactly how you feel and if you feel you should apologize then do it. Just be open with him and let communication be something that helps you two find your way. I hope this helps but you should try reading my book series sometime for more information “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  4. I started an online chat relationship with a military Virgo male. I’m Scorpio. It started well two months ago. Him texting at different times flirty,sexual and meaningful too. He said he wanted to chat with me exclusively and repeatedly said he wouldn’t go anywhere unless I told him to. He told me about his family etc… Told me what he wanted in a partner and that it was me. He would also send me love songs. Then….I innocently said I might visit one day… different country. That’s when the texts got happy. The longest was three days. But he would only reply to my initial texts. Now he hasn’t replied for a week. Being miserable I sent a few sad texts. Yesterday I tried to lightheartedly text again and asked him to talk to me at some stage. The messages are still unread. I’m sad. What gives? Anyone out there can tell me what they think?? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Dee!

      It sounds like he’s having some doubts about the relationship, if you’re the real deal, or if he’s even ready for what it could possibly mean if you visit him. This is a pretty normal thing for someone who has met someone else online. There is anxiety and worry. He loves talking to you the way it is because it’s easy and he can maintain excitement. However when you talk about visiting him or something like that, he thinks you’re trying to get more serious and it probably scared him. I’d just relax and let things get back to a flow and see where things lead. Hang in there. Virgo man does hot and cold when he really likes someone and is scared.

    1. Hi Dee,

      We have almost the same sentiments. We met online with my Virgo man. He is in a different country and there is 5 hour difference. He was so into me in the first few weeks of chatting until I mentioned that I wanted to visit him. He initially told me he wouldn’t have time to be with me since he works from Monday to Saturday. I told him he could think of it as me visiting the country first and having fun in the evening with him.

      And after that, I realized he changed. The messages became less. He won’t even bother saying goodnight anymore.

      I am not sure if he is really into me. But I told him recently I am not going to visit anymore and have canceled my trip. Then he told me it was the best thing to do since I was moving too fast. I realized my mistake too. We are just getting to know each other for over a month now and why would I cross oceans to see him that quick? Besides, it should be him who should visit me, not the other way around.

      Listen, if you communicate openly and tell your Virgo guy what is on your mind, and given the facts that he likes you, I see no reason for you not to tell him what you feel. Try to evaluate. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to be assertive in a relationship. If you feel like you’re moving too fast, it’s important to communicate that to your partner. While women tend to get emotionally invested quickly, it’s important to take the time to get to know each other before jumping into serious commitments. If your partner is not reciprocating your efforts, it’s important to reassess the situation and make decisions that are best for you. Remember, you deserve to be with someone who values and respects you.. Virgo men tend to take time to get involved seriously.

  5. Hi! I’m a Scorpio woman and I need to know if I made a mistake. Me and my Virgo”friend” have been really close talking all the time on the phone but mostly texting.He would be somewhat distant but not longer than a day or 2. One time he didn’t call or text a for a whole month so I decided to text him and he responded so nicely and happy as if he was happy to hear from me. We then got back to our normal texting,talking,and visiting. I eventually fell for him and wanted to tell him but I hesitated, but when I finally did he rejected me, not in a bad way but it still hurt. He didn’t stop talking to me though but I did notice a change like where we would normally say good morning and good night and talk throughout the day; all of a sudden it might be a good morning here or there and then it changed from me just basically doing the texting. Recently, I would say a week ago. I paid him a visit, at his discretion, and we acted as if nothing was wrong but deep down I felt a disconnection because I wanted to talk about it but didn’t want to seem clingy. after that he went on a trip and told me he wanted to spend the whole weekend next week together so I agreed and tried to keep in touch with him while he was gone but for a couple of days I would text and text and he didn’t answer. So I wrote him a long text telling him that I still valued our friendship and felt like I should fall back because I felt like I was annoying him by texting so much. I also texted that we could talk anytime but I was not gonna be doing the initiation.. He didn’t respond. I took it as he was upset and it was confirmed when I was on Facebook and saw where he had deleted me as a friend.. I feel not only did I lose the guy I was so deeply and secretly in love with, but mainly I lost my best friend. Is he gone forever? Will we ever talk again?

    1. Hi Lala!

      I don’t think that this would have caused him to cut you off forever. He was probably confused as to why you would say what you did. I’m guessing he’s totally oblivious to there having been something wrong.The thing with them is that you have to be truthful and upfront otherwise they don’t pay attention. Him not knowing you’re secretly in love with him causes him to not really see what is going on. They aren’t good at guessing or trying to figure things out. That said, you may want to read my book “Virgo Man Secrets” to reveal even more information.

  6. I’m a Taurus girl and recently I’ve started talking to a Virgo over internet. At first he wanted to win my heart and did exactly what you described in your website, calling me through WhatsApp and talked about himself and so on. Then I decided to give him a chance. The way he talks is like a man who have dated a lot of girls and knows exactly how to flirt, that makes me feel insecure.
    I know overall, he seems that he likes me really but since I also showed him my feelings and he knows I like him he stopped talking about himself, we just randomly come share some love stickers and romantic sentences and then it’s over.
    I don’t want to push him. He has told me that he will travel to my country to meet me (he can afford it easily) but he doesn’t say anything about when or why not for example this month.
    I feel insecure because we are not talking anything to lead us to knowing each other. Or anything about future. We both agreed to talk a bit to know each other better but know it’s just moments of love stickers.
    He knows I’m honest with him, though I found his lies (two times he lied to me but I still didn’t tell him I know. I assumed he just wanted to show himself cool and I ignored those dishonesties)
    And he knows that I will be loyal if I choose him.
    And once he felt danger of another guy coming and he immediately turned to me (with had a small very respectful fight at the beginning) .
    Now my problem is feeling insecurity. What if he is talking to other women and is playing with me ?! (I don’t have proof for this)
    How without pushing him I can find how much serious is he ?

    1. Hi Rachel!

      This is one of those things you have to learn to trust your intuition and not assume the worst. If you assume the worst then that is what will manifest. Try focusing on letting go of your past and perhaps this will give you a foundation of finding a healthy love. If you want to know how he feels or what he wants, ask him. Virgo men have to be asked directly or told directly otherwise they’ll be oblivious and have no clue what is going on with you. Need to know more? Check out my series “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  7. I understand that ge gets busy with work & is goal driven, but everybody has to eat & sleep at some point in a 24 hour day. If he’s so immature that he can’t handle you setting boundaries on how you refuse to be treated as an option,that’s his childish issue. My virgo man has pushed me away twice & after I moved on, he came back but still won’t change his selfish behaviors. Saying “I’m not chatty” is an excuse. So if I’m too demanding of what I deserve then why does he keep coming back?????

  8. Hi Anna, I have bought all of your articles books whatever and have been seeing a Virgo man since last September. I met him on Silver Singles a dating website. The first time we met and hugged and said I think this is going to be a good friendship. He was really hot for me in the beginning And was very sexual, which didn’t bother me. I really liked him because of course he was a gentleman, respectful, and then started Sexting and I said I’m a big girl It’s OK. He was coming up here an hour away. Then as typical Virgo he got cold on me. Was acting like a different person and text me and said we’re not gonna make it. I texted back and said what are you talking about? What is going on for trying to break up with me like that when everything was so good . The next day I text him and said I’m sorry I called you a coward And I wish you all the love in the world and hope you have a good life. At this point, we had never Had sex we dated he saw me once a week at least sometimes on the weekends And did his thing at one time and said we really don’t have a relationship Because I’m not happy where I’m living. I’ve got to get my daughter graduate from high school blah blah problems, problems, problems, and you know and then I text him and said I miss my friend and we got back together again and started seeing each other and dating and eventually had sex, we were seeing each other normally once a week and meeting halfway sometime And spending the night in a motel And at his house also an hour away where he took me one night and said here’s my place And don’t plan on being here long because he’d have to pick up his teenager in the morning for dad weekend.
    We were dating seeing each other and the night before I saw him the next time I had a dream and he said he loved me in the dream, and when we were together, he stood outside the car with my window down after he got back in and hugged and kissed me real tight and said I love you, Debbie and the following week all of a sudden he was jogging and tore his Achilles tendon and that takes a lot of therapy and downtime. He was not happy of course. Then I had text him leaving my children’s from Houston on a Sunday morning that I would be coming through his area that evening. Would he like to meet me so we could have a drink and at least see each other I missed him. day I was coming up from my children’s in South Houston. I stopped at A bar that we had met before and I had text Him that Sunday morning and said hey, can we get together tonight I’m coming through and he had turned down a couple of weekends before when I was coming through because he was with his daughter and apologized. So at this time I’m in the bar. I text him and said hey, I’m at the bar if you want to come down here And have a drink with me because I miss you And then I called him and left a message and said I’d love to see you and I have been drinking a little too much from a bad day and I get home and I get a Message from him that says we need to pause the relationship until I get healed and all this stuff gets together down here. I text back and said OK I can handle that. I didn’t get mad because I understood and said if you’re seeing another woman, would you please Be honest with me and let me know? I also commented in the meantime, I’m gonna hit the pause button. He didn’t respond.
    Three or four days went by no response from him and I was also busy at my job and with my children and I Text him and said I miss my friend and sent him a funny cartoon from laughing until you cry online and he commented back Immediately faster than he ever has Before. That’s been going on now for over a month. I have not seen him. Do you think He is seeing someone else or what do I need to do because he told me he loved me so I’m very confused as to why he won’t Let me come down there to see him since he can’t get around. It’s kind of funny all my friends say. What do you think And why would he tell me he loved me if he didn’t.
    Thanks, Anna

    1. Dear Debbie,
      With men, it is simple. They are there for you if they want you, and you would know it.  
      Do you feel like you are chasing him? Do you feel you need to beg him to stay?
      If so, then you need to know your worth. Save space for people who matter.
      Accept what cannot be changed and leave what isn’t for you.
      Don’t ever allow him to make you his second choice.
      It is obvious that he wants to keep the door open for intimacy or sexting while probably seeing somebody else at the same time.
      If you want to be in a non-committed relationship, things may work well for you both.
      If not, then you should not hold high expectations that this relationship will grow into an exclusive relationship.
      Sending Love to you!

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