Does A Virgo Man Like Being Friends With Benefits?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When a Virgo man just wants to hook up it can be pretty disappointing, especially if you have developed feelings for him. Here's what to expect from being friends with benefits with a Virgo man.

When a Virgo man just wants to hook up it can be pretty disappointing, especially if you have developed feelings for him. Most women go into a Virgo man friends with benefits scenario because they secretly hope that he will develop feelings for them. Unfortunately, most of the time, this just doesn’t happen.

When a Virgo man wants a casual relationship, it is actually out of character for him. He is someone who is actually quite solid and stable in his relationships, valuing commitment and emotional connection. However, there may be instances where a Virgo man is open to a friends with benefits arrangement, but this is rare.

If you have found yourself in a pickle and actually want to be more than just friends with your Virgo man then you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out if a Virgo man just wants to hook up with you, or if he is open to being more than just friends.

Do Virgo Men Like Being Friends With Benefits?

When it comes to the question of whether or not Virgo men like being friends with benefits, it is important to consider their general tendencies and preferences in relationships.

Virgo men, known for their practicality and desire for stability, are not typically inclined towards casual or non-committal arrangements such as friends-with-benefits relationships.

Most Virgo men do not like these types of relationships. However, some will commit to this type of relationship with a partner who understands their lack of desire for a serious relationship.

The woman he chooses must absolutely know that she isn’t in it for anything more than it is. She also needs to make it perfectly clear from the get-go that it will never cross the line of being something more.

This isn’t for his benefit but rather for her own. If she starts having more feelings for him than he has for her this could create a rift. The guidelines of what the two agree on will have to be upheld.

You can never assume that the Virgo man is emotionally committed to you simply because he’s committed to you physically. In his mind, you are a friend that he has sex with and good times.

So, do Virgo men like being friends with benefits? It depends on your Virgo and your relationship.

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A Virgo Man Just Wants To Hook Up (5 Telltale Signs)

1. Limited Emotional Connection

If a Virgo man is only interested in hooking up, he may not prioritize emotional connection or deep conversations. Instead, he may focus more on physical intimacy without delving into the deeper aspects of a relationship with you.

It will be very clear that he is interested in one thing, and one thing only. He will not be open to sharing his feelings with you, and he will keep you at an emotional distance. You will feel a distance between the two of you.

This is one of the biggest signs a Virgo man just wants to be friends.

2. Reluctance to Commit

A Virgo man who just wants to hook up will show reluctance or hesitation when it comes to committing to a more serious or exclusive relationship. He may avoid discussions about the future or any sort of commitment, and instead, keep the relationship casual and undefined. 

Whenever you ask him about the status of your relationship he will be evasive or dismissive, avoiding any commitment or labeling. It will be clear that your Virgo man is not interested in committing to you.

3. Limited Time Spent Together

A Virgo man who is only interested in a friends with benefits scenario may keep his interactions with you limited to casual encounters and physical intimacy. You will only hear from him when he wants to get down and dirty. Anything outside of the bedroom will be off-limits.

He is trying to keep the interactions at a minimum so that it is clear what his intentions with you are. He is showing you that he is not serious about spending time with you outside of your arrangement.

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4. Unwillingness to Introduce You to Friends and Family

A Virgo man who is solely interested in a casual hookup will typically be hesitant or unwilling to introduce you to his friends and family. He will want to keep you at arm’s length and make it clear what your role is in his life.

This is because introducing you to loved ones signifies a deeper level of commitment and emotional involvement, which your Virgo may not be interested in pursuing with you.

5. Desire for Independence

A Virgo man who just wants to hook up may strongly desire independence and freedom in his personal life. He may prioritize his own needs and desires above the emotional connection or commitment to you.

He will want to do his own thing and not include you for a reason. Your Virgo man will make it very clear which phase in his life he is, and that he is not interested in pursuing anything more than what the two of you already have.

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Here’s How To Tell If A Virgo Man Just Wants To Be Friends

It can be difficult to determine if a Virgo man just wants to be friends with you, as their intentions may not always be explicitly communicated. However, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate whether a Virgo man is looking for a friends with benefits arrangement. 

One indication is if the Virgo man consistently treats your interactions as platonic and does not make any overtly romantic or sexual advances. Another sign is if the Virgo man actively pursues and prioritizes activities that foster a platonic friendship rather than engaging in intimate or romantic activities. 

Furthermore, if the Virgo man openly discusses his interests, hobbies, and personal life with you without any sexual or romantic undertones, it may suggest that he is more interested in developing a genuine friendship rather than pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship.

What Should You Do If A Virgo Man Just Wants To Be Friends, But Not In A Relationship

If a Virgo man just wants to be friends but not in a romantic relationship, it is important to respect his boundaries and decisions. Pushing for a romantic relationship when he has clearly expressed his desire for friendship may strain the relationship and create discomfort.

Instead, focus on nurturing the friendship and enjoying each other’s company in a non-romantic context. Unless your Virgo comes out and confesses his undying love to you, you are NOT his girlfriend. This applies to almost all the signs in the zodiac. If you agreed to be friends that occasionally share naughty time; that’s what he’ll expect.

You will catch him off guard if you profess your feelings when he hasn’t done the same and it will result in him probably ending what friendship you have. It’s rare for a man like this to go from intimate friends to a serious relationship.

All in all ladies, I’m telling you that unless he says otherwise to you verbally, you should never have any reason to think anything other than you are not his serious girlfriend. You are not dating.

A “friend with benefits” is two friends who are close, spend time together, and occasionally have intimacy. It can be exclusive as in not sleeping with other people but it’s open for you both to date others.

So, do Virgo men like being friends with benefits? It really depends on how he sees you and what he wants from you.

Do Virgos Sleep Around? Are They Players?

Virgo men are not typically players. They tend to value stability, loyalty, and emotional connections in their relationships. While there may be exceptions to this, as with any zodiac sign, Virgo men are generally known for their cautious and analytical nature. 

They are not likely to engage in casual or promiscuous behaviour. Instead, they tend to seek deeper connections and meaningful relationships based on trust and emotional compatibility. They don’t like hurting people so they tend to stay clear from friends with benefits situations that may potentially lead to hurt feelings or misunderstandings.

If you suspect that your Virgo man may be using you, check these warning signs a Virgo man is playing you.

FAQs On Virgo Man Friends With Benefits

Is Sleeping With A Virgo Man Too Soon Problematic?

Sleeping with a Virgo man too soon can be problematic if he is not interested in a casual or friends-with-benefits relationship. Virgo men tend to value emotional connections and may not be looking for just a physical encounter. They may prefer to take things slow and get to know someone on a deeper level before becoming intimate.

Do Virgos Like To Be Friends First?

Virgo men tend to value friendship and emotional connection in their relationships. They often prefer to establish a strong foundation of friendship before pursuing a romantic relationship.

This is especially true for Virgo men, as they are cautious and analytical by nature. They want to ensure that they have a strong emotional bond and compatibility with someone before committing to a romantic relationship.

If Your Virgo Man Fwb Pulls Away, DON’T Do This…

I’ve heard from so many of my clients that their Virgo man is AMAZING when they are in person with him… So charming, sweet, funny, and really connected!

But he can tend to pull away when you’re not with him.

It’s a super frustrating situation for any woman. And if you are like my other clients who have been through this, you’re probably feeling REALLY confused.

“Why is he so hot and cold through text?”

“Why does he back off when we aren’t together?”

And most importantly…

“What can I DO about this?”

First, I want to share the things you definitely should NOT do in this situation…

  1. Don’t get clingy or needy and ask him if something is wrong or beg to see him
  2. Don’t force closure if you’ve had some conflict. Wait until you can talk in person about important issues.
  3. Don’t assume that there IS a problem. He could just be really busy.
  4. Don’t let fear drive your actions. Assume the best and not the worst.
  5. Don’t chase him. Chase your dreams and goals instead.
  6. Don’t ignore him so he can “see what it feels like.”

So what SHOULD you do instead?

  1. Take some time out to reflect on the situation and consider logical reasons for his actions.
  2. Date other men if you aren’t exclusive. Don’t lock yourself down with him if you aren’t yet in a committed relationship with him.
  3. Give him space and time with zero pressure. He might be overwhelmed with work or not be feeling well. 
  4. Focus on your own life. If you don’t have an epic life filled with hobbies and time with friends or family, you need to build that.

Your Virgo man should be the sprinkles on the cupcake of your awesome life, not the cupcake itself.

  1. Let him reach out to you when he’s ready. Virgo men like to lead. You need to let him do that!
  2. Communicate what your needs are, but avoid any blame or shame.
  3. When your Virgo man comes back, welcome him lovingly with open arms. If you are angry, he’ll want to run.
  4. When you are in person, let him know (kindly) the things that make you feel valued and adored.

Text can be challenging, and I don’t want you to feel alone in this. I don’t want you to lie in bed unable to sleep because you are worried about why your Virgo man is pulling away.

And there is no need for you to do that. Especially when I can guide you on how to deeply connect with his heart through text messages… 

Because when you know SPECIFICALLY what to text him based on his astrology… 

He WON’T be pulling away anymore. And you’ll never again have to worry about what to say to your lovely Virgo man through text anymore.

Go see what I mean here now so your Virgo man never pulls away again <<



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44 thoughts on “Does A Virgo Man Like Being Friends With Benefits?

  1. Wondering why this is? I’ve had a FWB situation with a younger Virgo since the beginning of 2017. He is constantly sharing knowledge w me; offering his help; giving me recommendations. We have crazy naughty sex then spend one or two hours afterwards talking and discussing subjects like politics, athletics, travel, sociology; he has shared some w me about his family. However, he is fairly private. I have never been to his house. He always comes to mine. The couple of times he has mentioned wanting to do something outside of sex, he became busy or changed the plans slightly. It is a strange situation to be connected to someone sexually and intellectually, who offers unsolicited help and is happy to share whatever knowledge or experience he can, but has clear boundaries about where things stop. It seems there is potential for more, but I take your article seriously. Wondering why this situation is so black and white. What is it specifically about a Virgo male that will keep him from ever allowing a FWB situation to be more?

    1. Hello I’m a Virgo Female and yes that article nailed it!! I’ve been in 2 Virgo Male relationships, one was a committed relationship, the other was. FWB.. Virgo Men are so complex and complicated, when trying to figure out their intentions because they aren’t always clear, and NEVER on the surface.. BUT you have to be less complex and less complicated, and more open up front and forward ask him what he wants out of your FWB relationship, Tell him what you want without being demanding or offering up an ultimatum.. He will be clear and honest with his answers almost to the point of seeming to be a little arrogant but he’s not.. His intentions aren’t to hurt you in any way, and he wants to satisfy your every need and also protect your heart, even if his actions appear to be emotionally selfish.. ?Give him some space and a little time to miss you, don’t always be available at his beckoning call allow him to miss you and time to reflect on Y’all relationship.. and when you do decide to answer his call or respond to his text and he ask where have u been? Why haven’t you been answering my calls or text? simply reply I’ve been working a lot, doing some research on future endeavors I’d like to pursue and didn’t want any extractions, ive also been doing some deep soul searching on where I’d like be in my life in the next 5yrs.. and also you’re not my man are you? So I don’t Really owe u an explanation now do I? And laugh it off in a jokingly tone.. ??And quickly change the subject by asking how has he been. And how’s work going etc this will leave his mind racing and wondering.. It’s all mental with Virgo Men it’s a constant battle of wits, he’s attracted to a witty brainy intellectual sensually sexy independent morally rooted chic!! Ikr ? They just want to love nuture and have it reciprocated back unto them..

      1. Hi Bree!

        Thank you for your wonderful contribution as a Virgo woman explaining Virgo men. I think it’s fabulous what all you’ve done and what seems to work. Kudos to you sweetheart. Sounds like you figured out a workable formula for you!

    2. Although I am a virgo woman I relate very deeply to a lot of virgo man traits and What I can say for myself having friendships like this and still wanting boundaries to be respected can be for a number of reasons. one being protecting my own feelings two not trusting a FWB because in my head unless you are in union is morally the only time you should share your body with someone so when we are doing out of character things like having sexual relations with someone we aren’t married to, it feels like a sin. I feel like if a person doesn’t reserve their body or a person just gave it up its not really valuable so I don’t want to own it just want to rent it and have fun for a while perhaps until Im tired or annoyed with that person. Could still be friends as long as the person isnt clingy. Could still be of assistance because thats what friends do for each other. Another reason I feel us virgos may retreat from pursing more with a FWB is that there is a lack of trust maybe that virgo doesn’t feel like you’re loyal or you might not be open enough. Although virgo shares what seems to other people personal or private information it may not be personal or private at all in the mind of a virgo because it is something we have grown from so a person couldn’t use it against us. the dark stuff is still in secret. Also a virgo may no want to pursue more than FWB because there could be some other motives at play because we have high expectations for a partner. it may depend on your assets or resources and how giving you are. this doesnt mean we have bad motives we just like to be secure and have equality in partnerships. so u have to have something of value to that virgo. doesnt have to be money although preferred we are independent but have high respect for other independent people. i know some virgo man like women to lean on them a bit just not too much. Have a August virgo dad too he may be the one to want you for ya money something about those August virgos idk. lol

      1. Hello Virgo Woman!

        Wow thank you for sharing your own personal insight as a Virgo woman. Most Virgo men see it as you do but some do want to play around until they find someone more serious. What I know of Virgo men is that they some how see a woman as “tainted” if she’s willing to only be FWB. He thinks she’s too easy and he doesn’t want to settle down in a serious commitment to her. It’s not right but that appears to be what happens given my client emails I get. Again, thank you for chiming in, it’s much appreciated!

    3. Annette~ I’m in the same situation as you. I’m also with a younger Virgo man who has gone through a bad divorce . He told me he wanted a FWB relationship to start out with changing to a LTR. We have been together for 10 months now and I don’t see things progressing. I asked him once if I could go to his place of employment to see what he does. I was told no. He keeps his private life separate from his personal life. I feel like a big secret. Been thinking a lot lately about walking away because I’m falling in love with him and I’m afraid of getting hurt.

    4. Hi Annette!

      Well as far as I understand it, Virgo men are very picky. Once they have a FWB with you, they assume that you’re not the kind they want to take home to their family. I know that sounds really odd and not really fair but they tend to want to settle down with someone who is a bit more reserved with themselves and won’t settle for a FWB status. It is ridiculous but it’s how their mind thinks. I hope this helps you understand more but please check out my book series if you’d like to know more.

  2. Does this still apply if you were in a relationship with a virgo men and broke up and became friends with benefits?

    1. Hi Ang!

      When you’re FWB before or after a relationship, the Virgo man sees you as too easy and may not revert back into a relationship. Even if he knew you before, he will say you threw in the towel enough to settle for a FWB therefore you’re back to the FWB zone to stay. As long as you let him do this, he will keep it up until he finds someone else or until you end it. Stand up for yourself if you want more from him!

  3. I am a 37 yr old Scorpio woman that is in deep like with a 24 yr old Virgo male. We have been talking over the phone and in person for 6 months. We now talk just about everyday going as long as four days at the most without talking(calling is a mutual effort) . At first of course with any friendship we didn’t say or share much with each other, but recently we are way more open and in deeper communication with one another. I since then have fallen in like with him and i know most Virgos are shy and not good with expressing their feelings. No he has not made any advances towards me but its some if not a lot of things he says or don’t say because he goes quiet and says “im just thinking” when i feel he is trying to express himself to me, or when i bring up other guys in a casual conversation. I always say to him please share what your thinking with me but he just changes the subject. He is ALWAYS trying to prove to me that is a MAN a grown mature man and wants me to see him as nothing else. He always includes me in all his business endeavors. I am around him so much that i don’t see any others woman around as much as i am. I’m just so unsure about his feelings for me of being more than friends. He has told me that when he usually likes someone he approaches them with great confidence and if he gets rejected then oh well he moves on with no bad feelings, so i then thought well i can count myself out because he has not done that with me. He is out of state right now while i am moving into my new place and the last few times he keeps asking am i moved in yet, why haven’t you moved in yet, why is it taking so long for me to get settled in, he acts excited but plays it REALLY COOL. Please help! Am i in like alone or is he just a big shy guy because he doesn’t know how im going to react if he says something.

    1. Update: I finally became brave enough to tell him how I felt and asked him if he feels the same and his answer was NO ? Not exactly in those words but it was made really clear. Now he still comes around doing the same exact things. Honestly I really don’t wanna be around him, I keep my distance from him often then he questions where have I been, what have I been up to?, but he doesn’t want distance clearly with his actionsstill dropping in on me still dropping subliminal messages then reneging on them after I ask “what was that?” I still catch him staring at me ALOT! When I’m not looking.

      1. Hello there Unsure Scorpio!

        I’m sorry you’ve had a souring experience with a Virgo man. It sounds like he likes you but not like how you like him. He knows he isn’t on the same page as you but does see you somehow as a friend maybe. He cares for you but not in the way you want him to. Why? Well, he is probably insecure or unsure about what he wants for the future so he keeps playing with you until he CAN figure it out. You need to set boundaries with him and let him know that you’re either alright with just friends or that you don’t want it. Be really honest.

  4. I’ve been on again/off again for 4 years with my insecure Virgo man. We break up.then start to see each other throughout this time.

    He’s always putting me in that FWB box than staying he doesn’t feel safe or I haven’t done my emotional workwhen he’s the mess.

    Here’s the crummy news — it’s so hard to walk away from these men because when they’re with you they’re amazing. To have them go to the next level is accepting a snail’s pace of wishy washy behavior. Not for the faint at heart.

    He claims were just FWBs but he spends his intimate time with me. It’s all too confusing.

    I’ve learned to set boundaries and keep.the door open for my sanity.

    1. Hi Adrianna! I completely understand your frustration with your Virgo man situation. They can be downright hard to understand at times. They themselves don’t totally understand who they are either to be totally honest. They are more critical of themselves than they are of others. Sometimes they project on other people what they themselves are doing or feeling. If you aren’t interested in FWB, you need to tell him that you want more. Perhaps you can try being friends without the sex part and try to get to know him more that way. It’s rare for a Virgo man to want a FWB and could be caused by tremendous hurt he has from the past but there is so much to know about Virgo man that it would make your head spin. If you’d like more helpful information, please consider checking out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” as it may reveal things to you that may help your situation.

    2. I have an older Virgo friend, we know each other for 3 years but the last 2 years we started to became in a closer friendship. I was in a relationship the whole time so we never been more than friends but we both new we have a huge chemistry between us. The last two years we texted literally every day. One year ago I become his employee. So we started to spend time together more often. We developed a more close and deep friendship over this time. 3 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend. The chemistry was so big and we felt this so long time ago that we couldn’t hold it back anymore. So we become FWB. He asked me if I wanna be that and I agreed. He also said at first that if I start to have feelings we need to stop. I agreed at that time. But he spends all his free time with me, he stays over, I stay over, he take me to restaurant, he just told me today that he bought me a present to return all the nice things a do for him, we have an incredible connection in the bed, and we have very emotional and deep pillow talks. He has a big heart, he is a very caring person. But in the 3 years I realized he is not that kind of guy who speaks about feelings. He even says he doesn’t have feelings and he always act so cool. In the 3 month while we are FWB I feel like he opened up a lot, he talks about his secrets, about his family, and he talks about his feelings. I feel like he really let me to look inside of him. He gives me compliments 24/7, he still text me every single day when we are not together. He said that I’m very important for him, he cares for me a lot, he is very blessed that I’m in his life and he admit it that we have an amazing connection. This might sounds like the beginning a nice love story. But the truth is during certain conversations he still reminds me that we are FWB. He never lied to me, he never promised me more. But why do I feel that his actions says a different story. Once while we was spending some heated time together he said: never forget that actions speaks louder than words. He makes me very confused and I don’t want to commit my feelings for him because if he will say no I don’t want this to affect our friendship or our work. So right now I try to act cool to and pretend I don’t have feelings and this is good for me at it is. But the truth is I’m really wondering if he is just a very caring friend with a lots of extras or he might have feelings just he don’t want to commit, or he just needs more time for that.

  5. The article enlightens me to some degree.
    Has known the Virgo man over a year, were intimate for months until I left his country, but we’re still in touch frequently.
    I thought it meant something that he’s always the one initiated everything, as well as his patience with me. Now I suppose it’s probably just him being very kind.
    For me it’s black or white. I like him, but if he has someone, I’d definitely leave, I don’t want to be one of the options.
    So, I can expect less from him.

    1. Hi Nokia! It’s hard for me to asses or advises you on your situation without knowing more information. Virgo men are complicated guys and are the type that can actually live a full life without having a partner. On the other hand, when they do seek out commitment, they’re very picky about it. They want to be absolutely sure that the woman they choose to commit to is someone they can see a future with. That being said, there is much much more you could learn about Virgo man if you’re willing to read up on it. I have a fantastic book that shares so much about this unusual guy that it may help you grasp who he is better and find a way forward.

  6. This article really hit close to home for me and totally explained what happened to me recently. I’m a scorpio woman and he is a virgo man who had been in a relationship where she cheated on him and he didnt want to be involved with anyone or have a girlfriend. I was a friend, and was there for him, we talked all the time, supported him, did what I could for him and fell in love with him. He wanted intimacy…and at times he revealed that he was developing feelings for me as well, so I thought it would develop into a relationship. Boy was I wrong…as soon as we were intimate, he changed immediately, and when I asked what was wrong and told him how I felt…he accused me of playing mind games with him and treating him like crap…i was stunned…he turned on me, blocked my number, blocked me on social media…i can’t believe he acted this way…i never expected it. Its been over a month but I’m still hurting from it because I care about him so much, and miss him. I felt a connection with him that I has not felt with anyone else…..but now…i guess its time to move on as I’m sure he has found someone else.

  7. As a Virgo man I have never had a FWB but being a virgo I’m certified in giving insight into ones mind. The Virgo may be afraid of getting hurt and protecting himself due to a bad situation in the past. Virgos are very confusing because they are constantly analyzing EVERYTHING and their opinion on certain situations may change at times with the more thought he gives it. Virgos like their freedom or “me time”. If a Virgo feels like you’re not the right one for him then he won’t commit, the more you push the more distant he will become.

    The hot and cold (a lot of women usually complain about this) thing comes into play because there is qualities that he really likes about you, but then you do something that he doesn’t like which makes him pull back and think about it. There’s somewhat of a battle going on in his mind and sadly there’s a bunch if boxes to check.

    Virgo men typically find it hard to commit unless they’re sure you are the one they want. If they commit too soon then they may end up being unhappy and trying to search for that perfect girl they’ve always craved in their mind. It is usually about mind games with us Virgos, the biggest way to win over a Virgo (IMO) is at times try to let him be the hero by asking for his help….but don’t play the “dumb girl” because we don’t typically like those types of girls.

    Most Virgo mean I know don’t really like FWB, if they do agree to that type of thing then that’s all they want and nothing more…unless you check all of his boxes and he feels you’re the one).

    All in all, Virgos are very difficult people to read and don’t open up in a way that is understandable. A lot of people complain about us and don’t like us, we have very high standards for ourselves, too picky, and blah blah blah. I find very few people to be intriguing and most to be annoying. Sorry I rambled but hopefully helped someone.

    1. Thank you for your insight: “The Virgo Confusing”. I am a Taurus woman fiancee of a Virgo man 7 years younger. He had a fwb with a Cancer for the last 2 years until we were introduced by a mutual friend. He had previously been in a 14 year relationship with the mother of his kids and never married. It took him only 1 month to know that I am the one. He professed his love within a month and told me I am the woman he would marry and spend the remainder of his life with. As a Taurus I spoke with him about slowing down a bit. Our wedding is in 5 months. He does most of the planning. We recently moved in together. He hasn’t ever gone hot and cold with me in the 9 months we’ve been together. He changed his phone number when he moved in and cut off all contact with the fwb cancer lady. The cancer attempted to contact him via Facebook messenger stating she was surprised that he was getting married because in the past when he dated others she was always able to get him to come back as a fwb. Virgo men get a bad rap. He is the most attentive, affectionate, loyal, and loving. He’s a good provider as well. Virgo men are misunderstood. My observation is that he just wants someone who gives the same energy he does in a relationship. He’s emotional but it takes the right woman to intuitively understand because he wont tell uou unless you ask. He wants validation, security and loyalty the same that Taureans seek. He found it in me. Good luck to the rest of you ladies.

    2. Hello The Virgo Confusion!

      Thank you so much for sharing your insight as a Virgo man. All of what you have said is what I know to be truth about Virgo men. I also know that sometimes they will sleep with a girl but then change his mind because she jumped into bed with him too quickly. She’s now “tainted” or “too easy” which makes them walk away. Virgo men can be very complicated but with patience and understanding, they can be won over.

  8. I’m in a FWB situation with a virgo man and I’m constantly being confused we are off and on mainly because he pulls away stops contacting me or texting me I feel he is not interested and I leave then he blows up on me and calls me emotionally unstable. When we are around each other it’s perfect we get along the conversation is easy. But when we are apart it’s like he doesn’t even think about me we can go days without communication and I’m the one who teaches out. He’s told me he just wanted FWB and when I agreed and was ok with that he would say stuff like I’m not his everything yet calling me baby and texting or trying to see me all the time. And then the next week nothing we stopped talking for a week last month started talking again and now he’s extremely distant and cold and it feels like I’m starting at 1 again. He basically got mad at me when I expressed being upset that he upsets me when he takes days to respond to me and he said I’m not his gf so I backed off because he’s right but then we hung out after that and it was great. I told him I have feelings and he didn’t say anything back but he still wanted to see me. Now we are back to him not responding to messages I asked him if he ever saw us being more than FWB and he hasn’t responded so idk at the moment.

    1. Hi Brittney!

      It sounds like you actually want more from your Virgo guy than just FWB. I say this because you’re concerned about contact and how he acts or doesn’t act. That requires more care. Most FWB relationships are “no strings’ which means they spend time and have sex but do not keep up with each other’s lives outside of what they have. In other words, what he does isn’t your business because of the “no strings”. I hope this makes sense. He doesn’t seem as into you as you are into him otherwise he’d be showing you far more and wouldn’t be just FWB. Stand up and tell him what you want so you can either get it or so that you can get closure to move on.

  9. I having been on and off with my Virgo for 17 years. We just recently started dating and he has a female friend he has been sleeping with behind my back. I found and addressed the situation and he blew it off as nothing and me being jealous. We live together and I have told him I don’t like the relationship he has with her and why can’t he actually talk to me more and open up. He started becoming a better partner but within two weeks he was back to the same antics with this female. I searched his phone and found some very disturbing things that I have not spoken with him about. He immediately went into correction mode and made changes to reassure me he cares and only wants me and our relationship. I found this article very informative. Should I just leave this relationship and allow him to find out what he wants or stay?

    1. Hi Gemini Lady!

      It sounds like maybe you need to tell him to either stop or you’re gone. He won’t like hearing it but it is what it is. If it’s something you definitely cannot get past then yes, you need to get out of it. You deserve so much better honey and this is not a common Virgo man issue. I’m sorry he’s put you through this. If you would like to know more, please read my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  10. So I have a virgo friend with an aquarius moon and a leo rising who I’ve come to really like. I’m a cancer, with an aries moon and aquarius rising. I’m not someone who really opens up to people or trusts people easily but I’ve known him for years and I feel safe talking and being myself with him after all this time. We’ve always had that kind of relationship where we will meet up once every couple of weeks for lunch and just talk. I very much liked that. I feel like our banter is fun and I really want to get to know him better but he’s hard to get to know. I told him I liked him because I know if I bottle it up, it may explode later. So I just ripped off the bandaid and told him how I’ve come to like him recently but that I just needed to get it off my chest, I was not expecting anything back. Although I’m a cancer, I’m definitely not naive and I prefer to be the one in control of these situations. He said he was very flattered but didn’t comment much else on the subject. It hurt even though I feel like that’s better for me to have gotten it off my chest now. Anyway we somehow got to talking about friends with benefits and I was surprised. I would have never brought up the subject. I told him something sexual was not what I was looking for. I like cuddling so would that be nice? Of course, but an expectation of something more? Never. He said the most he’d be comfortable with would be kissing. I agreed. The conversation kinda ended then in mid air. I just brushed it off as either it will be something we will talk about or something we never come back to. We were chatting again a few days later. Before our conversation really ended he asked me if we had agreed to become friends with benefits and if I still wanted to go on a date. I was honest and said yes, I have no objections. He replied saying he also had no objections. I told him I also didn’t like the words “friends with benefits” as that implied something sexual and I had not agreed to that. Anyway, we parted ways essentially in conversation, but after reading this article, I’m not sure if the agreement we both kinda are in means anything. Yeah I like him, but I’m not going to make my life revolve around him. I feel like this agreement is a good way to get to know him a bit more intimately without actually involving sex. But maybe this is a dangerous situation? I’m not sure. I wanted to hear people’s thoughts. You can by all means tell me I’m insane, because quite honestly, I would tend to agree. Sorry if I kind of rambled a bit. I may have missed some things too.

    1. HI Concerned Cancer!

      I’m not sure he was agreeing to it either honestly. If he asked you if you wanted to go on a date, a date isn’t what friend with benefits do. A date is a date 🙂 I think he just wants to take it slowly. Normally Virgo isn’t comfortable with it either so I think you should tell him the truth in how you feel and save yourself the issue. He’ll appreciate your candor actually. If you’d like to learn more about the Virgo man, please read “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  11. I’ve have a Virgo and we’ve been on and off for 5 years.We know each other very well we know each other’s family’s I’ve been to his house and he’s been to mine and we talk to each other about our problems. When we have intimate encounters he gets distant and He says it’s so I wouldn’t catch feelings but I feel it’s the other way around. When I asked him what this was between us he said a mutual relationship.After the first three years I realized it’s not worth it but I feel it’s something there maybe it is or isn’t I’m not sure can anyone answer this thanks

    1. Hi Beautiful One!

      Hmm… it sounds like he’s terrified of commitment. What does he think it is then? Friends with benefits? If that’s not what you want then you need to make it clear to him what you DO want. Booty calls aren’t fulfilling for the long run and I’m sure that’s not what you really want. Trust your gut… always! If you’d like to learn more about the Virgo man, please read “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  12. Confused Sag …
    So I’ve been talking to a Virgo man off and on for 4 years now … we have never been gf-bf … we would stop talking then he would hit me up to go out or just to hangout and we have great conversation … So recently we both just got out of short relationship and started talking again we both said we weren’t looking for a relationship but we didn’t agree to being FWB … we are hangout and because I know he is not BF I try to give him as much space as he needs because he is not my man and I really don’t wanna be tied down but he text me very day if I don’t text back he say something about me not responding… I think we are really good friends and I tell him I don’t want a man because I have a lot going on and he say the same thing we have really good sex and conversation… recently he invited me over we are having a great time as normal great conversation and great sex… after sex he became very weird from his normal self … usually he’s all over me kissing me holding me cooking for me very flirty but he is stand offish tonight or not really talking … just not himself … so because I’ve been dealing with him for a long time now I know to give him space … but I’m just confused because Iwr have a real good time together and I like having him around me … idk what to do because I’m ok with relationship but he is act wired …??‍♀️

    1. Hi Nisha!

      I am sorry to hear you are a confused Sagittarius girl. He loves having female friends as he can relate to them better on some levels. It sounds like he either met someone else to have a relationship with or he developed feelings for him which scared the heck out of him. If you really want to know what is up then ask him. Virgo men typically want you to be straight with them. If you don’t ask, you won’t get answers.

  13. I am a Scorpio female and recently had interaction with a Virgo male. He’s super sweet. He texts me all the time. Recently, we have been communicating a lot and decided to ask him what he wanted from our friendship or whatever you wanna call it. He told me that he didn’t have enough time for a relationship but wanted something so I replied with FWB’s? He responded with yes if I was ok with it. When I responded back with “lol I thought that’s what you wanted” he then asked me what I wanted (which isn’t that and never will be that) I responded with “to love you” he was really taken back by that. Then I started digging deeper and ended up here reading all of these comments. I just want to say that obviously these Virgo men are very complicated and it’s utterly annoying to me. Like, get over yourselves already. I will never be his “FWB” or anything of that nature for a selfish little Virgo man that obviously has mental issues! In fact I hope he someday comes across this. I am highly offended. At the time I didn’t tell him how highly offended I was but I think when he wants to play his little mind games again (and let’s face it ladies he’ll be back) I’m going to light his ass up! Thanks for coming to my Scorpio talk ?

    1. Hi Scorpio Female!

      You definitely sound very Scorpio! I mean to say that you’re tough and want to lay him out for having offended you. Virgo is the one sign in the Zodiac that actually can go without having a relationship…ever. They don’t need anyone, or so they believe anyway. Unless they absolutely fall head over heels for someone then they aren’t barking up the commitment tree. They can’t “get over” themselves either by the way. Their brain is nonstop and they are often very stressed out. They over think things and frustrate themselves which makes them frustrating to others. They are critical people but what some don’t know is that he’s even more critical of himself than of anyone else. It may not seem that way but if he starts projecting, that’s why. Mind games aren’t typical of Virgo men. I think what happened is that he shoed interest in you and then there was a communication break down on his part. That stinks for sure. I do believe there will be someone far better for you. Take care of yourself sweetheart!

  14. I m Aries women my friend is Virgo he is engaged with someone else I love my friend by can’t expressed my feelings . He is very nice to me he also want sexual relation from me . But I m sad and also confused that what should I do . Should I leave my friend or either I stop him from our sexual relationship plZ give me advice plz

    1. Hi Aresha!

      Sweetheart if he is engaged to someone else then all you are is second. He will probably never break it off with her to be with you. He may say he will but don’t believe it. Virgo men tend to accept their responsibilities and stick to it. He just sounds like a horny friend and you should not cross that line. There is someone else out there that is all for you! Don’t mess up your karma messing around with someone already in a relationship.

  15. I’m a gemini woman. I was celibate for almost 8 months before I recently started a FWB with a Virgo male. I have dated 4 Virgo’s in my past, my father is a Virgo & I had 3 Virgo best friends in my past. I’m well aware of their personality traits & so forth. He initiated the FWB (we met off the Tinder app) We texted/spoke on the phone and I thought about it for almost 2 weeks before I decided to meet him. He states he lives with his aunt/uncle who he cares for that have cancer so we cannot meet at his place. I am a single mom with a daughter so he can’t meet at my place either. We meet on Sunday afternoons at a hotel that he chooses & pays for. The first time we met we had sex 3 times and the 2nd time we met (yesterday) we had sex twice.

    He always brings condoms, buys us water (we get thirsty during & after lol) He texts me almost everyday. He’s very private about his personal life and his questions seem to revolve around sex. We’re supposed to meet up this weekend (He works as a 911 operator so he works everyday, from what he’s told me) go to the movies and dinner then hopefully have sex! So far it has been great & I don’t want anything more from him nor do I expect anything else from him. Once Virgo’s have their mind made up of who you are in their life (a fwb, a friend, a partner, etc) That’s all that you will ever be & you really can’t do anything to change that. What’s funny is he texts me everyday & when we are together he will ask me if I’m into him, am I addicted yet? I know he wants me to be wrapped around his finger but realistically he isn’t doing anything but giving me orgasms. He hasn’t paid my bills, fed my kid, took me shopping or did anything of a boyfriend sort because he isn’t my man so of course I don’t look at him anymore than a fun fling! He always asks me will I call him again afterwards? LOL he ends up texting me first. The texts will be vague so I don’t respond right away or really say much.

    They over analyze everything & they overthink everything. In the bedroom he’s amazing, satisfies like no other & I’m glad I am having great sex with someone. Afterwards he leaves first, then I will sleep in the hotel bed for awhile then get up to shower & proceed with the rest of my day. He has stated from the beginning he doesn’t have the time to invest into a commitment & I’m aware that once I don’t want to sleep with him or I realize I am catching feelings, I will end the FWB. I think you have to have a strong mind set & discipline to have a FWB with anyone, despite their horoscope.

    1. Hi Brittany!

      Thank you for sharing your experience. All Virgo men are not the same but yes, some can be into these types of relationships, clearly. The majority of them tie their emotions in with sex and will not do this sort of thing. One of my best girlfriends married a Virgo man and even being 47, he is sexually not very experienced. He has never cheated and is always loyal to who is with. He would never be in a FWB set up because he says it’s wrong. Not all Virgo men are exactly the same as that would be impossible. They all have different moon signs, rising signs, and other different traits in their charts. I am glad you shared your side of this and that some are open and good with doing this type of relationship. Blessings to you!

  16. Hi Anna I am a cancer woman with an aries moon and aquarius rising I am dealing with a virgo with an cancer moon and sagittarius rising. We started off as close friends we developed a closer relationship after him and his girlfriend broke up. We hung out multiple times before we started having sex. We have sleepovers and do things that FWB don’t do. I’ve met his family and even went to his house. Every time we hang out I feel like there’s something more because of how open we are with each other and our chemistry is great. After like 2 months I started to catch feelings and when he came to my house to shower I went through his phone and found messages with him and a girl with him flirting with her saying that “he’s not ready for a relationship, but they are grown and can do other things” implying sex, but he told me that he was only going to be having sex with me and he “wouldn’t do me like that.” He texted me a few days later and asked how did I feel about him I basically downplayed how I felt and told him I kinda was catching feelings since we are around each other so much and he proceeds to say “why didn’t you say anything so we could stop before your feelings grow” I don’t understand how I could read a situation so wrong. I still like him and want to continue our relationship, but I don’t want him doing things with other girls.

    1. Hi Cancer woman!

      Oh my goodness. Ok so he wasn’t “committed” with you in his mind if he was also talking to another woman in a similar way. I think he thinks more highly of you though since he has brought you around people he loves. It’s still no excuse though. Him reacting the way he did to what you said also is very much a non committal person. Unless you want to continue the FWB situation with him then you need to probably start peeling away from him. Maybe giving him space for awhile will make him really think about things and even miss you enough to care about commitment. It’s ultimately what you choose that matters. I wish you all the luck of the universe for your happiness.

    2. I’m a libra and in a long distance with a virgo man. We met over adult chat site and hit it off ever since. I confessed multiple times but not dramatically, and he always says he feels the same to me but never ever mentioning the same words of like. Given our distance and separate lives, he says it has to be FWB now. I’m meeting him after 8 months and am not sure if I should let anything happen.

  17. Hi Anna I am a cancer woman with an aries moon and aquarius rising I am dealing with a virgo with an cancer moon and sagittarius rising. We started off as close friends we developed a closer relationship after him and his girlfriend broke up. We hung out multiple times before we started having sex

  18. Hey I’m kinda in a situation like this with my ex I still love him we talk everydsy but we are not together we have sex here and there but he doesn’t want nothing serious with me is he using me or not I still want to be his girlfriend again and I’ve told him I still like him but he doesn’t really say nothing when I tell him how I feel about him what should I do ?

  19. Hey Lol, all I can say is i am an Aquarius woman and the Virgo guy i talk to, He made the first move. when we first started talking, we would be otp or texting a lot but when we actually met up, I’ve been to his house 3 times since then he takes hours to call or text and sometimes text and calls the next day idk why but when we are around each other he wants to be affectionate with me. when i spent the night to his house he’s gentle he wants to hold me but i think i made a mistake because our chemistry was so good we had sexual relationship and its still the same thing with the communication on his side

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