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7 Questions That Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love With You

Virgo men can seem shy—there’s no doubt about that! And when they’re new to you, they’re even more timid. However, with a bit of time and patience, you’ll soon discover that Virgo men are actually very bold, and it just takes the right kind of questions to get them talking! What kinds of questions can you ask to draw him out of his shell, and even fall for you? 

Although Virgo men are earth signs, they’re also ruled by the communication planet, Mercury, which makes these men extra talkative—but only when they feel comfortable! 

There’s nothing that a Virgo man loves more than problem-solving and offering advice, so with the right sort of questions, you should have him eating out of your hand in no time at all! 

The trick with a Virgo man is to show him how smart you are, too. This is a highly intelligent sign, and he won’t appreciate you playing dumb or putting on a ditzy-girl act—don’t hide your intellect! Instead, give him everything you have in the brains department, and watch him melt! 

Based on my years as a relationship astrologer, these are the questions most likely to help him open up to you, and start thinking of you as The One!

7Questions That Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love With You

1. Ask Him What He’s Been Reading

Virgo men love, love, love to read! Whether it’s books, journals, magazines, or the news, this man likes to keep up with the world and know what’s going on! 

You don’t have to confine your questions to just books—there are all sorts of things to read! Perhaps you’d like to start off by telling him about a book you’ve read (and it doesn’t have to be recent—just the most “heady” one) and see how he adds to that. He’ll love the fact that you’re a woman who reads.

This is a fun, easy way to get a Virgo man out of his shell, and you’ll soon see how knowledge ignites his passion! 

2. Ask About His Job or Career

You probably know where he works, but do you really know what he does? Virgo men, more than most, live and breathe their work and are typically very dedicated to their careers. 

What does a normal day look like for your guy? How is his relationship with his boss? Or if he’s the boss, what is his team like? 

Ask him his routine, what he loves about his job, and what he hates! Ask him if he sees himself staying on his current path, and see if he has a dream job in mind. 

Once you get a Virgo man talking about his work, there’s virtually no stopping him! This is his comfort zone, and he’s very willing to share that part of himself with you.

3. Ask Him For Advice on Finances

Did you know that most Virgo men are financial whizzes? He won’t always share what he’s good at until you ask, and this is one of the skills he may have. 

In fact, many Virgo men work in finance, as accountants or bankers or stock brokers. But even those whose work has nothing to do with money are often great with personal finances.

Even if you don’t have a financial problem, think of a goal you’d like to set. Ask him how you can save efficiently or start an investment portfolio.

When you chat with him about money, you’re giving him two gifts: the chance to help you out and the opportunity to show you his skills. Win-win!

4. Give Him a Problem to Solve

Speaking of being helpful… Virgo men are here on this earth to solve problems—and no problem is more satisfying to solve than one that’s bugging his woman!

You can be the person to bring him a sticky issue, and asking him for his advice will make his heart full. Whether it’s an issue with a co-worker, a sticky situation with your schedule, car shopping—whatever! You’ll need to judge how much you’re willing to tell him when your relationship is new, but rest assured that your Virgo man is there to help.

The reason for this is also because acts of service is the most common love language for Virgo men. And here’s the thing—he really does give great advice! You may come to wonder how you ever managed without him.

5. Ask Him About His Relationship to Nature

Nature is the Virgo man’s healer. When he becomes too overanalytical, too caught in his thoughts, he needs the ground beneath his feet and the wind in his hair to help him relax. 

Many Virgo men are truly connected to Mother Earth, and they have their favorite hikes and places to go when they need an escape. Ask him about these places, and go ahead and share your own peaceful, scenic spots. 

This is an easy segue into planning romantic outdoorsy dates for the future!

6. Ask About His Education

Education is likely a big deal to your Virgo fella. He just loves to learn, and the chances are very good that he’s continuing his studies in some shape or form, even if it’s through workshops, online courses, or self-study. 

Ask him what he loves learning about, if he went to college (and if so, where?) and what skills or subject areas are on his list of things to learn. Share your own studies too—he loves a woman who’s also passionate about educating herself in some way

One great thing you can do is suggest taking a workshop or attending a lecture together to learn something you’re both interested in.

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7. Let Him Ask You Questions, Too!

Finally, one of the best things you can do to get a Virgo man to fall for you is to simply allow him to talk and ask you questions. Be open and honest with him, and don’t be scared to tell him if you’re unsure about anything. 

Most Virgo men really want to find out what makes your brain tick, and asking you questions about yourself and your life is the best way he can “suss you out.” 

With some signs, it’s wisest to dole out information slowly so they don’t lose interest. Not so with Virgo! Don’t be shy about sharing with this guy. He loves chatting, and once he gets going, and he makes for a great conversational partner! 

Just remember that talking is a sure-fire way to the heart of a Virgo man. He’s one of those guys who loves establishing a mental connection before a physical one, though he has no problem in the sensual world, either! 

Seduce his mind, and you’ll have all of him!

What are your go-to questions for a new partner? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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