12 Things A Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Become the woman your Virgo man is secretly fantasizing about and make him addicted to you. Discover what a Virgo man likes in a woman.

Do you find yourself totally into a super sexy Virgo man and wondering what a Virgo man likes in a woman? Maybe you’re afraid to upset him, so you need to know what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman in order to keep things running smoothly.

Well, a Virgo man is an odd creature who appears to be cold and emotionless but, in fact, has deep sensual needs and a very sensitive soul. For a Virgo man, when he likes a woman, he needs to feel secure. He needs to feel that there is an intellectual as well as a physical bond with her before taking the plunge.

Although Virgos are shy and reserved when it comes to love and relationships, that doesn’t mean they don’t develop deep feelings or have specific standards for the woman of their dreams.

If you’ve been wondering what does a Virgo man look for in a woman, you need to understand that Virgos are primarily intellectual beings who live in their heads and tend to analyze their emotions to death. Intelligence is a huge turn-on for these guys, as is the ability to communicate clearly and calmly.

I have some things for you to read that just might help you figure things out. You will learn about his signals, which may help you decide what a Virgo man wants in a woman.

These are 12 things a Virgo man likes and dislikes that you need to know to better understand what he may be searching for in a partner.

Virgo Man Dream Woman — What A Virgo Man Wants In A Woman?

A Virgo man knows exactly what he likes in a woman. He is one of those guys who has his perfect life planned out ahead of him, and there is little anyone can do to stop him. This also means he has an idea of his perfect woman.

What a Virgo man likes in a woman may vary from man to man, but there will always be a couple of similar traits they all find attractive. A Virgo man usually likes someone quite put together and intelligent.

A Virgo man likes it when a woman can take care of herself and is somewhat independent, with her own goals and a variety of hobbies. He needs to feel excited by the conversation he has with her.

He also finds it attractive when a woman is deeply caring and considerate. A Virgo man wants to feel like he is supported by the woman he is with. All of these qualities will make a Virgo man’s heart sing!

Stay tuned for more information about what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

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A Virgo Man When He Likes A Woman (How Does He Act?)

A Virgo man is certainly mesmerizing and knows how to influence the people around him with subtle remarks and criticism. When a Virgo man likes a woman, he will do his best to mold her into his ideal woman.

He wants to see the people in his life succeed and become better versions of themselves; this is why he will pour so much of his time and energy into being of service to the woman he cares about. When a Virgo man makes a fuss over you, you can be certain that he is into you.

A Virgo man likes to be conservative and traditional. He is definitely the type of guy who is more comfortable in traditional gender roles. He would be too happy to provide for his woman as long as she can be his perfect trophy wife—this can put quite a bit of pressure on his lady’s shoulders.

With a Virgo man, you will always be comforted to know that he will strive for the best he can, and because of this, he will encourage you to be a better person. He demands excellence wherever he goes.

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Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman — Basics

A Virgo man takes life really seriously, which is why he puts such a great emphasis on his relationships. This man knows exactly what he wants out of a relationship, and he is never going to settle for anything less.

This man really values a modest woman—the manifestation of perfection. He wants to be able to put his partner on a pedestal. A Virgo man truly believes he can have the best.

What A Virgo Man Likes In A Woman? 6 Things That Drives A Virgo Man Crazy About You

1. Virgo Man Admires Wit And Intelligence

You might be wondering, “what do Virgo men like in a woman? And without a doubt, it has to be her intelligence. The sexiest part of a woman is her brain, according to Virgo men. If you read widely and are interested in current affairs, a Virgo man will be drawn into conversation with you, and that will give you the chance to show off your other fine qualities.

Virgo men have a dry sense of humor, and they love facts. Do your research before engaging with these men, and don’t try to talk to them about romance novels, TV soap operas, or stuff you heard on Facebook.

If you seem shallow and uninformed, they will write you off and move on. These are some of the traits a Virgo man tends to really dislike.

2. A Virgo Man Likes His Woman To Take Care Of Herself

Virgo men are the healers of the Zodiac, and they don’t get enchanted by shallow beauty or showy looks as much as a healthy body and a sound mind. A Virgo likes it when a woman knows how to take care of her mind, body, and spirit.

You don’t need to be gorgeous to get their attention but you do need to have a solid approach to taking care of yourself and the world around you. After all, Virgo men really like the routine and little rituals they do for themselves.

You also don’t need to be a fitness fanatic or star athlete, but if you enjoy walking, are not lazy, and appreciate clean air and healthy food, then a Virgo man will be naturally drawn to you.

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3. He Adores Your Professional Identity

Virgos love to work, and are very much defined by what they do and how well they do it. You don’t need to be a wildly successful career woman but you should have a clear idea of what you do and why you do it. A Virgo man likes when a woman has a purpose and a reason to wake up every morning.

Service is a big deal to Virgo man so if your work involves helping others, then you will score points from the start. Having a clear sense of direction and enjoying your work is going to impress a Virgo man, so don’t be shy to strut your stuff.

4. He Prefers When His Woman Is Practical

Virgo men are practical earthy creatures who are turned off by drama, exaggeration, hysterics, and histrionics. They are drawn to women who are strong, calm, and decisive, but you don’t have to hide your weaknesses.

Knowing where you need help will charm a Virgo man as he gets excited at the possibility of being able to help you in any way he can. A Virgo man loves to be given the opportunity to save the day.

Women who are able to communicate clearly without too much mystery are easy for a Virgo man to deal with, as they find emotional vagueness confusing. Just be straightforward with your Virgo man. He’ll appreciate it!

5. Virgo Man Desires Independence

The Virgo man ideal woman would be someone who knows how to give him his own space. Virgo men like time alone, and they simply cannot fathom needy people who find it hard to be alone. If you are cool with doing your own thing and don’t need to know where he is at all times, he will feel comfortable around you.

Women who are strong and clear about their needs and their agenda are the best kind of partners for a Virgo man.

He needs time to be alone so he can do his thing, and he can’t deal with emotional blackmail and constant demands. Independence is what a Virgo man likes in a woman.

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6. Virgo Man Likes When You Are Available

A Virgo man is not excited by the woman he cannot have so he won’t chase after someone who is clearly not available. A Virgo man likes it when he knows a woman is interested in him for sure. This is a man who likes certainty and plays by the rules.

A woman who makes it clear she is open to developing things further and then allows things to happen naturally, without rushing or pushing, will send all the right signals to a Virgo man.

Virgo men don’t read between the lines, so be very clear about what you want from him, and then let things develop at his pace, as he takes his time to make his move.

But once he decides you are the one, there is no stopping the love from blooming.

Virgo Man Dislikes In A Woman — What Do Virgo Men Hate?

1. A Virgo Man Dislikes You Being Too Social

The Virgo man isn’t really into crowds or doing things that require being around a lot of people. This grows with age as well. That means that if you’re a social type of lady; he probably will not care for this.

He likes spending time with his lady without so many others around. He prefers quality over quantity. This can mean being with one or two other friends but not a crowd.

If you try to drag him to social events, he will clam up and likely decide not to go with you.

2. Virgo Man Hates Clingy Or Possessive Behavior

If you try chasing after him or trying to track his every movement, he will resent you. He does not want a woman that feels the need to be with him 24/7 and then still have constant contact via text/phone.

He does require a little bit of personal freedom but nothing crazy. The older he gets, the more he realizes that time with his partner is important so he may require even less at that point.

3. He Despises Half Assed Behavior

If you’re going to start a project or start something with him; you had better finish what you started. He despises leaving things to sit after they’ve been started up.

He feels unfinished if whatever he starts isn’t finished. Seeing this behavior in the woman he likes is a complete turn-off. He’ll wonder why you can’t seem to follow through.

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4. Doesn’t Approve Of Her Being Messy Or Slobby Like

The Virgo man can be a bit of a clean freak. As such; he cannot stand a mess of any kind. If you are a bit on the messy side and want to date a Virgo, you’ll have to learn how to become cleaner.

The last thing you want him to see is your clutter or mess in your home and/or vehicle. Be careful and make sure that things are tidy. Keep yourself looking neat in appearance as well.

5. Virgo Man Doesn’t Like Sudden Surprises

This man likes to be organized and plan out his course of action. He can be spontaneous here and there but for the most part; he prefers having some sort of routine to live by.

If you spring random plans on him or change the plans you already had; this could throw him off and make him think you are a bit flaky. The best thing to do is to give him ample time to adjust himself.

Giving him the time to process and plan will help him cope with the changes or new plans better.

6. A Virgo Man Dislikes Aggressive Behavior

One of the signs that the Virgo man dislikes you is your aggressive behavior. To a Virgo man, rudeness is a huge turn-off. You shouldn’t change who you are for anyone, but if you’re looking to stay with your Virgo man, be emotional, have feelings, but contain them around him to a certain extent. Be calm and content around him. Don’t criticize or judge him.

Try to understand that your behavior has a negative impact on your Virgo man. Don’t sulk or pout. Avoid having a sullen attitude. Don’t express your negative emotions; address them instead.

The Virgo man communicates with words. He is led by logic and reason. Whatever you do, don’t be anxious and nervous around him.

What Body Type Does A Virgo Man Like?

If you are wondering what a Virgo man likes in a woman physically, I must start with a fit body and clear skin. In order to physically attract a Virgo man, a woman needs to be well-kept and dress in simple, classic outfits.

She needs to be physically healthy and in good shape, and she needs to lead a disciplined lifestyle.

Virgo adores an elegant and sophisticated woman who is, above all, graceful and confident. He will want his lady love to also always look her best.

Not that you have to wear makeup and have your hair fixed all the time. However, if you’re going to be hanging out at home, brush your hair and teeth.

To learn what attracts a Virgo man, you must be fully aware of the fact that a Virgo man is organized, and a woman who doesn’t allow chaos to rule over her life is something he would fully appreciate.

FAQ On Virgo Likes And Dislikes

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Virgo man and how this will affect your relationship?

Well, luckily for you I have compiled a list of questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate the difficult times you might experience with your Virgo man.

Do Virgo Men Like Older Women?

Virgo men like calm and calculated women who have experimented a lot in the past but are now mature and willing to fully commit.

Younger women are energetic, and older women have control. A Virgo man can mentally better connect with an older woman because he is looking for a peaceful relationship environment.

How Does A Virgo Man Treat His Woman?

When a Virgo man loves his woman, he will engage in meaningful conversations with her, notice everything about her, and treat her with respect.

He will show that he loves her through small and practical gestures. He loves to serve, and he would want to make her life easier by doing something productive.

Virgo man needs to feel close to her. Being the most loyal sign of the zodiac, he will expect loyalty in return.

What Does It Mean When A Virgo Man Compliments You?

When a Virgo man compliments you, that means that he likes you. He can give you endless compliments and pays more attention to giving than receiving.

A Virgo man will compliment you only if he is sincere. He will not waste his words if he doesn’t mean them. If your Virgo man is truly ready to commit to you, a mature and emotionally intelligent Virgo man will always compliment you.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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25 thoughts on “12 Things A Virgo Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

  1. Reading that was like I was reading about my son it was so on point and also my best friend who lives in Ontario Canada they are exactly on point about the Virgo man love it

    1. Hi Lenore! Thank you for writing in. The Cancer woman is sensitive and caring. She’s able to provide Virgo with stability and in turn, he gives it right back to her. He’s willing to make her feel safe, secure, and very loved. He’s not quite as outspoken with his feelings but he will always make his Cancer lady know in some way that she’s important to him. Yes, indeed these two have the potential to have something wonderful should they decide to pursue it. If you’re thinking of getting with a Virgo man, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you’d like to know more about the Virgo man, please check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  2. I’m a Gemini and like a Virgo man what can I do to attract him he asks me questions like what I’m good and bad at and when I look at him he smiles he is quiet sometimes but usually wants to be by me when I turn around he’s there this all happens at school I’m a middle schooler ?

    1. Hi Lilianna! To draw a Virgo man closer, you’ve got to initiate conversation. Let him get to know you but make sure you ask him questions also. Virgo is often shy and reserved. To open him up, talk to him about stuff he likes, places he likes to go, what he does for fun, etc. Dig into his psyche by finding out as much as you can and then you can use this to get closer to him. When he gives you information, be sure to give him some also so he doesn’t feel it’s one sided. It may help you to read my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  3. I’m a gemini and i also like a virgo man, he’s been really caring about me and today he complimented my smile and said he liked it, he said it was full and genuine, i get a feeling that maybe he’s starting to like me but idk? I feel like he’s holding back in some way but I will let time tell me

    1. Hi Gabs! To get him to tell you that he likes you, tell him you like him. Often times Virgo men are reserved and not outspoken as they don’t want to get shut down so they wait until they know that someone is interested in them. Then he’ll pick up the pace and you should be able to start working on something nice. Don’t be afraid! Tell him you dig him and would like to spend more time with him. You may also want to grab a copy of my book to help you out. You can purchase “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  4. Hi Anna! Im having troubles paying for the Virgo Man Secrets online. Im really interested about it. Can you help me?

  5. I am a caner women and ive been hanging out with 2 virgo male friends in reading this i find i am the to vergo and cancer i know who i am now after weeks of reading everthing about vergo and cancer but i messed up befour i found out about vergos and myself, so now im trying so desperately hard in puting things right again now that i have this understanding of us heres hoping, fealing so alive with this right now its like ive just woke up at 41 and cancer women are so attracting to vergo men ive found out that any male frinds in my like right now are all vegos and they are very easily spoted ti a cancer because ever seens i was a young girl ive seen the same expression on there face and only now i get it. ?

    1. Hi Mary!

      I’m not really sure what you’re asking exactly. You may want to check out my blog on Virgo man with Cancer woman. That may help you get a better understanding of what the two of you may be like and what is there for you. In addition, my book “Virgo Man Secrets” may also help reveal important information that can help you figure everything out when it comes to this complicated guy. I wish you all the best!

  6. Hi, I’m a Sagittarius girl.I like a Virgo man and please help me how can I make him to love me and have relationship with me.

    1. Hi Yeabsira!

      Well, you cannot MAKE him do anything honey. You have to give him time and treat him really well. Tell him you like him and let him make the next move. If he is interested in you, he will. If he isn’t, he’ll probably be very honest with you and tell you he isn’t into it. If he is though, let him make the plays and you’ll find success. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  7. I am Aquarius woman truly inlove to my virgo man but we’re in a Long distance and never been met were talking for couple of weeks but I find him serious and busy in life no much conversation with him I miss him. Is it possible our tandem?

    1. Hi Jessa!

      If you’ve never met, you need to do that. You need to figure out if you two have “in person” chemistry before you can really continue anything more serious. It’s easy to maintain online only when you don’t know that information but it could lead to someone getting hurt if you don’t meet up. Try to make a plan to go see him maybe? Sometimes it’s easier for a busy man if you can go to him. I’d try to push for it otherwise, it’s all talk. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  8. Hi I’m a Leo woman and I’m with a Virgo man we have been together a year and a half now but things are getting a bit Rocky please can u tell me if we have a chance please

    1. Hi Charlotte!

      Well each couple is different. Each Leo is different and each Virgo is different. There is no way to 100% pinpoint whether nor not it will work because it depends on the two of you and what you do with it. I would highly suggest you two really talk things through. Discuss calmly what has been going on and what you would like to do to make things better. It can get better but both of you have to want it. If you’d like an edge on Virgo man, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets. It could very well be the guide you need. Good luck sweetheart!

  9. I confessed months back to a Virgo man, and when I initiated a contact with him after 4 months, he replied and talked. Why does it feel like he is pretending to forget everything that happened? We are talking now, better, especially after I gave him a birthday gift which he really loved. Do I stand a chance? He’s in his 30s and I’m a Leo.

    1. Hi Favour!

      He shouldn’t have stopped loving or you or started loving you less because of your mother. Did she apologize? If she refuses then you can tell him that you’re sorry on her behalf. Tell him how much you love him and you don’t want that to change between the two of you. Your mom needs to but out while you’re trying to work on your relationship otherwise it may never succeed. I hope this helps you take care of your love sweetheart. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  10. Hello Anna,

    I recently started hanging out and getting to know a Virgo man. He’s very sweet, loving, kind and generous. We were communicating daily, going on dates and he even invited me to his place several times for overnight stays and dinner.

    Lately, he has pulled back from me. We still communicate but not on a daily basis. We haven’t spend any physical time together in months but he tells me he misses me and that he is busy with work. I tell him I miss him back very much.

    He’s a entrepreneur so I try and be understanding of his work life. He explained to me before he pulled back that he had to get his mind right, I wasn’t sure what he meant by that.

    I’m all over the place with my thoughts and feelings.

    What should I do?

  11. I’m a Pisces and been knowing a Virgo childhood friend for years. We reconnected about two years ago. We never dated during our childhood days, but now it’s totally different. We are both in our fifties, both been married before he has kids and I don’t. Things seems to turn off then back on…I really don’t know how to read him at times. We both told each other we love each other, but still it seems like there’s a wall that goes up between us and we just keep getting off track. I give him his space, and this seems to help. Ugh! any suggestions as to what I can do to help our relationship? Thank you kindly.

  12. Hi Anna,

    I have recently been back in touch with an old college friend who is a Virgo. Unbeknownst to me he had feelings for me back in the day that I (Cancer) was clueless about. We have rekindled our friendship and he has now revealed to me how he felt about me then (35 years ago) and that he still has these feelings now. He is divorced, I am somewhat committed (its complicated), and he has become the man he has always needed to be and again he has confessed his feelings to me in detail. We have flirted a lot via chat and on the phone but as we are several states away from each other its a little difficult to see a way for us to reconnect in person. He told me that I have made him feel desired and worthy in a way he has never felt before and truthfully, he has made me feel like that college girl again, in a way that I haven’t felt in so long I was shocked by my response. I want things to progress but am not sure how to move forward.
    Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated!

    1. Dear Anna,
      To have a long distance relationship with a Virgo man will require lots of patience, travel, Face Time or Skype. Virgo men tend to want to talk via phone or via video.
      He wants to see your beautiful face and hear your voice. Other men may not need that much contact and can settle for emails, texts, or social media messages. Virgo is ok with that sometimes but most of the time he prefers calls.
      So you’ll need to prepare for the fact that he will probably call you a lot or ask you to call him. Video chatting may also be a nice thing to do so that you can see each other while you talk.
      Ultimately, most long distance relationships are difficult. You’re not able to just drive over and spend time together. You’re often bound to only be able to see one another when either or both of you can actually afford to fly or drive.
      In this case, as hard as it is, it IS possible to make it last with a Virgo. As long as there is a promise of there being a future of being absolutely together permanently.
      I hope all goes well for your both!

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