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What A Virgo Wants From a Relationship

Virgo men are elusive and mysterious, they want what they can’t have and they’ll fight to get it.

What they want can be many different things, it can be a person who is kind and genuine or a person who knows what they want and they let themselves have it.

Virgo men aren’t simple creatures and their partners aren’t either. If you’ve made it into a relationship with him, here’s what a Virgo man wants from a relationship:


Virgo’s love to love people who take pride in themselves. Whether it’s their work, appearance, or hobbies, if you’re passionate about it, they’ll appreciate you for it.

If it’s your worth ethic that you take pride in, show your Virgo that you’re willing to work toward a happy medium and that you’re able to be flexible with both your needs.

Virgo men want to be understood and it may take some effort to fully grasp that reality. When you take pride in your appearance, it sends a Virgo through the roof.

Virgos themselves take great pride in their appearance and the peoples’ around them. When you two are well-coordinated and stylish, your Virgo man will be a happy one.



Nobody wants to go into a relationship based on lies, but if you’re dedicated to a Virgo man, lies can’t even be an option.

Lying is one of the worst traits you can have if you’re with, or want to be with, a Virgo man. It’s nearly despicable and it can’t be tolerated in a Virgo’s world.

Honesty is important to them, if not the most important, and if you’re an honest person, you’ll be an honest couple. Bending the truth and little white lies aren’t needed or necessary when you have a clear relationship.

Virgo’s love to play around and joke about things, so fibs and gags are a good source of bonding and happiness, but don’t go past that, try not to take it into real lies.

And if you just so happen to let one slip by, just let him know what happened. This will let him know that you can be trusted and he’ll feel secure because of that.

Emotional Shell

Virgo’s aren’t the most emotional people out there, and they’re not exactly prepared to handle the sort of people that are.

They’ve lived their entire lives not knowing how to deal with their emotions, so they probably won’t know how to deal with yours either.

This isn’t to say that they’re emotionless robots, but they’re just not in tune with their soft side just yet.

If you just happen to be an over-emotional and clingy person, starting off with a Virgo might not be the best option.

Virgo men prefer to be with someone who can hold their own and who can talk things through with them.

Cooking Skills


Having useful skills is always, well, useful, but when in a relationship with a Virgo man, it can be extraordinary the things you may do. If you happen to be a good cook, making him a home cooked meal will probably make him the happiest guy in the world.

He’ll recognize that you took your time to do this for him and he’ll love you for it for sure. Doing this will also reassure him that you would be a good life-long domestic partner.

If you can show him that you can take care of him, he’ll see you as a valuable asset and he may fall deeper and deeper in love with you.


When you go into a relationship with a Virgo man, he secretly needs your support all day and all night.

He is hard on himself as he is others, but more so himself and with your support for him, he’ll feel as if he’s doing a job well done and he’ll feel encouraged and loved and that’s all anyone can really ask for from a relationship.

When you start showing him that you care about what he does and what he supports, it’ll be magnificent in the fact that you’ll both be happy and loved and you’ll be encouraging each other to do what you love.

There are many ways to get someone to fall in love with you naturally, but to pick up the pace with a Virgo man, these things will help speed up the relationship process.

Virgo men are usually very loyal and honest and they’ll let you know eventually if they’re in it for the long haul.

Be honest and kind and your relationship will skyrocket. For more information on what every Virgo man wants from a relationship and much more about your Virgo man, read my Virgo Man Secrets.

What do you think a Virgo man wants from a relationship?


Your friend and Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “What A Virgo Wants From a Relationship

  1. I’m an Aquarius with a Virgo man, it’s been 28 years, we are currently divorcing but we shouldn’t be. We are both true to our signs so it’s been one hell of a ride, my advice is this, if your sensitive and can not handle criticism then a Virgo is not for you. I have Virgo in my chart so I give what I get. But I’m serious when I say criticism will be an issue. My Virgo man loves deeply and completely, but showing flaws will lessen that love. He will always care more about what others think then what you yourself think, that can be hurtful but still doable. The number one thing you must do is treat your Virgo like he’s the moon the stars – your everything at all times, they are insecure creatures, I haven’t met a Virgo man yet that isn’t. I will never regret my Virgo man, I adore him still, if you’re trying something out with one, I say do it, I don’t regret mine, I’m sure you won’t regret it either.

  2. I met my Virgo Sun and Moon Last year May 26th. Every since I’ve been so intrigued. They remind me of Aquarius men in some ways besides the nit pic that they are known for. I dont mind it too much because I was raised by a Virgo mother. So im pretty accustomed to how they are. I have never had a better relationship with my mom since I started dated this man. I dont know if because of him being a Virgo and I am able to truly understand how they are and its just in their nature not be a little more harsh or what but me and my mom is definitely closer I feel like. It scares me when I read about them about how kind cold they can get when seeing a flaw in you ….but I heard they are super loyal. I see myself being with him for a very long time. We are different but so similar in the way we think and feel with each other. Its so lovely waking up everyday knowing I have someone so unique in my life. Im a Aquarius Rising he is Taurus rising.

    Best of luck to any Aqua + Virgo out there!

    1. Hi Bella! A Virgo man possibly going cold has more to do with their own inner dialogue. They beat themselves up constantly and they do analyze absolutely everyone they come across, including their partner. You could be acting normal all week but in his head, something wasn’t quite right and he’ll mull over it a million times almost obsessive like. This can make them sometimes cold. They aren’t sure what their thinking, why, and what they should do so they come across as cold or abrupt when they don’t actually mean to be. I’m glad that your relationship is going well, hold onto that but be aware that Virgo men do have mood swings and it affects how nice or how cold they can potentially be. Try not to take it too personally though as it’s probably just weird thoughts he has. Yes, they are much like Aquarius in ways. If you’d like to know more about Virgo man, I’d love to help you. Take a peek at my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

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