5 Ways To Keep A Virgo Man Interested For A Lifetime

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re dying to find out how to keep your Virgo guy interested for a lifetime, then check out my five most important tips that you must keep in mind!

So, you’re with a Virgo guy and things are going well (yay!) but you’re wondering, how can I keep this energy going? What can help me keep my Virgo guy with me forever? Is there something I can do to show him that I’m the one he should stay with? How to keep a Virgo man interested?

I’m Anna, a long-time Relationship Astrologer with experience working with Virgos in relationships. I’ve noticed a few core things that every Virgo guy is looking for in a long-term love. I’m grateful you’ve found your way here so that I can tell you all about it. 

If you’re dying to find out how to keep your Virgo guy close for a lifetime, then check out my five most important tips that you must keep in mind!

5 Ways To Keep A Virgo Man Interested For A Lifetime

1. Flex Your Intellect

The first thing you’ll notice about a Virgo (other than his perfectly pressed pants) is his sharp intellect. He’s got a huge vocabulary and knowledge that seems to come from nowhere. This guy is like an intellectual vacuum cleaner, scooping up factoids left and right for his collection. 

Virgos want to be with someone who they can have a conversation with. They are ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind and communication. You’re looking at someone who needs to be able to talk about his ideas and conclusions. If you can’t keep up, then it isn’t likely he’ll keep you around for a lifetime. 

You don’t have to be interested in the things that he knows a lot about. Just being willing to learn goes a long way with the Virgo. And on top of that, he’s always looking to find new information about a variety of subjects. If you know something that he doesn’t then he’ll definitely want to know all about it. 

Speaking intelligently goes a long way with the Virgo. Having original thoughts is also going to warm his heart. Don’t hide how smart you are for this guy… he’s all about nerding out with his lover for as long as he’s with them. 

2. Notice The Effort He Puts In

How To Keep A VIrgo Man Interested For A Lifetime

As communicative as Virgos are, they often fall into the same trap as Geminis: talking about everything under the Sun except their emotions. So, the Virgo may struggle to verbally say how much they love and care for you. Being with the Virgo for the long haul requires an understanding of the other ways he shows love.

If Virgos had a love language it would be ‘acts of service.’ Virgos like to ‘show, not tell’ their love. They believe that true love comes from walking the walk rather than simply talking the talk. Who can knock them for that?

Keeping your Virgo interested forever will rely on you acknowledging the little things they do for you. They might hear that you had a bad day and instead of whispering supportive words to you, they may wash your car or fold your laundry. They like to give practical help to their loved ones in need.

Letting the Virgo know that you see how he goes above and beyond and that you appreciate it will make him feel loved and seen for the long haul!

3. Avoid Emotional Roller Coasters

As you may have gathered, Virgos are not exactly hyper emotional. Some might call them over analytical or robotic. They are an Earth sign ruled by the planet of the mind. They are too grounded in reality to become too over the top with their emotions. 

They don’t typically know how to handle very emotional people. They believe that once a practical solution has been found or it has been decided there is nothing to be done that that should be the end of it. As we all know, many people do not function that way.

For a Virgo to feel comfortable with emotional highs and lows. They’re extremely hard to engage with emotionally if they don’t understand where you’re coming from. If your emotions don’t make ‘sense’ to them then you’re not going to get very far. 

Virgos do best with those with a modicum of emotional regulation. Keeping an even keel emotionally is the best way to ensure that the Virgo feels comfortable with you for the long haul. Have your emotions, of course, but out of respect for the Virgo, it’s important to avoid theatrics.

4. Understand His Need To Intellectualize

How To Keep Virgo Man Interested

Virgos don’t feel emotion in the same way as you or I. He doesn’t take the full impact of an emotional hit until he’s analyzed the situation from all sides. Only then can he decide how he feels. And even once he’s decided, he still might not get too emotionally hung up about most things. 

This is actually wonderful if you’re a sign that could benefit from some emotional grounding. But if you expect your partner to react to your work story with the same outrage and indignation as you, then you may have another thing coming. 

Being mindful of the Virgo’s approach to emotion will be very helpful. Virgo can feel like an outsider because of their unique approach to feelings. If you honor their quirks to the best of your ability and don’t resort to off the wall tactics to get a reaction out of them then you’re in a good place.

Virgo needs someone who ‘gets’ the way that his mind works. He runs his emotions through his central processor before handing out reactions. If you give him the time to conclude how he feels about anything then he’s going to find it hard to let you go.

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5. Be Mindful Of Your Appearance

I can always tell a Virgo by how they dress. These guys are sharp! They always have a fresh look with not a wrinkle or stain in sight. Their hair and shoes are almost always on point, I have noticed. It can be a lot to compare yourself to!

Virgos do care about how they come off to others. This extends to those they associate themselves with. If they’re going to be with you forever then you should try to look as good as he does. He’s always ready to flex a fresh fit, and he’d like his partner to do the same. 

If you’re already style-conscious then you’re in a great spot. This could be why the Virgo was attracted to you in the first place. If you keep up appearances with your Virgo man then you’re going to seriously impress him! 

Though this point is minor, overall, it can actually impact the Virgo’s prospects with you. Keeping a tidy appearance is going to give you a better chance to snag the Virgo guy forever. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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