How To Know If A Virgo Man Likes You (12 Signs To Look Out For)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What are the signs a Virgo man likes you? You definitely like him, but figuring out whether this Virgo guy likes you or not is just driving you insane.

Virgo men are extremely likable and make some of the best partners a woman could ever ask for. These guys are sweet, kind, and nurturing, and love to make a woman feel safe and secure… But, how to know for sure if a Virgo man likes you?

It’s worth figuring out the physical signs a Virgo man likes you. I mean, if YOU are interested and you want him to like you, too. That’s really worth it because being loved by a Virgo is one of the best things in the world.

Virgo men are incredible people to have around. At all times, they’ll try to be supportive of you, and they’ll show it and make it right. They’ll have fun with you, and they’ll create fun around you both. Virgo men draw people in with their friendly stature and beautiful minds.

So, would you like to hear how to tell a Virgo man is catching feelings? This can be a struggle for everyone trying to find out, but this guide should make it a bit easier to tell…

Do Virgos Catch Feelings Easily?

Virgo men are emotionally reserved and very protective of their feelings. Well, they do have feelings, but they keep them under control. The reason they do that is to avoid getting hurt because they are not naturally open emotionally.

Virgo men are amazing companions. He is considered to be the most loyal sign of the zodiac. They may keep a distance when first meeting someone, but once their confidence is gained, they are loyal and they care.

Virgos usually do not fall in love quickly, but once they do, they become fully committed because they take their relationship seriously.

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How To Tell If A Virgo Man Likes You

Virgo is a nurturing man toward those he cares for, and he will always be there for them. It’s strange because he doesn’t like to be taken care of. He would rather make you happy than be worthy of your attention. He may find this undeserving.

Once he becomes comfortable enough, he will act supportive, and he will be ready to do anything you ask of him because your well-being becomes his first and foremost priority. He’s loyal and dependable, and his main goal is to make you smile.

6 Physical Signs A Virgo Man Likes You

1. When A Virgo Man Hugs You Tight

A Virgo man strives for perfection in a relationship. Once he finds you as a perfect match for him, you will have his true dedication.

When a Virgo man hugs you, it simply means he is filled with love, deep trust, and affection for you. To a Virgo, it represents a deep emotional connection, and that he is not afraid to be vulnerable with you.

A Virgo man wants a woman who understands his feelings. Whenever a Virgo craves romance, he will find ways to get physical with you. If he rests his head on your shoulder as he hugs you, it means he is into you.

2. He Feels Close To You

When a Virgo man is catching feelings, he will automatically want to be physically and emotionally close to you. It’s a switch flickering in his head that’s sending a signal telling him to get to know you.

The thing is, Virgo men aren’t known for their emotional vulnerability or frailty, but it’s there deep down. Their hard shell won’t last long if they’re spending a lot of time with you.

To get close to you without risking getting hurt, they may invite you to go out with some of his friends or somewhere that’s not too intimate. This will let him feel safe and not trapped.

Once he starts inviting you to more quiet places or outings where it’s just the two of you, that’s when you know his interest in you is growing. Virgo men show their affection in some pretty mysterious ways.

Sometimes it could be them inviting you to their house because they rarely allow people to come into their private space. This is one of the surefire signs a Virgo man likes you.

3. He Takes Interest In You

Virgo men are or can be very self-centered, but when he starts talking about the things you like and asking questions on your favorite topics, he is genuinely curious to hear your answers.

Sharing each other’s hobbies will bring the both of you so much closer together due to the fact that at that stage in your relationship, even if it’s not romantic yet, he’s in it all the way.

If he wasn’t interested in you all that much, he really wouldn’t show you much attention. So, if a Virgo man starts taking notes of your interests and hobbies, you can be sure that he really likes you.

4. He Wants To Cheer You Up

A Virgo man is not one to be cheerful at all times; it’s more likely that he’s stoic and broody most of the time. If he’s acting cheery and excited around you, it must mean that he’s trying to impress you.

When a Virgo man is really trying to show you that he cares and that he’s in the moment, he’ll do whatever it takes to make you smile. The highlight of his day just may be the moment when he can tell that he has made you happy.

Virgo men aren’t too familiar with this feeling of wanting to make other people feel good, so it’s probable that it’ll take them a few tries to learn how you act and react to certain things he does.

He’ll keep trying to be cheerful around you until he finds out what makes you tick in a good way. This is one of the clear signs that a Virgo man likes you.

5. When A Virgo Man Kisses You

A Virgo man likes to be conservative and traditional. When a Virgo man likes you, he definitely wants to kiss you. It is a sign of true intimacy, and he is someone who is fully committed to his woman.

When kissing a Virgo man, he would appreciate a soft and slow approach followed by verbal communication and affirmation during the kissing act.

He is definitely the type of guy who is more comfortable with traditional gender roles. If he feels that kissing is out of this world, he will soon have a physical relationship if your chemistry matches and if the timing is right.

When he invites you into his home, it’s one of the signs a Virgo man is interested in you. He likes to explore his attraction to you in private. He is shy and modest. When he’s ready to kiss, he’ll also make this a private affair.

When we are talking about deep intimacy, Virgo comes with a bonus! Not only does he like kissing you on your mouth, but he also enjoys kissing your entire body.

6. Watch His Body Language

All men, including Virgo men, have certain body language that you’ll see when they like you. And Virgos have one of the most specific love languages of all Zodiac signs.

I covered his entire astrology love profile in my Virgo Love Language guide. I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

A Virgo man that likes you will smile when he sees you. His entire face might light up when you walk into a room. He’ll maintain eye contact, and might even stare at you. When he notices you looking at him, he’ll stick his chest out like a peacock.

This is how to tell if a Virgo man likes you. Watch for other signs a Virgo male likes you to determine if he likes you more than friends.

6 More Signs A Virgo Man Likes You More Than A Friend

7. He Calls You His Best Friend

Although the Virgo man is friendly, he doesn’t have very many close friends. He is very selective about who he shares his intimate space with.

Maintaining a level of mental clarity and inner peace is important for this health-driven man. Therefore, if the Virgo man has told you he likes you and starts calling you his best friend, this man is serious about you.

From his perspective, marriage and commitment are lifelong responsibilities, and as a practical earth sign, Virgo man takes his responsibilities seriously.

So, if he feels comfortable enough to be himself around you and call you his best friend, this is a sign that your Virgo sees long-term potential in you and wants to take things further.

8. He Comes To Your Rescue

Virgo men are practical earthy creatures who are turned off by drama, exaggeration, hysterics, and histrionics. A Virgo man shows interest in women who are strong, calm, and decisive, but you don’t have to hide your weaknesses.

Knowing where you need help will charm a Virgo man, as he gets excited at the possibility of being able to help you in any way he can. A Virgo man loves to be given the opportunity to save the day.

Women who are able to communicate clearly without too much mystery are easy for a Virgo man to deal with, as they find emotional vagueness confusing. Just be straightforward with your Virgo man. He’ll appreciate it!

Don’t be afraid to show your weakness. He would love to be your knight in shining armor.

9. When A Virgo Man Wants To Meet Your Family

Since you’ve been spending a lot of time with his family, he would kind of want to return the favor and meet your family and spend some time with them. He wants to know how well he gets along with them and if they are accepting of him as well.

The family matters a lot to a Virgo man. He sees this as serious business. You should know that a Virgo man wants to commit to you if he ever asks to meet your closest friends or family members. This means a Virgo man truly likes you and is serious about you.

He will want to see how you fit into his life in the most important ways. He may suggest having a family gathering and inviting both families over to see how well they all get along with each other.

10. He Remembers Important Details

He’ll save movie theater stubs, poems or letters you write to him, or texts you sent him when you first got together. He’s very sentimental. He may even save some sort of memento from your first date.

Memories are very important to him, and don’t be shocked that he has a ton of pictures of friends and family. He’ll probably always want to carry around a camera or keep whipping his phone out to take photos with you.

He wants to keep building his memory bank with happy and loving times with the woman he is falling for.

11. He Includes You In His Future Plans

When a Virgo man really likes you and wants to take the next step, he will start talking about the future and include you in it. This means he sees a future with you and wants to see how you react to it.

A Virgo man won’t commit unless he knows it’s what you want, too. Do whatever you have to in order to let him know you’re interested in being more than friends or making a higher commitment. When he’s confident, he’ll be more into going for it.

It’s very important for you to let him know how you feel about him once he starts opening up to you and planning a future with you. It’s alright for you to open up to him and show him how you really feel.

12. He Asks For Your Opinion

Your opinion matters to him. This is an indicator of how much your Virgo guy likes you. If he’s willing to look at you personally and ask you, you have to understand that he has bigger plans for you.

He will pay attention to what you have to say and ask for suggestions about his plans. That is a real deal and an obvious sign that he likes you. He doesn’t seek opinions from random people, but only from people who matter in his life.

If you find that your Virgo man starts to ask for advice, it means that he feels secure with you and trusts your judgment.

When A Virgo Man Denies Feelings — How To Make Him Confess His Love?

The best way to get a Virgo man to confess his love is through reasoning. A Virgo man loves reciprocity. If he’s always surprising you with small gifts and little tokens of love that brighten your day, turn around and do the same for him.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that Virgo men really appreciate acts of service rather than physical goods. For example, you can cook his favorite meal, buy a ticket to a sports game he likes, or give him some time away with his friends. 

By showing the Virgo man that you appreciate him, you show him that his heart is in good hands and that you are emotionally mature enough to both give and receive love, and he will feel comfortable confessing that he loves you.

Do Virgo Men Give Mixed Signals If They Like You?

Virgo men by nature can be a little inconsistent, so this is definitely something you need to get used to. He is sometimes going to waver in his decisions, and this is why it may feel like your Virgo man is giving you mixed signals.

He will give you mixed signals if he likes you, but he will also give you mixed signals if he is unsure about you. Once a Virgo man has made his mind up about you, he will be more consistent with you, and you won’t have to doubt the way he feels about you.

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Normal Dating Advice Can Backfire With A Virgo Man…

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches. They wanted to know if it would work with their Virgo man.

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Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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