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5 Ways To Get A Virgo Man To Commit To You

Are you dating a Virgo man and would like to take things to the next level but he seems to be dragging his feet?

Here are some ways to get a Virgo man to commit and to understand that committing to you will be wonderful!

Making it Last with Patience

I know that waiting a bit longer seems daunting and not something you really want to do. However, the Virgo man isn’t willing to commit to someone he isn’t 100% sure about.

He will want to take his time and get to know you as much as he can in order to figure out if you’re the woman of his dreams. He’s going to be a bit picky but it’s his method for weeding out those that may hurt him.

If you truly care for him and you want to get to the next level with him; you’ll want to be patient for his sake and for yours. If he totally commits to you then you’ll be really happy you waited.

This guy will treat you like a goddess once he knows for sure you’re the one he wants to make it last forever with.

Stimulate His Brains

Happy young couple sitting and talking on the beach in autumn - ways to get a virgo man to commit to you

This guy is intelligent and therefore really loves a woman who is as well. It means being able to have really interesting conversations. Brush up on topics you know he likes so that you know what to say.

Bring up that last topic of interest he shared with you and talk about all the angles of it. Show him that you’ve got enough wit to keep up with him. Stimulate his mind and you’ll stimulate his heart.

His heart and his brain are intertwined so you need to excite both in order to be able to maintain and build a long-lasting relationship with the Virgo man.

Talk about your favorite books, your favorite subjects in life, your favorite artist or music. He’ll appreciate that you’re able to open up your mind and be able to enjoy many things in life.

Help Him Express Himself Better

He may react or talk differently with different people. When it comes to opening up and being candied about his feelings; he may need to know how he can do this with you.

Some women receive differently and he needs to gauge how you will receive what he says to you. This will let him know what style he can use to talk to you openly and honestly.

Learning this; will help him to talk to you more thus making a commitment much more possible. So be sure that you help him to feel comfortable and able to talk to you about his inner thoughts.

The more he opens up; the closer he will become to you. Communication can help you build and maintain a very healthy relationship with him. Open up!

Dress for Success

Couple in love and romantic relationship - ways to get a virgo man to commit to you

This guy typically will always want to look his best no matter what he’s doing. He will want his partner to do the same. Whether you’re working from home or working at an office; try to be tidy.

It doesn’t mean you have to dress up all the time to make him happy. He just really appreciates a woman who takes care of herself. Brush your hair, put on some clothes even if you aren’t leaving the house.

There are exceptions to that rule of course. Even if you’re both spending the day in bed or around the house on your day off together, you’ll still want to brush your hair and teeth.

Hygiene is a big one for this guy. You may also want to keep your place clean. He can be a bit OCD when it comes to being clean. When he visits you at your place; he’ll want to feel comfortable.

It’s very likely he’ll have his place well kept so that when you visit him, he’ll feel good that he provided neatness for you.

Try to be appropriately dressed for whatever you’re doing. If you’re going out dancing, wear something that will accommodate this while looking nice.

If you’re just going to a movie, wear some jeans but make sure they’re tidy and your hair and/or makeup is sexy.

Compliment His Accomplishments

The Virgo man wants to know you support him in the things he works at. So when he tells you that he’s accomplished a goal in his life; tell him how fantastic it is and what a great job he did.

He wants his partner to be the one to lift him up and give him the love or attention he needs. He wants security in his relationship. If he does something for you; compliment his technique or his care.

Whatever you can do to lift him up; will make him feel like a million bucks. That is something that will win his heart for sure. Make sure that you’re being genuine when you’re saying these things.

He will sense if you are not being true to your words. Only say them though if you mean them and if you mean them; say them! Everyone wants to feel good; he’s no different.


Winning the Virgo man’s heart and getting him to commit isn’t really that difficult but the biggest thing is not trying to push him, pressure him, or make him feel like he has to make a choice “right now”. That will make him shut down and pull away from you.

Stick with him, show him that you’re built to last, and be very sweet to him. This will let him see that you’re going to stay with him when times are really good and even if they aren’t.

Do you know how to get a Virgo man to commit?

It may help you to check out my step by step guide on the Virgo man.

By reading the “Virgo Man Secrets” it can help you to get to know him on a much deeper level so that you can build a wonderful and long lasting love.


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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