What To Do When A Virgo Man Sends Mixed Signals

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
A Virgo man mixed signals are very confusing, so here's how to deal with them, so that you’re never left to your own devices again...

A Virgo man mixed signals are very confusing, I am so sorry you have to go through this with him. So what to do when a Virgo man ignores you or sends mixed signals? Well, there is a lot you can do to turn this all around.

I often get asked by my clients why do Virgos give mixed signals. One moment they seem to be all in, the next it is like they have forgotten you existed. Let me just start this off by saying that Virgo men are very complicated. Remember, Virgo man is ruled by the planet Mercury, and Mercury is all about the mind and communication.

They are analytical kings and are always overthinking their steps and going back on their decisions. The truth is, these men are perfectionists and whenever they come across disorder in their life it makes them very nervous. 

Are you currently dating a Virgo man and feeling frustrated by his confusing behavior? Then keep on reading to find out more on how to turn this around and be in a better relationship with him!

Why Does A Virgo Man Send Mixed Signals? Is He Testing Me?

A Virgo man may sometimes test you to see if you are the right woman for him, but the truth is he is just a complicated and complex guy. He is the master of rumination and overthinking every little thing. 

He is by nature actually quite insecure about himself, and he may go back in forth in his head about if this relationship is right for him or not. One moment he’ll feel like you are the most amazing person he has ever met, and the next he will start questioning and doubting everything.

It definitely isn’t a you thing, it is a him thing because he is just naturally quite suspicious and pessimistic. A lot of his troubles come from not believing he is good enough or worthy of love in many cases.

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He also has a mind like a computer, and if he has experienced pain in the past, he may think that this might be a pattern in his life now and that he needs to stay away from any potential hurts and this is why you’re getting mixed signals from a Virgo man.

He wants love, and then he feels like isn’t worthy of it. This is a pattern only he can fix, but of course, it will help if you are patient. 

3 Most Common Reasons Why A Virgo Man Ignores You Or Sends Mixed Signals

1. He Feels Overwhelmed By The Connection

The Virgo man might ignore you because he feels uncomfortable with the feelings he has for you. He may not be ready for something serious so when he is faced with his feelings it can be overwhelming. 

He may think that if he ignores you that it will be much easier for him to step away from the connection because he doesn’t have to delve deep into what he is feeling any longer. Remember, a Virgo man trusts his mind a lot easier than he trusts his heart. 

He can literally think himself out of an emotional situation. When he ignores you he is depending on his analytical side to get himself out of these uncomfortable feelings he doesn’t seem to trust. He needs to be ready for this connection or else he will sabotage the relationship.

2. He Is A Perfectionist

One of the Virgo man’s worst flaws is the fact that he is definitely a perfectionist. This man probably has a list he likes to adhere to when he thinks of the perfect woman for him. She needs to have qualities A-Z or else she isn’t right for him. 

He doesn’t really leave room for spontaneity and surprise when it comes to love. He thinks that for him to be happy you have to tick all of these boxes and any surprises are definitely unwarranted. 

An immature Virgo man might see all of your flaws and decide that you are not the one for him because you don’t meet certain criteria in his life. This is why some Virgo men might ignore you. He may not see how amazing you are because he is so convinced about his list he has made for himself.

3. He Just Doesn’t Feel The Same Way

Unrequited love is one of the most painful experiences any person can go through and sometimes we meet people we have a connection with and they just don’t seem to feel the same way. 

A Virgo man may feel this way about you, he may sense that this relationship isn’t going in the right direction or that the spark he thought might be there just isn’t… It is very immature of him to just ignore you without an explanation. 

But hopefully, you seeing him treating you like this will make you realize that you are worth so much more than a man that has lukewarm feelings for you and who doesn’t have the respect to just tell you he doesn’t feel the same.

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What To Do When A Virgo Man Ignores You Or Sends Mixed Signals

One of the best approaches to take when a Virgo man ignores you or sends you mixed signals is to opt for some distance between the two of you. Giving your Virgo man space is the best course of action to follow. 

One thing a Virgo man can’t take is a woman overwhelming him with constant contact and text messages. He is a little anxious by nature, so he may feel quite taken aback by a barrage of communication when all he desires is space. 

Giving a Virgo man space will give him the opportunity to realize what his life is like when you are not around. This may make him connect the dots and see what he is missing, or it may make him feel more vindicated in the decision he chose to make to start ignoring you. 

But, space will give you both the chance to breathe and you may even realize that he isn’t the type of man you want either. Don’t be overly attached to him, show him how independent and self-reliant you can be. Remember it is his loss if he chooses not to pursue things further. 

How To Deal With Mixed Signals From A Virgo Man

Keeping your cool is the most important thing you can do when dealing with a Virgo man and his mixed signals. You don’t want to show him that his actions are affecting you too much, stand your ground and know your worth. 

If you feel messed around by him then you need to remember that you also have a choice in this situation and you don’t have to accept his bad behaviour. You are allowed to step away from him as well and pursue other people. 

Don’t make him the bee all and end all of your life. This puts too much pressure on him, especially if the two of you are only in the early stages of your romance. The important thing you need to remember is that you need to feel good first. 

Just be yourself and do what makes you happy. If you are pining for him and making him the center of your happiness then you may want to reevaluate the way you approach your romantic relationships. 

Don’t act out of desperation as this won’t serve you. Build your confidence and self-esteem so that you never accept bad behaviour again. 

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Do Virgo Men Give Mixed Signals If They Like You?

Virgo men by nature can be a little inconsistent, so this is definitely something you need to get used to. He is sometimes going to waver in his decisions and this is why it may feel like he is giving you mixed signals.

He will give you mixed signals if he likes you, but he will also give you mixed signals if he is unsure about you. Once a Virgo man has made his mind up about you he will be more consistent with you and you won’t have to doubt the way he feels about you.

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2 thoughts on “What To Do When A Virgo Man Sends Mixed Signals

  1. Hi Ana
    I am a Taurus woman in my early 30’s and my Virgo bf (one year younger) and I have been dating for over 3 months now. We met on a dating site was the one to pursue me heavily and to be honest at first I had no interest. We started messaging each other and he was really funny and extremely consistent and constant with the messaging. Then he arranged to even come drive 6 hours to meet me.
    When we met it was instantly fun and just comfortable, I started to have interest in him when I saw how we meshed in person. He made me feel safe and like I could trust men again. He made me feel like a princess. I told myself I wouldn’t date if it was a long distance relationship but he somehow just broke that hesitation I had.
    Everything went well but then he got into a very busy time period of his work and he does various jobs and some are overseas, so that requires him to work nonstop. He is a workaholic to the maximum. I know that since I read that about Virgo men. He is a perfectionist also but I am as well so that we can understand. He is super hard on myself and not kind to himself but to others maybe they take advantage of him because he does his job so well and he tends to go and fix others mistakes or it is brought up on him to deal with the workload.
    I am pretty emotional Taurus, although I am very patient and not show my distress all the time unless it’s to someone close to me. We used to call each other everyday and sometimes fall asleep on the phone together, then that stopped. Then the phone calls stopped everyday and then the texting is every day but less and less. I text him or he texts me good morning usually every day. But now I don’t hear from him for hours and hours. He is very awkward with expressing his feelings as he is shy but doesn’t show it and has a cool exterior. Your traits of Virgo fits him to a T. He just recently told me for the first time he loves me but he had to get a bit drunk first and then he called me to tell me it is hard for him to say it sober but he isn’t lying and he told me about 20 times he loves me and I am the only woman in his life, other than his mother that he has ever loved or told them he loves. He also told me he always thinks of me even though it may not seem like it or when I don’t hear from him. He is just so busy with work and extremely tired and stressed from work that’s why he just doesn’t want to take it out on me or call me when he’s in a mood because he wants to treat me kindly. He also told me he wants to take care of me and that even though he had some women try to hit on him he only wants me and me only and he’s a one woman man so I don’t need to worry. And that he is going to come to see me this weekend even though he is busy.
    So me being extremely elated about hearing all this, having tears of joy because I was so anxious and worried that maybe his feelings were fading away.
    Well a few days later I ask him which day he is exactly coming this weekend because I wanted to prepare meals for him and surprise him(without letting him know). He said either Friday or Saturday depending on how fast he finishes work and he will try to finish as fast as he can to see me. He said no matter how busy he will still come. The next day messages get less and I call him at night and he tells me he hasn’t been able to have a break and that he’s been having a problem with a coworker who borrowed money and kind of disappeared for a few days and can’t reach him. I understand that. So he also tells me he probably won’t be able to see me…and he’s really sorry and he wants to make time to see me for sure and that will give him motivation to work harder.
    I know I should understand and I do in ways but he has told me he will come visit me (without me asking him to or nagging him to) a few times but always works get in the way. There is always some emergency or he gets dumped with a lot of work. I know work is his priority but that night he told me also that I am his number 1. Then other times he tells me he is married to his work and it’s his priority because he likes the nicer things in life. I cried when he told me all this info because I asked him why when he was drunk and the way he is now sound like two different people. He told me both of them are the real him and he just doesn’t know why he can be so cold to me sometimes. When he is cold he is extremely cold. But I know he has a very kind heart and I try to keep that in mind but it is difficult sometimes.
    I don’t know how to deal with my emotions and sometimes say things that I regret but I always do apologize for it afterwards as soon as I say it.
    Would you advise me how to deal with the times I don’t hear from him and how or what should I do in that time as in should I give him space and just not text him until he does or should I still say good morning with no expectations of him texting me back?
    Sorry for typing a novel but it also has helped me relive some stress to have an outlet. I really enjoy reading your advices as well! Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi Ai!

      Virgo men have a hard time with really emotional women. You have admitted to having issues with this and so now that you have, you need to work on that if you want to have things work with him. I would suggest trying a meditation on Youtube or something like that for “Letting Go” and listen to it daily. This could help you to let go of your expected outcomes thus causing you upset and lashing out. If you’d like to learn more about the Virgo man, please read “Virgo Man Secrets”.

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