5 Signs That Your Virgo Ex Does NOT Want You Back

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Struggling to move on from a breakup with your Virgo ex? It’s never easy to get over someone, no matter who they are. Sometimes, what we really need — even if it hurts — is a sign it’s really over. 

Struggling to move on from a breakup with your Virgo guy? It’s never easy to get over someone, no matter who they are. The hardest part may be wondering whether or not he wants to get back together as much as you do. Sometimes, what we really need — even if it hurts — is a sign it’s really over. 

As a relationship astrologer, one of the most common questions I get from my clients is whether or not two people who have broken up have a shot at getting back together. 

It’s human to yearn for your ex and wonder what you could have done differently in the relationship. It’s also completely natural to want him back or to give it a second go. 

Is it the right move, though? Sometimes, a past relationship can still be viable, but more often than not, avoiding the truth really doesn’t do anyone much good and can prolong the pain.

It’s never, ever easy to hear that he no longer wants you back, but doesn’t that make it easier for you to cut ties and open your heart to new love? 

If it’s truly over, then it means there is someone out there so much better suited to you, so take this as a guide to move on with your own life! 

First, let’s explore some of the signs that does still hold a torch for you. 

How Do You Know If A Virgo Man Still Wants You?

He’s Talking Openly With You

If a Virgo man still wants to be with you, he’ll be talking to you openly, without hiding anything. He’ll be vulnerable, honest, and raw. 

Communication is one of the ways he shows his love for you, so when it’s still flowing, take this as a good sign! 

He’s Putting the Hard Work In

Virgo men are naturally hard workers. This applies to life, love, and everything in between. They’ll put everything they have into your relationship to make it a success when they truly want to.

If he’s still doing the hard work, making an effort with you and listening to you, then you don’t have to worry that things are truly over — even if you’ve broken up for the moment. 

He’s Doing Things for You

The main love language for a Virgo man is acts of service. If he still wants you in his life, then you’ll see that he’s still doing many things for you. Whether it’s offering to run an errand or taking over an admin job, it’s his way of letting you know he loves and cares for you. 

He’s Working on Himself

A true sign of a Virgo man wanting things to work out between the two of you is when he works harder on himself

This may look like a round of therapy, self-help books, or workshops, or just generally a willingness to change his patterns of behavior. This is always a positive sign, in my experience! 

5 Signs That a Virgo Man Does NOT Want You Back

1. His Communication Is Critical or Cold

Instead of being constructive and kind, the Virgo man’s communication when he doesn’t want you back becomes cold and critical. He’s likely a judgemental type, but this can be all the harsher when he’s not looking to have you back in his life. 

If his texts come off this way, it may be time for you to step back and see the forest for the trees. This is a very clear sign that he’s done with the relationship in general. Yes, it stings, but it’s best if you can withdraw and cut yourself off too. 

2. He Doesn’t Take Responsibility or Do the Work

If your Virgo ex is no longer sharing with you his learning and growing experiences, it means that he’s no longer taking responsibility for “fixing” the relationship. He may be working on himself, sure, but when it comes to your connection, he could be finished. 

He might also no longer offer to work on himself at all and instead tell you where he thinks you need to improve for future relationships. This will feel very harsh indeed, and you’ll need to know where to draw the line! You can take some of it on, but don’t let him get under your skin too much

3. He No Longer Wants To Talk To You

Since communication is one of the main ways that a Virgo man engages when in a relationship, if he stops talking to you, it’s a sure-fire sign that he’s moving on. If he still wanted you around, he’d be reaching out to you for advice or just a chat. 

Notice if his texts are slowing down and getting shorter. This is your signal to start letting go, moving on, and opening your heart to a potential new love. Yes, it hurts, but in the end, you’ll be grateful for seeing the signs when you did! 

4. He’s Not Doing Anything for You Anymore

Signs Your Virgo Ex Is Over With You

Even if you’re broken up, a Virgo ex who still pines for you is someone who wants you in his life long-term. 

If he’s no longer performing even the smallest acts of service for you, it’s time to start moving on. You may have come to rely on him, and now it’s time to take your power back and start to rely on yourself. 

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5. He’s Dating Again

The final sign that your Virgo ex doesn’t want you back is when he dates again. Make no mistake, these are not the type of men to move on fast! As an earth sign, he takes a while to let go and be with someone else in a committed way. While some signs may date around but eventually come back, the Virgo man is not one of them.

If he’s put himself on the market, you can be very sure that he’s let go of you. He’s not the type to play games or try to make you jealous.

It’s always hard seeing your ex with someone else. But it’s often the biggest shove for you to take back control of your life and move on, opening your world to the possibility of new love. Take this as a blessing instead of a curse, and see the doors that the Universe is opening for you instead. 

Are you still yearning for the love of your Virgo ex? Are you going through a breakup? Your stories are valuable to me and to other women who may be going through what you are. Please feel free to leave your story or questions in the anonymous comment section. 

If you want to find out more about what the Virgo man is all about, my Virgo blog is a great guide to get you started:


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