The Virgo Man As A Boyfriend – One Of The Most Loyal Guys Out There

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
There are a few men in the Zodiac who are intensely loyal and Virgo men are up there in the top 3. Find out more about the Virgo man as a boyfriend.

There are a few men in the Zodiac who are intensely loyal. However, the Virgo man as a boyfriend is probably up there in the top three where fidelity is concerned. There is a reason why people refer to Virgo as the “Virgin” and it’s not for the reasons you think.

Read on to find out more about the Virgo man as a boyfriend:


Most Virgo men grow up with a sense of duty and the need to take care of the right woman when they find them. Virgo men don’t actually NEED companionship which means when they find it, they mean it.

This is a man who could be a hermit his whole life and would be just fine. Not all men will stand by their promises but the Virgo will go to the grave with his. That’s not to say that there aren’t some Virgo men that don’t cheat but MOST of them do not.

It’s not in them to go back on their word. Even if the relationship is really miserable and the woman they fell for is a complete horror show. He will stick it out because he promised to.

Of course, his partner does something that’s a deal breaker for him then his conscience is free and clear. That means that it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t break any vow or promise. This would allow him to walk away with confidence.


Fidelity means something to the Virgo man. Keep in mind that he didn’t NEED the woman he got close to. That being said, he decided to choose her out of all the other women in the world.

This places her in 1st place in his life and he will always try to make sure she is well taken care of and loved. One of his deal breakers, however, is not giving this dear man enough “me” time.

He will resent not being allowed to do things for himself when he really wants to. Over time this may build up and could cause unnecessary arguments. He may then push her away with his anger then she decides to leave or cheat.

Just know that when he makes a promise, he stands by it because he doesn’t understand people that don’t live by their word.

Lies & Betrayal


Again, Virgo men are very loyal to the woman they pledge their love to. They are going to likely be upfront, honest, and will not tolerate betrayal of any kind. When he does pull back, something is very wrong and you should talk to him.

It’s not exactly normal for him to become cold and withdrawn once he’s committed himself to someone. When he’s dating, this could happen for a number of reasons but when in a serious relationship, he should be rather open.

Unless the Virgo man has other issues he hasn’t yet approached, he will likely be truthful. Such things as addictions could cause them to be secretive and quiet. A normal Virgo, however, will be upfront and sometimes brutally honest.

He’s a Straight Arrow

You’ll have to figure out which Virgo man you have. His rising sign or cusp sign (if he has one) will play a significant role as to whether he will always be truthful or if he has a sketchy side.

He sometimes has this thing with omission. This is just as good as a lie if you think about it. Withholding information from you because he thought it was unnecessary or that you didn’t need to know is no excuse.

If you feel he’s hiding something, he probably is and you should just go ahead and ask him what is going on straight out. He will feel compelled to tell you the truth and you’ll know for sure. They might omit, but a Virgo man as a boyfriend is a straight as they come.

Care-taking Teddy Bear

While the Virgo man can seem rather grouchy at times, he is actually very loving and wants to see his woman well taken care of. He may cook for you, he may do much of the chores around the house, he’ll make sure your car runs well, etc.

He wants to help improve your way of life as seeing you happy will make him feel happy. Sexually speaking, he will also want to see you get the ultimate pleasure which brings him the ultimate pleasure.

There is a lovely give-and-take action between the Virgo man and his lovely mate. As long as things are balanced and equal, the two happy birds should be able to build a wonderful nest for the future.

Though he may seem rough, tough, and hard to deal with, he’s also a big ole softy that will crumble at your feet. Give him a good scratch on his head, rub his back, or touch his hand. He will melt into a puddle.

Virgo Man as a Boyfriend Wrap-Up

He is a lover more than anything else. Trust in that and know that your Virgo guy will always be loyal to you. Just make sure he’s fully committed. If he isn’t, anything can happen.

Make sure that you and your Virgo have a nice talk and determine where you two are in your relationship. As long as you’re always level with him, he’ll be level with you. Keep communication open and you should see the very best the Virgo man can offer.

Truly, he is and can be the most loyal sign there is in the Zodiac. He’s a hard man to win over. But if you’re lucky enough to get him, you should do everything you can to keep him.

To learn more about Virgo man and his needs, click here.

Do you have a Virgo Man as a boyfriend?

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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15 thoughts on “The Virgo Man As A Boyfriend – One Of The Most Loyal Guys Out There

  1. Yes, I have got one and we have been together for 4 years. The bond between us is very strong and all the things written in this article are true if are compared with his character. But the problem is I am, as a libra, have almost all the characteristics of a typical libra and sometimes I feel less attraction towards him, because of his boring nature. I feel that he doen’t know how to enjoy a lovely outing or he cannot take part with me in a conversation like the way I want and he even does not know how to cuddle. But still, we are adjusting and planning for a lifetime bond. Rest is left for God to plan.

    1. Hi Zafira!

      I”m glad to hear that your bond with your Virgo guy is very strong. That’s always nice to hear. Virgo men do struggle with boredom and aren’t sure themselves what to do in order to have fun. Even if he is enjoying it, he doesn’t show it much. That’s their nature. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not having a good time with you thought. Cuddling is something you can teach him to do. Show him how to do it your way and in time, he’ll melt and start giving in. Sometimes it takes them time to adjust to wanting to be physically affectionate outside of sex. Don’t give up on him yet sweetheart. Hang in there !

    1. Hi Rhonda!

      There is never any guarantee via someone’s sun sign whether or not they will use someone. It has much more to do with what type of man he is, what his upbringing is, what he learned over the years, his age, and what other areas of his birth chart reveal. Most Virgo men are not like that but there are some that do this. They’re fewer and far between. I would ask him what his intention is with you to find out for sure what is going on with him. Read more information in my series “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  2. Yes, I got Virgo. Actually I am a sagittarius and my boyfriend is virgo. Our relationship so far is good but sometimes I still feel worried because we’re in a LDR relationship. We do communicate almost every day except for those days that he’s busy and really couldn’t get in touch with me. I hope this relationship would work and last longer even if we’re far from each other.

    1. Hi Rubiena!

      Ah nice. Sag and Scorpio are good for Virgo. Sag is because their blunt and truthful with the Virgo which is what he likes. It’s fantastic you two communicate often. That’s what will help make it last. Keep it up and I do wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  3. As much as your information is very good I still have doubts. I met this Virgo man 6 months ago and when we first met he would call and we would speak getting to know one another. Then suddenly he text me and said he’s not ready for a relationship and I should find some else. Confused because it seem like it was going well so I tried calling but he would not answer. As much as I was upset every so often I would send a message to just say good morning and he would respond several hour later or days. But not sure how to deal with this as he give mix messages. Help please Anna. His birthday is 2/9 and my birthday is the 17/3

    1. Hi Lydia!

      Alright so responding several hours later or days later is pretty typical for a Virgo man who doesn’t want to be in a relationship. If he did he would reach out to you more and would answer you as quickly as he can. He’s answering very slowly and letting time pass so you don’t get the wrong idea he wants to be back together. This is definitely not mixed messages. Now, there was something that happened with him that made him make such a change. I would ask him for closure. Ask him why he broke it off out of left field. Tell him you cannot move on unless you know why he would tell you to move on. My book has more tips for you if you need it sweetheart. Wishing you the best.

  4. I’ve met this virgo guy and dated him for couple months then suddenly he just turned cold. He said he’s busy with work and don’t have time for any kind of relationship. Few years pased, we meet again.. Started to hang out again, around this time i felt i understand him better. But i was wrong. We had a misunderstanding and for the 2nd time, broke off whatever we were having. I let him go. A year after he comes back. Saying he had thought about me and how we had that special connection and just can’t stop thinking about me. And now were still together for more than a year.. Tho nothing is official. (it sounds crazy i know) but i have no idea how to ask what we are? I dont wanna scare him. I’ve been trying to be as patient.. And believe me as an aries, its not my nature. He’s actually the first earth sign i dated. Im usually attracted to fire signs like myself. But reading your articles make me understand his nature more. Thank you.

    1. Hi Teena!

      If you’ve been “together” for more than a year then there isn’t risk of scaring him off. I would simply ask him something like “how do you view what we have? Do you see a future for us because I do”. That’s how you approach it easily. He’ll appreciate your candor and telling him exactly what you feel. If you think this is helpful then you might want to check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets. It’s loaded with information that would prove useful to you.

  5. Hey dear,i am a pisces and got a virgo man.He has given me commitment to remain loyal and beside me for lifetime.He said he will marry me next year,we both almost planed about our children’s.Before meeting me i saw him flirting with few girls in social media but now he has put a stop to those activities which hurts me,as i explained him softly about my dislikes

    1. Hi Simpy!

      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I love that he gave up all the other ladies for you. You need to keep up being open and honest with him so that he always knows what is going on with you and what your needs are. It’s important he knows otherwise he’ll do things you don’t like and think nothing is wrong. It sounds like you two have a wonderful bond thus far. If you want to know any more about the Virgo man, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets. It may reveal more for you to learn.

  6. I’m an Aries and my boyfriend is a Virgo and we r in relationship for 4 years . At times I argue a lot with him but he handles me pretty well. At first due to his patient and secretive nature I’d fallen in love pretty fast as I haven’t seen someone like him. He is so caring ,so loyal, gives all of his attention and also he tells me at times no matter what other girls look like I’m always the most prettiest girl in the world. As an Aries I’m dominant,aggressive,blunt and quite frank about talking anything very easily ,he finds that very attractive and at first he doesn’t use to talk that much so I was the one who had opened him up and now he is very romantic and the most important thing is that he loves me very much . As an Aries I often find it difficult to make commitments and sacrifice in a relationship but with this man got me fall in love so hard that I can do anything which will make him happy.

    1. Hi Pooja!

      Yikes… yes arguing can definitely happen between Aries and Virgo due to both being strong willed. It’s nice he’s complimenting you like he is. Sometimes Virgo can be a bit judgmental and critical. I’m also glad to hear that he’s romantic with you. This is all wonderful. It means that you mean a whole heck of a lot to him. It sounds like you two have an excellent path ahead. I wish you all the love in the universe between you two!

  7. Hi Anna, Ive been dating a virgo man for 7 months, meeting him took me by surprise soon after my husband left. We have taken things slowly, me taking more time and caution than typical to my pisces nature, and recently he told his kids about me. We havent said we love each other, just that we both really like each other. When we’re together it’s perfect but when we’re apart his communication gives no emotion, he never appears to miss or need me, even though we message daily, and I find myself plagued with doubt. I dont know if this is my baggage/issue, or if i should walk away to protct myself from more hurt.

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