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How a Virgo Man Shows Love – His Secrets Revealed

Today’s topic is how a Virgo man shows love. The Virgo man is a very different guy than the other signs. He sometimes gets a bad rep for being too selective but he knows what he wants. When he’s in love though: how does he show it?

What can you look for to know you are the one he’s selected to be in his life for the long haul?

Here are some tips!

His Sweet and Tender Side

Despite the rumors that he can be icy cold, he has a sweet and tender side and this is how a Virgo man shows love.  You may not see it though unless he’s in love with you. He reserves his deepest emotions and love for the woman he believes will be “the one”.

Don’t get me wrong ladies; he IS a nice guy to everyone he meets. However, if you aren’t what he’s looking for he could come off as cold or distant. He doesn’t want anyone getting the wrong impression.

When the Virgo man does finally commit to someone his softer side comes out and he’s really sweet. He isn’t the classic romantic type but he finds ways to be romantic specific to the woman he chooses.

He pays a lot of attention to the woman he’s into. He keeps the details of what she wants, what she likes, and what she loves. He files it in his memory bank and will use it to show her how much he cares.

Not all women are the same but most do enjoy when this man gently caresses her face and tenderly kisses her. He is big on kissing her forehead also. Virgo men can be incredibly sweet.

When a Virgo Man Opens Up

couple in love outdoors - How a Virgo Man Shows Love

It may take a while for him to get a point where he trusts someone enough to open up and reveal who he really is, where he comes from, and what he’s been through.

Rest assured if he does this with you he on some level is realizing that you may very well be the one for him. This is a huge sign to watch for with the Virgo man. He isn’t in the habit of speaking up.

It’s a very special thing when he opens up and tells you intensely personal things. This is NOT a normal thing for him. He really must trust you and feel that there is a future together.

If you find that he’s telling you some things that include his past relationships, family, or close friends; he’s either in the process of falling for you or he’s already head over heels with you.

Whatever you do; don’t breach his trust. If you do; you may never get it back. Be honest with him always and do not run around town telling everyone what he’s told you; through trust is how a Virgo man shows love.

Closet Romantic

The Virgo man may not let on that he is a bit of a romantic. He reserves this for the woman of his choosing. Once he does open up though, he’ll be romantic in ways that really pull your heartstrings. It’s one of the ways a Virgo man shows love.

I mentioned that he’s very sweet and tender. He pays attention to what you really like, love, and/or want in life. He makes an inventory list in his mind so that later, he can shower you with it.

This is his way of showing you he loves you. If your favorite candy bar is snickers; he’ll occasionally for no reason other than he loves you, he’ll bring you one.

He will do this with routines also. If you’re used to drinking a cup of nighttime tea before bed; he may insist on making it for you while you wait in bed thus bringing it to you. He’ll do this every single night unless you ask him not to.

He wants to make you happy because ultimately that is what makes him happy as well. The Virgo man will always find a way to be romantic in his own way that is special to you.

He’s not the type to bring you roses or maybe even write poetry. He will, however, write a song for you via the type of music you like and he may bring you a single sunflower.

Keep in mind that the Virgo guy is very simple. He wants to make things easy and flowing between the two of you. As long as he commits to you and loves you with all he’s got, he’ll be sweeping you off your feet for as long as you want.

Keeping Up With You

Young couple in love have fun in the bed on new years eve or st valentines day - How a Virgo Man Shows Love

When the Virgo man loves, he loves very deeply and passionately. He will want to hear your voice, see you, or text message with you every single day. If a day goes by that he doesn’t get in contact with you; that’s when you wonder what’s up.

It is said that sometimes Virgo men pull back when they feel they’re getting too close to you but when they do, it’s very temporary and they come back full force. In my own experience; he thinks about the woman he loves constantly.

That means that he will want to find some way to be in contact with you even if he is unable to see you or call you on a certain day; he’ll at the very least text message you or contact you via social media.

This is one of the undeniable ways that a Virgo man makes sure that you know that you are on his mind. Sending you a random simple photo or text message at 4 a.m. certainly will let you know that he’s thinking of you.

If you’re not comfortable with this level of adoration; you may want to back out now. As I’ve mentioned before in other articles if you want to be serious with a Virgo man, you had better be prepared. This is how a Virgo man shows love.

He isn’t into playing games. He wants a soul mate relationship of which he can depend. If he gets this; he will absolutely go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. Click here for more secrets that can be shared about the Virgo man.

I hope this helps clear the air a bit and helps you understand how wonderful Virgo men really are.

Do you know how a Virgo man shows love?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

14 thoughts on “How a Virgo Man Shows Love – His Secrets Revealed

  1. Huh at first I thought he never love me because sometimes he kept his distance away from me… We never met but he always do something to make me happy and itt took him quite sometimes before he tells me that he loves me…

    1. HI Scarlet!

      It takes a great deal of time for a Virgo man to know for sure whether or not he loves someone so he will slow down the process. If he moves too fast, he’ll often regret it and back peddle. When he is falling in love, it’s scary for him because many times, they have a past that hurt them deeply which makes them terrified of what may happen. Virgo men can be complicated but it’s good he finally told you how he felt. He meant it when he said it!

  2. Virgo men…… totally obnoxious at first but reels you in. Later down the line he causes arguments out of nothing and then pushes away, in my case by acting insecure and ending things then comes back….. again and again. Set firm boundaries with this man and he will respect you. Very hot and cold but super sweet, attentive and affectionate. He’s addictive.

    1. Addictive in an egotistical, dominant, sweet as sugar way! By far the sexiest sign I’ve ever known! I stay away from Cancer’s, Pisces’s, & Libra’s! I ♥️ a Virgo♍, so much in common with me, a Scorpio♏!!!?

    2. Hi “A”!

      Virgo men are complicated for sure but you’re right. Boundaries and putting your foot down makes him respect you more. He cannot stand women who act like doormats. He acts very dominant but he likes a woman to be strong and independent rather than clingy and wishy washy. You figured out the formula that works for you. Good job!

  3. I’m in love with my Virgo we fall hard for another, But he starting back off . he hurt by his Ex-wife, that he scared of giving us a try. He keeps saying I’m leaving him. Or I want my ex back. I don’t want my ex back I told him this so many times but this only comes out when he drunk. My friend said don’t take to heart.But kind thinks he means it. my heart is broken cuz I do love him. Cuz I don’t want his doubts that I really Love him.

    1. Hi Jade!

      Alright, when they say these things, they’re being open and honest. He clearly things he’s not good enough for you or that you deserve more. He feels pretty down from what his ex wife did to him and thus feeling unworthy of real love. He’s afraid all women will be like how she was and that he’ll end up very hurt again. Try to let those comments roll off you honey. Remind him why you love him and why you’re with him. He needs you to reassure him and pick him up. It may take time and it may be frustrating but once he finally “gets” it then he’ll stop saying those things.

  4. I care deeply for a Virgo MAN we have had romantic connection for the last few years. In constant oscillation I’d being so close and connected to him being apparently cold and distancing. It has been a struggle in this dance but I have tried to be as lovingly honest as I can in this process whilst trying to keep trucking onwards. And the cycle continues. I wonder wether there will be a shift this year. I have never felt so deeply attracted to someone as I do him. His character is generally so affirming and kind. When we hit a a wall of differences about expectations he can be a little cold and callous but retracts them quite quickly. I don’t know if I can go on and on like this without some commitment and clarity. I guess we will see.

    1. Hi Anon!

      Virgo men are complicated guys. They’re hard to understand but I can honestly tell you from what I know from close friends of mine, they absolutely will respond well with great communication and time. At some point you two get to know each other at depth and then acceptance happens. He won’t ever stop being critical but you may find he’s less critical than he was. If he is apologetic for hurting your feelings then that’s a good thing. Virgo men do not have a filter and so when you realize that, you call them out on what they said to you and why it bothers you, they will try hard not to do it again. Hang in there, you may find it smooths out a bit!

  5. I’ve a Scorpio, who feels deeply for a Virgo Man… He calls me “sweetheart” all the time. He’s very mysterious… Or maybe to others. I can kind of tell how he feels, it’s just that he has his guard up. He’s a MAN, with kids, single, & I’m a woman, with kids, & single, as well. I’ve known him since I was a child, about 9 or 10-12&13. I always thought he was much younger than I, but he is in fact, only a year younger. His older brother hung out with my cousin, who is my age, & I honestly feel it was meant to be, for us to cross paths now, when we both have had our hearts broken, & are mature, & know what we want in life: a partner who we are relatable to, & we flirt all the time… He’s giving me signs he’s either almost, or is, in love with me… I’m trying to be patient. I will wait for as long as it takes, cuz this man has my heart now, & there’s no walking away for me! Wish me luck… I

    1. Hi ScorpioKittycatGen!

      Indeed! Be very patient and I think you’ll have some fantastic results. Rushing him would only scare him or make him back up. Keep being who you are and show him you’re there for him. If he’s already indicating his feelings then the next step will be him telling you exactly what he feels. You’ve got this!

  6. Ive never dated a Virgo man. Weve been seeing each other for 3 months now. I feel ive met my soul mate. Our connection is deeper than a physical or emotional connection we are deeply connected on a spiritual level. Our energies flow. Ive never been so magnetically attached to someone. Love my virgo man on every level. Im a scorpio and finally met my match on every level.

    1. Hi Tami!

      Virgo men are very deep when they want to let someone in. They love hard and they make you feel like the most luckiest woman on earth. Keep your love flowing and be sure you’re communicating properly. Always be truthful and upfront with him and you’ll find success going forward. If you would like to know more, please read my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

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