Why Being Truthful With Virgo Men Is Important

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you're in love with a virgo or you're involved with one, you may be wondering how to approach him. Being truthful with virgo men is important.

Being truthful with Virgo men is important in a relationship. Are you involved with a Virgo man that seems to catch your every mood without effort?

Maybe you call him and he can tell you’ve had a bad day. Perhaps you go out with him and he asks you “what’s wrong?” before you’ve said a word.

Here are things you need to know while being with a Virgo guy:

Being Truthful with Virgo Men is Imperative 


The Virgo man is quite perceptive and intuitive. There is no use in trying to hide anything from him or even to lie to him. He will spot it right away.

He detests being lied to or betrayed. Therefore he makes an effort to be sure it doesn’t happen to him again. He knows body language, how your eyes speak, and he can sense what you’re feeling.

You can be smiling and telling him a lie and he’ll still know you’re not being truthful. While he may not get it right away, he’ll add things up and calculate that you’re up to no good. So, being truthful with Virgo men will only benefit you in the long run.

He will observe your every move, word, and look. As such, it’s impossible to fool him or lie to him. He is known as the human lie detector in the zodiac. He’s intelligent, strong, independent, and can smell a lie from a mile away.

Being truthful with Virgo men is something you need to accept.

No Reason to be Dishonest

Sometimes he can even psychically pick up on anything going on with you at any given time. He may call you out of the blue and say “what’s wrong?” before you even get past “hello?”.

He may answer the questions that you haven’t even asked out loud. Naturally, his rising sign and moon sign play a role in just how strong his perception and abilities are.


If you really get to know your Virgo guy, you know he’s your rock and an excellent advice giver. Why keep anything from him? Even if you think he’ll be upset, it’s best to tell him the truth.

It’s better you do it this way than for him to find out another way. Neither of those options is worth it. Tell him how you feel or what you think.

Try to do it with as less emotion as you can muster.

Emotions can be blown out of proportion and it helps neither of you.

He Doesn’t Like Emotional Energy Flying Around

Even if what you tell him upsets him, he’ll stop and take inventory as to why. Once you explain things; he’ll get a better idea of what is going on and be less upset.

He can get fueled up quickly but as soon as he knows why and how he’ll settle back down relatively quick. Unless of course, you’re telling him you’ve been unfaithful.

There is no amount of saving you if you’ve been unfaithful to a Virgo. He sees it as a deal breaker and isn’t likely to be forgiving. It’s the one thing that he cannot move on from.

Once trust is breached, good luck trying to get a Virgo to hear anything you say. He’s excellent at icing people out for the long haul. He is also likely to walk away never to return.

As long as it’s nothing extreme like this, you should always be open with your Virgo man. The more open you are the more he’ll trust and appreciate your candor.

Good or Bad Mojo


Aside from relationships, the Virgo man is excellent at picking up on people’s energy. At first sight, he’ll feel whether someone’s intention is pure or self-serving.

He can also detect anyone who seems to be dangerous even when they don’t look like it or act like it. He’s just really “tuned in” and knows who he will or will not be around going forward.

If a Virgo man tells you to stay away from someone; you probably should go ahead and listen to him. Unless he’s being unreasonable, he is likely trying to protect you from that person who might hurt you.

Among all the wonderful things he is, he’s also protective over those he cares for whether you’re merely a friend or if you’re the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

A Virgo is always leery of most people. He’s much like a Scorpio in this way. He naturally doesn’t trust. Trust has to be proven and done over time with him otherwise he wants nothing to do with it.

He’s Not Easily Won Over

He has to see, hear, and experience in order to know that you’re who you say you are. He will observe you just to make sure he’s not being scammed.

Yep, I said it. He is always on the lookout for someone trying to scam him. Whether it’s the guy that works at the auto shop or the cashier at the grocery store, he thinks most people are out to get him.

Does this sound a bit like paranoia? Yeah, it does. He feels this way for a good reason though and it’s likely from life experience. He will try to give people the benefit of the doubt but one misstep and they’re done.

But don’t push your luck; this is why being truthful with Virgo men is imperative.


He Has No Time for Nonsense

It’s always a good idea to be upfront and forthright with what is going on in your head.

Again, as much as he demands it; he’s not good at doing it himself. He’ll tell you the truth but you have to pry it out of him at times. If he commits to you and trusts you; he’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know.

Including what he does in the shower, how, and other details. I know that sounds funny but when a Virgo man truly trusts his partner, he doesn’t feel there is anything that he cannot share with her; even when it’s too much.

Are you in love with a Virgo? Do you think that being truthful with Virgo men is important? 

Let me know in the comment section below!


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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3 thoughts on “Why Being Truthful With Virgo Men Is Important

  1. January 3rd My friend introduce me to Virgo man but we are never meet yet only via social media n chat. He very reserved never talking or even say hii. He looks shy n moved away everytime to see I’m online. But he always read my status n check my download update, photos etc. AND I don’t know how to attract him cos I’m shy too. I’m not dare to start talking with him. Cos looks like he very cold n silent, I don’t brave to start. Please help me to find out at least I can speak with him for the 1st time. More than 3 month he jyst analyze me like detective. Come on 3 month it’s too long for wait him to start talking. How can work if he very shy n reserved. Please help me to find out this problem. Thank you for your time and kindly attention. God bless us.

  2. I’m a pisces women and I’m currently seeing a Virgo man. We met at a well popular dating site. We had a pillow talk one night about flaws and all, why we single till now, and about life challenges.
    I remember once I told him about something that I’m going through. And I said I dont know what to do. And he said “WE will get through this. It’s not about you anymore.”(And I was at Awww)

    He motivates me to become a better person and I want to care and support him with anything. Feed him to become a successful man. Lol he asked me could I handle that?
    And he told me if I ever cheat on him, I must just forget about him completely.

    That’s when I knew he was for keeps, and being truthful is the only way forward with a Virgo man. Time will tell if we destined or not.

  3. I am with a Virgo and we have no title but a year ago I slept with his friend when he stopped messing with me and I found out he got his baby mama pregnant. He recently found out and he’s very hurt. I love this man and I’ve never messed around or done anything to him but not tell him what I did. I don’t know what to do. He’s done so much wrong to me and I stayed why won’t he forgive me

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