6 Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility Secrets

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Would you like to know how compatible the Virgo Man And Scorpio Woman are? Now you can boost your compatibility with your Virgo man and bring him closer.

Virgo man and Scorpio woman can rub against each other in all the right ways and a few wrong ways too. It really depends on how much the differences between these two signs get in the way of love.

Both Virgo man and Scorpio woman share an approach to life that is pragmatic and will always probe all sides of any given situation.

6 Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility Secrets

1. Virgo Man And Scorpio Woman Love Chemistry

You are both curious souls who don’t shy away from the truth so you have much to explore together. Small differences in style can get in the way, though.

Scorpio can find Virgo’s relentless realism a bit much and Scorpio’s emotional intensity can overwhelm Virgo at times.

Sexually you can be a great match. There is an instinctive bond between the two of you that translates into explosive and transformative physical expression.

Water sign Scorpio can help a Virgo man loosen up and unleash his private fantasies and earthy Virgo tames Scorpio’s emotional fires.

He helps a Scorpio woman maintain a healthy detachment from her feelings.

You both have high regard for privacy and a need for respect to be central to your experience of love, and both signs experience love in a very real way with a distaste for superficial and pretentious declarations.

This is a very fruitful combination of opposites if you both tread carefully around the sensitivities of the other.

2. What Is The Scorpio Woman Like


Women born under the water sign Scorpio are ruled by Pluto, the planet of renewal and transformation. You are said to be intense and controlling, but the truth is you rarely come into someone’s life and leave them unchanged.

You know what you want and you don’t judge a book by its cover, which makes you a good match with a Virgo man whose inquiring mind will appreciate the depth of thought you are capable of.

People sometimes find you perplexing and enigmatic, but when it comes to love you are capable of deep and enduring commitment to someone who earns your loyalty.

Nothing scares you, and no topic is too taboo but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel deeply.

You can be very sensitive emotionally and need to really trust someone before you show your simplest need for a strong emotional and sexual bond with a lover.

3. What Is The Virgo Man Like

Virgo men are clever and practical souls with a clear plan for their life and a huge need to be of service. The Virgo man can be appealing to a Scorpio woman because he takes his time before jumping into any relationship, but once he does his commitment tends to be unwavering.

Don’t be put off by his cool demeanor, the Virgo man doesn’t show his feelings easily, and he isn’t very comfortable with emotional displays. As long as you express your feelings without theatrical tantrums, he could really do with learning from you that it’s OK to be uncool.

Once he feels comfortable enough to let go, the Virgo man has a profound and powerful sensual style that will blow you away, but you’ll need to be patient and show appreciation for his practicality and healing skills for that to happen.

4. What Works Between the Virgo Man And Scorpio Woman


You share an essential nature that is marked by practicality and thoughtfulness. Both of you tend to analyze and probe all the ideas and people that come your way.

If you manage to combine your differences (which are many, it is true, although none of them are fundamentals that will be deal breakers) you can form a powerful bond that can last to the grave.

When two people as different, on the surface, as Scorpio and Virgo find each other, the union can feel like a deep karmic bond with such a profound expression of love that it makes those around you jealous.

5. What The Two Of You Should Watch Out For To Secure Your Love

Fixed sign Scorpio is more fearless, less cautious and more stubborn than mutable Virgo and this should be a strength in combination but you will challenge each other at many levels.

At first, the Virgo man may find a Scorpio woman a bit too brash and crude for his finely honed sense of decorum, and you may find Virgo a bit prim and proper in the dating game.

What appears to you as an inability to commit to the Virgo man is just him testing the waters before he dives in. Remember that emotions make him squeamish and hold back if you want to take things further.

You both want a commitment but Virgo views this as a practical arrangement while it’s all about feels for a Scorpio woman.

This could develop into boredom and frustration if you two don’t make the effort to communicate your agendas clearly.

6. Virgo Man And Scorpio Woman Final Compatibility Score


Virgo and Scorpio can bond for life in a working committed relationship that is based on understanding the different strengths and styles you each bring to the table.

Problems may arise if you don’t appreciate that each of you has their own focus and expression, and a struggle for control between you could be destructive and devastating, but generally, the stars are on your side.

A Virgo Man is not for everyone, but he could very well be for you!

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