Does Your Virgo Man Really Love You Or Is He Just Being Nice?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Virgo men can be complicated and hard to read. Is he just being cordial when he flirts or does he mean something more? Does your Virgo man really love you?

Virgo men can be somewhat complicated and hard to read. Many clients write to me with their stories and are basically trying to figure out the same thing. Is he just being cordial when he flirts or does he mean something more?

Does your Virgo man really love you? Read on to find out.

Commitment Means Something 

For a Virgo man, when he commits to someone, he means it and there is no reason to worry about where his love and loyalty are. Unless, of course, he’s shown multiple red flags.

When he pulls back, changes directions, or suddenly seems very different, he could just be being himself really. I recently wrote an article about how unpredictable he actually can be.

That being said, he could just be changing things up and wasn’t doing it to hurt you or make you feel unloved. If he has said he loves you, he meant it. He isn’t one to say it a whole lot.

If he does say it a whole lot then stops, he’s probably struggling with his own issues that he doesn’t know how to really cope with. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you though.

Also, if he hasn’t said he loves you, don’t take for granted or assume that he does. When he’s really ready to let you know, he will.

If you’re wondering: does your Virgo man really love you? just know that he isn’t one to withhold that when he truly feels it.

He’s Not Just Being Nice 


Virgo men are typically good fellows, so it may not be necessary to ask yourself: does your Virgo man really love you? If you ask any of their friends or anyone who has known them for a great deal of time will tell you he’s a great guy. It’s not a line. He has a great heart.

Though he may seem like a jerk at times, he is mostly very giving and loving toward most people he encounters. He can tend to be judgmental to some people. Remember he’s the kind of criticizing.

To those people though, he’ll just avoid them. He’s excellent at picking up on people’s “vibes” and is easily able to figure out who to stay away from and who he can be friends with.

When he chooses a woman to date, he’s letting you into his private world and really you should feel somewhat honored. Virgo men do not choose lightly. They’re very picky.

While you want to run off with him into the sunset, he’s trying to analyze the heck out of you and your life to make sure that you’re someone he CAN commit to and see a future with.

He Actually Cares

So again, I can tell you that if he’s chosen you to date or get to know, he isn’t just being nice. He’s truthfully sharing with you the nice guy that he is. If he didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be talking to him at all.

He doesn’t tend to be nice for the sake of it. That’s not who he is and if you ever wonder if that’s what he’s doing with you, look at his actions. His actions will tell you anything you need to know.

So, there’s no need excessively wonder: does your Virgo guy really love you?

Just words?

This man will almost always live the way he feels. That also means that he will treat someone the way he feels for them. If he treats you with disdain, he may either be questioning the relationships or you yourself.

However, if he’s just in a bad mood, he’s projecting and once he realizes he’s doing that, he’ll apologize and make amends. He’s not a jerk at heart, honestly.

Nine times out of ten, he will make sure his actions line up with what he tells you. That means that if he’s being cold or withdrawn, there is likely a bigger issue going on. It doesn’t always mean it’s with you though.

Look at how he treats you otherwise. If he still holds your hand, texts you a good night, or gives some sort of sign that you are still on his mind, then it’s likely not even about you.

He could be battling something internally (total Virgo trait) and doesn’t really want to talk about it. So if you need to know: does your Virgo man really love you? The answer is he lives what he feels.


Doing What He Means

Of course, if you live with one, you’ll see his different behaviors and moods. You’ll get to know what means what over time. Sometimes he’ll act like he doesn’t want to be touched or talked to.

It doesn’t mean he’s upset with you or doesn’t care for you anymore. That’s him putting up his wall to bring forward his personal freedom. He doesn’t feel he owes anyone anything.

That means he’ll want to deal with whatever it is that is bothering him on his own. So he can still sit on the sofa next to you but be fighting that battle within that he doesn’t want you to know about.

Just do your best to watch the way he acts versus the things he says. If you truly analyze a bit yourself, you’ll see whether or not he is just pulling your leg or if he’s genuinely interested in you.

To conclude…

Does your Virgo man really love you? Knowing a Virgo man is a lot of work and takes a whole lot of patience. He IS totally worth it, though. Once you understand him and go the lengths he needs you to go, he’ll reward you nicely.

This man will love you like none other ever has or ever will. He is the dream come true life partner. It just takes a while to get to that level with him. It’s really honestly best to learn as much as you can about him.

Get to know the Virgo man more by clicking here now.

It will help you to understand how he thinks and what you can do to build something strong and lasting with this impossible guy.

He may be hard to reach but if you’re willing to do the work, you will get the most wonderful man you could ever imagine!

So, you may be wondering: Does your Virgo man really love you?

Let me know in the comment section below!


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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14 thoughts on “Does Your Virgo Man Really Love You Or Is He Just Being Nice?

  1. My partner is a virgo man. He is my old friend, we lost connection when he was transferred abroad, when he came back, he proposed me to be his girlfriend, and get married as he is in love me since he met me. However, after a while in r/ship, he changed his mind and told me that he can’t marry me but still wants to keep the relationship. He told me that he will be my partner as long as we can, but can’t married. But he doesn’t want to share with me why he can’t get married to me, but once told me his mom doesn’t want his children to get married. He still with me now, and we have been in this r/ship for more than 3 years, sometime he cold sometimes he’s really nice. Sometimes he will yell to me, and ignore me, when i’m saying that i’m sorry he will treat me as usual. When we stay together, he always at home. Rarely go out with his friends, only with his younger brother and will bring me along. Now i was transferred to another state, we only meet 3 to10 days a month, depends on our availabilities.. he always texts me and said can’t wait to see me. But when seeing me, sometimes he is being cold, sometimes very nice, cook for me. When slept he will hugged me all night, but in morning he became cold. I’m so confused with him, i want to end the r/ship as he puzzled me. But i know he is loyal, and have nobody else except me and his brother. And he doesn’t see his parents more than a year now and gave reason due to covid. But we already can inter-states. Do he really has problem with his parents and really love me? Is it worth it for me to wait another years for him? Should i move on?

    1. Hi Rara!

      He’s either been really hurt before or he’s being compliant with his mother’s wishes. Either way, he should have let you know at the beginning that he would not marry. Virgo men are the type of guys who actually do not need to even be in a relationship for the most part. They do however, get lonely and want companionship. Now you need to decide if you will give him some time to work through his fears about marriage or if you will cut him loose so you can find someone who will marry you. The alternative is to think about what it would be like to be with someone long term w/o marriage. Only you can make these decisions. If you want to know about Virgo men’s quirks, you should check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets.

  2. Mine is very confusing.
    We met 6 months ago and at the beginning, he was upfront about his feeling and often texted me even at work. One day, he suddenly withdrew for 2 weeks and came back saying casually his boss ordered him to move to à Chicago (we are in New York), he doesn’t want a long distance relationship but he didn’t want to leave me. Then he decided to move so started putting things down slowly.
    One day, I reached out to him for some advices on work, and he told me he’s gonna stay in New York and not leaving anymore. We saw each other after and it was great but I figured out there’s something different than before (such as he never reached out to me until I did)and he told me he’s completely into his career now and tried to get another job, he cannot be in a relationship. I tried to understand him and give him time.
    Recently, I was sick and I thought it was covid, he became extremely worried and checked me in for several times a day if I don’t answer he’ll follow up with another message. The other day I drank some hot toddy and he got really mad immediately and told me how worried he was and how upset that I didn’t take care of myself and then blocked me everywhere while I tried to say it was nothing. The next day morning, he unblocked me without saying anything until I wrote to him telling him I was not mad at him doing this but I didn’t sleep well because of this.
    I told him that I know now he cares about me a lot, I asked him to not pretend anymore and got no answer.

    1. Hi Laurence!

      What is going on with him is that he means it when he says he is putting his career first. He is saying he cannot handle the pressure of a relationship while he’s trying to put all his focus on success. It’s no uncommon for this to happen actually. He knows what he can juggle and what he cannot. He is frustrated about this though because he DOES care. He just doesn’t want to hurt or disappoint you because he cannot spend time together and give you the attention you deserve and so he removed himself from the equation so that you are free to find someone else who can give you those things. That IS a form of love. Tell him to not pretend was kind of a slap in the face to him and is why he hasn’t responded. That being said, if you want to know more about Virgo men, please check out my books Virgo Man Secrets.

  3. Things have been going well fir us finally! We’ve had to work at it. But we’ve been committed to it. I’m a Gemini. The only problem for me is the lack of communication. It’s hard for me to deal with. He’s been working at it. But fir me it’s been a year and we are still in the same place with this situation. Him finding the time for us to talk. He says he loves me. He’s even mentioned marriage twice. That’s the only thing that irritate me. How do I deal with this as a person who requires this?

    1. Hi Selina!

      You need to be blunt with him and tell him that you two need to find a medium ground in which to communicate properly because this is going to make or break your relationship. Try to get a mediator for the two of you if you can. You can even get a trusted friend that can be objective to help with this. If he’s just not talking when he should then you need to tell him that you’re not feeling good about the two of you because he isn’t opening up. He will want to save it and will likely start to take steps. Here’s wishing you all the best!

  4. Thank you for adding to what I God has shown me about my virgo man. And yes I do see he is worth getting to know more about. I love him and I know he loves me.

  5. I know he loves me without question. I’m a leo and I recently found out I think everything is always about me lol. I have learned sooo much about my virgo man and it only makes me love him more. I understand how he loves and the things he says to me that I catch because he likes to whisper them or say them under his breath I think is so freaking sexy. I am just turned on by him to the point I love hearing him say my name. I have made him say my name over and over again. We also have not been sexual yet since we have been back talking in August of this year. We knew each other in the past, like over 20 years ago but I know we still have love for each other and it’s stronger than ever. I didn’t know how he felt about back then and how to read him because he never said how he felt about me. I feel his love and he is determined not to make the same mistake of letting me get away he is still in love with me from over 20 years ago

    1. Hi Paula Hughes,

      It sounds like a very passionate match sweetheart. I’m glad to hear that everything is so wonderful between you and your Virgo man. Hang onto him because he is a diamond in the rough. Enjoy every single day with him. He’ll make it worth your while. I wish you all the very best!

  6. Hi there,

    My Virgo man is a very busy business man, we met through social platform and we already chatted a lot at the beginning. I know he’s always busy at work, but after one month chatting on Whatsapp I asked if he would like to meet, and he said yes. However, after couple of days, I asked again and he said he was not available both his time and mental. We are still keeping in touch, and he showed that he still wanted to meet. I asked him couple of times if he liked me and he always said yes. Finally few days ago I asked him if he loved me a little, he said he thought so.
    He said he would like to meet again, but I’m so worried that he will say that he’s not available again, and I’m not sure if he really loves me or not even only a little!

    1. Hi James!

      Don’t panic because of a couple times he couldn’t make it. He probably has a valid reason. Try not to over think things and make problems appear that wouldn’t normally be there. Virgo doesn’t think like everyone else therefore they don’t’ act like everyone else. When you two make plans again you can jokingly say “and don’t you dare back out on me again” then laugh. If you sound serious he’ll be turned off but if you say it in a joking way he will probably laugh and say “I won’t” or something else witty. You two are still VERY new and worrying about love this early in the game is scary for a Virgo I think. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t or won’t but I think maybe waiting awhile with patience will help you out a lot. If you need any more tips, check out my guides on Virgo Man Secrets. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  7. I just recently met a Virgo man and Im scared. We met accidentally and ended up talking for hours. There was such a connection. I didn’t hear from him for a month but thought about him. I’m an Aquarius and have done some reading on Virgo man and if we are compatible. He knew where I was and a month later he came back. We talk and smile and he asked for my number. He asked for a date a couple days later. 5 hrs later after dinner and talking he kissed me. It was so wonderful. Since then (2 wks ago) I’ve spent the night with him twice. He calls me every day. I love talking with him. He says he wants to do things with me, go places with me, travel. He says he wants me to stay more often. He asks if I can see a future with him. Isn’t this a bit fast for a Virgo man? We haven’t even had a disagreement yet. He notices everything, he is so kind and caring, he is so protective and gentle. Should I be scared?

    1. Hi Suzanne!

      Nope, it’s not necessarily too fast. Virgo is all in if he thinks you could be “the one”. He only goes really slowly if it’s a situation where he doesn’t know. When he doesn’t know, he needs more time to get to know you to make him more comfortable. AS with any sign, if it hits him hard that you’re the woman for him then he’s going to run with it. Trust in what you have and let it flow. Let him make plans with you. It’s a good thing. That’s great you two haven’t had a disagreement yet. I’m sure there is so much more both your charts could tell you. I don’t think you should be scared at all. If you’re ready to be with the right one then go ahead and take the risk. Some Virgo men are VERY worth the risk. Wishing you all the luck of the stars!

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