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The Virgo Man’s Erogenous Zones – What Turns Him On?

Today we’ll talk about a Virgo man’s erogenous zones. If you’re trying to get your Virgo man in bed or maybe trying to get him to enjoy himself to the ultimate with you, here are some surefire ways of getting him hot and ready to please you in bed.

Ego Pumping To Prime Him 

Just like any man’s, a Virgo man’s erogenous zones vary. This works really well for the Virgo man when you’re trying to get down and dirty. Talking dirty to him in a way he understands will definitely get his motor running. If you know him well you’ll know what he likes.

Tell him he’s a really amazing lover or how sensual and deep his kiss is. Touch his face and remind him how ruggedly handsome he is. Look deep into his eyes and show him that you sincerely mean it.

Do not be fake about what you say to him though. You have to actually mean what you say because if you do not; he’ll be able to tell that you are not being honest which will result in him turning off instead of on.

Try not to lay it on too thick either because he starts to get uncomfortable with too many compliments. Find just the right equation that works for him and you’ll be able to tell he’s ready to go.

This is a bit like foreplay for him. He is an intelligent man and will get turned on by certain words or verbiage. If you’re getting into bed with him then it’s likely you already know what he likes to hear.

Each Virgo man will be different based on their moon signs but almost all of them appreciate a good verbal foreplay session before they take off their close and share their passion with you.

Kiss him… A lot

Couple spending time together relaxing on the bed and kiss each other - The Virgo man’s erogenous zones

To find the Virgo man’s erogenous zones, kissing is the way to go.  One of his very favorite things to do is to hold your face and kiss you passionately. Not forceful but not too light either. He seems to know how to do this “just right”. Allow him to kiss you for as long as you can.

He really enjoys doing this. If he didn’t start it already you can go ahead and kiss him. He’ll love it! Be gentle and sensual when you kiss him. He will weigh the whole idea of intimate relationship on how well you kiss.

When he fantasizes about you the first thing he’s thinking is about kissing you. Most men go right for gold and think about oral sex or intercourse. For a Virgo, it’s a process.

Kissing you is the most sensual thing he can possibly do and so he will enjoy it if you take the lead sometimes and kiss him. He’ll be floored and find it quite spectacularly a turn on.

Snuggle Time!

If you aren’t used to having lots of foreplay, I’ve got news for you: Virgo men are notorious for mega amounts of it! They’ve got it in abundance and want to lavish you in its deliciousness.

While you’re kissing and snuggling up this will be the time where you start feeling each other up and enjoying touching each other everywhere. For him, you can put your hand on his belly.

Just gently place it there where it’s close to his private area. He’ll wonder where you’re going with it and if you’re going to do anything. The anticipation builds for him and it will be hot!

After a few minutes of teasing, start to gently move your fingers around stroking the area around his belly. Caress his belly like its soft feathers you’re running your fingers through.

Provided he’s not too ticklish there, he’ll eat this up. Of course, you can work the angle of kissing him gently around that area as well. It works well as a teasing method that will make him lose himself in the moment.

Be as gentle and tender as you can and it will make him crazy; in a really good way. His stomach is his main erogenous zone. Pay lots of attention to the area around his belly button and just below.

This is also the “Sacral Chakra” area which does rule sexuality. The more you work that area, the more you turn him on and turn him up. This is one of the Virgo man’s erogenous zones.

Don’t forget the Scene Set-up

Woman puts perfume on - The Virgo man’s erogenous zones

Virgo men have extreme attention to detail. They love pleasant fragrances and so it’s important for you to make the scene of your play smell amazing. Try to find out what he likes best.

Typically Vanilla will work for most men. It’s light but very pleasant allowing for the senses to be turned on. You can achieve this with candles, wax, or oils. Whatever your preference is; go with it.

Don’t forget to go ahead and take yourself a nice bath ahead of time. Put some fragrance filled salts or oils. Making yourself smell like a million bucks will really turn him on beyond words.

You can also lightly dab on some kind of oil or perfume fragrance that is light and enticing. Try not to put too much or it’ll turn him in the other direction. Lightness is the key so that he has to get close to you to smell it.

Light some candles for a little light in the room as well. The more romantic the setting; the more inspired he’ll feel to give you his all and make passion his #1 priority with you. This may not be one of the Virgo man’s erogenous zones per se, but it will surely please his heart.

Achieving Your Intimacy

Once you’ve gotten him good and revved up the Virgo man will make sure you get what you need in bed. He often times will make sure that you get your pleasure first before he finishes.

He feels it’s his duty as a man to make sure that you are well pleased. If you are not pleased, he’ll feel there is something wrong with him which can make him critical of himself.

You can gently guide him if need be without saying much so he feels HE is doing it. Click here to find out more about the sensual Virgo and what you can do to seduce him.

I hope this helps you knock it out of the park with your Virgo guy. He’s fairly easy to please and eager to please you.

What do you think a Virgo man’s erogenous zones are?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

6 thoughts on “The Virgo Man’s Erogenous Zones – What Turns Him On?

  1. I really like this Virgo man.He’s divorced 1,5 years ago.His wife left him .They were together for 20 years.
    We met 1 year ago at the business and became friends. As I was married when we met we only texted eachother for 8 months land we had a good connection, cause I had also problems in my marriage.Our problems with the marriage were almost same. 4 months ago I got divorced too. We went on a date a couple of times. He always mentioned that I understand him and very kind to him. He is very busy guy, He works in a bank and travels a lot. After a couple of dates ( these dates were one in a month cause he was at the business trip alot) he invited me to his home , and he kissed me.
    I had been invited 2 more times before, but we had only talked and listen music.
    He is not a guy who jumps in to a bed.
    After we had an intimacy , I mean the day after he texted me that how I am, . I was hoping that he is my officialy boyfriend, but he was acting like a normal friend. Maybe I shouldn’t had asked but I asked Is there something wrong because he was very romantic at that night, he had hugged me like we knew eachother for a long time.He was very emotional but he turned to normal.
    He told me he had still issues with his ex, he would never accept her if she comes back but the main problem is that he can not get rid off his past in his mind. He had dreams about his past life and it disturbs him a lot.
    He said He doesnt want to loose me, cause we are understanding eachother , we have good time together , but he is not fully ready for a commitment.He also said we can go on a dinner together, but we should park the last night for a while; he needs a therapy, time will help us.. I didnt want to loose him,I said I dont want to give any pressure to him, we are good like this and I am not expecting any commitment cause I understand him that he needs time.
    He didnt call me for 5 days abd then texted me that he is going to London , and asked me which chocolate I want him to bring in.
    and we did chat like 20 min. like we used to do before.
    I knew when he was coming and I couldnt wait more( after 15 days) I just send a message like hi how are u doin, he said he just came back and I felt that.He asked me to stop by his apartment, of course I ran into him.
    After we had a chat like 1 hour , he kissed me..And he wanted mo stay that night with him. The day after he took me to the breakfast, but he was normal again, he was not holding my hand or hugging me as a boyfriend, but he was very warm , he made jokes to make me laugh.
    There is a theatre 2 weeks later, he promised me to go there together.
    I wrote very long I am sorry but I really am in love with him, he is very kind , soft person,I love his soul. I read your articles about Virgo man, he is totally same as you described.
    I can not understand how he really feels about me, but I can feel that he has feelings for me, cause he said he is very picky guy, he isnot very social and he spends most of his spare time as sitting at home, reading, listening music.
    The chemisrty between us is amazing.I think he also feels that.
    But I don’t know what to do , cause my love for him is growing everyday , I am scared .
    And this friendship situation is killing me, I want him to be my real boy friend?

    Thank you?

    1. Hi Neslihan!

      You need to be very straight with him honey. He isn’t good at guessing how you feel or what you want. You have to tell him exactly how you feel, what you want, and where you see things going. You need to ask him what he wants and if he wants to be with you or not. He should answer you with honesty. If he still cannot answer you then you’ll have to decide how long you will wait for him or when you should move on. Only your heart knows that answer. Trust yourself and do what you need to in order to be happy.

  2. This was really great advice. I’m having a similar issue with a Virgo lady. I’ve already expressed that I like her and while she never stated how she felt, she didn’t do a disappearing act either. We’ve hung out intensely (group/solo) and the energy is still magnetic. While I have not pressured her for an answer, sooner or later I know that I need to muster up the courage (AGAIN) and ask my Virgo lady what she thinks about the two us and if she’s even keen on dating on dating in general.

    1. Hi Sarah!

      I’m glad you find the advise useful sweetheart. That’s why I write is to help women like you. I’m also happy to hear things are working so well with the two of you. Be patient but don’t wait too long to reach out and find out what she feels. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”. Yes, it’s about the male side but much of it rings true for women as well.

  3. My Virgo man and I met about 5 years ago both of us were fresh out of long term relationships. Mine was 10yrs but no children with that man and his was 13years 10 married and 4 children and it ended with a nasty divorce and court orders for children. She is a “narcissist” so to say the least it was very ugly on her behalf. We really helped lift one another up and he is so naturally comforting decides my father and grandfather the best man I’ve ever known. We were the Breath of fresh air we both needed. Couple years down the road things have gotten sour/dull. We have fallen into the norm of everyday life. I can be a royal bitch at times bc I still see his ex taking advantage of him and his kindness and it drives me absolutely insane. I need to take a backseat and let him handle his own but what I would really like to know is how can I make things fresh again between him and how can I make him crazy about me again without coming off weird. Like baby steps in what direction do I go in. I always read your blogs so I’ve learned a lot but I really truly want to make him feel like the luckiest and happiest man to ever walk this earth bc he deserves it all. He’s been through hell and I want to give him heaven.

    1. Hi Alona!

      Wow yes, I do agree with you about taking a backseat and let him handle his business. Virgo man doesn’t like being told what to do not does he like “strong suggestions”. Be careful because that could build resentment in him. I’m glad you know this is something you need to change. Now, making things fresh… what brought you to together? What made things exciting in the beginning? Try to go back to doing things like that together. Bring it back with memories and good times. Try suggesting new things you two can try. You should also check out my series “Virgo Man Secrets” for more useful information.

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