The Virgo Man Erogenous Zones: Exploring Pleasure Beyond The Belt

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re trying to get your Virgo man to enjoy himself to the ultimate with you; you need to know the Virgo man's erogenous zones.

The Virgo man is known for his meticulous nature, attention to detail, and analytical mindset. In bed, Virgo men bring these traits with them, creating an experience that is sensual, thoughtful, and unforgettable.

They approach intimacy with a focus on both giving and receiving pleasure, making sure that their partner’s desires and needs are met. The Virgo man is enchanted by the art of seduction. He appreciates the buildup of anticipation and enjoys exploring different techniques to seduce and be seduced by his partner.

The Virgo man erogenous zones, which are areas of his body that are particularly sensitive to touch, vibration, and pressure, play a crucial role in enhancing his sexual excitement and pleasure.

Getting your Virgo man turned on is not limited to the area below the belt, you know. Other parts of his body are also extremely sensitive to touch, vibration, and pressure. These erogenous zones contribute to the splendor of male sexual excitement since they have a lot of nerve endings.

Giving extra attention to the erogenous zone during foreplay can increase pleasure, encourage blood flow, and relax your Virgo guy. Understanding the erogenous zones of a Virgo man can add a new level of exploration and pleasure to your intimate encounters.

So where do Virgo men like to be touched? Keep on reading if you want to find out more about the Virgo man and his erogenous zones.

What A Virgo Likes In Bed — Basics

In Astrology, each zodiac sign rules a different body part, and for a Virgo man, this is his abdomen. This is really important to remember because stimulating his abdomen can be a significant turn-on for him.

Additionally, the Virgo man appreciates mental connection and stimulation, making foreplay and communication crucial elements in the bedroom. This man wants to connect with the woman who is in his bed with him on a deeper level, both emotionally and intellectually.

The physical side might be important to him because he is so sensual because he is an Earth sign after all, but that mental connection is what truly sets the stage for a fulfilling sexual experience with a Virgo man.

In addition to his abdomen, the Virgo man has other erogenous zones that can heighten his pleasure and arousal, but more on that later in the article!

Where Do Virgo Men Like To Be Touched?

While the erogenous zones of a Virgo man may vary from individual to individual, there are certain areas that are generally known to be particularly pleasurable for them. Of course, the abdomen ranks really high for a Virgo man seeing as this is the area of the body that his sign rules.

However, there are other sensitive areas that can also bring pleasure and arousal to a Virgo man. These areas include the neck, ears, and fingertips. Having these areas gently stimulated can definitely drive your Virgo man crazy with desire.

This just shows that you don’t need to touch a man below the belt to turn him on. Other erogenous zones that can excite a Virgo man include the lower back and buttocks, these areas especially excite him. There are many areas of his body that he likes to be touched, all you have to do is explore this and see how he reacts.

5 Most Arousing Virgo Man Erogenous Zones All Women Should Know

According to astrology, the Virgo man has several erogenous zones that can intensify his pleasure and arousal. These zones include:

The Abdomen

Stimulating the abdomen can be a significant turn-on for a Virgo man, as it is ruled by his zodiac sign. Whenever you touch his stomach gently you are sure to drive him crazy with desire. He just loves having his abdomen touched.

This is a really good way to tease him and make him understand that you have the desire to pleasure him. This spot is super sensitive to him, so be sure to give it a lot of attention but don’t overdo it as it can sometimes be a bit too much for him.

The Neck 

The neck is a highly sensitive area for many people, and the Virgo man is no exception. Gently caressing or kissing his neck can elicit strong sensations of pleasure for him. This is the Virgo male erogenous spot that can bring shivers down his spine.

He cannot get enough of gentle kisses down his neck as this makes him feel totally weak at the knees. If you pay attention to this part of his body you will be sure to drive him crazy. This is exactly where he likes to be touched.

The Ears

The ears are a highly erogenous zone for many individuals, including the Virgo man. Whispering sweet nothings or softly nibbling on his earlobes can send shivers down his spine and heighten his arousal.

It is important to remember that Virgo men are ruled by the planet Mercury. The planet that governs communication and thinking. So having his ears stimulated is definitely a way to turn him on. Remember this man is an intellectual, and his mind plays an important role in turning him on.

The Fingertips

The fingertips are filled with nerve endings, making them a highly sensitive area for a Virgo man. This might be somewhat of a weird place for you to stimulate him, but trust me, this is a trick that works again and again.

Gently tracing circles on his fingertips or lightly massaging them can create intense sensations for him and enhance the overall sexual experience. It would be a great time for you to do this when the two of you are holding hands.

The Lower Back And Buttocks

These areas are particularly arousing for a Virgo man. This is just close enough to his genitals to turn him on, without direct contact. A lower back rub is really a special place for the Virgo man on his body.

Stimulating the lower back and buttocks can ignite strong erotic feelings and pleasure in a Virgo man. Knowing and paying attention to these erogenous zones can greatly enhance the sexual experience with a Virgo man.

4 Ways To Turn On A Virgo Man

Boost His Ego

The erogenous zones of a Virgo man can differ from person to person. This knowledge is beneficial when engaging in intimate activities with a Virgo man. Communicating in a provocative manner that aligns with his preferences will undoubtedly arouse him.

Expressing admiration for his skills as a lover or complimenting the intensity and sensuality of his kisses can be particularly effective. Physical contact, such as gently touching his face while sincerely acknowledging his ruggedly handsome appearance, can deepen the desired effect on him during these interactions.

It is important to maintain sincerity when expressing your feelings towards him. Authenticity is key, as insincerity can be easily detected and may have the opposite effect of turning a Virgo man off instead of arousing his interest.

Plaster Him With Kisses

To explore the erogenous zones of a Virgo man, engaging in kissing is highly recommended. One of his most preferred activities is to affectionately hold your face and engage in passionate kisses that strike a perfect balance between forceful and gentle. Grant him the opportunity to kiss you for as long as possible.

He genuinely takes pleasure in this act. If he hasn’t initiated it yet, feel free to take the lead and initiate a kiss with him – he will greatly appreciate it! When kissing him, be tender and sensuous. The way you engage in intimate lip-locking encounters may influence how he perceives the potential for an intimate relationship with you.

When a man fantasizes about you, his initial focus is on kissing. While many men may immediately envision oral sex or intercourse, Virgos tend to approach intimacy as a gradual process.

For a Virgo, kissing holds immense sensuality and therefore he will derive great pleasure from it if you occasionally take the initiative and kiss him. This unexpected gesture will leave him astounded and greatly aroused.

Lots Of Cuddles

The Virgo men have a reputation for indulging in extensive foreplay, so if you are unfamiliar with this practice, prepare yourself. They possess an abundance of passion and take pleasure in bestowing it upon their partner.

During your intimate moments of kissing and cuddling, the time will come when exploration begins through gentle caresses and gratifying touches all over each other’s bodies. When it comes to a Virgo man, feel free to place your hand on his abdomen.

Begin by placing it gently near his intimate region, creating a sense of curiosity and anticipation. Gradually explore the area around his abdominal region with delicate movements, akin to caressing soft feathers with your fingers.

To ensure a satisfying experience, focus on engaging in tender and intimate acts such as gentle kissing or caressing. Engaging with the erogenous zones around a Virgo man’s stomach, particularly the area surrounding his belly button, can create a pleasurable sensation for him.

Smell Heavenly

Virgo men have extreme attention to detail. They love pleasant fragrances so it’s important for you to make the scene of your play smell amazing. Try to find out what he likes best.

Typically Vanilla will work for most men. It’s light but very pleasant allowing for the senses to be turned on. You can achieve this with candles, wax, or oils. Whatever your preference is; go with it.

Don’t forget to go ahead and take yourself a nice bath ahead of time. Put some fragrance-filled salts or oils. Making yourself smell like a million bucks will really turn him on beyond words.

You can also lightly dab on some kind of oil or perfume fragrance that is light and enticing. Try not to put too much or it’ll turn him in the other direction. Lightness is the key so he has to get close to you to smell it.

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6 thoughts on “The Virgo Man Erogenous Zones: Exploring Pleasure Beyond The Belt

  1. I really like this Virgo man.He’s divorced 1,5 years ago.His wife left him .They were together for 20 years.
    We met 1 year ago at the business and became friends. As I was married when we met we only texted eachother for 8 months land we had a good connection, cause I had also problems in my marriage.Our problems with the marriage were almost same. 4 months ago I got divorced too. We went on a date a couple of times. He always mentioned that I understand him and very kind to him. He is very busy guy, He works in a bank and travels a lot. After a couple of dates ( these dates were one in a month cause he was at the business trip alot) he invited me to his home , and he kissed me.
    I had been invited 2 more times before, but we had only talked and listen music.
    He is not a guy who jumps in to a bed.
    After we had an intimacy , I mean the day after he texted me that how I am, . I was hoping that he is my officialy boyfriend, but he was acting like a normal friend. Maybe I shouldn’t had asked but I asked Is there something wrong because he was very romantic at that night, he had hugged me like we knew eachother for a long time.He was very emotional but he turned to normal.
    He told me he had still issues with his ex, he would never accept her if she comes back but the main problem is that he can not get rid off his past in his mind. He had dreams about his past life and it disturbs him a lot.
    He said He doesnt want to loose me, cause we are understanding eachother , we have good time together , but he is not fully ready for a commitment.He also said we can go on a dinner together, but we should park the last night for a while; he needs a therapy, time will help us.. I didnt want to loose him,I said I dont want to give any pressure to him, we are good like this and I am not expecting any commitment cause I understand him that he needs time.
    He didnt call me for 5 days abd then texted me that he is going to London , and asked me which chocolate I want him to bring in.
    and we did chat like 20 min. like we used to do before.
    I knew when he was coming and I couldnt wait more( after 15 days) I just send a message like hi how are u doin, he said he just came back and I felt that.He asked me to stop by his apartment, of course I ran into him.
    After we had a chat like 1 hour , he kissed me..And he wanted mo stay that night with him. The day after he took me to the breakfast, but he was normal again, he was not holding my hand or hugging me as a boyfriend, but he was very warm , he made jokes to make me laugh.
    There is a theatre 2 weeks later, he promised me to go there together.
    I wrote very long I am sorry but I really am in love with him, he is very kind , soft person,I love his soul. I read your articles about Virgo man, he is totally same as you described.
    I can not understand how he really feels about me, but I can feel that he has feelings for me, cause he said he is very picky guy, he isnot very social and he spends most of his spare time as sitting at home, reading, listening music.
    The chemisrty between us is amazing.I think he also feels that.
    But I don’t know what to do , cause my love for him is growing everyday , I am scared .
    And this friendship situation is killing me, I want him to be my real boy friend?

    Thank you?

    1. Hi Neslihan!

      You need to be very straight with him honey. He isn’t good at guessing how you feel or what you want. You have to tell him exactly how you feel, what you want, and where you see things going. You need to ask him what he wants and if he wants to be with you or not. He should answer you with honesty. If he still cannot answer you then you’ll have to decide how long you will wait for him or when you should move on. Only your heart knows that answer. Trust yourself and do what you need to in order to be happy.

  2. This was really great advice. I’m having a similar issue with a Virgo lady. I’ve already expressed that I like her and while she never stated how she felt, she didn’t do a disappearing act either. We’ve hung out intensely (group/solo) and the energy is still magnetic. While I have not pressured her for an answer, sooner or later I know that I need to muster up the courage (AGAIN) and ask my Virgo lady what she thinks about the two us and if she’s even keen on dating on dating in general.

    1. Hi Sarah!

      I’m glad you find the advise useful sweetheart. That’s why I write is to help women like you. I’m also happy to hear things are working so well with the two of you. Be patient but don’t wait too long to reach out and find out what she feels. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”. Yes, it’s about the male side but much of it rings true for women as well.

  3. My Virgo man and I met about 5 years ago both of us were fresh out of long term relationships. Mine was 10yrs but no children with that man and his was 13years 10 married and 4 children and it ended with a nasty divorce and court orders for children. She is a “narcissist” so to say the least it was very ugly on her behalf. We really helped lift one another up and he is so naturally comforting decides my father and grandfather the best man I’ve ever known. We were the Breath of fresh air we both needed. Couple years down the road things have gotten sour/dull. We have fallen into the norm of everyday life. I can be a royal bitch at times bc I still see his ex taking advantage of him and his kindness and it drives me absolutely insane. I need to take a backseat and let him handle his own but what I would really like to know is how can I make things fresh again between him and how can I make him crazy about me again without coming off weird. Like baby steps in what direction do I go in. I always read your blogs so I’ve learned a lot but I really truly want to make him feel like the luckiest and happiest man to ever walk this earth bc he deserves it all. He’s been through hell and I want to give him heaven.

    1. Hi Alona!

      Wow yes, I do agree with you about taking a backseat and let him handle his business. Virgo man doesn’t like being told what to do not does he like “strong suggestions”. Be careful because that could build resentment in him. I’m glad you know this is something you need to change. Now, making things fresh… what brought you to together? What made things exciting in the beginning? Try to go back to doing things like that together. Bring it back with memories and good times. Try suggesting new things you two can try. You should also check out my series “Virgo Man Secrets” for more useful information.

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