Virgo Man Turn Offs (9 Things That Turn Off A Virgo Man)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
These few things are the biggest Virgo man turn offs. Stray from these traits and you and your Virgo man might have your happily ever after.

Are you falling hard for a smart and sexy Virgo man? Well, who could blame you? They are kind hearted, sweet, timid, and sensual, and they’re looking for commitment. But what are a Virgo man biggest turn offs?

Sometimes, you just can’t blame anyone for a relationship not working out. Sometimes, it’s no one’s fault. Incompatibility, trauma, external stress, and bad timing can all contribute to a relationship not working out, regardless of how wonderful you both are.

But, for each star sign (also known as Sun signs), there are particular turn offs that can push them towards the exit. Each sign is different, and each sign has preferences when it comes to love.

So, what turns off a Virgo man? What pushes him away? He’s a good man, after all, and he’s committed once he settles down. But he is also extremely fussy, and to be honest, not many women can live up to his very high standards. He’s often looking for flaws and problems, and so he always finds them!

However, there are certain things that will also have him running for the hills, no matter how wonderful you are! Keep reading to learn more about Virgo man turn offs.

What Turns A Virgo Man Off

Virgo men are practical and intelligent beings who see sex as a healthy part of life, and there is not much they cannot deal with if they understand the reasons behind how you behave as you do.

Hints will never work with these guys, they need it spelled out clearly, and then they are marvelously adaptable to your needs and wishes.

If you aren’t comfortable with the honest expression, you might be better off with another man, as Virgo is the great communicator of the Zodiac.

Dishonesty and inauthentic or childish displays of emotion are major issues for a Virgo man who has a great eye for detail and remembers everything you say. So if you do lie to a Virgo man, he will catch you out at some point.

These men need to feel in control and appreciated. If a woman is ambitious and career-minded, her Virgo man will get behind her and help her achieve her goals. He wants her to know that she can count on him, and in return, she will appreciate his support.

Here’s more about what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

6 Biggest Virgo Man Turn Offs In A Woman

1. A Lack of Appreciation

A Virgo man’s love language is service. This means that he just loves to do things for you. Whether it’s taking your car for a clean, cooking you a delicious meal, or helping you with your finances, he’s all over it!

He doesn’t mind doing these things at all, but it’s possible that you could take him for granted or not show him enough appreciation. You might also be the loveliest person in the world, but if you forget to let him know that his efforts are seen and acknowledged, he just won’t be a fan of you.

So, to make sure he sticks around and keeps doing these nice things for you, just say thank you as often as you can, buy him a little gift here and there, or leave him a note to show you all of his hard work!

2. No Intellectual Connection

What most people don’t know about Virgos is that they are ruled by the planet of intellect, Mercury. This makes them very “heady,” analytical, and thinkers, more so than any other earth sign.

In fact, these are the eternal scholars. They are always trying to learn something new and wonderful. They love to teach and talk, and to communicate their ideas. If he doesn’t feel like he is on the same mental wavelength as you, this may push your Virgo man away or be a turn off for him.

It’s not your fault, nor are you “stupid” if you find a lack of intellectual connection between you. In all honesty, these men can be hard to keep up with mentally, and not everyone has the patience for so much analyzing.

Maybe you’re more of a touchy person, or perhaps intuition is your preferred method of communicating. You can try and get along, but don’t be hard on yourself if he looks like he’s not having the best time.

You need to choose your words wisely and always keep in mind what not to say to a Virgo man.

3. Emotional Displays

Virgo men appear to be cold and calculating, but they are just reserved, and they like spending time alone. This doesn’t mean they are not capable of deep feelings; they just need to spend time thinking things through before they jump in and reveal their more vulnerable side.

Many men are easy to manipulate, but not the Virgo man. He notices everything you say and do, and he will be completely turned off if you resort to emotional blackmail or throw a tantrum to get your way with him. It’s one of the biggest turn-offs for a Virgo man.

4. Public Displays

Virgo men are very private, and they are not big on public displays of affection or showy romantic gestures. Virgo man shows his love in real, practical everyday gestures of care and attention, but kisses him in public, and he will shrivel up inside.

Be cool with him and show him your real self in deep conversation, rather than sending him flowers, and he will be enthralled by your poise, wit, and charm.

5. Impracticality

Virgo men prize a good work ethic. They don’t like laziness, greed, or waste, so green your home and hide the junk food before you invite him over.

He is as charmed by a practical, earthy approach to life (think crisp, clean, pure cotton sheets and fresh fruit) as he is disgusted by excess or anything that is unhealthy or damages the environment.

Show this man your humble and most practical self, and he will go to the ends of the earth to help you, back you, and support you.

If you appear to be thoughtless or blind to social issues, he may lose interest faster than you can say, “Oops!”

6. Fake Displays

Virgo men are very authentic and communicate their needs clearly. If you pretend to be someone you are not in an attempt to impress him, the Virgo man will disappear from your life.

He will respond very well to sincerity and honesty, but he will detach quickly if he feels you are showing a fake image and not the real you.

If you show ignorance, stupidity, or prejudice around this man, he will find you tedious and unattractive. It’s one of the biggest turn offs for a Virgo man. So open your mind and engage with your authentic self to get the most out of a Virgo man.

What Turns Off A Virgo Man In Bed — His Top 3 Sexual Put Offs

7. A Lack Of Physical Passion

As important as intellectual connection is to a Viro man, so is physical passion. And there’s one very true thing about all Virgos: they are said to be shy in the streets and wild in the sheets! It’s perfectly true—these are very sensual, sexual men, and you’ll be surprised at his level of passion! Here’s more on Virgo man in bed.

If there’s no physical chemistry between you, this can be a big deal for your typical Virgo guy. He needs that sensuality with his partner, more so than many other types. He wants to feel that profound physical harmony that allows him to get out of his busy mind!

Just remember, if the chemistry isn’t there, it’s not always easy to create. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying either! If you want some hot and playful moves to excite him and drive him crazy in bed, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Virgo Man. You’ll thank me later, girl!

8. If You’re Overly Aggressive In Bed

Did you know that Virgo is a sign that can get very easily stressed, doubtful, tense, and nervous in the bedroom? Generally, this is not the kind of guy who can navigate this. It makes him feel overwhelmed, and he’s just not the sort of person who relishes chaos.

If you are the type of woman who is loud and aggressive in bed, a Virgo man may find it a turn-off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, but it might just not be his cup of tea.

He may even criticize you for having a “big ego” or a penchant for being “extra” even if you don’t feel like you’re being that out of the ordinary.

It can happen, however, that he enjoys your confidence and booming voice if there are enough other things that really attract him, such as a sharp mind or a strong physical connection. This isn’t a deal-breaker most of the time, but it can be for some Virgo men out there.

9. Not Caring About Your Appearance

Ladies, you better listen up. If you are a messy person, your Virgo guy may not stick around for too long. These are well-known neat freaks, although they may have one area that they feel is their “zone” of chaos.

He actually becomes rather anxious when things are out of place, so try and be sure to keep this in mind. If your life is chaotic, that can be even worse, but he may also try to “fix” things for you as well. That’s the best outcome, as he loves to solve problems (but he hates drama).

Unhealthiness is also a turn-off for the Virgo guy. If you are the type of girl to eat a burger for dinner and a donut for breakfast, you’ll see him leaving the scene quickly!

He isn’t perfect himself, but he does often try to live a life that is quite healthy and fit. He would like his girl to be the same way, and he may get completely turned off by a junk food junkie.

Here, you can learn more about what a Virgo man likes in a woman physically

How To Get A Virgo Man Turned On Again

If you want to dazzle a Virgo man, one of the biggest Virgo man turn ons is being fiercely individualistic. You need to take care of yourself and be independent. You need to have your own goals and a variety of hobbies. He needs to feel excited by the conversation he has with you.

A Virgo man also finds it attractive when a woman is deeply caring and considerate. He wants to feel that his woman supports him. All of these qualities will make a Virgo man’s heart sing!

Their biggest turnoff is falsehood or a lack of integrity, so be yourself with a Virgo man. This is what a Virgo man is attracted to.

How do you turn on a Virgo man? Change your bad habits, and life will be better all around, while also avoiding turn-offs for a Virgo man you like. By doing so, you would be well on your way to making a great impression on him.

Apart from being considerate and kind, when it comes to what Virgos are attracted to physically, pay attention to your physical appearance, be well-kept, and dress in simple, classic outfits.

Be physically healthy and in good shape, and you need to lead a disciplined lifestyle. Stack some healthy habits if you want to turn him on again.

An elegant, sophisticated, confident, and graceful woman will always capture a Virgo man’s heart.

How To Make Your Virgo Man Crave You

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P.S. Not all men are turned on by the same things.

You need to see EXACTLY what turns your Virgo man on based on his specific astrology.

If you use the same approach with a Virgo as you’d use with a Pisces, he could get up and leave instead of getting all hot and bothered.

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