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These 6 Things Are The Biggest Turn-Offs For a Virgo Man

Virgo men are practical and intelligent beings who see sex as a healthy part of life, and there is not much they cannot deal with if they understand the reasons behind how you behave as you do.

Hinting will never work with these guys, they need it spelled out clearly and then they are marvelously adaptable to your needs and wishes.

If you aren’t comfortable with the honest expression you might be better off with another man, as Virgo is the great communicator of the Zodiac.

Dishonesty and inauthentic or childish displays of emotion are major issues for a Virgo man who has a great eye for detail and remembers everything you tell, so if you do lie to him, he will catch you out at some point.

Here are the biggest turn-offs for a Virgo man:

1. Ignorance

Virgo men are ruled by Gemini and they live in their heads where they are comfortably surrounded by logic and a huge collection of facts. They love to share what they know, and nothing turns them on more than a stimulating conversation.

If you show ignorance, stupidity or prejudice around this man he will find you tedious and unattractive, so open your mind and engage with your authentic self to get the most out of a Virgo man. If you do this, it’s one of the biggest turn-offs for a Virgo man.

2. Interference


The stereotypical Virgo man is a fastidious perfectionist who is obsessed with small details. Many Virgos are actually quite messy, and they don’t appreciate any attempt to tidy up or intrude into their private bubble.

They aren’t big fans of surprises or risky adventures, so don’t spring things on this thoughtful lover, as he will turn tail and run a mile. Give him space to be alone, as he likes to be self-sufficient, and trust him, don’t try to push him too far too fast.

3. Emotional Displays

Virgo men appear to be cold and calculating, but they are just reserved and they like spending time alone. This doesn’t mean they are not capable of deep feeling, they just need to spend time thinking things through before they jump in and reveal their more vulnerable side.

Many men are easy to manipulate but not the Virgo man, he notices everything you say and does and he will be completely turned off if you resort to emotional blackmail or throw a tantrum to get your way with him. It’s one of the biggest turn-offs for a Virgo man.

4. Public Displays

Virgo men are very private and they are not big on public displays of affection or showy romantic gestures. This man shows his love in real, practical everyday gestures of care and attention but kiss him in public and he will shrivel up inside.

Be cool with him and show him your real self in deep conversation, rather than sending him flowers, and he will be enthralled by your poise, wit, and charm.

5. Impracticality


Virgo men prize a good work ethic. They don’t like laziness, greed or waste, so green your home and hide the junk food before you invite him over.

He is as charmed by a practical earthy approach to life (think crisp, clean pure cotton sheets and fresh fruit) as he is disgusted by excess or anything that is unhealthy or damages the environment.

Show this man your humble and most practical self, and he will go to the ends of the earth to help you, back you and support you.

If you appear to be thoughtless, or blind to social issues, he may lose interest faster than you can say “Oops!”

6. Fake Displays

Virgo men are very authentic and communicate their needs clearly. If you pretend to be someone you are not, in an attempt to impress him, the Virgo man will quickly disappear from your life.

He will respond very well to sincerity and honesty but will detach quickly if he feels you are showing a fake image and not the real you. If you cheat, it’s one of the biggest turn offs for a Virgo man.


Once he feels he can trust you he can be a devoted and very supportive lover or friend but if he senses that you are not being real, or playing games with him he loses interest and will avoid you like the plague.

Get the lowdown on what Virgo man loves and what he really cannot stand.

Expert astrologer Anna Kovach reveals all you ever need to know about your Virgo, how to win his heart and keep him happy and what he detests in her relationship guide: Virgo Man Secrets.

Do you know what are the biggest turn-offs for a Virgo man?

Your friend and Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “These 6 Things Are The Biggest Turn-Offs For a Virgo Man

  1. Yeah right! I know a Virgo man born August 27th and he is all of the above you say they don’t like Lol please!

    1. Hi Linda Fisher!

      Alright, not all Virgo men are exactly the same. Depending on their moon, rising sign, and other factors they can be very different from another Virgo. There is always more to it and it’s more about finding out who he is naturally and then dig in his chart to see what is there. If you’d like to know more about Virgo then please check out “Virgo Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Rick!

      Thank you for writing in and letting me know how much this resonates. Some people read this and think that it doesn’t describe Virgo men but there are Virgo men that are very different too. Thank you for the confirmation that it does actually ring true for you. If you know any ladies that need more clarification about Virgo men, please refer them to “Virgo Man Secrets”. Blessings!

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