How To Lose A Virgo Man In 10 Days

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you are already in the committed relationship with a Virgo guy, then you will surely need to outwit his mind. Here's how to lose a Virgo guy in ten days.

Virgo men are the most famous of all astrological signs for their outstanding intelligence. If you are already in the committed relationship with a Virgo guy, then you will surely need to outwit his mind and set the proper strategy to dump him in the next ten days from your life.

This won’t be an easy task for sure, but it’s not impossible either. So if you’re in this game, then please read on.

Sloppy, Dirty and Untidy Environment

The real nightmare for every Virgo man is a dirty environment, and this includes his woman, too. There is nothing so annoying, so exhausting for his orthodox mind and so distracting than the mess wherever his eyes can reach.

Knowing this, start from day one by leaving your dirty laundry lying on the floor. Forget to wash the dishes, serve the dinner from the cans and boxes, and suddenly get so distracted with the working tasks that you can’t simply remember where is the vacuum cleaner, or anything related to the usual domestic hygiene.

“I Don’t Have Time for…” Strategy

Lose A Virgo Guy

The same set of rules should be applied to yourself the moment you start your plan to get rid of the Virgo guy for good. No, you shouldn’t forget to put your makeup on, you should forget to take it off, that’s your goal.

Your face has to carry that dirty glow of the outdated makeup in generous quantities, and you can’t simply overdo it when it comes to leaky mascara or the missed track of eyeliner. Let the black stains all over your eyelids provide you with that “woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown” unforgettable look.

You can count on his questions and criticizing, but now your ultimate way of solving everything will be, you can guess: “I don’t have the time for…” To lose a Virgo man you should carry on through your messy and sloppy days and habits.

Dive Deep Into Spirituality

The world of a Virgo man is grounded and organized, and he doesn’t have the time or the capacity to dwell into some deep or high philosophical standpoints. The matter of fact, those issues are only making him nervous, because in the world of spirituality, everything is possible and anything goes. And this can be too much for someone who has his focus on the work, business endeavors or just, daily obligations.

On day four you need to explore the wonderful world of worldly religious teachings, legends and everything which goes with it. If your background is Christian, now you will feel the urge to wear the sari, decorate your home with the flowers and oriental scents. And, of course, you will start to sing all sorts of mantras, for the whole day long.

If he asks you what is going on, just hand him some of the sacred texts and kindly ask him to read the scripture with the utmost care, and then you will be more than pleased to have the discussion with him… regarding consciousness and the origin of the Universe.

If you have a Hindi background, then you should act as you have just decided to become a Christian or any other member of any other religion which is far and exotic for both of you.

If you want to lose a Virgo man, having a home full of spiritual or religious details, and, don’t forget this, having a home full of loud spiritual sounds, like mantras, prays, bells or even drums will make him run away as fast as he can.

If you don’t live together, then you have to learn how to direct your usual conversations solely in the path of enlightenment. And pretty soon, this will be enough for him.

Priceless Help Coming From the Party Girl

I know, at this place you might just say: “This strategy won’t work on him at all, because he is very educated regarding the world of the comparative religions and he knows too much that this can’t even bother him”. And that is fine because I have another great and speedy tactic which will surely pull him back from you.

If you want to lose a Virgo man, act like a modern party girl. You can start with this tactic around the days six or seven and it alone will give the finishing touch to your overall strategy to dump him from your life.

Start with the heightened online activities like opening the profiles all over the social media. Then attach to your phone answering the messages and checking notification every second during the day. Don’t forget, everything is urgent and everything is important. And act accordingly.

Now, as the next step, get involved with the social events. If something seemed dumb to you before, now the same event will be gorgeously magnificent and you won’t stop blabbing about it, especially in front of him.

Then you will get dressed. The neon pink little dress accompanied with the neon yellow heels is always the good choice and this will launch you like the new and rising social figure in the world of blogging, vlogging or whatever.

Follow the Recipe and Expect the Perfect Cake

Lose A Virgo Guy

Many times during those epic 10 days he will surely try to talk or at least he will demand some urgent explanations regarding your sudden change of behavior.

And naturally, this is something you will avoid to give to him or you will act like you are very surprised or even insulted because your demeanor is simply perfect and your newly discovered personality is now flawless.


While you are running around chasing the new online star of the day and shaping your spirituality through the Tarot cards reading or spiritual lectures on YouTube (yes, with lot of bells and singing), he will start to pack his bags, or he will leave you a short note or a text that “it’s not you, it’s him… he needs some space right now”. And from that moment in time consider yourself free.

What do you think about these ‘how to lose a Virgo man in 10 days tips? Tell me your story!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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