Where to Go On a Date With a Virgo Man – Best Date Ideas to Try

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You're going out with a Virgo man and you need some date ideas to try? Here are the best ideas on where to go on a date with a Virgo man.

Virgo men are quiet people who secretly love to have fun. Not many people could identify a Virgo at first glance because they’re so many things wrapped up in one.

They love to sit and think, they like to go on adventures and try new things, they love to do everything under the sun and they want to do it with someone they love.

Need to know where to go on a date with a Virgo man? Read on!

Aimlessly Wondering

Having fun just being around each other is the greatest thing a Virgo man could ask for.

He’s spending close quality time with someone he likes, but he’s not doing much at all. Walking around the town searching for things you’ve never seen before will give a Virgo man a sense of peace and calmness.

This won’t exert too much of his energy, and he’ll keep going strong for the rest of the date.

Strolling in a near-empty shopping mall may also be the way to go. Avoiding the movie theatre would be a good call when you’re with a Virgo man.

Having him keep his attention on one thing for an extended period can, and will most likely bore him. And he’s here to spend time getting to know you.

Acting like a child is one of a Virgo’s favorite pastimes. He won’t admit it to many people, but he loves not caring. Virgo men are always watching themselves and others, and it can be exhausting.

Allowing them to let go and not have a care in the world will make them feel alive and out of their shell. Initiate something fun, and he’ll follow your lead.

Once he knows he can be comfortable around you, he’ll grow to be himself. And your date with a Virgo man will go perfectly.



The difference between sitting and watching a movie for ninety minutes and watching a live concert for ninety minutes is that a show is enjoyable for a Virgo.

Standing overpowers sitting and moving overpowers standing still. If he’s dancing along to a good band and you’re right there with him doing the same, he’ll remember that moment forever, and he’ll realize that you made him so happy and he wants to have that feeling again.

He’ll associate his happiness with the good times you had, and it’ll have him coming back for more.

Music is a thing many people are passionate about, but for Virgo men, it’s something entirely different. It’s a way of escaping their head and getting out into the real world around them.


The flashing lights, the sugary delectable’s, the rides that make your stomach turn, everything about fairs makes a Virgo happy.

It’s a better setting than an amusement park because fairs, especially non-local ones, have an air of closeness.

You have to stick together, and you sit near each other on every ride, you wait in line, and you talk about the memories you made when you were a child.

Fairs can bring out a nostalgic feeling even if you’ve never been to a show before.

At the end of the night, once you’ve both exhausted yourselves, you both may feel like you’re floating.

Whether that’s the sugar and the rides catching up to you, or the warm feeling you have for each other, it’s up to you to decide.

Having fun and being loud is what a Virgo man secretly dreams of. He wishes he could just let go, have fun, and seem to be a different person, so if you can make that happen, he will keep you close.

Science Museum


Virgo men are incredibly smart and resourceful, and their love for knowledge never fades away. There’s always something they don’t know, even if they doubt that fact.

When Virgo men learn something new and exciting, they cling to it like it’s their baby and they want to know so much more about it that they make it their new obsession.

Taking a Virgo man on a date to a science center will allow him to show you how giddy he really can be. Virgo’s are giant nerds in the best way possible. Knowledge is their greatest power and seeing them learn and experience new things first hand is incredible.

Going on a date with a Virgo man never feels like a job or burden because it’s so much fun to chill with a Virgo that everything else falls into place along the way. Remember that Virgo men are quite fragile (not like they’ll ever let you know that, though) and they need to recharge on their own.

Having fun and letting loose is something a Virgo man dreams of, so plan fun, and adventurous dates with him and things will be amazing.

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Where would you go on a date with a Virgo man?

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