4 Questions To Ask a Virgo Man To Get Him To Open Up

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Virgo guy can become an ideal life partner for most women in this world. Let us see what are the questions to ask a Virgo man in order to open him up.

Virgo men belong to that organized, devoted and often, nit-picky category, and if you would be asked to imagine a perfect employee for a big corporation, a Virgo man will pop up immediately as the suitable example. Let us see what are the questions to ask a Virgo man in order to open him up.

What Is Your Profession?

I know, this might sound like a boring question, but trust me when it comes to a Virgo guy, it can be anything else than just plain boring. The sign of Virgo, in the astrological sense, is all about working and serving others. And there is no man belonging to this sign, who wouldn’t be thrilled to talk about his daily activities, his devotion and his plans for the future.

When you ask him this specific question, and please don’t do it in the manner of a police investigator, rather include you sexy smile while you’re shaping those words, show the genuine interest and he will open up completely. This won’t be just “I’m the doctor, plumber, construction worker, vet, administrative worker” type of answer, he will sense that you truly listen and then he will carry on.

The manner which he uses to tell his story, not just its content, will be the clear indication with what kind of man are you dealing. Again, listen carefully, because just from this confession you might find everything about him. While he is describing his usual day, you will learn how he handles his clients, what levels of energy he possesses and, generally, what kind of man he is.

Are You Involved in Additional Education?

Questions To Ask a Virgo Man

First of all, this is one of the important questions to ask a Virgo man. It will clearly show that you are an educated person yourself, which will be a huge turn on in his mind, but more than this, your question will delight him, because the house of a higher education for a Virgo guy is placed in the sign of Taurus, which is closely related to properties and financial matters.

And in those moments, you could even think that your conversation moved away from romance to a business meeting, but you’ll be wrong for sure. He will now think highly of you, not just because you possess some high intellectual traits, but you also think carefully about your future, which can become his future soon.

The higher aim for any Virgo guy is to build his safe funds and profit from his properties, due to the fact that he is fully aware that his job can be uncertain or the market might, and surely will, change one day. No matter what type of career he is involved with, he will always be into those financial issues carefully planning and creating strategies, even in the case he doesn’t possess wealth right now.

If he’s not doing this or he is not even interested into these types of subjects, then you will know for sure that you are dealing with the immature type of a Virgo man or someone who is not capable of taking care of his future family.

Have You Written a Book, or Planning to Write One?

This is an exceptionally important question, because the planet Mercury, the basic writer in the whole Zodiac, is ruling the first house for a Virgo man, and it also rules his house of career. He might be involved in any other type of profession, like being barmen, electrician or a bus driver, but this influence of Mercury, the messenger god, will always be burning deep inside his soul.

He will feel the powerful unconscious need to write down his life’s experiences and at first, he will be surprised with your question thinking “this woman reads me totally” and again, this will be another compliment for you no matter will he say it out loud or he will keep this amazement to himself.

Now, he will truly open up to you feeling like you are one of the rare people who are able to understand him completely. And you should pay attention to his revealing story because this won’t be just the short description of his published or planned book, you will also get the premium insight into his heart and mind.

Have You Ever Tried Ballroom Dancing?

Questions To Ask a Virgo Man

This is another surprise coming from your mouth and now he will probably be in shock and thinking that you must be one of the kind when you can read his mind and soul so easily. It’s not the matter had he been dancing at all, this type of “noble fun” is carved deeply into his heart because the fifth house of his talents, passions, and heart is placed in the sign of Capricorn. Here, in this sign, you can’t find the latest hip hop bands, loud parties, and easy girls. Everything has to be golden, old and with style.

Ballroom dancing is in fact, the best fun he could ever imagine in his life because all the steps are done according to the dancing protocols, everybody is dressed appropriately and the manners are considered as a social must. He feels safe in this kind of environment and more than just this, he feels great while waltzing or dancing the Foxtrot.


There is a chance that he never even saw those types of dances, but in this case, you should recommend to him several great films, which are revolving around this theme, like “Shall we dance?” or “Take the lead” and those films could direct you both to the local dancing classes.

And then you can expect your relationship to advance even faster. Click here to get much more information on the Virgo man.

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