7 Ways To Get A Virgo Man To Text Or Call You First

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How do you get a Virgo man to call or text you first? No self-respecting girl wants to come across as too needy or pushy, right? What are the rules for a Virgo man – how can you reel him in and have him chasing you? Well, it turns out that it’s not too hard – here’s how to do it: 

How do you get a Virgo man to call or text you first? No self-respecting girl wants to come across as too needy or pushy, right? What are the rules for a Virgo man – how can you reel him in and have him chasing you? Well, it turns out that it’s not too hard – here’s how to do it: 

The “rules” for love haven’t changed much, have they? Even though as modern women, we are encouraged to reach out and be bold with men, we still enjoy the feminine feeling of being pursued. We love the thrill of picking up our phones and seeing a loving message from him. 

And the truth is, most men still enjoy being in that Alpha role, too. They also enjoy the rush of a woman falling into their arms and that sense of “conquering.” However, with the advent of phones and instant messaging, things have become more anxiety-driven. 

No longer are we waiting for that special phone call – now we are compulsively glancing at our phones, on edge after we know he’s read our texts. Again, things haven’t changed, but we are much more impatient and likely to make a mistake because of our anxiety! 

So, how do we relax and let him be the one to reach out first? Virgo men are, luckily, good communicators. They are often the ones who have “verbal affirmation” as their love language, which means that they are more likely to talk to you via text. 

However, if you’d like to know more about how to draw him in, here are some of my top tips, gathered from my time and years of experience as a Relationship Astrologer: 

7 Ways To Get A Virgo Man To Text Or Call You First

1. Never Be Overly Obvious

Virgo men like subtlety. They are mentally-driven, so they appreciate it when a woman is smart enough to throw hints. Telling him to call you, being overly blatant or pushy will just seem distasteful and even boring. There’s just no challenge here

So, when you part ways, and he says something along the lines of texting at some point, you could throw out a flirty comment like “maybe, maybe not.” This makes you a little harder to get, and therefore, more exciting.

2. Keep Things Witty

Ways To Get A Virgo Man To Text First

Being a Mercury-ruled sign (the planet of communication), makes the Virgo guy someone who appreciates and loves wit in a woman. He will want to engage with you if he knows it’ll challenge his mind. He wants to laugh, and wants to make you laugh, too! 

He loves cleverness in any form, whether it’s sarcasm, wit or intellectual discussions. Engaging his mind is the best thing you can possibly do to get him to text or call you first. He can’t get enough of someone who gets his mental juices flowing, trust me! 

3. Take Care Of Your Grammar And Spelling

It may sound strange, but seriously, ladies, if you want him to keep chasing you, you have to have impeccable grammar and spelling. That includes punctuation! This is a man who hates, hates, hates it when you forget a full-stop or to start a sentence with a capital letter. 

He also tends to get very annoyed by millennial abbreviations, such as “u” instead of you, or any other kind of abbreviation. He likes full, well-constructed, clear sentences. He appreciates storytelling, and loves it when you use big words! 

A cardinal sin for the Virgo guy would be to mix up your “your and you’re,” so be careful of that! You have been warned, ladies! 

4. Make Him Curious About You

Make Virgo Man Curious About You

Virgo men are naturally curious, and they always want to learn more. He likes it when a woman doesn’t share all of herself instantly, that leaves him wondering about her a little bit. 

So, if you want him to text or call you first, give him something to text and call you about. Let him wonder what your story is, and want to find out more about you. Hold back on telling him a full story, for example, and playfully suggest he calls you sometime to get the full, gory details. 

This should make him feel very keen to get dialing and get his fingers on a keyboard! 

5. Just Trust That He Will

Ladies, one of the best things you can do to have him call or text you first, is just to trust that he will do it. Virgo men are generally pretty serious in relationships, and they’re not looking for a random, casual connection. 

If you have engaged his mind and made him curious about you, he’ll naturally want to text or call you first. He is a sign that values communication, after all, so it’s not hard for him to reach out. Patience is a virtue here, and will get you far, even if it feels nail-biting! 

6. Look Good – Online & Face To Face

Getting a virgo to call First - Look Good – Online & Face To Face

Even if Virgo is a sign ruled by the communication and mind planet, Virgo is still an earth sign. This means that he’s sensual, and very visual. This is the man who notices small details, such as you cutting your hair or changing a shade of lipstick. 

So, naturally, he’ll be attracted to text or call you first, if he sees how great you’re looking. Fortunately, there are many ways to seduce him these days without contacting him – such as using social media pictures, for example. 

You could change your WhatsApp or Insta profile picture (keeping it classy, though!) and lure him in that way. Easy-peasy, and no drama! When I see keep it classy, I mean not bring your entire body in a super-sexual position, as most Virgo men prefer refinement and leaving something to the imagination. 

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7. Make A Plan

Finally, if you’d like him to reach out to you first, arrange it. Schedule it, in other words. The next time you talk or see each other set a date for hating. In fact, he will probably be the one to do it first, as most Virgo man are anxious planners

They love knowing that there is some sort of future plan, you see. It makes them feel safe and secure, so don’t be scared to casually ask if he wants to chat later in the week and let him take the lead from that point. 

In this way, he’s different from most guys. He’s probably much more into you than you could ever guess, so don’t worry about taking a little chance here! 

In conclusion, these are my top five tips for getting him to come closer to you! Do you have any tips that you’d like to add for drawing in the Virgo man? Have you found any seduction tricks that have had him calling or texting you first? 

I love learning for you, my dear readers! Leave a few tips in the comments block below! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “7 Ways To Get A Virgo Man To Text Or Call You First

  1. Virgo guy and I parted company some few weeks ago. However, he stated that he wanted to remain as friends. Neither of us have said anything to each other, and I guess that is part because we are trying to heal. When / how would you advise on attempting to rekindle this connection but on friendship level?

    1. Hi Abi!

      If neither of you has reached out then it’s time to break the silence. Reach out to him as a friend would. Say something similar to “I hope you are well. I wanted to say hi”. You can word it however you want to but make sure it’s light and easy. This gets a ball rolling so you two can talk again. Just remember how you would talk to any other friend and make sure you are doing the same method with him. I wish you the best!

  2. I have a crush on this virgo guy and I notice little signs that shows he’s kinda into me too but probably not ready to take the bold relationship step yet. I did tell him earlier that I may not be destined for love which I got to find out was a huge mistake. what can I do to make him take that step

    1. Hi Stan!

      Tell him that you’re interested in him. I mean like literally say “I just wanted to let you know I’m interested”. That’s as direct as it gets and cannot be confused. If he does like you but wants to go slow, he’ll tell you where he stands. If he is ready then he’ll tell you that too. You’re in the beginning phases and if you don’t tell him you are interested, he won’t step forward. Virgo needs you to be truthful and direct. That’s what my best friend’s husband told me when I asked him what should a woman do when she likes you? What should she say? and he said “Hey, I like you”. So there you go sweetheart! I wish you all the luck of the stars!

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